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Y ou'll find here various interesting makan as well as lost/moved stalls that have been found (originally posted on our Lost and Found page).

Below are something we're looking for, please mail me should you know their whereabout.

Lost / In search of:

  • Wah Kuah
    Anyone knows of the whereabout of the following please mail me!
    • Blk 163 Bukit Merah Central
    • Blk 2 Jalan Bukit Merah Hawer Centre (ABC old market)
  • Mee Pok stall at Short Street
    Would anyone know where the Mee Pok stall at Short Street under the housing block that has now long been demolished relocated to? If if even indeed relocated?
    Would appreciate a heads up. It was one of my dad's and my favourite places to have Bak Chor Mee.
    Please email me at nizhen@mediacorpstudios.com if you have any leads/ideas.Thanks
  • Tian Tian Lai Porridage, Chinatown hawker centre
    I've been a follower of your website for the last couple of years ... Great stuff you've got there. I've used it on countless occasions to satisfy my cravings for a particular kind of food (and we're talking about the good Singapore hawker stuff.
    As u may know, the Chinatown hawker centre and market has re-located to the field at Outram Park. Unfortunately, not all the stalls went over and amongst them is Tian Tian Lai Porridge which I've been patronizing for 30 years. Would appreciate if anyone out there could help me locate the stall. Raymond Lee (July 2006)
    Makan Time: Please mail me should you have any information!
  • Sambal Blacan
    It's about time I start a Sambal Blacan list!! Please mail me your favourite sambal blacan in town!!
  • Gay World satay steamboat
    Ever since Gay World at Geylang was demolished, I've been asking around where the famous satay steamboat stall has moved to. No one seems to know where that stall has moved to. If anyone knows, please let me know because I've tried all other stalls, but none is as good. - Joy
  • Mee siam at Taman Serasi Hawker Centre
    Any idea where the old indian man who used to sell mee siam at the old Taman Serasi Hawker Centre opposite Botanical Gardens went? My husband swears that he's never been able to find anyone else who makes mee siam as good as he does! Please mail me if you know. It will sure help me to make my husband's day!
  • Fast East Square stall ...
    Could not find the stall they mentiioned in Fast East Square or China Square the stall that sells very good fry beef Hor Fun, Fried Rice and Wanton Noodles. by one elderly couple formerly in the coffee stall next to the National Library at Stamford Road. I scouted the metiioned area and was dissappointed. Please help! - Asty Kwan
  • Western restaurant in Sembawang
    Hi, heard that at Singapore sembawang area there is a western restaurant, pretty expensive but the food is good, located at terrace housing area with no menu and need 2-3 months for reservation. Have you heard of any such place?? Need your help!! - Angie Ng
  • Japanese restaurant at Junction 8
    A yr plus or two ago, there is this Jap food next to the Daimaru supermarket at Junction 8. However, they have moved out and I have no idea what was the name of this Jap restaurant. ANy idea where it is now? - Joelle Ong
  • Secret Place
    Hi there! Can anyone pls tell me where is this restaurant or cafe by the name Secret Place? thanks!!! - Jezx
  • Roasted Delicacies Stall at Macpherson
    Anyone knows the whereabouts of a Roasted Delicacies Stall (sells roasted duck, char-siew, roast pork etc and also wanton mee) previously located at Jackson Kopitiam, Macpherson Road. Stall has vacated since mid-2004. The stall serves extremely good roast duck which I would confidently rate as one of the best in Singapore. - Katie Lee
  • Food of yesteryears
    Anyone got any idea where to find the good old food of yesteryears? E.g. Chicken rice ball, ice balls(desert), etc. - Taj Mohamed
  • Good fried sambal pomfret
    Anyone know of the place that sells good deep fried sambal promfret.The last time I had was about 10 years ago at a coffee shop by the roadside along beach road opposite golden landmark hotel. - GiGi
  • Kosher food
    Please mail me should you know of a kosher place!!
  • Victoria Hawker Centre French food/mushroom steamboat
    Anyone knows where the new outlet of French food that used to be in Victoria Hawker ctr?
    Plus, I heard of a restaurant serving Mushroom Steamboat. Anyone knows? Pl email me.

Found and unusual find:

  • Banana Prata with Cheese and Maple syrup
    I'd like to recommend a great place to eat, outside NUS, just behind Kent Ridge Bus terminal, there's a string of eateries one of them is Fong Seng. The Prata shop, used to be known as Bokhari, came under a new management, and there's a speciality which they serve. Banana Prata with Cheese and Maple syrup. Only at $2.50, but it's one helluva bargain.. gotta try it and see. I do believe it's a must-try for all prata fans! - Adrian Mak
    in response to adrain mak's banana prata with cheese and maple syrup. i think 2.50 is damn expensive. is he nuts or what? 2.50 enough for lunch or dinner already, and the prata is so small and not even filling. by the way, it's not that nice as well. maybe the price is affecting his taste...... (dec 2000)
  • Beef Char Siew
    the first muslim at Far East Plaza Lever 5 serves very good beef char siew & wanton noodles or you can just have a plate-ful of beef char siew at under $10. - Farah Dean (February 99)
  • Begger's Chicken - see Empress Room under Chinese in our International page.
  • Black Pepper Udon Noodles
    Although this newly opened food court at West Mall sells not as much variety as other food court, but there is this stall selling claypot, has a dish which is different and so far this is the first time I ate it - "BLACK PEPPER UDON NOODLES" , Japanese noodles fry with black pepper together with mushroom, cauliflower, crabmeat and carrot. Price : $4.00 for a small portion. Try It - TSYd
  • Blacan chilli
    • I would like to introduce a food stall at bukit timah beautyworld food centre. The stall name is called 'WANG WANG SEAFOOD SOUP'. It sell not only seafood/fish soup but also other varieties like set meals, curry chicken, herbal chicken soup etc Do drop by to try out their food especially their home-made belacan chilli. - Alex Tham
  • Blanco Court kway chup/cheng tng
    • Blanco Court's famous(4th floor) Kway Chap stall, "Ya Lun Jie Guo Zi (Garden Street Kway Chap", which was voted for Singapore Top 100 Favourite Food in the 13 July 98 Sunday Times issue. Since Blanco Court had been closed down, I had a hard time locating where this stall had moved.
      I was in luck the other day, I met the "Tau Kay" of the stall. Of course my first question was, "Where's your stall new location?" Answer is....
      Blk 209 Hawker Center
      Hougang St 21
      Stall number 02
      But business will only start mid August/early September 98.
      I really would like to share this info with every one of the stall's faithfull patrons!!! - Jason Koh
    • The Kway Chap that was on the third floor of Blanco Court has moved to Old Airport Rd Food Centre along with the fourth floor Ching Tung Dessert store. According to the Ching Tung Store owner, the fourth floor kway chap has called it a day and retired - what a pity!! While you are at the Old Airport Road Food centre you should try the Lor Mee & Turtle Soup - YUMMY!! The Mattar Rd black pepper/butter crab is already well known to knowledgeable foodies. - Loh
  • Brain omelette and curried green wood pigeons, anyone? - Unnamed stall at Thye Hong coffeeshop, corner of Norris Rd. and Serangoon Rd. - Ng Tian khean
    Read our Featured eatery of the month.
  • Bring Your Own Wine Restaurants
    Restaurants that let you bring your own wine ... some event chill for you!
    • Rossette, the restuarant run by SHATEC, ia a BYO joint. The setting is beautiful and the food and service cannot be faulted although the place is manned by students. They are friendly and personable. - Richard Yeo
    • I noticed that u had featured Rossette,a Shatec Restaurant, i would like to recommend you the other restaurant owned by Shatec as well, The Petals,located at the Treasury Building besides the Funan IT Mall.
      It serves nice breakfast,exclusive set lunch and dinners,not forgetting the desserts produced very own by their pastry students. Do check it out! - Sherryll Lim
    • There 's another place call Cafe AMIGO. This is a french joint. It is also a BYO. I've yet to try this. - Richard Yeo
    • We have eaten at many restaurants in Singapore. And one of the very one's is Hua Zhu Restaurant on Queen's Road. Blk, 4, off Farrer. #02-101. It is open 7 days a week, welcomes you to bring your own bottle of wine, puts it in an ice bucket at your table,and will open it for you whenever..... The Pepper Beef is to die for, so are the crabs, in fact everything is quite wonderful. There is no ambience, just good food, good service, real tablecloths, and a byow policy. Hope you try it. Let me know how you liked the food. - The Taylor family
    • Sin Leong Restaurant at the top of the Marine Parade NTUC Carpark is also BYO , no corkage, as well as licenced, and has reliable good food. - Cecilia Low
    • Yindee Thai @ Semabawang Road, Sembawang Cottage #01-07 Tel: 7533696 Serves authentic Thai food at very affordable prices $15-$18/pax & savour it with your own wine. Cheap & Good! - Lily Chee
  • Buddha jumps over the wall
    Just got news that Imperial Herbal Restaurant at Metropole Hotel serves good Buddha jumps over the wall. But I hv yet to try it. - Florence Tan (February 99)
  • Buffet
    see the Buffet page.
