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  • East Coast Lagoon Char Kway Teow
    I ordered a plate of char kway teow at this stall called "Sheng" situated in East Coast Lagoon Food Village on Saturday night. I was very surprised to see the hawker (old man) putting a plate of precooked char kway teow into the wok after dishing out the hokkien mee. When he passed me the char kway teow, I found there was no heat and it looked very unappetising. My husband and I had a couple of mouthfuls of the char kway teow with cockles and fishcake. As it was so bad, we left the plate almost uneaten. In addition to the char kway teow, we had other food at the hawker centre. The next day, we both had stomach ache. In future we will certainly avoid this stall especially since it is not well patronised and I don't know how long the precooked char kway teow has been left sitting on the shelf. - Lynn Fu (Jan 2008)
  • Chicken rice & porridge stall at yishun
    There is 1 chicken rice & porridge stall located at yishun ave 2 blk 779. The old lady that sell porridge always seem to to returns lesser change or even no change. Pls beware. There was once I bought chichen rice from them, it was the leftover from yesterday which still can feel the chillness from the frigde. They didn't even bother to heat up before selling. - Jack
  • Soul Garden Causewaypoint
    I was celebrating my uncle's birthday together with the rest of my family members on a Sunday at Soul Garden Causewaypoint.The crews put on black faces as if we owe them millions of dollars. As I approached one of the crew to change the hot plates for us, she ask me to wait and she really let us waited so long till I approached them again to change. They were pulling such a long faces when clearing all the dirty plates for us, even when we say ' thank you ' to them they don't bother to reply ' welcome ' or at least put away that black faces. When we were still having our meals, one of the crews came and off the stove and we havn't finished eating then they started clearing the table. - Jack
  • Muthu Curry, Race Course Road
    I recently had dinner with my family at the new-look Muthu Curry restaurant in Serangoon. The food was sub-standard overall, a far cry from what it used to be, even the famous fish head was not good at all. Perhaps it now caters to just angmo and non-locals or perhaps the chef is off duty and we we just unlucky, but we won't be going back there for sure. Besides it's far too expensive at $35 per person for food court style food. I must admit we each had a rather large prawn. - Thian January 2007
  • Lotus Garden Restaurant at Jurong Town Swimming Complex
    Ridiculous prices which increased at the last minute, very rude & bad attitude from all the staff, terrible & unfresh food..Lotus Garden Restaurant is an all rounder for Bad Food, Bad Service & Ridiculous Pricing! I called the place on 28th May to make a reservation for a table for 21 ppl on 4th June. I was told that the price for the buffet is $15+ per head & extra charges only applies on PH. I called back 3 times to make sure that $15+ was the correct price because I had to consult my other family members too as we are splitting the cost for 21 ppl! The staff over the phone comfirmed that its $15 since 4th June is not a PH or special occasion. We went ahead & reserve the table for our family gathering. It was a different story when we reached the restaurant on the day itself. The female manager in her 40s shouted rudely & said that the price was $16.80 +++ per head & refused to charge us the normal price of $15+ as confirmed over the phone.
    They should have called & informed us if the price isn't $15+! We definitely would not have gone to Lotus Garden if we had known! My aged parents had already sat down & we thought it would be inconvenient to switch to another place so we just settled down. Bad service was displayed throughout the whole meal. The staff brought out all the orders at the same time, just imagine the whole big table filled & they were still trying to squeeze in other dishes! We told them that was not the right way & they should not bring out all the dishes at once but they just told us rudely 'it's like that!' They do not practice proper hygience either! They do not hold the bowls & the plates properly & their thumbs & fingers touched the food contents at least twice for the times I noticed! They were very lazy & tried to save on their plates too! They provided us folded paper boxes instead of proper plates for us to put the shells of the prawns! The food tasted terrible too! The fried chicken was fried in unchanged oil & the colour was so dark & almost black! The vegetables was so old that even my very young nephew could tell the difference! In a nutshell, the food was totally unfresh & bad tasting! We had to put up with the bad service & horrible food despite agreeing to sit down & pay the 'last minute increased' price. The bill amounted to $400 plus & my brother commented that our last family meal at some neighbourhood coffeeshop tasted 10 times better & the bill was only $160! We would never patronise this Lotus Garden Restaurant again & I strongly urge others to avoid this place if bad food, bad service & ridiculour prices are not your cup of tea! - Ha Ha
  • Chinatown Hawker Centre 'Mun Kee'
    Went to chinatown hawker centre last week with group of friends. Sat in front of this stall known as "Mun Kee" #02-109 who sells different kind of porridge and surprised that they sell "satay" also…Noticed this couple is so UNHYGIENIC ! They used the same knife to slice raw fish and at the same time cut the satay rice also! At the same chopper board ! My friend was so kay poh and walked over to ask them. Then their answer was : You people never order food from us still so kay poh and question me ! THIS COUPLE IS SO TERRIBLE ! - Shirley Kong2 (june 2006)
  • Trattoria Lafiandra at Prinsep St
    My 2 friends and I had dinner at Trattoria Lafiandra at Prinsep St on a Friday night last November 2005. When we got there, it took the waitress some time to seat us. This after trying to catch her attention so many times and being ignored. We thought of just going to Mr. Bean's instead, but were seated at a table outside the restaurant as we were about to walk away (the place had indoor and outdoor seating). We ordered a main each (3) and 2 starters plus 2 glasses of wine and 1 glass of soda. As soon as we finished eating, the waitress came to clear our plates. Soon after, another waitress (will refer to her as B**CH Waitress. Apparently she is the co-owner of the restaurant and wife of the chef) came and asked if we wanted dessert. We declined and my friends and I continued to chat and enjoy what was supposedly a relaxing evening. A few minutes later, the B**CH came back to our table and presented our bill. We were quite perplexed because we had not asked for the bill and we were not ready to leave yet. My friend respectfully told her that we did not ask for the bill yet. She left but came back a few minutes later to say that we had to pay and leave already because some diners who were seated inside the restaurant wanted our table so that they could smoke while having dinner. At this point, we all got upset and my friend told the B**CH that we would not be settling the bill yet because we were not ready to leave yet. The B**CH left angrily but again came back a few minutes later to say that we had to leave because her restaurant was not a coffee shop where people can linger after finishing their meals. This made us even more upset and really ready to explode. I told the B**CH that she was very rude and that we will be filing a complaint against her with the STB. She said "GO AHEAD AND COMPLAIN. WE DON'T CARE" I got up and went inside the restaurant to settle the bill and ask for their business card because we were serious about filing a complaint. I went back to our table to wait for the change then the Chef and Co-owner of the restaurant comes out and asks us what the problem is. We told him what had happened and that the B**CH was extremely rude. Instead of apologizing, the Chef said "YOU CAN'T REALLY EXPECT GOOD SERVICE IN SINGAPORE ANYWAY" (what the hell?!?) With that, we took our change and just left. Suffice to say, we were so upset!?! Truly the worst dining experience ever. We have eaten in all of Singapore's best, smallest, biggest restaurants and we have never been treated that way before. Even at Buko Nero which is tiny, they never ask you to leave even if the next round of diners have arrived.
    I'd like to add that the food isn't even great!! We haven't been able to file a complaint yet, but trust me...WE WILL!! - Melissa Tan (April 2006)
  • Kartini Restaurant in Parkway Parade
    I went there just recently with my parents and was faced with grumpy waitresses who couldn't care less about their customers. It must have been a family business since the people working there didn't appear to be adequately trained in terms of service. It is an Indonesian restaurant but it does not serve water for free. Instead, upon arrival, the waitresses will immediately come forth with mineral water bottles and place it on your table. Note that we were unaware that the water was to be charged in our bill. But we were not that bothered about such petty cash because my mum had a craving for Indonesian food. We decided to order the set menus which cost about $9.95+++. My mum and I ordered the rendang mutton set while my dad ordered a chicken curry set. The food took a long time to came, and by then, we were all getting a little impatient. We waited for about 20 minutes and when other tables got their food, we were still left with our mineral water and empty table. I then decided to ask the waitresses when our food will arrive, she proceeded to give me a "are u stupid look" and said very rudely, "just wait la" and left without bothering to go to the kitchen to check on our food. When our food finally did arrive, another waitress came to serve it to us, she just placed the set meals at the edge of the table and walked away. I took a look at my rendang mutton set and was shocked. Imagine, the set consisted of different dishes with rendang mutton as the HIGHLIGHT of the set. However, on my plate, there were only TWO miserly pieces of rendang mutton (really small pieces, mind you, biteable size) sitting on the edge of the plate. The other dishes were also small in proportion and they even counted belacan chilli as a dish! I finished my rendang mutton in two bites and felt dissatisfied still (same for my mother), so we asked the waitress over for the menu- with the intention to order a separate dish of rendang mutton. After placing our order, we asked the waitress why the servings for the mutton was so small. She then gave us a very rude look and said " it's one piece per person what, you got two, very good already" and proceeded to turn her back on us and walked away, leaving us stunned and bewildered. I mean like, the set meal wasn't even cheap, and yet, we had to put up with such attitude. This is terrible and I will never go to Kartini again for my meals. The bill totaled up to about $48 (with wet towels costing 50cents each and the appetitizer)- yet, we left the restaurant with a barely filled stomach and an dissatisfied mood. - whui (2006)
  • Hawaiian bbq @ east coast
    was @ this hawaiian bbq buffet 2 weeks ago for only$19.90 @ east coast. I recommend all not to go.
    Let me show you a photo of what I had.
    Being the BBQ fanatic that I am, I was actually quite excited to eat there with my friend and we finally found a day where we can drop by to eat there.
    They offered 1 for 1 buffet during weekdays and 30% off I think on weekends, all for UOB card members. We thought it was a good deal and decided to step in.
    Place looks cool with torches burning around the restaurant. Ordered our 1st platter of food. Among all the chicken, fish and stuff, only the hotdogs[which can be bought for $1.50 per packet @ supermarkets] tasted nice. The rest were just below average.
    I liked the fish with pepper, though it was super watery. The prawns were over cooked. The chicken was super tough[wondered what it went through. ] sotong tasted weird.
    The only thing that tasted nice was the NON BBQ food. The fried fish fillet and fries. *SIGH* service was terrible. After a whole ten minutes of waving like a mad person, we were then attended to and the subsequently forgotten when the waiter was bogged down by more orders.
    I'll never step into that place again. And I WILL set up a stall just opposite them. Same price, better service, and I will offer my favourite SG style BBQ STINGRAY. Heheh - mengru
  • Russian Restaurant at Far East shopping Centre
    We were supposed to have a surprise farewell gathering at a supposedly glam restaurant, at far east shopping centre, called the Shashlik Restaurant - a Russian restaurant.
    Anyway, the disaster came during ordering. Because many of us didn’t have the money to eat at such an expensive restaurant, we decided to order something really small -- the appetizers. We planned to order an appetizer each, just for the sake of ordering something, and the waiter was like really impatient.
    Waiter: ok take your order
    Us: errm... ok.. We want 3 Russian salads,..
    Waiter: .. Hurry up order.. No time already (I mean what’s he rushing off to? The restaurant was not bustling with customers! ) Hurry up.. So what do u all want?
    Us: and errm (hesitating because v embarrassed.. ) 2 fresh mushroom... That's all.
    Waiter: What? You all want some more? The serving of mushroom is very little only you know? ( U can tell he's like getting more n more irritated with us.. )
    Us: that's it.. No more..
    And he stomps off to pester others to hurry up order too.. HURRY HURRY! For what huh? We got so angry after that! Ok.. Even if we did order very little, how can they be so rude? (And it's not like we ate really little, because the total bill was like hundred and fifty plus) Then came the surprise cake.. Guess who got the surprise? US!
    The lady cut the burning cake - it was supposed to burn in flames.. But we didn’t even get to see that. Only saw the burnt cream - quietly at one corner because she did not inform us that the cake had come.
    By the time we noticed, it was too late. A friend told the lady that it was supposed to be a birthday cake. Duh. The lady actually had the cheek to get angry. She said :"I was cutting here all along. How do I know that it was supposed to be a birthday cake! No one told me."
    We said we didn’t know the cake was here already and by the time we saw, it was already half cut. Then she got real pissed n said in a rude manner: "You don expect me to bring the cake here and say Your cake is here right!" Yes we expected. Just like what ordinary people would expect.
    Talk about bad service. I'm never going there again. NEVER AGAIN. I hope they close down. We shouldn’t have paid the service charge. I mean, service?? What service? - Clair
  • Liang Seah Street steamboat
    Feb 2005
    About a week ago, me and my boyfriend went to this restaurant (XIAN DE LAI) operated by a few PRC women located along Liang Seah Street for steamboat. Everything went well, food was quite alright only not fantastic. Price after adding on the charges of the soup base is about $50/- for two, which i think is a little expensive but will do.
    When we were ready to leave, my boyfriend and I went to the counter, wanting to pay the bill and, to our horror, this is what we saw.... Someone ordered a glass of homemade barley and the lady boss (PRC woman) accidentally poured abit too much and the drink almost overflowed. But instead of pouring the excess away or into another glass, she took the glass and drank from it directly, "clearing" away the excess! After doing that, she satisfayingly turned and saw us watching her. She rudely told why not go back to our seat and let her bring the bill to us...
    Oh my god... at that moment, I almost fainted and most of all, i thanked god i just asked for water instead of ordering any drink from them for all you know, u may be drinking from the same glass where someone else has ever placed their lips on before. YUCKS! JM
  • Wasabi at Compass Point

