Mutton Soup with Herbs-keeps you warm on a cold day

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pictures from left: The shop front showing a Northern Chinese cook, Leg tendons being prepared, all ready for eating                                                          

Just opposite our Scissors Curry Rice stall, on the other side of Kitchener Rd, is a Mutton Soup stall, that is quite unusual. The Chinese seldom eat mutton (except in Northern China, where the influence of Mongol and Muslim communities is stronger). But this supposedly Teochew soup, is taken as a tonic. Many medicinal herbs are used in its preparation, and fresh slivers of ginger, as well as lots of coriander leaves are used as garnish. Its quite an oily dish, but is supposed to be good for weak, anaemic people. To a true gourmet, who fears not the occasional fat, the pieces of meat with a lining of fat is delicious. And so are the tendons from the feet of the goat (see center picture). For $3.00, you can have a bowl of the fragrant soup, eaten with rice. This stall does good business when its raining, and the weather is cool. Then you can see many taxi drivers parked alongside, having a bowl of mutton soup to keep them warm


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