  • Bugs
    Hi fellow food freak! I know a place where you can eat bugs. Imperial Herbal Restaurant at Metropole Hotel serves drunken Scorpions (mm-mmm) and fried ants and stuff (yummers). They even have an in-house Chinese sin-seh who can diagnose you in a split second just by listening to your pulse. And they have a great desert which is simple but delicious: It's sweet potato that you dip into this liquid candy and then you dip the candy-coated potato in ice cold water and a crust of hard crunchy candy forms on the outside. They also have a nice duck with pear sauce and I think they flambe it. The place might not be suitable for people who don't like strange herbal flavours -- But the cuisine is truly unique and bizzare. - Brenda
  • Caterer
    • House of Sundanese Food, famed for their ethnic Javanese cuisine is a good choice for functions or even home reception.Telephone 3455020 or 5343775. - Priscilla_
    • thai-chinese-halal-vegetarian food
      try Yindee Thai Restaurant, 2000 sq ft of space to fit 100 diners, irrestible authentic Thai food by Thai chefs. The restaurant is about 18 months old and boasts of offering value for money Thai food @$15 lunch & $18 for dinner ala-carte buffet with a choice of 80 dishes & thai dessert buffet inclusive! no increase of price over weekends so its always packed!!they cater for thai & chinese dishes & will also specially prepare vegetarian & halal dishes upon request (advance order for halal food) but if no pork & no lard is ok, the chefs will be delighted to serve it!! BYO wine/liquor, no corkage charge & the ambience is something to talk about, casual yet comfortable enough to entertain guests.the catering starts as low as $10 per head!! - Lily Chee
    • I have tried this Orchid Thai catering who serve Thai food at your place. Very authentic and convenient, no need to go restaurant to have Thai food. - Peter
  • Cheap Food
    • I will like the recommend the Chicken Chop in West Coast Drive market coz it is only $3.50(regular),if U R really hungry U can order the large size($5).The serving is enough to make U feel like a pig...There R 2 stalls in that mkt that sell Western food,go for the one that sell chichen chop at $3.50 not the one that sell at $3(becoz it is not as nice)...It opens at about 11am till night time,I think it open everyday of the week except for 1 da I not sure when... - Garrett Tan
    • Wanton noodles for $1.50 - Yes! This is one of the few places left where you can get your noodles at only $1.50. It's tasty, cheap & have been around for over 20 years. Try it before the market makes way for en bloc development. You won't regret. - Cindy
    • I ate in the Funan Food Court last week. Normally, I would go to the Tiong Bahru Plaza's Food Court to eat. But the food in tiong bahru plaza was not cheap and they gave me very little of food.
      But in Funan Fodd Court, The food was cheap ($2.50+++++) and they gave me a lot of food. So, If anybody wants to eat out, the best food court is Funan Centre's FodCourt. - Lee Ming Shu
    • Wild Tavern at Laguna Park. It has western and Chinese food...very cheap - "value for $$". A steak dish cost about $8.00 (includes fries and salad). - Melinda Fam
  • Chee cheong fun KL style
    • Just to introduce you to a new stall in Singapore. It is a new taste originated from KL. i have tried the food and i like them. One of my friend's small business which is selling special Zhu Chang Fen with Niang Dou Fu. with an unique taste of sauce.
      Located @ Blk 531A #02-17 Hong Lim Food Centre ( behind Chinatown Point). must try ok. - Serena Yeo
  • Chicken Chop
    • Just for your info, I saw a western food stall in Chinatown market hawker center selling something special which may interest you. This stall put up a big sign and I was first captured by the name "Chicken Factory", below the sign written all kinds of Chicken Chop. I could remember there is a Spanish Chicken Chop, Thai Style, BBQ ....unfortunately the Spanish Chicken Chop was sold out that day. I've tried the Thai style, it wasn't hot as I expected but the gravy was really nice! - Jenny Lim
  • Coffee and tea
    • Chinatown Complex Hawker Stall #02-109 serves very tasty hong kong style ice lemon tea and "yuan yang". I'm a coffee drinker and somehow I was addicted to the coffee at this stall. The aroma was great ! For coffee drinker, this stall deserves a try ! - Shirley Kong
  • Chicken Intestines
    • A good place to locate is probably at Maxwell Market in Chinatown. Try this stall called Tian Tian - The chicken rice is superb and I believe they serve intestines too! - Kimyee
  • Crocodile meat
    • You can try at Greenlife Restaurant at Millenia Walk. (closed)
    • you can get it at African Heartbeat @ Science park. - Max Ng
    • Yes, you can get Crocodile Meat at "Snack World"(?) opposite Cuppage at the rear of Orchard Point. - Dominic Chia
  • Dim Sum (see also push cart dim sum)
    • Best tim sum in Singapore is at the East Ocean Restaurant at Shaw Centre. A bit expensive but the variety and quality is tops!! - CM
    • The best authentic Cantonese Dim Sum can be found at Crystal Jade Palace at Ngee Ann City. Their egg tarts are unequalled outside Hongkong and San Francisco. I should know- I'm half Hongky.... - Edward C. Yong
      No lah, not the branch at Ngee Ann. That one sucks, especially when they're having a large crowd, then quality really drops. Of all the Crystal Jade Branches, the best one is definitely the original branch set up directly after the people left from Wah Lok, at Cairnhill Hotel. Tacky hotel, but then the quality of the food is much better, tim sum included. - Paul Ng
    • Teochew City in Centrepoint. They revise their dim sum menu now and then. The food, the service and the prices are good. :-) - Tayan
    • Cheapest Tim Sum Buffet Ever Seen - One Chinese Restaurant at Basement of Clifford Centre, only on weekends till 2.30pm, less than $12 per person. - ER
    • Really Cheapest Dim Sum Buffet Ever!
      The really cheapest Dim Sum in fact is at Restaurant 88. For only $10.80 NETT! Eat all U can. Located at World Trade - Check this out!!!!!!! (Or is there any cheaper than this???) - Eve
    • I would like to point out a good bao shop in Ang Mo Kio Ave.10 Blk. 407. It's facing the main road..Take Bus. 261 from the interchange. Housewives n working class buy the big baos by the dozens..Try the Lou Mai Gai..$1.20 nice! Big Bao (Chicken meat) is also for $1.20. The rest is all 60c. Happy eating! - Katherine Chin (dec 2000)
  • Doner Kebabs
    • hi... if you're interested in doner kebabs, here are a couple of places:
      1. anatolia at far east shopping centre - turkish food by turkish pple. try the icecream too. but the wait can be quite exasperating especially when they serve their "kakinang" ( turks ) first.
      2. the food street next to centrepoint... i can't remember exactly which stall.
      3. the basement of east point shopping mall. there is this small shop outside the supermarket, but i'm not sure if it's still there. - Lo
    • The beef doner kebab is a kind of Turkish food........so head to Turkish Kitchen located at Liang Seah Street (near Bugis MRT Station) and Suntec.
    • i love the ones at Istanbul Delights at Eastpoint. The meat is tender, they give you lots of vegies to go with the meat. The Istanbul laksa is divine, i scored with my friends when i catered it for my millennium new years eve party! i also love the stuffed chicken roll a lot. If you're there, go early for dinner, they run out really fast on weekends. They're on the first floor next to a cybercafe and New Zealand icecream. Look for the ice cream guys, you can't miss it. - shi (dec 2000)
    • Beef doner kebabs are available at the basement of Jurong Point shopping centre. They are very tasty. - Cyndi (dec 2000)
    • Unfortunately, I have not been able to find good beef Doner Kebabs in Singapore. The best places, if you really are hungry for some, are:
      Istanbul: Centerpoint and Clark Quay
      Turkish Kitchen: Millenia Walk and Amara Hotel - Elias (Aug 2001)
    • Theres a place selling 'wraps' behind the east coast park mcdonalds. basically doner kebabs, but they have pizza too, reasonable priced! They hv an avaocado dip there that is really good, it is served with turkish bread. its very good, though do ask for the bread to be warmed before eating it, cause i got mine a bit cold. - Johnny (2004)
  • Duck Everything
    • Have you tried this place in Hotel Negara called 'The Drake'? It serves duck everything, complete with a duck-estuary atmosphere some of the duck aint half bad but quite frankly the quacking and honking really started to irritate the hell out of me after a while. - Brenda
  • (Ex-)Ellenborough Food Centre
    • I Know where is the "A-Bo-Ling" located. It has move to Chinatown Complex 2nd Floor, right at a inside somewhere near "Cheong Gin Congee". and the operating hours are Monday-Saturday 12:00-6:pm. - Mary Tan (sept 2002)
  • Emperor Chicken
    the kind that is wrapped in aluminium foil and cooked under high pressure. Have tasted this in several restaurants and hotels but the best one, is still served at Eden Restaurant. It is a double-storey, halal seafood restaurant located at the junction of Still Road and Changi road. Since my first visit there 2 years ago, I have been going back consistently. My family and friends that I have recommended this place to, have also gone back several times.