    • September 2004
      Just my encounter:
      I was there with a few of my friends after a whole day tiring sea activities. Basically, the reason why we walked in was because it has the least queue compared to the rest of the food establishments in the building.... wrong move.
      We sat down, ordered our food, and I ordered a tofu and a curry chicken rice (japanese style). We could see that they have quite a bz night, so we didn't really hurry them. One by one, my friends had their order, except me. Well, I thought that mine need a longer time to prepare. Then to my dismay, the table next to us who arrived had their orders arriving as well, one by one, till they had it all. Then adjacent across, there's another table who receives their food, and they too arrived after us.
      Sensing abit wrong, I asked the waitress (who happens to be standing around doing nothing). She went in and in less than 5 second later, I was told that the food is in process. That was 20 minutes after I first given them my order. Well, okie, I've waited again, for another 20 minutes. Then my friend asked another waiter. Same answer. At that point of time, it was pretty obvious that I will not get my Curry Chicken rice. So, I asked to see the manager. I did not. A senior staff came to us. I complaint to her about how long I waited for my food, and how other people got their order before us, and asked to cancel my order. NOT A WORD OF APOLOGISE FROM HER, just a simple :" I go and check". Well she didn't. She loitered around the counter, and seems to tell the cashier something. So, we decided enough is enough. We walked up to the cashier, and that cashier gave us that kind of face as if we had murdered her whole family, in another words, UTTLERLY RUDENESS. Anyway, the saga ended here and we knew from that point of time that that's the first and the last time we step foot into that very restaurant of terror. If you want to have a good jap food, you have one more place to strike off your list.
      Vincent T
    • --->I think this was just a one time off? I got good service and friendly staff there EVERY time and there is a variety of pretty good jap food available.
      Things could have changed since then¡­ - Ivy Li (2006 april)
  • Secret Garden at Sculpture House 161 Middle Road
    Jul 2004
    This place has quite a nice ambience, which was the reason why I brought my friends there. Since it was my friend's birthday, we bought a Swensen's ice cream cake and brought it to the restaurant. I asked the waiter if we could store the cake in the chiller, and was told that there was a charge of $10 for small cakes and $20 for big cakes if we were to place it in the chiller. Since it was outrageously ridiculous (I thought), we decided not to store it in the chiller.
    However, when my friend settled the bill, they charged him $10 under 'cake charge'. As I was already out of the restaurant, the waiter told my friend that he had already informed me. When my friend came out with the bill, I was totally shocked, cos they did NOT mention anything about any charges for consuming the cake there. I was very sure that all the waiter/waitress saw us the cake on the table. But NONE of them told us that there was a cake charge of $10 if we ate it at the restaurant. If we knew that was the case, we would not even think of consuming the cake there! - boycotter of secret garden
  • Happy Pay Steamboat at bugis
    dec 2003
    Basically i've been going to this place a few times and the soup and food have been ok, considering the fact that i work around that area and i don't have to travel so far for steamboat. They open till 1 am.
    This restaurant is opened by hongkees and that was not a problem but beacause of this event, i've come to realise that they were not prepared to serve 'us' singaporeans' demand.
    I went there at 11pm one night. They were lack of workers and we had to wait for so long for our utensils that in the end we had to get it ourselves.
    We took our orders and waited, at the mean time we helped ourselves to the salad bar, there was not much left, the vegetable salad looked as if they were beaten by a thunderstorm. I managed to pick up very few good pieces. The soup used to be better but due to its recent advertising and i think they have been having a better amount of customers they had not enough soup and it was very thin. They must have just added water to keep it going. But all these were good enough for me. I did not complain.
    When i was almost full and still waiting for the dishes i ordered half an hour ago they told me that the lamb slices , fish, duck and etc.... has ran out. I was quite diappointed that what i came to have was no longer available. But when i asked the lady boss about why didnt they tell us before we sat down, she yelled at me saying that 'am i here to make trouble'. I was stunned to hear her sudden attack. So that is the catch - i was just wondering why did they still serve the customers to sit and when they no longer have meat and other main ingredients for the buffet.
    She then ran in and told her husband about us and came out saying in a very unsatisfied manner that she can only give us a $2 off. I was not interested in the money but at least her attitude should have been better. Her husband stormed to us and yelled if we were making trouble? What an entrance when me and my colleges wanted was a happy meal. He started yelling and speaking in cantonese ( he can't speak chinese and english well) and even insulted my friend about her not having a father to teach her manners Oh and did i mentioned that before we could begin to tell him what we customers were unhappy about, just after he stormed to us saying if we wanted to create trouble he also switched off the pot and pulled the plug. The man then said if we want we can give him a punch or two. I found this amusing for him saying to 3 females. It was just like talking to a kindergarden kid. Even their malaysian waiters were so much better by apologising to us and smiling. The boss and his wife then asked us to leave.
    They never think that the customers may be furious over bad service, bad food or potential food poisoning. That if the customer was not Sim Wong Hoo but a very bad-tempered and violence-prone teenager, who could cause a small riot in the restaurant. This was my worse experienced and beyond my lowest expectations that a restaurant that i frequent would have such mannered bosses. I guess these people are not ready to serve Singaporeans and their demanding expectations. First thing first, they should not serve us if they were not ready to even give us what was on the menu, not 1 dish but at least 5 main dishes. Would you pay $18.90 eating a buffet serving only mainly beef, canned luncheoned meat and meat balls as meat dishes? - mish
  • Coffee Club in Siglap
    Fellow coffee lovers, had a strange experience at coffee club in siglap.The staff is lazy and always try to tell customers they are closed even though there is still some time left to closing. The manager there should be a bouncer instead and has to mind his own business. When will service in singapore ever improve ? B.S.
  • RIP-OFF WITH INSULT Nasta - Inn Nasi Padang
    July 2003
    Stall # 2, Blk 43 Holland Drive # 01-75 (in front of the large car park next to the Bus Terminal)
    Coffee shop's name: Tian Ze Food Village

    Manned by a macik & a young woman with tudung who sizes up a customer for rip-off. She does this by her shifty flitting eyes sizing up the prey. She fleeces $2.20 for a pack of nasi lemak containing:
    1. one small bowl of coconut ice
    2. one sunny side egg,
    3. 3 small fried ikan kunning of < 8cm,
    4. 2 slices of cucumber (requested no chilli)
    5. no disposable spoon
    6. brown paper wrapping
    When requested to account for the $2.20, the young woman said: " Everything expensive, market got $1.00 one" pointing insultingly towards the market next door with an agitated look.
    It is not the amount but the ATTITUDE! This is not a case of fleecing a few cents but one that is done with "the world owes me a living" insolent attitude that it is her right to do so when she thinks a customer could afford it.
    Compare this with Ghim Moh Hawker Centre (supposedly a slightly more expensive area across the Malaysian railway line), or a standard $1.90 pack one gets:
    1. hefty serving of rice (usually one bowl plus)
    2. one sunny side up egg
    3. one fried chicken wing
    4. one fish cake ( 4 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm) or one > 10 cm fried ikan kunning
    5. ikan bilis with ground nuts - 2 table spoons
    6. two slices of cucumber (more if asked)
    7. a disposable spoon
    8. brown paper wrapping
    Most of the nasi lemak sellers (about 8 stalls) at Ghim Moh are very friendly versus this young woman who sells her food according to who she thinks she could dupe. - Leonard

