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Are there so few good vegetarian makan in Singapore? Please send in your recommendations!

  • After 12
    • Boon Lay Place kpoi tiam
      yong tau foo, century egg porridge, rojak, fried noodles/kway teoh/rice etc. Suggest u ask for less oil when they cook. - ahb
    • There is one vegetarian stall at Boon Lay Shopping centre.(24 hours) - Quek Theng Theng
    • 24 hour Vegetarian Stall
      Ang Mo Kio St 61. Famous for its Dried Fishball Noodles. Only $2.50. Serves also Laksa, Mee Rebus, Kuay Chup. Good for late night supper. - Tracy
  • Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
    There is another vegetarian stall that I visited quite recently. It is located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Blk 628 #01-27 S(560628), Foy Yin Vegetarian Food. The duck rice is rather different from the other vegetarian stalls. Instead of using mock duck, they use mushroom head.I love it very much because it is too delicious ! There is also another special dish which is only served on Thursday. This dish is called "Lei Cha" . It is a "Har Ka " dish which comprises of 5 different ingredients in a big bowl. It is also acompanied with a bowl of soup which tastes rather special. My friend told me that this dish brings back the memories while he was in Taiwan.So go and try it if you like Taiwan food ! Other dishes include: vinegar pork leg, clay pot hor fan, prawn noodles, hokkien mee.....etc Prices :$3.00 onwards. - Wong ShyanChing (2002)
  • Bee Hoon - Pasir Ris Drive 6
    Here is a suggestion to add on to the Hall of Fame especially for vegetarians, I try the Beehoon at a coffee shop near McDonald`s ,the only 24hr coffee shop,(Blk 443 Pasir Ris drive 6) i always have to queue up very long to try the beehoon,it is nice and cheap.Good for a healthy food and money worth. - Raymond NKS (dec 2000)
  • Buffet
    • Kaoyi Vegetarian Restaurant at 195 Lavender Street, #01-03/16.
      Serves local and chinese vegetarian food. Buffet normal day (lunch and dinner) S$11.00 adult and S$5.50 children. Sunday and Public holiday S$12.00 adult and S$6.00 for children. About 20+ dishes. Also serve special --- Monkey-head mushroom. Worth trying. - Teo Keng Guan
  • Bugis Street
    there's one next to Allson hotel (an open air food centre) the vegetarian food is good. if you try the rice with a few dishes, i recommend the salad prawns and sambal kangkong (this dish is very spicy, even non-vegetarians praise the good chillies) and crab with egg toufu... they are pretty cheap too. For e.g. these three dishes plus 2 bowl of rice, it cost less then $20. where as restaurants will fetch up to $30. The only thing is that as its open air, either it gets too hot in the day or rains... suggest to try it for dinner when the weather is fine. - Calin Chua
  • Circuit Road Hawker Centre(or most vegetarians called it Aljunied)
    2 hawker centres by a monsoon drain. The place offers many hawker stalls selling many types of veggie food. There are (all vegetarian) chicken rice, niang dou fu, roti prata, satay, rojak, herb soups, laksa, carrot cake, popiah, mixed veggie rice, all types of stirfries like hor-fun, yee-mee, hokkien mee, etc., and many other goodies. Prices are cheap & the food are shiok! Some stalls open till pass midnight. Evening time usually very crowded & parking may be a little difficult. - Shamus Choy (dec 2000)
  • Fortune Centre
    Next to Guan Yin Temple. Lots of Vegetarian stalls in there, good place to venture about. Not pricey at all. Even sells vegetarian ingredients if you want to cook. - Tracy
  • Greenland Vegetarian
    Opposite Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre
    Upper Serangoon Road, Peng Nam Centre (map)
    Recommend Dish : Mokeup Roast Goose, Banana Flovour Spring Rolls, Veg Sharp Fin Soup. where I taste best.... Barry Soon (26 Nov 2004)
  • Hawker/Coffeshop
    • I would like to contribute another vegetarian food place. It's at Golden Mile Food Centre, opposite Golden Mile Complex, Beach Road, #01-63/64. It serves things like Ou Jian (fried oysters), mee goreng, black guotiao, carrot cake, sweet n sour fish, and many other goodies which I never seen or heard b4 in vegetarian food. My parents are vegetarians and so I brought them to eat there. The only complaint is that the place is quite warm. - Jasmine
    • there's good vegetarian fried bee blk 85, bedok north, with yellow from7 am to around 10:30 am. 1 Jun, 1997 - sing chor ngee
    • cheap & pretty good, jurong east hawker center, i think it's called "ba xian" -- the eight dieties, or something like that. - clement leong
    • I have some information on a vegetarian stall at:-
      1. Dover Food Centre
      2. Next to ACS, opposite FairField Sec. School
      3. It is just a normal mee hoon, kuay teow and mee type. But the "tao kee" is very crispy and delicious with additional dish of "tao hu" will be fabulous.