    Have always wanted to compliment this place. The price is reasonable the taste is good, most of all, the service is excellent. Where can we find a reasonably spacious restaurant where we have Sri Lankan crabs, steamed garupa, prawns, Emperor chicken, vege, etc etc plus fruit juices, with only each one paying $10 plus? There were 5 or 6 of us. On top of that, they served us free deep fried "mun tou" to go along with the gravy. It was not part of the menu, but they were flexible in their service.
    To highlight an incident that speaks of their patient and personal service. 9 of us were there on the last day of Chinese New year to "loh heh". When we were done and asked for the bill, the waitress asked us to wait a while and she woulds serve us our desert, complimentary. She later realised that she had mistaken our order to be a set for 10 on the menu that came with complimentary desert. She apologised for her mistake but we didn't mind at all. To us, this is petty. But the manager was quick. He had us served with complimentary desert, despite us telling him we really didn't mind.
    I guess this is what Ron Koffman will agree, giving another inch to win miles (and smiles)!! - susan (april 2000)
  • Empress Place Hawkers
    To those that miss the delicious food that use to be served at Empress Place, I've seek them out and they are still around. The delicious Fried KuayTeow is now at Lavender Food Centre just across the Monsoon Drain behind SIR building 2nd level of the Wet Market.. Checkout the Fried Kuay Teow - as good as ever ...Yong Tau Hu...super set meals or more fresh ingredience...The Machik Malay rice with her delicious deep fried chicken is also there. Another discovery there is the Teochew Stew Duck rice next door to the fried kuay teow too.... but it is abit on the pricey side. Bon appetite.. - ric-rats
  • Fandi Ahmad's Kopitiam - it's along Upper Changi Rd ... Great Burgers, Kopi / teh-cino, Must try the tauhu catsup ... or something like that ... On weekends, there's a mutton stew called Bahmiar... Mmmmm!!! Bon apetit! - Alvin Teng
  • Fatman Satay - Stall #1, or rather, Fatman Satay at Satay Club, is now at Blk 51, #01-117D Old Airport Road.
  • Fish Maw Soup
    • Don't know if any of U guys have sampled fish maw soup? Just discovered a place where they serve yummy fish maw soup. Its at the RIVER VIEW Eating House (more like a small coffeeshop) just at the junction of South Bridge Rd and Upp Circular Rd. This stall is tucked in the left corner of the coffeeshop and may not be easily noticed. However, there's a signage placed outside displaying in Chinese, the character "TONG" and in English, " House Of Fish Maw ". Two versions of fish maw soup are available - clear or thick (akin to shark's fin soup). Goes well with plain rice or crispy noodles. Heard that there's another House Of Fish Maw outlet at #01-111 Lau Pa Sat. - Jeffrey Chow (Oct 99)
    • Would like to share with you one type of food which was not inside yr food guide. This stall is at Amoy street market level 2, selling fish maw , according to the stall holder , it is a heathy food .So I gave it a try (fish maw soup with noodle),the soup has many ingredient (fish meat, fish maw mushroom etc) and after finishing the whole bowl of soup it doesn't make me feel thirsty at all.
      I also recommended my collegues to this new stuff, they do have the same reaction like me . Chu Noel
    • found another place where they serve fish maw soup. Its located at the Amoy Street Food Center, stall #02-123. Although the stall displays the name "Fish Maw Specialities", understand from the stall operator that they are using the same recipe as that used at the "House Of Fish Maw" stall at Riverview. - Jeffrey Chow
  • Foo Chow Food(Hock Chew)
    • Lee Do Restaurant, Blk 11, Kempas Rd, off Bendemeer Road
      Sells traditional Foochow dishes. Must try the:
      1) Foo Chow Fish Balls Soup
      2) Foo Chow "Yan-Pi" Soup
      These are soups with so much character and taste of course!
      3) Chicken in Red Wine Lees with Spring Onions (Chicken "smouldered" with a thick fermented glutinous rice paste - got lots of OOOMPH!!!)
      Reputed to be the best in Singapore!
    • Foo Chow Fish Ball Noodles - ... A VERY RARE delicacy these days, the store is sited in a coffeeshop along Beach Road, across the road from The Concourse. Can't missed it....cos the sign is BIG! Good food....not like the other type of fish ball noodle you can find all over Singapore....Foo Chow Fish Balls have meat in the middle! They also serve Foo Chow "Won Ton" - VERY SUPERB! The noodles came with a rich dose of sesame oil (fragrant!), and for those who are conscious of being fat, my advice is: WHAT THE HECK!!! They serve it with green chilli too! Very packed around lunch time so be warned! - XUESS!
    • Singapura Seafood Restaurant is a Hock Chew restaurant located along Selegie Road(Block 9, Selegie House, #01-31) that specialises in delicious cold crab and crispy prawn rolls. They also have the traditional dishes such as Foochow Fishball Soup as well as the Claypot Red Wine chicken. Just thought you might want to try out this restaurant. - Chan Jin Min (Jan 2001)
  • French Food in a food court
    There is a french stall in Victoria Food Court ,opposite Bras Brasah Complex (i'm not too sure of the address). This stalls sells authentic french cuisine which is prepared by a french chef . I think they have 3 types of set meal priced at $10.80 each. There's also a set meal of the day. If you do not like set meals they have an a la carte menu too.
    Fo the set meal, there's soup followed by the main course and lastly dessert. This stall sells cheese cake prices at $3.00 a piece if i'm not wrong.
    Although i've not tried their food, but i think it's rather interesting to have french food in a food court because now people needn't go to hotels or restaraunt to enjoy french cuisine. They can now get to enjoy french food in a food court. - Elizabeth 2 (dec 2000)
  • Frog Legs (Tian Ji)
    • Fav Tian2 Ji1 - Lorong 9 Geylang ~ They have Tian Ji Porridge, Gong Bao Tian Ji, etc Usu. I ask for 1 gong bao tian ji (Spicy tian ji) $8 & 1 small portion of plain porridge $2 (all served in claypots, portion is enough for 2!). Simply add the spicy sauce from the gong bao tian ji to your porridge and it would taste SOLID!! - ER
    • I would like to recommend a stall in Bedok North 85 market selling Frog Leg Porridge. the stall number is #01-224. Not only they have frog leg porridge, they also have fried chilli frog legs and fried frog legs with Ginger & Onion. It tasted good compared to other stalls in Bedok Area. Best.....for.....value?David Tan 2 (Apr 2003)
  • Funan Centre Beef Ball bee hoon - previously (and the Capitol Hawker Centre, and Hock Lam Street before that). Been a patron for over 10 year. I managed to trace the owner during my last trip back. It is now at Singapore Chinese Swimming Club in Marine Parade during the weekends only. Unfortunately, I think that you have to be a member (or get a friend who is a member) to get in. Love his style of beef noodles especially his beef tendons and broth. Good luck, my mouth waters just thinking about it! - Raymund Chan
  • Fusion - Doc Chengs at Raffles has to be my favourite restaraunt in Singapore. Not inexpensive, but certainly worth every cent on each of the many visits. They specialise in blending Asian spices and flavours with Western food and bring in some of the worlds best chefs to do so. It's a friendly place that you will certainly go back to. - Andy W.
  • Hainanese food
    • I'd like to mention Chin Chin's at seah street. wonderful western food, my favourite is the mutton chop with fries and salad. the hainanese- run coffee shop also sells excellent pork chops in tomato sauce, the famous hainanese dish. this is to die for! watch out for succulent potato slices at the bottom of the pork slices, they are heavenly after abosorbing the sauce, but still retaining the fried crispiness. also, great chicken rice (with a large bowl of soup for free). they also serve a wide variety of cze char dishes. very very economical too. great place to bring a big group of friends! - Shi (February 99)
    • another hainanese place worth mention is Yet Con at purvis street. infact, it's just behind chin chin's street. wonderful wonderful fish maw fried with sweet chinese white cabbage. excellent chicken rice and shao rou (the three layer pork). a little pricier than chin chin's but worth the visit. - Shi (February 99)
  • Hainanese Mutton Soup
    at corner of kiliney rd (opp Comcentre), the coffeeshop serves up fantastic beef noodles and hainan mutton soup. traditional recipe used and serves up generous proportions. MUST TRY.....used to sell at the farrer court market. closed on sundays. - Tracie Foo (Apr 2000)
  • Hakka Food
    • Anyone who wants to try HEAVENLY Hakka Food can try at this place: It's called "Moi Kong Hakka Restaurent" and it is at Murray Street, Tanjong Pagar. Very authentic Hakka food is served although there are rich choices of Cantonese food on the menu too.