  • XO Fish Head Noodles at Holland Drive (june 2003) I just patronise the coffeeshop that sells the famous fish head noodles at Holland Drive last evening. I was horrified to pay $14 ($12 for the noodles and $2 for plastic container for takeaway fish head noodles as they only charge $10 for everything last month. It seems to me that last month was still within the SARS outbreak month and they lowered the price and then raise the price this month. This is deem as ridiculous and dishonest. The service is bad and the servers are rather snobbish. I will not patronise the stall again!!!! And please let the public know about this as well!
  • With regards to XO Fish Head Noodles at Holland Drive posted on Hall of Shame, I've somemore to add on. I've visited the shop in around June 2004 with at least 15 of my CCA friends. We requested to add 2 more tables as 1 table of diameter approximately 1m is definitely not enough for 15 people. The boss then asked us if we're all eating his stall's food and continued, "If 15 of you here and only 10 are eating my stall's food and the rest of the 5 eat Wan Ton noodle or Chicken rice, what business do I have?" Mind you, he said that in a very rude manner. He only allowed us to add 1 more table and we even had to move the tables and chairs ourselves, talk about service! We decided to leave the stall and he didn't even stop us. I think that the shop owner thinks that his XO Fish Head Noodles are of big deal. - Meng Yen
  • Tian Why Tian Fish head Steamboat at Serangoon Road.
    9 Feb 2003 Justed wanted to share with your readers about my horrific experience at this eatery tonight. They served us rotten fish ! When I made a complaint, the staff insisted that they were not able to obtain fresh fishes during this Chinese New Year Period. No apology was offered. Instead they expected us to continue eating the digusting tasting and smelly fish ! I however insisted that they take the whole steamboat back because we caould not eat such rotten stuff. If they can eat, then finish it themselves ! Not only is the service BAD, we had to wait more than an hour for the ROTTEN food to be served ! We also saw a customer from one table having a very heated arguement with the staff about serving another table first while he had arrived earlier.
  • The Banana leaf apolo
    Mar 2003
    54, race course road. This is place is a shit of a place. Price costly, casheir a f--- indian girl, B------, is very unpolite. Beware of this place. - Santhi
  • Punggol Marina Seafood Restaurant
    dec 2002
    Kindly place this in your Makan Hall of warn others before it's too late!
    Both me and my hubby made a reservation at Ponggol Marina Seafood Restaurant for lunch. We were enticed by the ad " Sundays Lunch Only...Good Food, Good Service, Good view...Ala Carte Buffet with a Full Sea View...Adult: S$22.80". Well, for a change of ambience why not. We travelled all the way and these are the unexpected:
    1) Staff ignored us upon our arrival, we have to hunt for someone's attention
    2) We were ushered to a corner seat next to the hot, greasy kitchen and fish tanks and like it was too much trouble for the staff
    3) We asked for a better seat instead we were told all were taken while most were empty
    4) We were then ushered to a table which was not set-up and was resting against a wall in just as bad a location as the first table.
    5) A group of family came. The waitress turned her attention towards the family. We left but none of their staff tried to stop us.
    Punggol Marina Seafood Restaurant not only tarnish their own name but also the unfortunate Marina Club that has to share the same roof as them. It wasn't a sea view but just a little inlet. So my advice to the rest of you guys, don't waste your time to travel all the way and be tricked by their gimmicks! - A H
  • Loy Kee
    13 May 2002
    I myself hated the service at loy kee. It was absolute shit. Since I am an avid lover of garlic chili, I enjoy ODing on it. This one time, I was minding my own bizness adding some chili to my plate , and this SOB of a chicken-cutter gives me shit about a limit to the amount of chili I could take. I asked the manager about this, and he was unable to affirm to this. Anywayz, the next time, I went, the same crap happened. Had i had the knife in my hand, i wudve made good chicken rice out of him. I am gonna make him scream bloody murder next time i see him on that road, and cut his guts open, and use his bloosd to satisfy my craving for chili. - Amrit Melwani
  • Pouggol Hock Kee Seafood Restaurant at Hougang Mall
    Date : 18 Apr 2002
    I been this restaurant two or three times, becuase the restaurant is near to my house, the service there is extremely lousy! and very rude & terrible attitude, I still remember the last time me & my husband went there for buffet Tim Sum with my one year old daughter, and we told the waitress we want to eat buffet Tim Sum, and you know what she say, "OK! two adult and one kid" than I told her that my girl only one year old, she would eat your Tim sum, then she say that "buffet Tim Sum court by head, if not you order a-la-crate." don't you think that ridiculous my girl only one year old and she say must pay, they don't care you eat or not, so long you are in there have to pay. - Jocelyn Chu
  • Genghis Khan Mongolian teppanyaki and International buffet at #05-30 of Ngee Ann City
    Date : 18 Mar 2002
    I've made a reservation for 13persons on the Sat noon abt 11.30am. Already, the person on the other end said that they do not entertain reservation after 6pm. Thus I said fine, I'll make a reservation at 6pm then, to which the person replied in a stuck-u manner that they will only hold the seats for 10mins, to which I agreed. I then proceed to give him my name and mobile number. Come evening, we made our way there, and to our shock, he said that someone called up at 12plus to cancel the booking. When we said we did not, the manager replied "Cannot be, there is only one 13 person reservation, defintely I am right, you all cancelled the booking" When we asked if he made vertify the caller, he said he do not practise that, and "whatever cancelled is cancelled, they do not bother anymore, and that they do not entertain such claims" We were furious with the service that we were provided, and proceed to another eatery in the same building who better appreciates our consumer dollar. - Dominic
  • Foodcourt at Scotts Shopping Centre
    Date : 6 Mar 2002
    I wld like to contribute to the hall of shame. I went recently to the foodcourt at Scotts Shopping Centre to the pasta/pizza store called: PastaMania
    I ordered a calzone which is served to me burnt! I ask the waiter named Don y it is so burnt, he has the cheek to say that it is supposed to be like that! He's so rude, serve with a black face and even raised his voice. When I ask to see the manager, he said that he is the manager!
    My god, such people is not qualified to be a manager at all! He offered no appology and when I called the owner of the store, Timothy Glenn, I found out that the guy Don is only a Assistant Manager, he said that he will look into the matter but I have not heard from them since. I guess that's their company's standard, to be rude to customer, serve burnt food and no follow up to compliants. If you are looking for a good meal, with good food and friendly staff, that's the last place on earth to go. thank you - Jesseca
  • House of Sundanese Restn in Suntec
    Date : 28 Feb 2002
    I visited House of Sundanese Restn in Suntec recently. We were seated soon and given the menus, the waitress instantaneously asked whether we would like any drinks. She then began listing the more expensive beverages before we had a chance to even look at the beverage menu. She didn’t even let us settle down first. I had the feeling that the waitress was pushing us to increase sales per pax. I ordered plain water and noticed that the waitress was not happy.

    After the water in plastic glass (tacky!) arrived, she asked whether we were ready to order. Her tone told me that she was hurrying us. She did this probably to hurry us so we wouldn’t take up much time in the restaurant so they could sell the table to another party of guest. Isn’t it obvious to her that once we are ready we would call for her attention, no need to hurry guests to order.

    Nevertheless, I ordered their ‘kangkung?and as I was browsing through the fish section of the menu, she asked whether we would like to order their “Grilled Snapper?which sold for $28.80 (most pricey in the menu). Once again, I felt she was trying to push up the sales average per person. I ordered that anyway and she asked whether we would like a chicken dish to go along. I ordered the “Grilled Chicken?

    The food came soon and they were served on plastic plates and bowls! On top of that, the “Grilled Snapper?was so small. I could get a Seabass that size in the fish market for around $2. Think of the mark-up percentage! At least they could present the fish in better quality non-plastic plate. I tried the fish and the flesh was a little too dry, over grilled. So much for their publicity about their charcoal grilled fish leaving the flesh moist and tasty. The gravy over the fish was close to tasteless. The chicken was also a disappointment, it was the same gravy used for grilling the fish.

    For the best-grilled fish, I recommend the grilled fish in Sari Kuring. I think its called “Ikan Patin Bakar? This fish is not available in Singapore and the restaurant imported it from Indonesia. The fish is almost double the size of the Seabass in House of Sundanese and sells for $26 if I am not mistaken. Most importantly, I could smell the aroma of its gravy when the fish arrived on the table and the flesh is moist, grilled to perfection. - Jackson