      4. I think it closes on Tuesday and will open from 7:30pm to about 3pm (I guess). - Adrian (a non-vegetarian, but a vegetarian eater)
  • Indian Vegetarian
    • There is a Indian Food Restaurant called Maharaja Orchard in Orchard Rd(near Centre Pt.).
      Its address is 39 Cuppage terrace, Orchard Rd, Singapore. Phone no: 6732 6331.
      So Get down at Somerset MRT station and reach Centre Point and ask for Cuppage Terrace. Its 5 minute walk from Centre Point. It serves good indian vegetarian food along with non-veg food also. Prices are at the higher end. - Pravesh Kumar TEJAN (nov 2004)
    • There is this Indian vegetarian restaurant at Excelsior Shopping Centre 2nd level calle Annalakshmi. The food is so delicious but a wee bit high priced. Definitely worth as u get such good service and delicious food. The drinks like mango lassi is yummy. They have North Indian foods like naans and rotis as well as South Indian spreads like Thosai etc. I think they are not open on Mondays. A must try. - Rathi (Sept 2001)
    • Komala Vilas - 76 Serangoon Road. This is a very popular eat-with-your-hand place. - Thian
    • Madras New Woodlands Restaurant along Upper Dickson Road, in little India, just off Upper Serangoon Road. It serves vegetarian food like dhosai, wade, purri. My favourites are the bhattura (which looks like a giant fluffed up pancake) and the rawal onion dhosai. The items are all prepared fresh and I feel are real value for money. Its a lot less crowded and touristy than the famous Komala Vilas restaurant. - Kerwin
    • Bombay Woodlands Restaurant - 19, Tanglin Road #B1-01, Tanglin Shopping Centre Singapore 247909
      This restaurant is the only Indian veg. restaurant in the Orchard Road area and serves the finest of Indian veg. dishes. They serve a daily buffet lunch which is very interesting. Friendly staff and reasonable price. Opens daily 9am to 10pm - ASHOK S PRASAD
    • There is a very good Indian vegetarian restaurant in Tanglin Shopping Centre called Bombay Woodlands Restaurant which serves very good North Indian & South Indian food at reasonable costs. They also have a ALL YOU CAN EAT Buffet lunch daily at only $9.90+. They have 3 associated restaurants in London and Bombay. The address is : 19, Tanglin Road #B1-01/02, Tanglin Shopping Centre (Next to Orchard Parade Hotel) Singapore 247909 Tel: 235 2712 - prasad (Jun 99)
  • Jalan Besar Vegetarian Stalls
    Near Kitchener St, sells Yong Tau Foo, Laksa, Noodles, Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Zhi Cha, etc. In the evening, Teochew Porridge, zhi cha and lots of restaurant like foods. Used to have a prata stall, think it's closed now. Price is reasonable like any other hawker prices. - Tracy
  • Joo Chiat Rd and Chinatown
    Lu Qing Qing vegetarian restaurant. Serves good porridge and home-made noodles. Chinatown branch is slighty pricier than Joo Chiat as it has better ambient and very well decorated, it also serves dim sum. Nice and unique food. Their chicken rice is suberb! Price is about $5/$6 onwards. Very well-recommended. - Tracy
  • Marina Square
    Wow, the main Marina food court has moved to the fourth level after Marina Centre's upgrading, and the whole area is now pretty fantastic. The food court faces the Eslpanade and the Bay, giving customers a pleasant view. The vegetarian stall holds the widest variety of dishes I've come across. You can order a few dishes with the rice or bee hoon. They also offer brown rice for the health conscious. In addition there are also set meals. My personal favourite is the pork ribs rice, along with additional vegetarian dishes. Prices are very, extremely reasonable. Just like food court prices. I strongly recommend this place. Its just to the right of the escalators going up to the food court. Be sure to sit towards the left of the food court to get a great view of the Bay. You can even sit outside, on the balcony area. - Prabhjit