      1. Abacus Beads - with real mashed yams (as it is supposed to be) with the right amount of glutinous rice flour. Fantastic! Not like those sticky mess you will find in street fares!
      2. Hakka Steamed Egg - Out of this world!! Egg steamed with prawns and veges, simple and yet tantalising!!!
      3. "Mei Cai Kou Rou" - served with steamed "bao", you won't regret it!
      4. Salt Baked Chicken - tender, "sweet" and just nice for the taste bud.
      5. the Red Wine Lee ("Hong Zao") Chicken Soup which is a speciality among the Hakkas and the Foochows.
      6. Yong Tau Foo - need I say more??? Probably the best Hakka Restaurant in Singapore and is widely known in its circle. Please do give it a try! Go there early to get a seat, especially if you want air-conditioning!!! - Xuess
    • I have been following makantime for many years and this is my first time recommending a stall. I want to recommend this authentic Hakka stall at Festival Market in Hougang, (it used to be known as Hougang Point in case your taxi driver cannot find). It's called Home Recipe (家傳菜) and is next to Macdonald's. My family is Hakka and she makes Hong Cao Chicken (Red Wine Chicken) the way I used to eat at home. Her Yong tau foo is also very generous in terms of the serving, each piece is stuffed full of meat. Can also try her nasi lemak which is made with brown rice, it's supposed to be a healthier option but for me it just tastes good.
      Btw the owner's name is June and she is really quite friendly, I spoke to her before. 2 thumbs up for food and service! - Jimmy Long
  • Hand made noodle -
    • Recently I discovered another eating hole, at Pasir Ris Town Center, behind the Oriental Emporium. It sells hand-made noodle soup (they do it right there, using a pasta machine, of course), with lots of lean pork and an egg and some vegge. What makes it wicked good is the unlimited helpings of chilli padi. Works up a good sweat to match the climate!
    • Xian Liang Pi(hand made noodle Xian style)
      i just pop over at the old market in china town along smith street. The one with the wet market below, shops and the hawker centre above. There is this certain stall selling Xi An handmade noodles which i've ate in xi an some time ago, its called liang pi. Im surprised by that its quite pop in china though. Besides that they have Hakka yam abacus and the other im not so sure sounds like Qiu ze hoon or something the name of the stall is Xi An Del .. Lim Weitat (jan 2002)
  • Heng Hwa Food
    • Ming Chung restaurant at Maude Rd, off jalan besar rd i think. they serve heng hwa food. heng hwa is a lesser known dialect in singapore. Top notch food you must try:
      • 1. heng hwa lor mee comes with a white gravy, vegies, clams (sweet and succulent), sliced pork, prawns, tau hoo slices, with a special noodle i've not yet tasted anywhere else. the excellent noodle is apparently exclusive to heng hwa cuisine. the noodle has a wonderful texture. add more vinegar to the noodles if you wanna. this is a must try. $3 per big bowl for one person. great value for the food's quality.
      • 2. clams in spicy sauce (la la) this is another must try. i've been there dozens of time and i always must have this. the clams are cooked to perfection, the spicy sauce is made of clam stock and very very very tasty. don't miss this.
      • 3. fried prawn balls. batter fried prawns. prawns are very fresh and cooked just right.
      • 4. fried fish slices. i don't know the name of the fish they use, but this simple dish is very tasty. big chunks of fish fried to deep brown, you get some blackened parts even, but the texture is amazing for fish fried so dark. my guess is a big hot wok and fire.
      • 5. egg and oyster omelette (oh luar) i'm not very fond of oysters, but this one i love! oysters are not fishy, have great milky texture and for a change, this is made without the flour mixture. great stuff.
      one note of warning, the place gets really crowded around 6pm onwards. they open at 3pm, so you could want to packet the food home straight after work. 6pm onwards expect to wait for at least an hour for your food, the chef cooks the dishes plate by plate to ensure tastiness. no large batches for them. you could also go after 8.30pm -9pm when people have finished their dinner. they close at midnight and don't open on mondays.
      it's worth the wait i tell you! bring a friend to chat with , or a magazine to read if you have to eat during peak dinner hours. - Shi
    • hi, wondering if you've heard of this Chinese minority dialect group called the Heng Hwa? there's a coffeeshop in Maude Road, off Jalan Besar (i think), that serves Heng Hwa food. i forget the name, but u can't miss it. be prepared to wait about 45 minutes. it's worth it! for a party of 5 or 6, expect to pay about $10 a person including tea and peanuts. your chopsticks and bowls and teacups come to u in a basin full of hot water, so u "wash" them yourself before u set the table.
      the food is really interesting -- a specialty is mee sua in a watery hor fun style gravy with pig's blood, bean curd, shrimp, pork slices and chye sim. VERY delicious, also available with kway teow. also check out:
      • beh-kar fish marinated overnight in assam and chilli, deep fried andserved with fried fresh minced chilli in oil ... shiok! sour-spicy-a bit sweet, excellent with rice.
      • shrimp fritters, fried in a a spicy batter and served with sweet black sauce (ti chio)
      • stir fried chye sim, in an oyster sauce gravy with dumplings that are actually some sort of bean curd
      • La La in a spicy chili gravy, looks almost Italian, but much more fiery and spicy and garlicky and gingery
      oh gosh, i'm drooling thinking about my meal! i'm going back there soon! - Sharon
    • i also love this heng hua restaurant(Ming Chung) at maude rd, off serangoon rd. you have to wait up to an hour for your food, but the spicy clams are soooooo good you think the waiting is worth it. also wonderful are the fried fish, fried to a crispiness known only to the cooks. you just eat, taste and wonder. the lor mee is made heng hwa style in a clear sauce. add a little vinegar and you're on your way to paradise. also good are its batter prawns. just make sure you're really patient and have plenty of time to kill before the food comes an eternity later. - Shi (February 99)
  • Herbal Restaurant
    Imperial Herbal Restaurant is at 41 Seah Street in the Metropole Hotel. tel: 3370491 Great place! Serves scorpions, ants, deer penis, bull testicles! - Ng Tian Khean
  • Hock Lam Street Gu Bak Quey Teow
    The stall has now moved to Purvis Street where it has its own shop. - Yeun Thong Jek(dec 2000)
  • Homecooked food
    • Red Wok Rising , 33 Tanjong Pagar Road.