  • Ah Hoi's Kitchen at Trader's Hotel
    Date : 5 Feb 2001
    It was with confidence that I suggested Ah Hoi's Kitchen instead of the Ah Yat's Abalone which we normally frequent ,to my husband to take his parents and sister for a good meal before their 45 days trip to China.Afterall it was recommended by the Wine and Dine and what with all the awards....We ordered the Lunar New Year Set Dinner Menu II which cost $488.00 per table of 10persons.
    Order was placed at 7.10pm.The first dish of about 6-7 pcs of fried chicken was brought to our table by a chinese waiter(the only only one we saw the whole nite).We told him it was not our but he insisted it was.When asked what it was he said it was the Black pepper Sri Lankan crab.He later told us it was the Lobster 'Lo Hei' salad when we refuse to accept it.Eventually it was one of the Indian waiter who apologized and the dish was sent to the next table.At 7.30pm our 'Lo Hei' came but instead of lobster,we were given raw fish. The correct first dish did not find its way to our table till 7.55pm.Second dish,the shark's fin soup came at 8.07pm.As the children were getting hungry,we urged them to hurry with the rest of the servings.The 3rd & 4th dish came at 8.15pm.The 5th & 6th at 8.55pm.Now the 7th dish which is supposed to be Steamed Red Grouper fillet turned out to be the much cheaper Sea Bass.When we protested,the excuse was the red grouper was not fresh so it was replaced.We had to asked for the supervisor(another chinese guy)twice before he finally attended to us.As a supervisor,he could not give us a good reason for the cheap exchange.We told him he should never take his customer for granted.We should have been given the choice to make the decision whether to accept the sea bass or not.(Somehow there was this linger thought..first we were given raw fish ISO lobster..and now....?)He eventually suggested we have the sea bass but would not be charged for it.Only 2 person at the table touched it..the rest refused...even for free. We did not get the rest of the other two dessert dishes till about 9.30pm.
    FYI when I first called to make reservation,I specifically enquired if this is a typical chinese restaurant and was told it was.The whole evening,we had to tell the waiters(90% Indian...I am no racist but somehow this group was not trained the proper chinese style of serving) each time to change the plates after each course,to supply vinegar & pepper for the soup,the hand wash for the black pepper crab.Can you imagine my MIL(mother in law)actually got up to help herself to the plates and change it for us abeit my protest for her to remain seated. I was really so disappointed I felt like crying.I have always pride myself with recommending restaurants by Wine and Dine (95% good) against my husband's decision and I felt so let down this time.The food was mostly too salty and service was soooooo slow.To be fair, all the Indian waiters were nice and cheery.I do not blame them but the management for not training them well. As for the supervisor,although he did apologized to my husband when we left, the harm had already been done and we will not be patronising this outlet again. For all the readers out there,this is just a note to highlight our bad experience.You decide for yourself...may you have better luck should you decide to give it a try! - Lim Shi Min
  • Blue Lobster at Riverside Walk
    Date : 6 Feb 2001
    I had a similarly bad experience as the other diner, Carinna, at the Blue Lobster. Likewise we decided to pop by (without reservations) after hearing so much about their seafood platter starter. Not only were the portions incredibly small, the seafood looked as if they were still in their infancy stages. The mussels were the smallest I had ever had, about the size of my thumb, I kid you not! When we looked around, we were quite upset to find out that the 'better dressed' patrons had much larger portions, and as much as I try to refrain from assuming that most people in the F&B industry are as shallow, the sad fact is the manager/captain at Blue Lobster does treat you according to how you dress or perhaps how rich you smell. When I commented to him that the mussels were rather small, he glared at me and snatched the bill from under my husband who was in the midst of signing it. Talk about severely lacking in manners! We spent about $180 for an incredibly unpleasant experience and felt extremely ripped off. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE PLACE IF YOU ARE IN SEARCH OF GOOD SERVICE AND FOOD BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT GET IT THERE. There are much better seafood places around. - Li
  • Pasta Fresca (Bukit Timah)
    Date : 7 Feb 2001
    Last weekend I sent to the Pasta Fresca outlet at Bukit Timah with a friend and my parents. This place is terrible!!!! I hadn't been there in a few years and was bitterly disappointed and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. We ordered "clams in a white wine sauce" for the first course. It was most unappetizing. There were many, many empty shells and not much meat at all. The Sauce had no taste whatsoever and if it had any white wine in it, it certainly wasn't more than a tablespoonfull. My friend ordered the "fusili with amatriciana" sauce which turned out to be terrible as well. The pasta was way overcooked and nowhere near 'al dente', in addition to this, the dish was cold. It seemed as if they'd cooked the meal weeks in advance and then stuck the frozen meal into the microwave to reheat, not even adequately. There's more, my dad ordered the Salmon Fillet. However when it arrived slathered in the sauce and he started eating it, we noticed that the fish didn't look like Salmon at all. It was most definitely a firm white fish and not the pinky colour that Salmon is supposed to be. It didn't taste like salmon either. Not in the least bit!!!! Upon questioning the Manager, who was rude and very defensive, he insisted that it was salmon because that's what they ordered in bulk from Malaysia and that's what they got delivered. We voiced our disbelief because it didn't taste like any salmon we'de ever eaten before. He then asked us accusingly "So, what do you want me to do?" Really, I shocked at the service and the poor quality of food at this place and would never go there or any of their other branches again. - Andrea Sewell
  • The Most Expensive and Dishonest Yong Tao Fu store in Mosque St
    Date : 25 Jan 2001
    I would like to complaint about the 'Yong Tao Fu' store located at the corner coffee shop of Mosque Street (China Town). The store was owned by two old Hainanese women and one man. After we have picked our choice and we asked for the price , they refused to tell us off hand and said they will let us know after serving the food. But they didn't . When we are eating half way, we heard the next table asked for the bill and the amount was about $19/- for 3 person. What ? Yong Tao Fu' for $19 and at such a old coffee shop ? I know that I have went into 'black shop'. After finishing the meal , I proceed to the woman and ask for the bill, both woman start talking in Hainanese and discuss for awhile before telling me that the bill was $14+ for 2 person. I have asked her to count the price individually of what I have ordered and they seems very impatient. What I found out was the plain 'Bee Hoon' with very little minced pork cost $2. Average price is about a dollar for each piece.
    What I was angry at was their attitude and their suspicious look during their discussion of the price to charge me. And they even asked me to refer to the price list which was paste at one corner of the store . The picture and price was faded and hardly can be read . I feel like being Cheated by them . What a dishonest old lady. So , I purposely told them that I will write in to complaint about them and they keep quiet.
    If anyone of you passes by China town , please do not patronize the above mention store 'The most expensive Yong Tao Fu store'.
    Thanks for your attention . - Jeanny
  • Blue Lobster @ Riverside Walk.
    Date : End August 2000
    I had this real bad experience from this restaurant recently. My friend & I went there for dinner at my request, due to a very good publication I read in the papers. We wanted to have a try of their specialty-LOBSTER...and to celebrate my birthday too.
    Not sure if there's any DRESS-CODE, we were dressed in our most relax attire - Jeans & shirt. But to our disappointment, we were treated as though we have no money to pay for our meal,even before our meal. The ambience & food were ok, the service from the waiter were also satisfactory but when we finished our meal, the OPERATION MANAGER came to clear our table with :"ARE YOU DONE?" & a stuck-up attitude.
    Being in the service line, I think everyone know that the most appropriate way should be:"May I clear your table?" instead of :"Are you done?". But what shock me the most was that this kind of attitude, which it should not have came from the MANAGER himself. He should have the knowledge of F&B, compare to his junior staff as he had come so far to be the person-in-charge.
    If we are to be judged by what we wear for a simple dinner, I would appreciate if the Management & the local media could give us the exact guide of Dress-Code if they are going to PUBLISH or PROMOTE this resturant. So that the customers who patronised would be able to reach their REQUIREMENT.
    By the way, my LOBSTER alone is $59++.....and we paid about nearly $200 for this dinner, and including the Manger's attitude and our ride.....IT'S VERY EXPENSIVE, I would say. - Carinna Chia
  • Starbucks, Orchard Point, Orchard Road
    This Starbucks should be avoided. I have noticed a couple of times that the staff at this place has a good time chatting with each other but are not at all focused on the customer or on what they are doing.
    I had ordered a coffee and while nicely done, the foamed milk was spilling over slightly. To my surprice the staff took a dirty grey rag, which they use to clean tables and the counter with and wiped off the edge of my cup. Pointing this out the staff lied me in the face and denied that the cloth was used for that. Looking at her face it was quite clear she realized she had made a mistake. However, no appologies were offered. I am not going back to this place. Who knows what else they are doing if they display such a lack of hygien
    Who train these people? - Per Linden (May 5/2000)
  • Old Airport Road Cut Throat Hawker - 23 Oct 2000
    Just like to voice out my grievances..... Ever tried kway chap at Old Airport Rd? That one formerly from Blanco Court. Now situated comfortably in Old Airport Rd Food Centre at 01-129D/E, also known as To-Rico.
    The price tag displays prominently in front of the stall but does not and will not tally with what you have ordered! To my horror, they even argued that if they go by their displayed prices, they will be doing business at a loss!!!!!!! That was further confirmed by another couple who ordered before me and confronted the helpers/owners why they overcharged.
    Obviously, the couple had done their calculations based on the displayed prices before vindication. However, they couldn't turn their wide eyes shut as many pairs of eyes arrowed at them thinking "too expensive, don't eat lah!"
    To add fuel to my feeling of injustice, I overheard them saying "this should be charged at $16.....ok....i'll try....." That was some goondoo who had ordered some much that they tried their luck to overcharge without basis!!! But try to cheat their way out!!! Can CASE come into picture???
    What happened was that; I was seated in front of the stall, table no 231, so I have the previleged of swallowing/gulping my stupidity of paying exorbitantly for my kway chap, and this concluded that I should do something to this cut throat hawker before submitting to their fascism of being the one and only who offers good tasting kway chap in Kallang Airport!!!
    Please, please, will someone share with me their horrendous experinces!!!!
    Thank you for you patience. - D.D.Loh

  • Dishonest Ah Balling! - Golden Mile Hawker Centre - 24 Oct 2000
    I just had to write and inform the public of the dishonesty of the AH BALLING stall on the 2nd storey in Golden Mile Hawker Centre, Beach Road. Relative success must have given them the gall to think that they can extort and cheat the public as they like. Though it is appealing with some newspaper cuttings extolling the taste of its glutinous rice balls with various stuffing, everyone should be very wary of how they charge, especially if you decide to buy more than just the standard 5 or 7 balls. In bold red lettering, the prices for 5 balls are $1.50 and $2.00 for 7, regardless of the stuffing, i.e. sesame, peanut, etc. takeaways are charged $0.10 extra for every container used.
    My request was for 24 mixed balls, takeaway. At first, the man dishing out the soup and balls took some containers of a bigger size, then he hesitated and said he'd package the 24 into 4 smaller containers of 6 balls each. It did not occur to me at that point that he was trying to sell them at the highest price possible.
    The total cost came up to $7.60. Why? Because he took $1.50 and divided into 5 then multiplied by 6 to add up to $1.80, plus an additional of $0.10 for the takeaway. So the total per container was $1.90 multiplied by 4. As 24 could also be divided by 4 containers of 7 and 5 balls, the price would have been $0.20 less. This is not including the fact that he could also have packed the 24 into maybe 2 or at most 3 of the larger containers, which would have lessen the price more.
    As I pointed out the discrepancy, the woman packing said I should have thought of that properly before ordering! To think that they had to think of such ways to earn maybe a few cents more! Not to mention the wastage of plastic containers and the environmental hazard it causes!
    These hawkers have come to a really sorry and sad state. They're disgusting. - Yvonne Yap

