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Lek Tau Suan with You Char Kway

This is my eldest brother's favourite ... mom makes it rather often. It reminds me of the many hawkers that came to our village together with the Chinese Operas .. there's always a stall that served Cheng T'ng(ngow be T'ng in my dialect), Ang Tau T'ng and Lek Tau Suan.

Lek Tau Suan


Split green bean (mung beans.  Without the green skin, it's actually yellow)

sweet potato flour


pandan leaves


Soak split beans for an hour or so, steam till cooked.

Score and tie pandan leaves into a knot put in a pot with water, add sugar and 

bring to boil. Removed pandan.

Mix sweet potato flour with water, stir and add too boiling liquid to thicken.

Add split beans and stir in ... done!

Serve with You Char Kway 

You Char Kway


500g flour

1 egg

a little margarine

some yeast

pinch of salt



Dissolve yeast in glass of water.

Mix flour with margarine, add egg, salt and yeast. Kead well, add water if dought 

is too hard and add flour if wet.  Cover dough with damp cloth.

Sprinkle flour on rolling board and flatten the dough. Cut into strips. Wet the centre 

of one with a wet chopstick, place another strip over and press with a dry chopstick 

so the two stick together.

Pull to lengthen and deep fry in hot oil.


Mom never makes You Char Kway, in fact I don't think it's ever made at home!  

This recipe I found somewhere ...

Source - Thian's Mom
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