      We had lunch there and it is a place where one would want to go to for home-cooked food in the midday in the middle of the week. The restaurant owner gets upset if the place is being acknowledged as Chinese restaurant because it is NOT - "it does not serve shark's fin soup"!!! However, what is does serve is your regular homecooked food where your mom or "ah ma che" will cook. We had the beef kailan and you can almost slurp the Chinese rice wine out of the vege - very tasty. Definitely would not find that in a Chinese restaurant. Great place to eat when you are sick and tired of eating all the food you get from eating at Chinese restaurants or for that matter, even the hawker centres. - Duxton38
    • Chinatwon Wok
      I would like to recommend a place in Mosque street that serves SUPER curry fishhead and the *real* homecooked chinese food (like "mui choy kau yok" sauteed pork with preserved vegetables). i also had fantasic "ham har gai" (a sort of chicken with shrimp paste), deep-fried oyster and a rich bowl of Vitamin soup ("lai tong"?) to finish off my meal. it was the best meal i've had in a looong time! and cheap, too - no service charge, this charge or that charge! go check it out! it's called Chinatown Wok - dunno what address but it's at Mosque Street. - C H Ong
  • Homemade noodles
    I found the BEST homemade noodles in Mei chin Market near the home stadium of Tiong Bahru FC and Queenstown MRT station!! I can swear that the Mi Hun Kuay taste just as good as the tradition type that Teochew grandmothers used to make! The Ban mee is fabulous too. Each bowl costs only $2 - servings are generous with an egg included too. The name : Man Jia Siang. Operating hours are from about 8 am to late afternoon. - Ho Chwee Luan
  • Hot Plate
    My favourite food of all is hot plate Thai Sauce Chicken/Fish at Hougang Mall, Hot Plate Specialist. - Rick Tan (February 99)
  • Ice Burger - Anybody out there feeling rich?....then check out the ICE BURGER at the cafe in the lobby of Sheraton Towers along Scotts Road. The disgustingly sinful dessert will firstly meet your eyes with splendid presentation. Soft cream cake to imitate buns, kiwi fruit (vegetables), strawberries (tomatoes), vanilla ice-cream (cheese), and chocolate ice-cream (the beef patti), you actually think that you have a real burger in front of you. That upon consumption, it will carry on to fill your stomach and not to mention later...to empty your wallet. Cost is $9.50++. But it is a must try a least once! - Yu Khing
  • Indonesian prawn (yin-ni xia) - Suggest you try the restaurant in the coffee shop at night in block 138, Tampines street 11, Singapore (the only coffee shop in the block facing a small open field). The dish is called Yin-Ni Xia (ie indonesian prawn) . It is good but not as superb as the one i always took in Joo Jiat Road. There used to be a restaurant in the corner of a row of 2-storey old houses in Joo Jiat Road called Hai Wai Tian. It opened only at night and served very good fish head soup , Yin Ni Xia etc. at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately, it disappeared about 2 years ago without a trace. Any idea where it has moved to ??? - Ng Sze Chien
  • Kosher Food
    • If i am not wrong there is one at Far East Square. Somewhere near/opposite Carnegie's - Riaz Sulaimi (Nov 2000)
  • Good Old Kopitiam
    • There are quite a number of the old fashion kopi tiam along Jalan Besar Road. They still have the old wooden chairs and marble table tops. Not been there for a while, the last time I went there, a few had already been converted!! You may just want to take a walk down all the way from Lavender Street up to Sim Lim Tower. Good luck. - Andrew Lim
  • Macrobiotic Restaurant
    • Singapore's first macrobiotic reataurant is found at 73, Dunlop St. The place is called Yamabuta Seafood. The cook food without any Msg, preservatives etc. They kill seafood by placing them in a tank of icy cold water. All their seafood are fresh from 'unpolluted oceans'. The owner himself catches the seafood himself. They also serve Kampung chicken, which is from Malaysia. However, the prices are not cheap.
      According to the owner, who's restaurant is named after himself, he has a catamaran which he uses to go fishing himself in the south china seas. Anyway, I have tried his oysters and crabs and I must say they are really fresh. He also serves sushi at his place. They user brown rice instead of japanese rice. They are so particular about cleanliness they have a gigantic filter to filter all the water they use! I actually stumbled into this restaurant when a macrobiotic store which my family visits recommended this place. Apparently, the restaurants buys all its stuff from them. eg.veggies, sea salt, oil etc... I strongly suggest you try the food there yourself. I myself found it an enriching experience. Happy eating! - Bernard Yang
    • Another Macrobiotic restaurant is called Organic Paradise, located at basement of Orchard Point. They serve great tasting fried noodles and sushi. Very healthy. - Bernard Yang
  • Mango Fish
    you should check out the mango fish at this Thai restaurant along East Coast road, near Siglap. The restaurant's name is A-Roy - Cynthia Ko (February 99)
  • National Library Beef Kway Teow
    Hi, long long time ago, there was an old couple selling beef kuay teow and wan tan noodle in an old shed next to the National Library for 34 years before it was converted into a 24 hrs makan place. Well, this famous stall Nam San is now re-located at 33 Pekin Street, Far East Square, Stall no. 1. It's a new food court that house only seven stalls specially scouted by the Management. Walk along the air con alley at Far East Sq and you should not have problems arriving there. The price is still economically price at $3.00. - Tyang (jun 99)
  • Newton Char Kway Teow (ex) -
    U can find it at Serangoon gardens market/hawker centre.- YEH
  • Nonya Food
    • Nonya's Wok at Blk 514A, Bishan St. 13, #01-480.
      Get all the hawkers' food you want with great taste. It's a air-condition shop run by a family adjacent to McDonald could house about 40 to 50 people. My family love to patronise this place in comfort. Variety of foods served: Nasi Kunyit, fish-head/fillet bee hoon soup, laksa, prawn mee soup, mee siam, mee rebus, fried hokkien mee, fried seafood hor-fun, char kway teow, beef kway teow soup, fried beef kway teow, rojak, chicken rice, chicken hor fun, desserts etc. Most of these are delicious, hope you enjoy yourself. - ht lee (February 99)
    • Must recommend you Blue Ginger at The Heeren.Just had dinner there this evening-the Kangkong Lemak is sooo delicious!!!It's got sweet potato as well in a chilli lemak base that tastes also of hey-bee.Mmmm!!!The rendang is also very tender and the otak-otak not bad. - angie (jun 99)
    • House of Peranakan Cuisine at level 1 of Hotel Negara.
      Reservations have to be made in advance as it is constantly packed. They serve very authentic peranakan food and value for money too. It's been rumoured that Ministers and other important people have dined in there. Atmosphere is cosy as well - with a pianist playing while you dine in. - Melinda Fam
  • Noodles
    lots of choices at Nooch, located on the second floor, Wheelock Place offers varieties of Thai and Japanese noodles and rice at reasonable prices (note: no service charge) and with the view of the crowd drinking and smoking below at the Borders Bistro. too much choices that u may want to order all. bad thing: they do not serve ice water!!
  • North Indian Food
    For North Indian Food lovers there is one at Funan Centre Food Court in the basement. They serve tandoori chicken ,butter chicken and the best NAANS IN TOWN, I LOVE THE CHEESE NAAN. the prices there are also very reasonable. - Tanvir
  • Okonomiyaki/Mazeyaki
    • Paragon shopping center (basement where the supermarket is) has(had?) a nice Japanese pancake restaurant (okonomiyaki/mazeyaki) where you stir up your own batter and ingredients and cook the pancakes yourself yummers. - Brenda
    • At the basement of Paragon where the supermarket is, there is a Japanese restaurant serving various types of Okonomiyaki. It is not definitely not as delicious as the one in Hiroshima which has soba noodles as part of the layers but it is a good alternative. Prices are not too cheap though! Or u could have it fast food style at Parco Bugis basement, they only have it in Osaka style though.... no topping of soba noodles... :) - Kimyee
  • Owen Road Porridage
    Former Owen Road porridage is now at 29-30 Upper Weld Road. It is not immediately at the main road and it is along the exit of a one way street, exiting out into Jalan Besar. Takes a bit of twisting and turning around.
  • Papaya Bee Hoon Soup - Anyone care for something different? Try Roxy Square air-con coffee shop. There's a stall selling papaya bee hoon soup... yum yum... try it for yourself. - Pansy Tan
  • Paper Chicken - I like to share with all your readers a coffeeshop restaurant in Jurong East serving a very tasty and fair priced Paper Chicken. This is cooked by wrapping the whole chicken in paper with chinese herb and steamed for over half hour. It's only SID8.00 per chicken !! I know there's a lot of Singaporean driving to JB to try this dish but now that restaurant has opened a branch here in Jurong East !! It is in a coffee shop next to the Jurong East Hawker Centre which is next to the Parc Oasis Condo. There's a lot of foreigners patronising them too. - Philip Chen
  • Popiah - see Snack N Such page.
  • Ponggol Chili Crab
    • There is one at East Coast Parkway near the S'pore Tennis Centre. , Don't forget that there were three vendors at P. Point. I had not come across any other except the one at STC. - David Tan
    • There is one facing the sea right next to the sentosa bridge - fred sun
    • Which restaurant are your referrring to? There were actually three restaurant at Punggol end. There are Punggol Seafood and Choon Seng. Punggol Rest has two outlets now. One is at World Trade Center (next to Milano Pizza) and the other is at East Coast Parkway (at the UMDC Centre, NOT the UMDC Seafood Centre. Choon Seng Rest is now located at Kallang Theatre podium (next to Palm Beach Seafood Rest - Leisure Drome).
      I recommend that you go to Punggol at the ECP. I tried several times at this rest. and found the food and taste quite consistently. However, the prices are much higher than while it was at Punggol end. Choon Seng is no longer providing the same quality as it was at Punggol end. - Lee Su Chai
    • My favourite has always been Ponggol Choon Seng Chilli crabs. Been eating this stall at Ponggol end since a kid. That nostalgic place just before the sea with the SBS bus (82/83) making all the U turns (plus the fumes) really brings back memories. (You should guess by now I was a Ponggol kid). After the place was demolished, the stall shifted to the makeshift Ponggol Marina Club along Ponggol 17th Avenue. Faithfully I followed them there for the food is still THE ONE. However, after the actual club facilities was completed, there seems to be some disputes and the stall shifted out. They are back there again but the food are not the same. Gone are the familiar Chilli Crabs, ngo hiong, hae pia(prawn crackers), fried small squids etc... But Thanks to my good brother Edmund..I found them again. The cooks of Choon Seng set up the own stall at Blk 21 Defu Lane.