  • Satay Club - Clarke Quay - 29 Oct 2000
    A warning to others to stay clear of an Indian food stall in the middle of the Satay Club at Clarke Quay - called "Ghianis" - located next to "Stall 49". The people who operate this stall are nothing but thieves.
    We were there last Sunday and ordered about 8 different dishes, which were all brought out at varying times. Although we ordered "small" size dishes, they kept presenting us with "large" size (and the corresponding "large" price). However, 3 different people kept coming up to us and asking payment for these dishes. By the end we kept telling them that we had already paid for these dishes, but they insisted that we hadn't. I know that we had because of how much cash was left in my wallet. Despite arguing with them that we had already paid they refused to accept this, and just stood over us demanding more money. In the end we gave them more cash just to get rid of them, and told them to go away - which once they had creamed us of additional money they did.
    My advice to anybody wanting to eat at the Satay Club is to confirm the size and the price of what you are ordering before the food arrives and then pay for it all in one lump sum, rather than $8.00 here and $12.00 there, or else you will be stung like we were. - Tusker, NZ

  • Soup Restaurant
    It was the first time and last time that I'm going to that restaurant for a decent meal. I must say that the appearance of the place was quite appealing which is why we entered in the first place. Well first of all this restaurant serves very very tiny portions of food to a point where it seems like a joke. The price is deceiving as it appeared to be a little higher than food courts but with 1/4 to 1/2 the portion ( so be warned ). Next is the service. Obviously, the waiters and waitresses were not trained to be polite but just be able to carry food. I can imagine the interview process ...." Can see tables or not?", "Can carry food or not?". At one point when we asked for an additional spoon, the waitress just came and showed us the spoon and looked at us some more before abruptly inserted it into my friend's soup( without any of our consent) and walked away. Seriously, I must have overlooked it somewhere but I'm certain that I didn't see a column in the menu that says " gesture-only service - 10% talking service --S$xxxx.xx". So if you are someone that just wanted a small bite with the chance to experience the era of silent movies ( at a very bad taste), this is the place for you. - Alan Ng(25 March)

  • Bad treatment at Asia Seafood City (Bencoolen Street)
    I went to try their a-la-carte lunch on the early first week of Jan (cannot remember the exact day) after my sister-in-law said their food is good.
    I was a bit surprise that when I reached there at about 12.30 pm we were the only customer (no lunch crowd) and now I know the reason why.

    We ordered quite a few dishes for 3 person. I was actually enjoying my meal and thinking yeah my sister-in-law was right, the food here was indeed good.

    I think it's quite normal that we don't finish our food to the very last drop. When new dishes were served and my table was quite full already, I asked the waitress to clear my Kang Kong plate.
    However she replied : "Sorry, I cannot clear the plate until it's empty."
    I started getting puzzled. In fact my plate of Kang Kong only had like three miserable vege left.

    Another dish that I ordered were "doufu". The restuarant cooking style was cooking it in a claypot with assorted vegetables and sotong.
    I personally do not eat sotong and so are my guests thus when the doufu was gone, the claypot had only sotong inside.

    We also had claypot prawns. My guest throw the shells of the prawns into the plate that was used to serve noodles and a portion was not finished.

    Since the prawns were delicious, we decided to order another one. The prawns was prepared together with "tung hoon" and since we only want the prawns we told the waitress not to add "tung hoon" this time
    But she told us kitchen preparation was standard so they cannot change. Fine.

    Then came someone who I think might the supervisor.

    She told us we cannot waste food!! She said if we do not want to eat sotong we must inform them.
    How would I know the style of cooking here? She said being a seafood restuarant, all dishes are cooked with seafood.
    Then I asked her, how come when I asked not to add "tung hoon" for my prawns she said "tung hoon" is different.

    I simply cannot believed I was being reprimanded just because some sotong was wasted and not all dishes were cleared to the very last drop!
    Can anyone tell me when you eat these kind of a-la-carte buffet, you cleared all your plates?

    This gave me an impression the restuarant does not want to lose money while giving these a-la-carte buffet?

    If you cannot afford to lose money out of a $13.80 lunch then I suggest you don't this business at all.

    Frankly speaking the food is real good. Think of the times that I could have visited the place again and recommends to my friends about this place.
    But no, with this kind of treatment I will never return to this place even if they throw freebies.
    - YH Woo.

  • Sakura Sux
    I have been to Sakura at Far East Plaza twice. The first time was satisfactory so my frenz and I decided to come back a second and also the last time. First complaint, the drinks are sooooo diluted. Its like drinking tap water with pieces of fruit inside. Definitely not worth the 2 bux I paid for the drinks.

    We ordered 3 noodle dishes and fried wanton. Making sure our order was correct we even asked the waitress to repeat our order. Our noodles came first and so we started eating hoping that our fried wanton would come soon. Our order never showed up even after we finished eating which was like 10 minutes later. WE called for the waiter to ask about our order and he said "Soon". Minutes later, a waiter came with a plate of ngoh hiang. DEFINITELY NOT what we ordered. We were quite shocked and told him that he had got the order wrong and that we had ordered fried wanton. He looked very blur and took it back said that he will send the fried wanton out soon. We waited for 10 mins but our order never showed up. By that time we were quite sick of the service and decided to cancel our order. We went to pay and the cashier billed us for the ngoh hiang but we refused to pay. As if that is not sick enuff, THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE WORD OF APOLOGY from any of the waiters or the cashier!!!!!Was it our fault u got our order wrong?? So far I have managed to steer 5 people from the restaurant. Do NOT go there!! The service really is vvverrry bad and the food only so-so. This restaurant should not be on the hall of fame AT ALL but should definitely remain in this hall of shame for all to see%2 - Hazz.

  • Milliennium restaurant whom people owe moneyyyy. at Diandan Leluk
    I was at this restaurant with my wife on the 1st January 2000.
    After placing our order we wait for the food to come.
    Noticing that all the staff are not smiling have already
    upset my appetite.At last the food was served, without
    drinks. I asked for two glasses of ice water. The waiter
    just thumped the glass of water on the table and left.
    Guessed maybe the water is free that's why the service.
    After finishing our makan i asked for the bill from the
    manager informing him that one of the dish was not served.
    When the manager return with the bill he just say,'I'VE
    SIGNOFF THE SHARKFIN FROM THE BILL', without even saying
    sorry as to why the dish was not served.
    Their working attitude and service was like people owe
    them 8 millions dollars(TOTO).
    I'll definitely tell all my friends never to eat at that
    restaurant again.Their service was really world class
    WORST - Adrian tan. (19100-01-02 at 09:51)
  • Jap. Rest. at 5th/6th floor : Takashimaya
    I've something to share regarding this Jap. Rest. located on the 5th
    or 6th floor at Takashimaya. I cannot recall the name but I think
    there is only one Jap. Rest. on this floor. It was a few months back
    the last time we dine there, & it's true that it will be our last time
    there. Infact we've dine there a few times already, but the worst was
    the last.
    As usual we always order 'shashimi special' which is my favourite, a
    dish of mixed yakitori (only 4 sticks: chicken, beef, liver...), 2
    noodle cos only 2 of us, one sushi roll n something else which I can't
    recall. Anyway, I know that 2 of us always pay like around $130 for
    dinner at this Rest. We've our favourite Jap. Rests, it just that we
    always ate here when we shop in Taka n if we feel like having Jap.
    food. We always prefered eating in good Jap. Rest. n we don't mind
    paying a bit more. That evening we were there at 6:30, the first
    to go in for dinner. After us, 2 or 3 tables of dinner came in.
    We waited for 20 min. b4 they serve us sashimi. We can't belive what
    we see, we could tell that the fish will not fresh. Its like some over
    days kind of fish. The surface of the fish, u could see that it's
    already turned "rainbow-colour". How can they serve such fish? I
    really can't belive that the Jap. Chef could serve this kind of food
    to their guss. Are they not concern what happen if someone eaten these
    bad sashimi, (esp. uncook food).
    We told the waiter about the fish, she seems to thought that we're
    just someone trying to give them problem. I told her to check with
    the chef, cos I think as an experienced Chef, he should know what I am
    talking about n he should know what he's doing. To our disapointment,
    she came back with the same dish telling us that the Chef said sashimi
    is "like that" (like rainbow-colour? I really wanted to ask him, but I
    didn't). They thought it's our first time having shashimi. We've
    been to many countries n we been having for years n we been
    to many Jap. Rest. not only in S'pore but around the world. My partner
    do not want me to go on with them n said that we'll not go back there
    again. We've our yakitori & noodle & not touch the plate of sashimi
    cos u know that eating unfresh sashimi may cause problems. We have
    our bill: its around $160, they included the sashimi, it's fine for us
    When we talk about this to our friend: Jap. chef (who we know him
    after dining there for years), he told us that this Rest. was taken
    over by a new owner & was in new management. We recall the previous
    few times that we dine there was about 6 months ago b4 the last worst
    experience. It use to be alright, but not like the last time.
    Really, through the years of dining at diff. Rest. it's the first time
    we've such an experience. I hope all of u will not go there, it's not
    worth paying this much for this kind of bad food.
    One of our favouite Jap. Rest. is at ANA Hotel - Pat. (1999-12-29 at 20:44)
    This restaurant is the foodie's worst nightmare !

    Imagine staring at a menu with few choices of so-called 'sets. Where one
    set costs $4.50 with measly portion of chicken meat, small serving of rice, no soup.
    (Believe me, this place stinks! ) Service is fast as if they are eager
    to make a sale ! They even had the stupidity to quote the prices for
    a two-set meal, three set meal etc. i.e costs $9.00 and $13.50 respectively. Please
    do not insult the intelligence of your customers ! Although steamed chicken may be vogue in the
    food scene, but it is not something 'earthshaking' ! It is no big shakes to have miserly chicken
    shreds at such exorbitant prices.

    I think CASE ought to give this place a 'shelling'. At the end of the meal, we just want to get
    out as soon as possible. Just fuming mad ! I am not sure if the Sunday Times 'Good Food Page' people
    had been treated to such royalty and giving glowing reports about this place. What is seen is far from the truth.

