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kopitiam Food is not the only thing that make a place special ... Know of a place somewhat different with a great interior ? exceptional service ? breathtaking view? or simply nostalgic like a good old kopi tiam, please let us know.

  • Where High commission officers & minsters eat!
    introduce one of the teochew dish you might left out.
    Quan le yan seafood, 721 havelock road Tel: 2734960
    Opening hours:5.30pm-12.00am (closed on tuesday)
    Speciality: teochew style steam fish, duck, prawn rolls etc Full house on saturday & sunday
    Happy dinning! - S Tan (dec 2000)
  • Good Old Days!
    I found this bakery tucked away along East Coast Road. Although a tad bit run down but it has the right ambience. Brings back the memories of the good old days. the bakery is manned by an elderly couple and they even make thier own bread and cakes. very very very delactable. i have never had such nice home amde tao sah buns in EONS. I am trilled at this little find. And I hope that all those who would like nostalgia would go and give this find a try. Have fun. - jaime (april 2000)

  • Dine by the Seaside!
    Dine by the seaside! Shore Restaurant, from hawker stalls food (fried noddles) to "ala carte" ...or even western food (but i haven't tried it out yet). price is reasonable. and if you go during evening, you can admire the sun set cum plane landing at changi!!! add:south changi restaurant yachtsman tavern, safra resorts sea sports centre, 10 changi coast walk. - koesen (jun 99)
  • Eggscellent service and atmosphere----even for students.
    Well i felt like i just have to tell you good people at makan time about this cosy little place at sixth avenue---Omar Shariff restaurant.(next to the very excellent cold storage gourmet ).A few girlfriends and I were out one saturday evening----tired and hungry and in need of a good place for grub.We had gone back to school thus were togged out in our school uniforms.(This later turned out to be a blessin in disguise).so anyway, somehow we ended up at Omar Shariff's and i gotta tell you, the evening turned out to be one of the best i've had with my friends.The service was superb and i mean really really superb.(we've had some very unpleasant incidents when we dine in our Uniforms---very condesending service at N.y.D.C holland).The atmosphere was charming and cosy.(romantic for couples with candlelights but not applicable here)--thus, we were already having a good time before the food came.The food did not dissapoint----yummy North Indian cuisine and very generous portions ( I had a mutton curry from the set menu for students and it contained four large chunks of meat).the mint chutney that came with the popodams was a crowd pleaser. I guess what really impressed us was the fact that the pple there were so flexible and accomadating.yeah, thats about it.You guys just GOTTA go check it out for yourselves.( the ala carte menu is about 12 bucks per dish, for students, you'll most prolly get a discount or soemthing) - Ho You Kong
  • Quiet after work drinks
    There's a Wine Bar at Club Street called CLIPS that sells wine at a exceptionally good rate. The price ranges from S$38 for a reasonable good wine. Some other wine bars I've visit are selling the same wine at also double the price. This place is good for a together, not packed, tucked away but yet near the city area, with quiet & nice ambience. Also serves dinner and light snacks. It's off Cross Street (Chinatown) diagonally opposite China Square. Near Shenton Way area, good for quiet after work drinks. Beer is selling at about S$16 per jug. - Clariel
  • Zephyr, The Lifestyle Cafe
    It's definitely a breather from all the other American cafes. It's very much European style. Calm and soothing. They uses delicate english cutlery. Food is above average. Service is unobstructive and warm. Their speciality is the floral tea...something very light and aromatic ... Deco is tastefully done up. Oh! and they have plently of magazines...... It's a very new and young cafe ... i just hope that it survives and would not fade away like some of the best cafes in S'opre. - Ningshi
  • Romantic Wine Bar
    the wine bar called Le Chateau is so romantic. Good wine, good music. But quite Xpensive. - BS
  • A nice and cosy place for ribs
    Bobby Rubino's at Chijmes - #B1 Fountain Court
    A nice and cosy place to have steak especially their ribs; other dishes are great too. Their service excellent and waiter/ress are friendly too. Ambience suitable for couple, whole family and gatherings too. Served both indoor and outdoor; and a bar counter for you to enjoy the finest wine. A little bit pricey, but worth it. Usually crowded over the weekends. Go On, Try It ! - TSY
  • Nice Setting - Oscar's at Corad International Hotel
    It 's a caf?and a restaurant they have a really nice setting ... on the inside .. would be a very western style restaurant and on the outside a caf?more like an outdoor lounge. I love to go with a group ... or just a nice girl ... Open 24hrs aday a very nice ... pleasant .. place .. and i love their baileys cappuccino. Great for those who have problems with their sleep.
  • For Karaoke lovers
    Heard of the new karaoke at World Trade Centre? Facing Sentosa with a great no obstruction sea view & just located above Mcdonald on the 2 nd level of Harbour Promenade. Cosy with traditional Chinese teahouse interior decor, comfortable place for gathering with friendly service . Great varities of cold bubble tea & most of all the ambience is soothing especially the warm welcome greeted by the bosses. For a different pub 0r karaoke environment do try at Seaview Promenade. You are sure to love it... - MK
  • Tea House
    I know of a tea house which is rather cozy and relax to have gathering with friends , is this consider a good recommendation ? I like the environment and the atmosphere and I think its a great place to meet clients or friends for gathering. - tayshome
    Tete-A-Tete Tea Leisure
  • For the art-inclined - Great lil cafe at the Substation,Armenian Walk. For all u art-inclined ppl out ther. They play the best ethnic music since the Cubans left town ,the waiters are all most 2 eager 2 serve u & the best tastin' food in S'pore. Dishes come in jus' the rite proportions & jus ' the rite prices. 2 things>> It ain't open on mondays& the alchohol's a tad 'spensive. Enjoy, cuz i sure did!! - Luise Sanderson