      Been there upteens times and I am very satisfied and pleased with the food as well as the prices. Really good quality delicious seafood and very reasonable prices. My favourite is of course CHILLI CRABS. Juicy and succulent Sri Lanka Crabs that’s “hard?with flesh(meat) packed are cooked in a really tasty, thick, spicy but not overly glueee gravy. Bread dipped in that gravy is OHh.hh.......ah. Bring your own bread as the bread provided by the coffee shop is not very fresh. Shiok man. Sometimes I just go there for the chilli crabs and bread only.
      Of course there are other good stuff!! Some of you do want to have a full meal. Other recommended seafood include:
      Mussels (tau tao) in frangant spicy sauce, ngo hiong/ hae pia(prawn crackers), the original authentic seafood filled mee goreng, fried crispy small squids( really crispy with a thick slightly sweeth brown sauce), vege with fresh shitake mushrooms, you zha guo(fried yutiao stuff with sotong paste), traditional steam teochew style promfret, deep fried soon hock, crayfish and the list goes on. - Derry
    • Hi, this is in response to the article regarding Choon Seng being in Kallang. Well, I dunno if that's Choon Seng (the original) perhaps it's a branch, but the definite original is now in Ponggol Marina. Non-Members can dine there too but they won't get a waiver of the service charge. BTW, the beer's cheap too. Also, the black pepper crabs are still untouchable. Yet I have to admit, the standard has kinda slacked since the government ripped up ponggol. (they have their reasons......well, you know). Nonetheless, no one else can touch their black pepper crabs...which says a lot about the standard anywhere else. You should request them serious Sri Lankan crabs, fwah!! - Glen (February 99)
  • Push Cart Dim Sum (see also Dim Sum)
    • There's one in Margaret Drive, Crown something or something Crown by that name. I heard it's the only one left in Singapore of its type... it's on level two of an old building that has a coffee shop downstairs selling poh piah and prata. near the mrt track. - TK Phua(Oct 99)
    • If my memory serves me well, the following restaurants serve dim sum in push-cart style :
      Red Star Restaurant at Blk 54, Chin Swee Road's Multi-storey carpark
      Neptune Restaurant at Collyer Quay
      There should be some more in Singapore. That's all folks.. - Johnny Ow (Oct 99)
    • Both Kelong (At Thomson Plaza) and Le Grand (Near Great World City) are serving pretty good dim sum. - Tay Grace (Oct 99)
      Note: not sure if the are push cart dim sum.
    • There's this rather old restaurant where I used to go when I was young. not sure if it's still operating, should be lah, it's in Toa Payoh, call Happiness Restaurant. (xing fu lou). - Addywong (Oct 99)
    • There is a restaraunt in Ang Mio Kio, its above the supermarket next to the interchange. They serve push cart dimsum. - Nightfall (Oct 99)
    • Try Goodwood Hotel's Garden Seafood Restaurant on weekends.. - Andrea e. Koo (Oct 99)
    • There is a place at Havelock Road call Red Star Restrustant, it start early morning 7.00am during week end and the price is very reasonable. - fat man (Oct 99)
    • Try Hong Sing restaurant, located at Chin Swee Road. Most taxi drivers will know if you take a taxi there. The restaurant is located on the 7th level. Push cart Tim Sum is served daily from 7.30am to 3pm if I am not wrong. - Catherine (Oct 99)
    • Push cart dim sum you want? Go to Neptune restaurant somewhere at Shenton Way. It starts from 11.30am and ends around 2.30pm. Check it out. it serves real good dim sum. Enjoy!!!! - Roni (Oct 99)
    • The restuarant above Shop & Save at Toa Payoh, next to the previous Kong Chian Theatre. - Seah Kah Soong (Oct 99)
    • I think I know two resturants with push cart dim sum . One is at Crown Resturant along the road of Queenstown MRT somewhere near to Queenstown bowl. The other one is at Red Star Resturant at nearby Havelock Rd. - Serene Wong (Oct 99)
    • You can try the Kelong Tim Sum at the old Yaohan Thomson. Push cart and the tim sum is just great. Yummm . - Karen Lazaroo (Oct 99)
  • Quick Good Meal
    • I have found a nice place for a quick good meal. The place is Chicko at 789 Geylang Road near to Lorong 41 (Paya Lebar MRT). They have the following and worth a try for those who intend to eat. Tauhu Lemak S$3.00 about 6 pieces and Fluffy Boneless Chicken Wings at $1.20 each. There is also a free carpark behind the restaurant. Well, if you are near try it and I believe you will be back there again. - Tom Koh (Nov 99)
  • Rasa Singapura Carrot Cake
    There's a stall at the Suntec City Food court around the 'Fountain of Wealth'. Now don't knock it just because its in a foodcourt & not in some authentic hawker centre or coffee shop. The carrot cake there is simply the best. The original shop is over in the open air hawker centre in Marina Square. It name is 'Lao Goh'. Story of the stall is that it used to be based in the old Rasa Singapura hawker Centre opposite the Marco Polo Hotel (for those of us tt old to remeber its flavours), before Old Goh himself left the place because of some quarrel with a neighbouring stll. Or so the story goes. Whatever the romance this story adds to the stall, it adds nothing to the flavour of the carrot cake which is simply superb on its own. Try it, no regrets. Go for the cheaper one as the additional prawns don't add much to the taste & just makes your wallet tt much lighter. - Choon Leng (February 99)
  • Rice Table
    • The Rice Table Indonesian Restaurant
      well...lotsa friendz of mine think it's cheap & good place the rice table in international bldg coz u get to order as much as u like of a specific dish u especially like at the same price. for a price they serve you small portions of i think eight dishes of which u order as much as u like for whichever dish u choose. but lunch stop serving at 2:30 noon.
      the price is $12.50++ for lunch(1200hrs to 1430hrs) & $18.50++ for dinner(1800hrs to 2130hrs) for abt 14 dishes. - Farah Dean (February 99)
  • Sabah Cuisine
    Bukit Batok Coffee Shop (BLk 155)
    First & Exclusive Sabah Cuisine in Singapore @ Sabah Noodles House ?Sabah Pork Noodles and Sabah Yu Sheng (Blk 155, Bukit Batok St 11)
    • (1) Sabah Pork Noodles (Dry/ Soup)
      - Noodles/Bee Hoon/ Kway Teow served with special-seasoned Pork, Liver and Sweet Intestine.
      - Bee Hoon with a different & unique taste texture imported from Malaysia
      - Dry Noodles/ Bee Hoon/ Kway Teow are accompanied by a special sauce
      - Thinly sliced Pork and Liver are seasoned with a secret recipe to deliver a soft and tender taste
      - Tastiness from the Soup comes from generous serving of Pig bones brewed over a long period over charcoal
      - Specially prepared Chili Dip completes the Cuisine.
    • (2) Sabah Yu Sheng
      - Fresh Grouper prepared with special seasoning to provide a unique taste of sweet, sour and spicy - Julie Chiam
  • Sambal crayfish at Loo Tien (Old Lau Par Sat)
    If I'm not mistaken, it should be on the 2nd floor of Amoy Street Hawker Centre. Also, you can find many other good food there ... - khan
  • Selegie Curry FishHead
    It has moved opposite Parklane Mall at an old coffeeshop at Prinsep St.
  • Shark fin soup
    • I look forwards to Chinese wedding dinners where I can eat shark's fin soup and also use the opportunity to evaluate the quality. Hotel restaurants normally don't serve really good shark's fin. However, Yishun Seafood Village in Sembawang dishes out good shark's fin soup, as I discovered when I ate there recently. Good stuff. - Collin
    • I just discovered, there is one stall at Pasir Panjang Hawker Centre selling Shark fin soup at $5/bowl and not bad. - Food lover
  • Shunde Kitchen
    • I would like to recommend this dish called the Shunde supreme Pot that i had last week at this place called SHUNDE KITCHEN (opposite maxwell hawker centre's open air carpark). It was really terrific - just what my amah would cook for me when I was young. (the lady boss told me that they serve home-cooked food that hail from the Shunde province in GuangDong, China. Interesting!) It's a fragrant broth stewed with all sorts of ingredients like prawns, dried oyster, roast meat, mushrrom, chicken....I had it with rice and it was the BEST!