    No wonder we don't see that many people here. This place deserves the crowd it is getting %2 - Gertrude . (1999-12-25 at 07:56)

  • The Denny's at Marina Square
    There is one restuarant just beside the Toy R us at marina square (known as Denny's). Their attitude
    is really bad. I bring some kids to that place for lunch. During that time , only a few foreigners is around.
    I raised my hand to order food, the waiter don want to come. & the waitress who saw me, ignore me & go outside
    to serve the foreigners. I sit there for 10 minutes but no one come to take order, I was so angry that i bring
    my kids to Burger King. Is it becos we are not foreigners or what that cause them to ignore us?
    So i advice that if u do not want to be humiliate, don't go there.

    - Dar . (1999-12-24 at 16:11)

  • Never Patronise this stall.......Read the comments below at 85 Bedok North Road #01-253
    85 Bedok North Road #01-253
    Unhygenic can be observed for this stall....(#01-253). Occassionally,Cockroaches can been seen crawling around their utensils.
    They even handle food using bare hands without using gloves.
    They make the whole area very smoky and hazardous.
    It has affected the consumers' health and their mood of consuming food in this market.
    To think that they even published about their food, it looked nice but in the matter of fact,it taste bad.
    The terrible BBQ food I have ever had!!!!
    I was wondering if the MOE is doing their job to let this type of stall to contiune with their doing.......Could the MOE do something about this stall????
    They will not only cause more harm and too much intake of smoke is bad for lungs especially those with Asthma & Lung problems!!!!
    - WKJen. (1999-12-23 at 18:24)

  • Bad Attitude!!! at 85 Bedok North Road #01-253
    Unhygenic can be observed for this stall....(#01-253). Occassionally,Cockroaches can been seen crawling around their utensils.
    They even handle food using bare hands without using gloves.
    They make the whole area very smoky and hazardous.
    It has affected the consumers' health and their mood of consuming food in this market.
    To think that they even published about their food, it looked nice but in the matter of fact,it taste bad.
    The terrible BBQ food I have ever had!!!!
    I was wondering if the MOE is doing their job to let this type of stall to contiune with their doing.......Could the MOE do something about this stall????
    They will not only cause more harm and too much intake of smoke is bad for lungs especially those with Asthma & Lung problems!!!!
    - Sanako. (1999-12-23 at 18:23)
  • Worst + Terrible BBQ Seafood I ever taste!!!! at 85 Bedok North Road #01-253
    85 Bedok North Road #01-253

    It's true!!!!!!
    I been there B4!!!They are very rude attitude and service towards consumers are terrible.
    Unhygenic can be observed for this stall....(#01-253). Occassionally,Cockroaches can been seen crawling around their utensils.
    They even handle food using bare hands without using gloves.
    They make the whole area very smoky and hazardous.
    It has affected the consumers' health and their mood of consuming food in this market.
    To think that they even published about their food, it looked nice but in the matter of fact,it taste bad.
    The terrible BBQ food I have ever had!!!!
    After I left the market, my body is full of the smell of chilli.
    I was wondering if the MOE is doing their job to let this type of stall to contiune with their doing.......Could the MOE do something about this stall????
    They will not only cause more harm and too much intake of smoke is bad for lungs especially those with Asthma & Lung problems!!!!

    - Scorpio. (1999-12-23 at 18:20)

  • Tan Chin Lee Sea-Fresh Restaurant at Pioneer Rd
    Food is so so, service lousy and food is VERY expensive! We ordered 4 crabs - 2 black pepper, 2 chilli crabs and the waitress took down the order. After we've finished some of the other dishes, the waitress came and told us only 2 crabs left, and asked if we wanted them chilli or pepper. It's ridiculous how they didn't know they've got only 2 crabs left when they took our order. It seemed like they gave our 2 crabs away to another customer who came after us. How could they do that when they've taken our order for 4 crabs?! Anyway this would be our first and last time there - Vikki. (1999-12-23 at 08:23)
  • Terrible Attitude & Food Found in Singapore!!!! at Bedok North Road BBQ Seafood Stall 85 #01-253
    It's true!!!!!!
    I been there B4!!!They are very rude attitude and service towards consumers are terrible.
    Unhygenic can be observed for this stall....(#01-253). Occassionally,Cockroaches can been seen crawling around their utensils.
    They even handle food using bare hands without using gloves.
    They make the whole area very smoky and hazardous.
    It has affected the consumers' health and their mood of consuming food in this market.
    To think that they even published about their food, it looked nice but in the matter of fact,it taste bad.
    The terrible BBQ food I have ever had!!!!
    After I left the market, my body is full of the smell of chilli.
    I was wondering if the MOE is doing their job to let this type of stall to contiune with their doing.......


    %0 - Scorpio. (1999-12-22 at 17:52)

  • Reply to Centrepoint Pizza Hut comments
    Hey, I just discovered this website and you couldn't believe how pleased I am.
    With reagrds to all comments about Centrepoint Pizza Hut, I can't help but totally agreed with them.
    I had a very bad experience dining in there, having to tolerate staffs on duty hurling vulgarities loudly and using handphones in the presence of customers. So this is the kind of service that they aim to provide since they have acqiured the Peoples Developers award?
    I emailed the management at, which proclaimed that they will get back to whoever who complains, but I waited to no avil.
    I wrote a letter to their head office, attentioning the letter to the director, still, no reply.
    No wonder their services are of extreme lousiness. If the management are not doing anything, why should the staffs bothers?
    Everyone, if you happen to pass by there, have a look. You will see what I mean.
    %0 - Evangelista Young. (19100-01-05 at 06:38)

    Absolute rude and lousy service at Centrepoint Pizza Hut Their service there is extremely lousy! The staffs haul valgarities loudly in the presence of customers and the young Ah Beng and Ah Lians staffs sit anywhere they like in the restaurants seats!
    Even their tomboy manager( is actually a girl but act and look like a guy)behaves like that. Talk loudly and shouting. You could even noticed the staffs using their handphone while on duty, in the presence of customers, speaking loudly in Hokkien. What a sickening sight.
    PLEASE, avoid this lousy place to be even called Pizza Hut. The food is so so, but I think the staff there need to be taught on their behavouir standards.
    Why aren't the management doing anything? Refrain from going to this lousiest Pizza Hut if you want to eat in peace.%0 - Madison. (1999-12-16 at 16:34)
  • Big Chicken 'Restaurant' at Parklane, Selegie Road
    One of the restaurants that were given the kudos in the Sunday times
    Good Page .

    I beg to say differently. The prices and servings are ridiculous !

    A chicken rice set costs S$4.50 without soup. Normally you would expect
    a 'set' to come with soup and in most cases, all chicken rice places
    would serve up a bowl of soup to complement the food. BUT NOT THIS

    The portion is 'very miserly' and not that they are serving up a storm !
    There was hardly more than 3 patrons (sitting at 3 separate tables).
    The critics praised this joint for their unusual chilli 'which is out of
    this world' We beg to differ ! On the contrary the secret recipe is
    nothing but belachan chilli. At the end of it all, we were so disgusted
    with the experience of being 'insulted' and 'ripped off' !!

    If you don't believe me, someone should be 'assigned' to eat at this
    place. It sucks !

    Please publicise these comments and add on to your list of worst places
    SO AS TO WARN OTHERS !!!! - Desmond Thio. (1999-12-12 at 12:49)

  • BBQ seafood stall at Bedok North Rd Market
    there is a stall in the market in Bedok North Rd (beside Bedok
    police station). The stall(01-253) is selling BBQ seafood the one which a
    newspaper cliping on "HOW NICE IS THEIR BBQ" but matter of fact, their fish
    often serve to us is not fresh, either not well cooked or very spicy. That
    not all, the smoke coming from that stall is total unbearable. It cause the
    unpleasent situtation to other food consumers who is enjoying their food.
    In fact it cause my little cousin to fall sick the very next day,
    due to the smoke which cause his eye to swollen for a few days and after we
    left the market, over body is full of the smell of chilli even though we
    never order their food on that day. I was wondering
    if the MOE is doing their job to let this type of stall to contiune with
    their doing........ - Leo. (1999-12-11 at 10:17)
  • Hougang Ave 10 Laksa at Hougang
    A Laksa Stall in Hougang Ave 10 under the franchise of
    Song Le has unreasonable prices.

    My brother ordered 2 bowls of laksa which stated
    S$2.00 per bowl and self service. It was not a crowdy
    afternoon, and when my brother placed the order, the
    female woman asked where he was sitting, so naturally
    when being asked that question, my brother pointed to
    our table, and he went back to his seat. That woman
    did not say anything else.

    When that woman deliverd the 2 bowls of laksa, she
    said the price is S$5.00 for 2 bowls. She insisted
    that since she delivered the laksa to our table, now
    the price of laksa is S$2.50 per bowl!

    I feel that the price was so unreasonably raised, even
    if it's service charge of 10 %, it should only be 20
    cents per bowl instead of her 50 cents!

    And when she carried the bowls of laksa, she didn't
    use a tray and she had thumb stuck inside the laksa

    I've tried writing to Consumers Association of
    Singapore and Cheng San Town Council, but
    unfortunately, they couldn't do anything, and I can't
    find the address of Song Le Franchise. If any of you
    have the email or address of Song Le Franchise, please
    kindly let me know at

    Cheating service. - Jan Jan. (1999-12-11 at 10:07)

  • Hougang Point Food Court Lai Lai Curry Stall
    Yesterday evening at about 10.45 pm, my husband and I went for our
    dinner at Hougang Point Food Court.

    My husband ordered curry chicken and I ordered curry vegetables from
    Lai Lai Curry Stall , basing on the picture of the food displayed.

    The picture of the curry vegetables showed eggs, "tao fu" and other
    vegetables. However what was served to me was a bowl of vegetables
    without eggs and "tao fu".

    I confronted the stall owner and she told me that the picture shown
    is only used to attract customers, but in reality there are no eggs
    and tao fu .