  • Original Sin by Michealangilo's at Holland Village
    A medditerranian vegetarian restaurant. Located behind the carpark at Holland V (opposite KFC). The restaurant offers very interesting veggie food from salads to rice to pasta to dessert. If you like medditerranian food, you would love this. Prices are a little steep, but worth patronising as food is great and ambience is fantastic in the evening.- Shamus Choy (dec 2000)
  • Restaurants
    • Since You asked for good veggie food..... I can recommend this place to you: It's Dong Nan Ya Vegetarian Restaurant (or South East Asia Vegetarian Restaurant for the recalcitrants). Fantastic Food.....must try the vegetarian hor-fun (yummy!) and not to mention the vegetarian goose! It's one of the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore! The price is a little steep, but hey, it's worth it! And don't ever try going there on the first and fifteenth of every lunar month, cos' it's packed!!! It's at Waterloo Street, next to the Guan Yin Temple of which the street is famous for. - XUESS!
    • 1. Sie Mah Lou, beside the Kwan Yin Temple, also beside Skyline building
      2. Fu Lu Shou complex. Somewhere 4th floor. Went there once about 2-3 years ago. The luch was buffet style. Karaoke lunch. No singing, only watching of KTV.
      3. Marine Parade Central, near Republic cineplex. Not restaurant but vegetarian supermart.
      4. Pearl centre (or building beside, inter-connected), 2nd floor or 3rd floor. Near the food court. - Condor
    • Lao Di Fang Bubble Tea Vegetarian Restaurant is one of my favorite hunt. It serves different types of food from western to eastern. Their western cuisine comes in a set, i.e. with mushroom soup, salad, main course and a dessert (green tea jelly). If you find this set meal is a bit heavy, you can have a separate order for the set except the main course. Their eastern cuisine is all rice. Each set comes with soup too.
      If you just prefer snacks, they do have different varieties as well. Ranging from sandwiches, carrot cakes to sushi. The drinks that this restaurant offers are bubble tea. Now they even have coffee for those customers who don't fancy tea. Personally, I think choosing the drink is a lot more difficult than deciding what to eat. The reason is that there are so many types of bubble tea!!!
      Sounds delicious rite? Well?you can come to 30 Merchant Road Riverside Point #01-03 (Tel: 538 0610 / 538 0617) to try the food. You can either chose to be seated inside the restaurant or the outside where you can have the river view. It's very romantic at night. If you think this is a bit far, you may try the other 2 branches. They are namely located at Far East Square and Causeway Point (3rd storey, next to Popular Bookstore). However the latter will only be opened mid of December.
    • One economical place to have a vegetarian meal is at Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant (Pte) Ltd. It also has three different locations.
      1. Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-27; tel: 298 2506;
      2. 60 Albert Street Albert Complex #03-23; tel: 338 2947; and
      3. Blk 190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #02-516; tel: 354 2526.
      Every afternoon and evening they serve buffet. So you can eat as much as you can at only $13. If you don't like buffet, you can have Alaska. Reasonable prices too. While having your meals you can enjoy the MTV being played on the TV sets. If I did not remember wrongly, the Albert Complex branch allows the singing of karaoke.