      And the abalone noodles I had was smooth and tasty. The noodles are actually made with minced abalone and it was served with just oyster sauce but it was so simple, yet so tasty. They also have many sorts of home-cooked dishes like baked fish intestine with eggs (exotic!), preserved veggie with stewed pork, steamed milk with eggs....*can't wait to go back!*
      I had a terrific dinner, and I didn't get a shock when the bill came because the food was cheap and there's no service charge. sadly, I think the place is still rather new, so there were not many people. I hope more will know about this place to keep it busy. It will be sad to have such a gem of a restaurant which no one knows about it. - Alison Cheung
    • i thought i should let you know about this new eating place called Shunde Kitchen i went to for lunch just now. the food was EXCELLENT  and CHEAP, with no service charge and all that blah. air-conditioned somemore! 
      i had a hainanese chicken rice set lunch with a soup, veggie and coffee for only $5. and it wasn't those bland chicken soup they give at chicken rice stalls. what i had just now was actually called a "lai tong" in cantonese (vitamin soup?) and it was boiled with apple slices and chicken meat. ShiOK!! my other colleagues ordered the Curry Fishhead and they said it was the best they had ever eaten - very spicy, tangy and loaded with brinjal n other veggies (they asked for extra veggie). the fish was very fresh and tender, too. now i don't have to crowd at the hot and stuffy maxwell hawker center for lunch anymore! they're still very new. just opened, i think. so more people should know about this place!
      i don't have the address but it's a shophouse right opposite the maxwell hawker center's open-air car park. - Wei (February 99)
    • where else but this tiny restaurant at erskine road (next to ann siang hill). it's called Shunde Kitchen. they serve food that my ah ma used to cook for me. even a simple dish like crispy bittergourd was heavenly!
      I didn't try their shunde pot but heard from friend it's the best thing to have on a cooling december night! also had something called the shunde stuffed fish. it's a fish jam-packed with...fish meat, yunnan ham etc. i am drooling right now!
      Their lotus leaf chicken was also very delicious! can't believe something this good didn't burna hole in pocket. highly recommended! - Liang Wei (nov 99)
  • Singapore Sling - Where else but Raffles Hotel!!! Ok, the lastest in place is at the kiosk outside Far East Plaza. - Thian
  • Smelly Deepfried Beancurd
    • It can be found opposite Peoples Park Centre, in the hawker centreon top of the 'Pisces' Shop. - Peter Yong
    • I thought that the smelly deepfried beancurd is no longer there as there are a lot of complaints on them. - Debbie
    • Anyone knows the whereabout of this stall please email me!
    • I found this Smelly Deepfried Beancurd at Geylang Lor 34. Other then selling deepfried beancurd, they do sell other food like beef noodles ($5) and "Che Zhai Min" ($4) which is famous in Hong Kong. I tried these but don't find them nice and definitely not worth the price. But no harm trying just for once. - Debbie
    • You should try the Taiwanese stall, along the same street (Geylang Lor 34) but opposite the Hong Kong stall. - Mary Chiang (Jun 99)
    • Just writing to let you know the smelly beancurd shop is located along Geylang Road, just before Lorong 41 Geylang. - J lee (apr 2002)
  • Smoke and eat
    • Hilton Top by the pool is a good place to smoke and eat ! The murtabak is worth a try. - Jenny.
    • To all the smokers out there who like to enjoy a coffee in an air-con restaurant in Singapore - here is a place you can do it --> IKEA's cafeteria has a special enclosed room for you! - LOU
  • Snowy ice
    • Has anyone tried the Taiwanese dessert stall Alisan (stall 01-13) at Hill Street Food Centre which serves "snowy ice"? THE dessert to try is "snowy ice with 8 sweet beans". It's similiar to ice kachang sans the syrup but the ice is wonderfully smooth (like snow) because it is NOT shaved ice; the "snow" is made. Be sure you ask for milk on it, it tasts EXACTLY like ice cream - amazingly with milk and "snow" alone. Quite a healthy dessert as well. The wintermelon tea is really good too, and the couple running the stall uses "the real thing" from Taiwan. With a twist of lemon, it is a very refreshing drink, great for sweltering afternoons. They also sell the wintermelon blocks so that you are able enjoy a good glass wintermelon tea at home, and not the crappy sugar-laden, colour-enhanced, preservative-packed ones you get in a packet or can. There are local desserts as well. Surprisingly good is their chendol which has had people coming back for more. Tau suan is tasty as well, and unlike some cheng tng which has the odd dried longan, theirs is packed with ingredients, it even has white fungus!! They offer other desserts but I thought I should mention their more interseting ones. I've not come across another hawker stall in S'pore selling "snowy ice"! - Michele Hendroff
  • Spaghetti sold by a hawker
    • There is a stal serving pastas at Bt Timah Food Ctr. Think is named SIEN. - Andrew Ong
    • Came across this hawker centre selling hand-made spaghetti.Is located in Sembawang Hill Food Centre along Upp Thomson Road. This particular is facing the residential estate (don know the unit). Taste not bad. - Stella Tan
  • Steamboat
    • It's called "Just Numbling Hot" sited at 68 Prinsep Street, opposite Paradiz Centre, a stone throw away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT or Sim Lim Square on either side. As the name implied, the Hot Pot (or Steam boat) has 2 compartments - one filled with chicken herbal stock and the other, chilli-herbal stock for one to cook the food in. There are 5 levels of spicyness to choose from. The soup is fresh everytime (in Taiwan where the soup is popular, the soup is never changed!) which is why it has an "A" for hygiene. There are 3 standard food combination sets to choose from - chicken, beef & seafood ($9.9 for lunch & $12.90 for dinner). You can add other dishes if you desire. The soup becomes tastier & "sweeter" towards the end of the meal as it absorbs the flavour of the items cooked in them. The herbal presence adds a nice tinge to the soups though it might be overpowering initially.
      Try the Sotong Yu-tiao - tasty, succulent and not too oily as a side-dish! Fantastic dish! For desserts, try the snow-skin cookie ice-cream, topped with whipped cream & dried apricot bits.
      Got and try it if you like something spicy!!! - XUESS!
    • Satay Steamboat
      Tried that b4??????? The ingredients used to be in sticks like satay and served with satay gravy. But now no more stick for this stall. Used to be in the Ang Teng Beh Tao, next to satay club b4 it was demolished. Currently located at Circuit road, name 'Tanglin Tong Huat Satay Steamboat'. Beside the satay gravy, it also serve very nice chilli sauce and 'chicken rice w/o chicken'. Reasonable price. Also serve very nice satay bee hoon. Operate 5 days a week (wed & thur off). Worth trying. - Natalie
    • Charcoal Steamboat
      • Alo... there is a charcoal steamboat (Fish or Fish Head) just before upper serangoon road next to broadway studio, Mei Zhen Xiang.. - meowie(jan 2002)
      • try the steamboat at aljunied MRT...not bad - Danny Pey (feb 2002)
      • wonder if this is wat u r lookg for... several stalls at whampoa market hawker ctr sells fish steamboat (yu2 tou1 lu2) w the fish head (or fish slices) + veg + yam all dumped inside, not the ala carte type. - Lei Ivy (2002 dec)
    • Mushroom Steamboat
      The restaurant is near the Indoor Stadium, Kallang. They've another outlet at Orchard Point, OG. It's called Mushroom Pot. - Koala
  • Sushi takeaway - Nowadays you find them everywhere but the place that started it all is still the best! - supermarket at Takashimaya, Nee Aan City. - Thian
  • Tai Wah Pork Noodles (Hill Street)that was located at Marina Square
    It has been found! Quality still good as before. They are at:
    Blk 466 Crawford Lane
    #01-12 Singapore 190465
    Tai Hwa Eating House
    Near Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Building and Lavender MRT - Chris Chia
  • Teh-capucino - A&A coffeeshop, Sembawang Road.
    Try their teh-cuppacinno, it's only 70cents and it's tastes soooo good. Even TCS actress Pan Ling Ling loves it too. She has since shifted to Yishun to get closer to AA coffeeshop. And me too, I have shifted from Tampines to Yishun and now AA coffeeshop is just opposite my flat!! Their teh-cuppa is so special, so frothy, so creamy, try it!!
    Their prata and mee goreng is good too.