  • For a football fanatic,-- like me, I think that Webley's Steak Restaurant will be a great place to dine. The prices are not too bad and the atmosphere is great ! They offer good service and there's a good variety of food. You should try going there. - pushpa
  • Special place to dine
    La Cascade at Ann Siang hill. It's a bar on the first floor, may look a bit dark/sleezy but the restaurant on the 2nd floor is perfect for small gatherings or just for a couple. Ambience is set like a home, the cutlery used are beautiful, service is A1 standard!!! And the food is very very very good. French cuisine and better than Salut at Tnajong Pagar. May be a bit pricey but it is worth every cent. Don't forget to visit the toilet before you go home. - Clarissa Teo
  • Not pricy and a good place to relax
    I will also like to mention that 'Angelo' at Chimje situated opposite Sogo Raffles has nice foods and drinks. Their pizzas, Iced Mocha with vanilla ice cream, Orange Peckon tea were not bad. Nice ambience as oil light? or lamp? were placed on each table. Not pricy and a good place to relax. Hope you can pin this up. Bye! - Lim Kwee Meng
  • Great ambience
    Just wanted to let you know that there's a Pennsylvannia Country Oven Restaurant at Stamford House that has great ambience, lovely comfortable sofa chairs with dim yellow lights... great desserts - amazing appie or blueberry pie a la mode, blueberry crumble cake, muffins (especially the cappucino ones) and brownies.. they bake their own desserts.. A great slice of pie with coffee (refillable) and a special friend to share with.. mmmm.... - Karen Lim
  • Nostalgic Restaurant
    The name of the restaurant is My Mum's Cusine. Wonder if you had heard of it. It is located in Holland Village (Lorong Liput). Store interior is very oriented like - the chairs and tables and even all the decor. The bowls and plates, etc. used are the olden type. The ones that my parents used to use when they were young. Check out this place. The food is great too at reasonable prices. Service - not that fantastic but can pass. - Emily Chan
    February 99 update - I am refering to the Somewhat Special section by Emily Chan. To avoid disppointment, just to inform you that My Mum Cusine is closed at Holland Village but has a branch at Paragon, Orchard. - Jasmine Koh
  • Nice place to chat
    There is one cafe opposite Riverside where there is a food court. The name of the cafe is known as Rainforest. A small yet nice place to chat. Looks a bit like bar place outside the food court. Chesse cake is nice - Angela Ng
  • Laidback and cosy
    The cafe behind the Substation - Fat Frog Restaurant (address: 45 Armenian Street ) A extremely cosy environment for coffee and beer.
    The curry chicken is a must - full of home cook flavour and a very generous portion of chicken in mouth watering currey gravey for less than $10-00.The ox-tail stew with rice is also worth trying.
    Order a cup of freshly brewed cappuccino after meal and sit in the laidback environment that is cosy and relexing will unwind a days hard work. - P H CHANG
  • Romantic with great deco
    Salut Wine & Bar at tanjong pagar, oppo Duxton Hill. Great Deco, Very French, really romantic and good service.It serves Italian-French border cuisine. Food is great too. Can rival Prego. Prices are similar to Prego. Try it. You'll love the place. 1 Jun, 1997 - Shan
  • Tropical and fresh
    If you're into deck chairs overlooking a wide expanse of green while the rain drizzles lightly, go to the Polo Club near Thomson Road. Great place for snacking and chatting. The smell of the freshly cut grass and dew is heavenly. - Sue
  • Very Romantic
    Atrium Lounge at Marina Mandrin. The music is good and the atmosphere is excellent. Very romantic too if the companion is right ! - Teck Hoe
  • Dream!
    Save your seven bucks - bring your own orange juice, sit by the Singapore River with your friends and dream! - Thian.
  • Old time sake
    Long Bar , Raffles Hotel - just for the fun of throwing peanut shells all over the place. - Thian
  • Grandmother's cooking
    Authentic Teochew Porridge-Along Seah Street (Bugis area)...the food reminds me of my late grandmother's cooking: salted vegetable, dou pock, lou (dark sauce eggs and pig's intestines). - Tay Cheng Kim
  • Happy Days
    Billy Bomber's (Bugis area) - Big authentic American burgers. Interesting interior deco-very much like the "Happy Days" sitcom. - Tay Cheng Kim
  • Big huge sandwiches!
    Seah Street Deli (Bugis area) - Tay Cheng Kim
  • Sultan of Johore's favourite
    Malay Rice Arab style - junction of North Bridege Rd. and Kandahar St. Nasi Pariaman- can't describe but you sometimes can see the Sultan of Johore's limousines buying - Ng Tian Khean
  • Full of things which you think you never see them again
    Here's something "SPECIAL" ... there's this place at Holland Village called My Mum's Cuisine which is just a few doors away from the SEVEN-11 that look somewhat like the kopi-tiam where I used to have my lunch at during my childhood days. The food's not that great (though not very expensive ~ $4 to $5 per dish) BUT the decor is really something - full of things which you think you never see them again since your childhood; GREEN SPOT orange drink posters, marble-top kopi-tiam tables and chairs, old kitchen utensils...etc. The only thing missing is the spitoon under the table! - LOU
    More about "My Mum's Cuisine" - it's sort of a restaurant - but more like a kopi tiam with air con. But it's definitely not big enough for you to sit there to soak in the atmosphere without ordering any food and not get spotted by the very politeand enthusiastic lady boss! HA! unless your skin's really thick! (just joking) - LOU
  • Great place to chat
    Past by Olio Dome near Victoria Street(Former St. Joseph Institution) and went for a sandwich and coffee. Great atmosphere, well decorated and good service. Resonable price for a mid-noon break with friendly staff serving me. Great if you intend to chat instead of shopping!!!!!! - Jensen

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