    I advise all Hougang residents to boy-cott this dishonest stall ! - Hazel Tang. (1999-12-09 at 16:25)

  • Ponggol Hock Kee Seafood Restaurant
    I saw a pamphlet on Ponggol Hock Kee Seafood
    Restaurant which stated that there were more 30 dishes
    tim sum a-la-carte buffet, eat as much as you can only
    at Hougang Branch, so i went there and experienced
    their disgusting service.

    there were only 30 dishes on the menu, but the 30th
    dish required additional money... usual price S$4.50,
    now offer S$3.50... that's cheating already for the
    "more than 30 dishes"...

    when the youtiao was served, i found a strand of hair
    lying on the youtiao, so i didn't consume that
    particular one, while i finished the other pieces.
    when the waitress came, i asked her to remove that
    plate, she said that i didn't finish eating and she
    refused to take away, so i pointed to the strand of
    hair and she quickly responded, "Not my business."

    the honeydew sago came with a dash of coconut milk,
    but the coconut milk had already turned sour.

    a mother and a young boy were beside our table and
    they ordered hong kong fried noodles which arrived in
    a big portion. they couldn't finish and wanted the
    bill, but the waitress insisted that they had to
    finish the food before they could get the bill.

    Just bad service. - grace chan. (1999-12-09 at 15:13)

  • Satay Bee Hoon
    I had dinner in the “inside?Food Court of Marina Square recently. Was unfortunate to choose the satay bee hoon from a stall selling Yong Tao Foo. Apart from the bee hoon, bean sprout and kangkong all the rest of the ingredient looked strange. There was some cut-up frankfurter, fish cake and unidentified substances. Worst of all was a thick dark brown sauce poured over it. It looked like badly burnt satay gravy minus the peanut. Guess what? It tasted like badly burnt satay gravy.

    ESK%0 - Kwa E. S.. (1999-11-28 at 11:15)

  • Straits Chinese Seafood Restaurant
    On 15 Nov 1999 my roomate and I visited STRAITS CHINESE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, 5
    The service was so-so and the food was wonderful but watch out! They poured
    out tea for us and never asked us if we wanted tea so we assumed then that it
    was included with the meal. It was included allright---as a seperate charge
    not included with the meal! We also were charged for rice that we asked for
    and was never delivered. They took the rice off no problem but insisted that
    since we drank the tea that we owe for it. After about 5 minutes of
    complaining to them they redid the bill but now they took the rice and tea
    off and charged $2. for hot towels which was never even charged of the first
    two bills. They refused to remove that charge until I threatend to report
    them to the Consumer Advocacy of Singapore. I regret that since we are
    American I don't know if they are going to charge my card correctly or not.
    So far the charge has not gone through yet on my card. I highly recomend
    avoiding this place at all cost.

    Thanks for posting this for me.

    - Scott. (1999-11-20 at 08:19)

  • Spizey Jerk! at Spize Cafe
    Hi there, I am writing in to relate an encounter i had at this cafe somewhere down Beach Road (diagonally opposite Concourse). I have been a rather regular patron for some months and nothing could prepare me for the unpleasant treatment i've received when i brought a couple of my frds down to relax after a horrid day from work. We were at first enjoying the ambience and the comfort of lazing in our comfy cushion seats. When it was time to take our orders, the malay waiter came about and sat on the table(!) asking us what we wanted. We order a couple of drinks and cheesecakes, but he told us he had to check as he was running low on cheesecakes. So he troddled off with our menus, and when he got back, he told us there was no more left and started ranting and raving about their delicious brownies and other options. We told him politely that we wanted to take another look at the menu, he reluctantly walked back to get one when we needed two. At first, we just thought of sharing but he just got another one when he realized his mistake. We then apologized for the inconvenience. His reply was, " time learn how to make up your mind!" And he breezed off....

    We were immediately upsetted by the entire situation and when he got back with our drinks, i asked him, "What do u mean by that?" He kept quiet and smile then he said, "Actually it is very easy to understand..." We were totally pissed off at his attitude and behaviour towards the whole affair. "What very easy to understand? You mean you guys running out of cheesecake was up to us to know?Was up to us to make up our mind??!!" He then took a 180 degree turn upon realising we were not pushovers. "Oh...i just blabbered, don't take it too hard!" ending it with a funky hand sign....attempting to achieve a cool image. At this time, we couldn't even be bothered to look at him, ...we just drank quickly and got out of that hell hole! He then continued to chat in delight with his ang moh customers and completely ignored the whole incident. What A B*tch!!!! So u guys reading this, dont ever patronize this hell of a shit hole unless...well....u are a "good looking" male ang moh! *hint hint!* - Jayson Ong. (1999-11-11 at 18:22)
    I was considering th take up a membership with the SAFRA RESORT SEASPORT CENTRE. So on the 7 Nov. 99 (Sunday), I went there with some families to check out the place. At 8.45pm, we went to this restaurant called South Changi Restaurant in the centre at about 8.45pm for our dinner. The place was quite crowded and we were urshered to a table with no table cloth and setting.

    After asking for the menu, nobody attended to us. There was no drinks being served and nobody bothered to ask for our order, we've to keep waving to the passing waiters and waiteresses to catch their attention.

    Finally at about 9.00pm, we managed to place our order. This is when, the best of the best screw-up began. After serving 2 glasses of soft drinks we ordered, no ice water was served. Thinking that the restaurants was crowded, we waited for 1 hour till 10pm and during this hour, no one bothered to ask whether we have eaten. To our surprise, when we approached one of the waiteress, she said she cannot find our order.

    After realising that they had misplaced our order and by the time we get our food, it was 10.20pm. During this incident, the children were the one who suffered the most.

    Knowing this incident, the manageress did not even appologise us, she just stood at far looking at the commotion.

    After this incident, I will not want to step into this restaurant again, and I don't think I will consider the membership.

    - Simon. (1999-11-11 at 02:12)

  • B.BOSS = BAD SERVICE at singapore
    Just yesterday, me and 3 other friends went to B.BOSS, (the one
    opposite PLaza Singapura) to celebrate my Girlfriend's birthday. Getting a
    table there was relatively easy.However the person who showed us the table
    was rude. Instead of showing us where to sit, he just shouted at us and
    pointed at an empty table. Fortunately, another waiter was kind enough to
    lead us to the table.

    After much consideration we ordered, fried calamari,buffalo
    wings,fish and chips,satay chicken pizza and lasagnes. All the food served
    were delicious, except the buffalo wings, which was bloody inside. How can
    anyone eat it?

    Hence one of us told the manager nicely if we can change another
    plate of cooked buffalo wings, he shouted rudely "What?!!" ,as if the food
    is supposed to be bloody. Nevertheless he changed it for us.

    However, when a new plate of buffalo wings arrived, it's still the
    same! It's bloody! We just didn't touch it neither did we ask for another
    change. This little incident has pretty much spoiled the evening.

    Later at the end of the dinner we waited for the bill for more
    than 20 minutes and we were in a hurry to catch a movie. Hence I asked the
    manager to check if my bill is ready and I've been waiting for quite some
    time. He replied rudely again" Yah, wait lah. Everyone is waiting!" I've
    got a shock! Doesn't this establishment wants to collect it's money?? And
    what's worst is that these rude pepole are actually the managers of the
    restaurant! How can you expect their staff to be of good service if their
    managers turned out to be so rude!

    I urged all of you out there not to go to B.BOSS, save yourself
    from rude and bad service.

    - TD CHAN. (1999-08-20 at 15:25)

  • Plaza Singapura Hotdog at singapore
    I remember last week me and my husband went for movies at Plaza Singapura.It's my usual habit to buy titbits before the show.Then I sawthose tempting hotdogs at the snacks counter.We bought 2.In the cinema,my hubby ate the 'tempting' hotdog first,he said it tasted like rubber-band, so inedible.I thought he's exaggerating,when I bit the hotdog,Oh my god,it's really so hard,so difficult to bite,like rubberband.I told my hubby that's the worst hotdog I ever came across, even worser than those we cooked at home.So intelligent readers,you know what to do. - kohke. (1999-08-20 at 14:01)
  • Gim Tim Restaurant at singapore
    I have a complaint to make against GIM TIM RESTAURANT TEL : 4597766. This is the following account on 7th August 1999 evening. Venue Singapore Expo Hall 3

    First of all the service is lousy, we asked the waitress no. 140 who attended to us earlier to top-up our drinks but for almost 45 minutes, no one attend to our table. We asked those pass by to serve us drinks but they said they are not free and just walked away.

    We have to 'force' one of them by stopping them and asking them to serve us. Then waitress no. 140 told us that many of the staff did not turn up. When waitress served us the shark fins soup, can you imagine that she actually use the pair of one the guest's used chopsticks to stir the soup. When I confront her, she just gave a new pair of chopsticks to the guest.

    Halfway through the dinner, we saw that one of the waitress was enjoying the show on stage and we have to excuse us as she was blocking us. When she block us the second time when our drinks were not top-up, dishes not clear, I was so angry.

    To think that this is National Day Dinner with all the Ministers and VIP and the person in charger have to give us such a lousy service and ended our horrible evening. - Eddie Lim. (1999-08-12 at 17:12)
  • Il Piccolo - food not as bad as zen described at Crown Centre
    Zen wrote about his/her opinion of Il Piccolo that I totally disagree. Perhaps his/her taste is quite different from ours but I think Peter, the "chef" that he/she mentioned, produces some of the finest pastas & pizzas we have ever tasted. It is also great value for money - a 8 piece pan size pizza for about $14.00. In fact, many of my friends like his food. So... Zen, you may have something personal against Peter but to ruin his restaurant business with your poisoned comments is most unkind..... Te - Teh Beng Huat. (1999-07-20 at 13:23)

    Reply to Zen's comments. at Crown Centre I find Zen's comments on Il Piccolo Italian Restaurant real misleading. I patronise Il Piccolo very frequently and to say that Il Piccolo's food is lousy is sheer malice. I find their pizzas and pastas good and tasty not to mention the price being more than reasonable. In fact Zen's comments that the chef was formerly from Pasta Fresca is totally incorrect. I don't know where he/she got the information from but it is definitely untrue. So please give true comments. Personally, I know of many people who love the food at Il Piccolo and I can sustain my testimonial with at least 50 people. The customers at the Stop-Over Pub can also vouch for this - Lisa. (1999-07-20 at 20:07)

  • Le Amigo at Specialist Shopping Centre
    Success has gotten to the restaurant owner's head. I've been there on more than 1 occasion - although the food wasn't particularly good, service was always personable. However after the the recent repeated instances of poor service & baaaaad attitude, anyone foolish enough to continue patronising the place is just asking to be abused by the restauranteer's haughty and dismissive attitude.
    Incident 1:
    Waited 20 min to be seated; which was acceptable given the crowd situation. However the agony really started when we finally were shown to our table. The table was not set, we were not even given a menu, least of all, a glass of water. And this was after our countless attempts at catching the waiters' attention - they were just so intent on avoiding all eye contact with us. Finally, when we did manage to talk to the owner, he high-handedly brushed us aside by claiming that we had to wait for the third person on our table to arrive before our orders would be taken (and water served, I presume)! To top off the night, a group of four who entered the restaurant shortly after was shown to their table immediately and the owner personally took their orders on the spot. I took that as my cue to exit the place.