    Ignore the dirty floor and the old outlook. Besides them, it's a coffeeshop selling Teochew porridge. - May Tan
  • Teochew specialty
    • Shark's meat, the a-bo-ling etc
      If you are still looking for the shark's meat stall, the a-bo-ling, and the teochew porridge, they moved to the chinatown complex temporary market next to outram mrt station, opp SGH. One teochew stall became a restaurant and it is now at
      Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant
      371 Beach Road ,Key Point #01-18/19 Open 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm. Tel: 62234588 / 65382282
      Quek Cheng Hing Teochew Kway Chap #02-117 Amoy Street Food Centre, Open 10am to 2.30pm. Closed on Saturday. - Adrienne
    • Pork Jelly (Ter Kah Tong)
      Another one which is a disappearing teochew food. Pork Jelly, also known as "Ter Kah Tong" can also be found in Chinatown Hawker centre. - Andrea Yeo
    • Teochew Street Hawkers
      Shifted over to Chinatown Hawker Centre - Andrea Yeo
    • Teochew Wedding Cakes
      • Sze Thye Cake Shop, 16 , Liang Seah Street. tel:3377010
      • There is this Teochew Cake stall called Mui Lee near People's Park , I think the address is Blk 51 Chin Swee Road #01-89. You might want to call to see if they are still operating : 535 7067 - kimyee Good luck!
  • Toa Payoh Silver Stream Rojak
    the rozak stall can be found at a Ang Mo Kio Central coffee shop. The coffee shop is just beside a Prima Deli cakeshop. - Justine
  • Toasted Bread
    • I have found a shop called Old Days Kopitiam (inside NTUC Lifestyle World-Downtown East) selling very crispy toasted bread. The home made kaya is very fragrant and taste not too sweet. So good that make me ate 8 pcs in one shot! The place is very cosy and decorate like 1970's kopitiam outlook. The mee siam is also very tasty. - Roti Lover (Oct 2002)
    • Ah Koon Toasted Bread at Transit Food Centre
      Finally I have found the real "Ah Khoon" (I hope so) with a shop for himself situated along Telok Ayer Street opposite China Sqaure Food Court. Monday to Friday 7am-7pm. Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday 9am-5pm.. - Shirlene Soon
    • Toasted bread at K food court opposite Haw Par Villa
      They still use the brown soft bread (those we ate before Gardenia & Sunshine came into the picture with their "Chorleywood" recipe), toasted on charcoal fire to a fine crispy crunch, generously smeared with kaya and a thin layer of butter added in which slowly melts from the freshly toasted hot bread slices. The butter literally melts in your mouth - plain guilty stuff but so fantastically tantalising! 2 slices for $1. PS: Another difference from other toast bread stores at coffeeshops - they sell at night only and you MUST wait. - Xuess!
    • 1) Want to try perfect toast Roti (bread)? Those who remembers the "Ya-Kun" stall at the former Transit Market along Shenton Way can take heart - the stall has open its own shop at China Street, near China Square. There you will find the finest charcoal toasted roti slice ever ($1.40 for 2 slices) - thin brown traditional bread slices, toasted crispy and then smeared with kaya and a slab of cold butter. One must eat it quick - the feeling of cold butter melting over hot bread in your mouth is a sensation beyond words. (Health freaks may stay away) Top it up with half-boiled eggs (50cts each) and kopi and you'll have a fantastic meal/snack! Best in Singapore!?!
      2) Another stall at Pasir Panjang Food Court sells the same thing, though just a tad paler in taste (though still pretty good!). The 24-hrs Food Court is opposite Haw Par Villa.
      3) See the queue along Kiliney Road (next to the Comcentres)? Big Mercedes are parking for the taste of wonderful french toasts (bread fried with egg & sugar). That's the specialty of the house! Be prepare to wait. (Again not recommended for health freaks) Also selling half-boiled eggs and toast bread, but the french toasts calls the shots here! - Xuess!
    • The basic Kaya toast has caught the attention of Singaporeans who savour typical heartland delicacies. A new coffee place locate at the corner of Upper Circular Road and New Bridge Road, aptly called Circular Corner is serving this egg custard jam delight everyday except on Sundays. Only recently, has this writer discovered that Kaya was an innovation created by the Chinese Hainanese who settled in the South East Asian Straits during the British colonial times. To fully appreciate this simple delight, one should order a few slices of Circular Corner's Kaya Toast as a sit in item. Only then, will one be able to enjoy the taste and aroma of fresh kaya, melting butter, on a warm and crispy slice of bread. The in-house made beverages are perfect complements to wash down the toast. With typical Hainanese culinary innovations still at work. Worth a try are the coffee with Milo, and coffee with horlicks. The drinks might sound simple but will definitely tickle the taste buds. This coffee place also serves daily specials like nasi-lemak, mee siam and longtong. Check it out. - Gregory Cheong
    • The stall run by the elderly Hainanese couple at Blanco Court serves the best homemade "kaya". - Chng Nai Rui
      update: A friend of mine met the Hainanese couple a few months ago. He was told that they have retired and have no intention to operate a new stall. - someone (3 June 99) Regards.
    • I know theres one stall at "Bedok Market Place" sells kaya, is somewhere walking distance from Tanah Merah MRT station. - Linda Wai
    • there's a great stall selling fresh man-made kaya toast. It's located along the shophouses behind somerset mrt station. One jar of their famous kaya for $5...and the bread are also traditionally handmade....generous filling of butter, and it's cheap too. There are homemade barley water too. Working classes are seen after 5pm...good place to chill out though there's no aircon.For those who never thought that they will like kaya, must give it a try(from own experience) - TCY (jun 99)
  • Transit Food Centre (ex)
    • Most of the hawker, especially the good one like the famous Teochew Porridge, the Shenton Laksa, the famous Chay Kway Keow, a couple of the Coffee staff all moved into the Amoy Street Market. - Clariel
    • Teo Heng Teochew Porridge went to Telok Ayer Food Centre. So did Ah Seng's coffee stall (remember the crispy kaya roti) and Shenton Laksa. Ah Koon coffee/crispy roti has gone to Far East Square. The teochew noodle (famous fish ball) has moved to Lau Pa Sat. - oh CW Roger (jun 99)
  • Turtle Soup
    • Best one is undoubtedly Tai Seng Turtle Soup. Nice quiet place with great food and service at Lorong Tai Seng off Upper Paya Lebar Road. Don't worry, their turtles are not from the wild and not endangered, otherwise I won't eat them. - Angela Khoo
    • Good turtle soup can be found at Siong Lee's East Coast Road and Lor.35 Geylang corner coffee shop. Goes well with Yam Rice. - Ng Tian Khean
    • Macpherson and the Paya Lebar Road area have some restaurants selling really delicious turtle soup. One place is at Lorong Tai Seng, situated off Paya Lebar Road. About 50m from the junction is this turtle soup restaurant whichis like your everyday kopi tiam. The turtle meat is served tender and juicy,, and the soup has just sufficient herbs in it. I noted from a visit there that it's popular. Many people drive there for a quick bite. The other joint is close to the Macpherson hawker centre. It's an air-con turtle soup restaurant. You have to sit elbow-to-elbow as seating is tight as the place is very, very popular. Didn't catch the name, the last time I was there. Turtle soup starts at about $7 for a small bowl and goes up. Good soup. Worth the price. - collin fernandez
    • Jalan Sultan Centre (Beach Road at Jalan Sultan): New food court on second level is air-conditioned. There is one Turtle Stall which produces soup which is flavourful and ingredient-packed. While some stalls boil the turtle meat too long in the soup, this one retains much of the natural flavour and cooks it just right --- tender and juicy. - Toby Kwan
    • Personally, I don't like the Tai Seng stall. Must try the stall at Hong Lim Complex. Sold by a middle-aged couple. The soup shiok. Served with plain or yam rice. - Angelina (May'99)
    • for those who truly relish turtle soup, head down to this well-kept secret called Ocean King's House of Turtle Specialities at 62 South Bridge Road (across from Boat Quay). Park in the Hong Kong street car park and walk the 10 metres round the junction bend.
      Must try the turtle steamboat, turtle curry, turtle claypot or you will regret it badly. If you are friendly with the boss Ah Guan, (a very unassuming chap) he will let you toast with a special turtle liqueur. He doesn't use any artificial flavouring but herbs, salt and sugar, and the family has been in the business for about 30 years. As he rears his own freshwater (non-endangered)turtles, my conscience was pacified. The local folk will start hanging outside his restaurant from about 4.30pm each day, so please don't crowd over because I like to hang out there as well?
      Unbelievable - try his turtle bak kwa - only one in the world! - Felix Lee
      Update: Hi, just to let you know that "Ocean King turtle soup" shop is not there anymore. Have tried the one at Geylang Lor 19 and it's really yummy. But i waited 30 mins before i got a seat. maybe lunchtime.
  • Vegetarian
    see the vegetarian page
  • Wah kueh
    • There's one here at block 163 Bukit Merah Central, #02-52. There's also a fish soup/seafood soup with yam/white rice with queue here ... just at the opposite roll (corner one) bowl colour is Green Soup Bowl with Red rice bowl. - Dorothy Cheung
    • Saw one in old 51 Airport Road. White and yellow pumpkin versions available. There used to be one in old ABC market, but not sure where it has gone. - Wendy Tan

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