    • Ground Court is located at 321 Orchard Road Orchard Shopping Centre (somewhere near Specialist Shopping Centre) #05-01, telephone numbers are 235 2102.
      Grand Court only offers buffet lunch. It is at $12 per head (weekdays only). They charged at a different rate on weekends. They have quite a variety for their buffet lunch. Rice, noodles, curry, all sorts of dishes and even kway. Lastly not forgetting the deserts. Chinese tea is a compliment with the buffet lunch. If you would like other drinks, there will be a surcharge. However, you may also take the cold drink available on the buffet table.
      One additional advantage it has is that it is the 1st vegetarian restaurant that has a Halal certificate. So Malays who wants to try Chinese food are always welcomed to this restaurant.
    • Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant Pte Ltd is another place which serves great food. But it doesn't offer buffet. It has quite a number of dishes. The prices are also very affordable. A normal plate of fried rice or noodles only cost about $3 ~ $4. The same price as any hawker food!
      This restaurant is located at Coronation Shopping Plaza #03-01 / 02. You can give them a call at 467 1331.
    • Lastly maybe give a recommendation of simple food. Its name is Ci Hang Western & Chinese Vegetarian Food. This particular place also offers Western food. But I find Lao Di Fang offers a better one. Other than western food, they also offer other food like nasi brani and other fast food. Actually it got not a bad location for it is located near a MRT station. If I am not wrong, it should be Aljunied MRT station. Its extract location is 72 Lorong 25A Geylang. If you want to confirm which train station they are next to, can give them a call at 747 1229. - Hui Peng
    • Try the one at Sin Ming Blk 24 called Ru Yi Restaurant. It is in a coffee shop & serves very good food at very reasonable price. Eg breakfast, mee rebus, yong tao foo, sliced fish noodles, even fried oyster omelette, etc and at the evening Steamboat. Good for 'chu char' (order to cook). Run by very friendly people who are also vegetarians themselves. - Estee (Jun 99)
  • Organic Vegetarian Food
    • Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food.
      Vegetarian food for people on a healthier diet. Though not much variety on the menu, its taste is just as delicious as any normal food, yet not too oily nor salty. Located at 8 Smith Street in Chinatown, it usually serves brown rice with organic cooked vegetables, plus desserts and snacks. The menu for each day is created by the owner Mdm Wong and her husband, usually different everyday. She would test and create new recipes for more choices. Price is very reasonable, less than $10 for a set meal. Very friendly boss and service. Recommended for good healthy being. - Tracy
  • Shall Towers
    • the vegetarian food stalls at Shaw towers and S11 food court at tampines serves good food too! - Meanie
  • Other Vegetarian Food
    • Mooncake
      Just discovered a vegetarian restaurant along Kitchener Rd selling vegetarian mooncake. I think its no.147 and the name is Fut Sai Gai - Buddha World. They have the whole range of stuff, lotus seed mooncake, piglet, tau sar mooncake etc, Give it try! - Bernard Yang
    • Nice and tasty vegetarian food at Suntec City, Sky Garden. The restaurant name is "Kingdom" and it serves from all-favorite duck rice to western grill to Taiwanese noodle. Cost is comparable to food court prices. - Skippyjam
  • Tropical Hut at NTUC Lifestyle World Resort
    I came across this new age vegetarian stall called Tropical Hut at NTUC Lifestyle World Resort during my stay. The food there is very fresh and only cook or fried upon order. The fried fish rice is extremely fantastic. The fish so crispy and gravy on the rice is my favourite. This stall is so different from those vegetarian stalls outside. Must try !!!! - Ah Khoon(Oct 2003)
  • Western Vegetarian
    • T.G.I.Fridays has excellant Gardenburger. The patty (yes, patty) is made of some fibrous thingey, maybe some corn and stuff, its great, reminds me of the days I ate meat. (wasn't born a vegetarian y'know) - Wai Keong

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