    On my friend's insistence, we decided to give the place a second chance, on account of the desserts which were quite decent. However we should have known better - this visit confirmed my earlier suspicions that the amount of service given is directly proportional to the amount of money you spent. Halfway through the meal, the owner loudly declared well within everyone's earshot that one of the tables had only ordered a round of drinks and thus had outstayed their welcome. When he came round to our table for the bill, he made known his displeasure that not everyone at the table had ordered a main course. When I questioned him further, he haughtily replied that-
    a. he does not appreciate customers ordering only desserts or drinks
    b. customers who do so ought to give him a pre-warning (I presume he would then adjust his level of service and courtesy, which is already near non-existent, accordingly)
    c. if a couple came to his restaurant, ordered a $50 bottle of wine, plus desserts, it would still not be enough (pardon me, but isn't that quite a lot of money to spend between 2 persons in a family budget restaurant; the restaurant can hardly be labelled posh given its worn-out furniture and cheesy decor).

    Perhaps, the restaurant would do good if the owner would-
    1. take a reality check; is he delivering enough to warrant the expectations he exact on his customers?
    2. take a lesson or two on service which is currently curt or sarcastic, at best
    3. ask himself why he opened the restaurant in the first place - to make customers who don't spend enough feel dirt cheap%3 - JW. (1999-08-03 at 13:54)

  • Sakae sushi sucks! at Hereen's Sakae sushi
    Here's a restaurant that has everything a Japanese restaurant should not have - unsmiling, non-thinking staff, poor ingredients, horrendous service. The staff behave as if there are NO other places in the world to eat. Dis-satisfed customers can bring a restaurant to its knees by refusing to eat at such places. It is so easy for someone with some money to set up a restaurant but it takes more than that - much much more.. - Dr Mike Loh. (1999-08-01 at 18:10)
  • CHIN MEI 's BAD ATTITUDE!!! at katong
    yes it is rather a nostalgic place to eat. a traditional n very old coffeeshop with hand-made confectionary and old marble table tops, old wooden chairs, old cups, saucers and spoons... my friends and I were rather excited at first, there were overflowing of customers... but what dismayed us was their very hostile attitude toawrds us. they just bothered to do their business. we wanted to film their shop to capture such vanishing scenes to show to the people of our generation what a great place to bring back singapore's enchanting kopitiam moments... but they not only refused us when we assured them we would not bother them or affect their business, they turned their backs on us. they ignored us when we asked their permission again and now they treated us like some sort of unwelcomed disease... we are very disappounted with their attitude. - William. (1999-07-25 at 17:08)
  • Their manager and staff had a stuck up attitude at Bboss
    on 17th july(Sat), me and a group of 9 friends encounted the most outrageous services of our life. It was meant to be an informal post graduation gathering and my friend called Bboss which is located right across the entrance of the Istana for a reservation at about 5pm. We reached there at about 7pm as should be and realise that the table was too small and could only accomodate 8 guests. We requested POLITELY to the manager if we could join two tables together.The person serving us (a guy) gave a audacious as well as sarcastic remark upon the request. "WHY DON'T YOU JUST SIT HERE AND LATER IF THERE'S ANY NEED THEN YOU CHANGE!!!!!" was the impatient and rude remarks slapped on us at the very moment.
    it is felt at the very start that the service staff had a very bad "you wanna eat here you shut up and don't give me ant trouble" attitude. the place was not pack at that moment.however a few foreigners were there to witness the whole incident. We felt insulted by the whole ordeal. The fact that we look and were young doesn't warrant such indifference and rude treatment. It's such a shame that Bboss was situated right infront of the Istana, which sees the continuous daily flow of tourists. The good reputation on Singapore as a warmth and courteous country will no doubt one day be tainted by such establishment that provides such rude services.We couldn't swallow the insult and the rude treatment that we decided to leave.
    To the staff of Bboss:
    we don't owe you anything.If you don't change your attitude of service some day you will bring shame to the country

    - Chung. (1999-07-24 at 16:36)

  • Bad Attitude Of The Floor Manager & Cashier at Swensen Restaurant @ Parco Bugis
    I just visited the Swensen restaurant today, not to dine in but to drop in the stamp card whereby after attaining about 15 stamps, one can apply for a swensen privilege card. The floor manager there as well as the cashier was very rude to me.I duno if anyone know about the card but after getting 8 stamps, one can get a litre of chunky delight. The funny thing is that when i dine in the last time, the waiter did not stamp on the 8th box. So I presume that u will get the stamp when u redeem the ice cream. How else do we know why that 8th box was not stamp. I handed the card and the manager accused me of not getting the 1st and last box stamped. But in actual fact, the stamp faded away (which it will if it was stamped months ago). Even if I did not have the whole card stamped, i believe that as a good floor manager, he will have the manner to explain to the customer properly. I sincerely believe that the floor manager should be wary of his attitude to the customers. I do implored that he should be send for
    upgrading programs to further upgrade his customer skills. Somemore, when my turn came for him to serve me, he just barked "Dine in?". Anyone who was in my position will be turned off by the attitude. The same goes for the cashier. Maybe they are really busy. But no matter wat, busy or not, it is important to maintain good customer skills. This incident really turn me off and i will definitely think twice of dinning in a Swensen restaurant again. - zhuzhu. (1999-07-19 at 01:41)
  • Certified Professional Consultant to Management at Singapore
    The (automated) sushi bar at the topmost level of Heeren (Sakae?) is a place to be avoided. The young, teenage waiting staff appears untrained - they are rude, do not make eye contacts and unlike other Japanese restaurants, do not say "welcome" or "thank you". They also apparently do not use their brains - for example I was there yesterday (July 10) at lunch, the place was relatively empty and the staff tried to sit me in the empty seat between two other diners. Also, food wise, it is too easy for people to set up sushi shops these days not realising that the more discerning among us can tell subtle differences such as the poor quality of the soy sauce used. My first visit to Sakae will defintely be my last - Dr Mike Loh. (1999-07-11 at 15:36)
  • Bad attitude of the Floor Manager & Cashier at Swensen Restaurant @ Parco Bugis Junction I visited the Swensen restaurant on 18/07/99, not to dine in but to drop in the stamp card whereby after attaining about 15 stamps, one can apply for a swensen privilege card. The floor manager there as well as the cashier was very rude to me.I duno if anyone know about the card but after getting 8 stamps, one can get a litre of chunky delight. The funny thing is that when i dine in the last time, the waiter did not stamp on the 8th box. So I presume that u will get the stamp when u redeem the ice cream. How else do we know why that 8th box was not stamp. I handed the card and the manager accused me of not getting the 1st and last box stamped. But in actual fact, the stamp faded away (which it will if it was stamped months ago). Even if I did not have the whole card stamped, i believe that as a good floor manager, he will have the manner to explain to the customer properly. I sincerely believe that the floor manager should be wary of his attitude to the customers. I do implored that he should be send for
    upgrading programs to further upgrade his customer skills. Somemore, when my turn came for him to serve me, he just barked "Dine in?". Anyone who was in my position will be turned off by the attitude. The same goes for the cashier. Maybe they are really busy. But no matter wat, busy or not, it is important to maintain good customer skills. This incident really turn me off and i will definitely think twice of dinning in a Swensen restaurant again. %0 - zhuzhu. (1999-08-06 at 14:15)
  • National Day Dinner at Singapore Expo Hall 3 The restaurant mentioned is GIM TIM RESTAURANT TEL : 459 7766. This is the following account on 7th August 1999 evening:

    The service is lousy, one pushes the duty to another but the waitress serving us is no. 140. We asked her for top-up for the drinks but no one attend to us for almost one hour until we have to 'force' her collegues literally to top-up our drinks. The reason she gave us is last minute, a lot of the staff did not turned up. We observed that for other tables guests, the service is also lousy. When it is the sharks fin's soup, no. 140 took one of the guest's used chopsticks to stir it! After that, she served us the soup but when I confront her, she just gave that guest a new pair of chopsticks.

    Halfway towards the dinner, I even saw one of the waitress standing behind me watching the show on stage and I even have to ask her to excuse me but can you imagine after a while she stood there again. To think that waitress no. 140 said they have not enough staff.

    To think that this is National Day Dinner with all the Ministers and VIP and the person in charge gave us such lousy service - Eddie Lim. (1999-08-12 at 16:13)

  • National Day Dinner at Singapore Expo Hall 3 The restaurant mentioned is GIM TIM RESTAURANT TEL : 459 7766. This is the following account on 7th August 1999 evening:

    The service is lousy, one pushes the duty to another but the waitress serving us is no. 140. We asked her for top-up for the drinks but no one attend to us for almost one hour until we have to 'force' her collegues literally to top-up our drinks. The reason she gave us is last minute, a lot of the staff did not turned up. We observed that for other tables guests, the service is also lousy. When it is the sharks fin's soup, no. 140 took one of the guest's used chopsticks to stir it! After that, she served us the soup but when I confront her, she just gave that guest a new pair of chopsticks.

    Halfway towards the dinner, I even saw one of the waitress standing behind me watching the show on stage and I even have to ask her to excuse me but can you imagine after a while she stood there again. To think that waitress no. 140 said they have not enough staff.

    To think that this is National Day Dinner with all the Ministers and VIP and the person in charge gave us such lousy service - Eddie Lim. (1999-08-12 at 16:14)

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