Makan Time in Singapore


Kha Mu - pork hocks with galangal

This is a popular "snack", but it can form a course in Thai style
dinner. It could be made from any fairly fatty cut of pork, but is
normally made from the hocks and shanks of pork.


2 pounds of pork hock

4-5 tablepoons of chopped garlic
4-5 tablespoons of kha (galangal), julienned
4-5 tablespoons rak phak chi (the stems and roots of coriander/cilantro,
sweet soy sauce (see method)
1-2 tablespoons of palm sugar
light soy sauce to taste
2-3 pieces of star anise


Cut the hocks into chunks the size of a small fist.

Grill or barbeque or braise them to seal the meat and crisp the

Finely chop the garlic, galangal, and other ingredients (except the star
anise and soy sauces) in a mortar and pestle or food processor, so they
are easily integrated into the gravy.

Put the other ingredients in a large pot, add the pork, then add enough
pork stock to cover the meat, and then add enough dark soy to produce a
rich coloration.

Bring to a boil, and boil for 15 minutes, then reduce the heat to a
light simmer, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes.

Taste and add sugar or light soy to adjust the flavor. Continue to
simmer until the meat is tender enough to fall apart when probed with a
chop stick (about 45 minutes). Add additional stock if the pot begins to
dry out, but allow the sauce to reduce to a thickish gravy. Stir
occasionally to prevent sticking.

Transfer to a large serving dish and serve with rice (warn the unwary
not to eat the star anise!)

Note: the pot should be large enough that when the ingredients and stock
are assembled at the start of boiling the pot is about half full to
prevent it boiling over.

Special thanks to - Muoi Khuntilanont.