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A t last! A special page for all the in between meals favourites ... recommend only the best please!! That's what we are after:-)

  • Banana Cake at Bugis Village
    have to pop in and drop off a note about banana cake discovered at Bugis Village, from a stall called Pancrisps.
    They're consistently silky and moist, not dry like some badly-baked cakes are. Key to the whole comforting aspect of banana cake is in its texture... that wet "bite" when you eat one, like it's almost slightly bursting in your mouth. And then there's that aroma of burnt sugar and banana, without any of that artificial vanilla or banana flavoring some cakes hit you in the face with. Also no heavy butter/margarine flavor, and not overly sweet. In fact, that's part of the danger. It goes down WAY too easy. Sounds odd to wax lyrical about something as common and indistinct as banana cake, cos it's something that we (or at least I) don't normally pay much attention to. If it's there, I'll eat it, period. Until I ate this. Maybe it's a misfortune but now I pay attention when I eat banana cakes. Friend bought a few squares (they cut them in cute cubic slices, each topped with a tiny decorative slice of banana that's caramelized from the baking, and they were demolished in seconds.
    I've gone back to get more a few times, and the last time I did, I simply bought a whole cake (8 pieces). I suppose they might not taste too good sitting around a coupla days, but I never found out cos it was gone the next noon.
    Plus, they cost $1 a piece, so I can't even convince myself it's inconvenient to travel all the way there. - Candice Chen
  • Cheesecake and Chocolate Cake
    • The BEST most YUMMALICIOUS CHOCOLATELICIOUS Warm CHOCOLATE Cakes are found at Bakers Inn at Millenia Walk next to Blue Elephant facing Suntec City. It's served with a scope of vanilla ice-cream & the warm chocolate oozes out of the cake when you eat it........... Yummy! They serve a sinful cheesecake too.
      The other place with fantastic chocolate cake is at sixth avenue, ORIES Cheesecake restaurant next to Brazilian restaurant. Their warm chocolate fudge cake is yummalicious & if you're the "full" cheesecake fan, try their ORIES cheesecake it's a REAL 100% cheesy cake. Though I felt there was not enough ORIES on it. They serve very tasty pies too. Enjoy! - Breyl Yeo (oct 2002)
    • miki ojisan no mise cheesecake - This is the shop at Paragon Sogo which used to have a long queue waiting to buy its cakes (till the other branch opened at Raffles City). They still restrict sales to 2 per customer. The cheesecake is light yet cheesy. We think the cheesecake is probably "Japanised". Very different fm Hilton's but it's good too. - Chung
      Anyone who has the recipe please kindly post it to Chung
    • For those of you working in and around Raffles Place, have you tried the cheesecake at The Sand Witch Hut? It's located at the Market Street Carpark building. It's really delicious, not too heavy, not too light. In fact, the place also makes good (and not forgetting, susbtantial) sandwiches. Go check it out! - Eunice
    • Hilton Hotel serves very delicious cheesecake though rather pricey !!!!!! Rich in cheese and fluffy proven. - Christine 2
    • For the best coffee flavoured cheesecake, try the one at Coffee Bean outlets. It's got a rich texture and subtle coffee flavour. Stay away from the Mud Pie 'cake" though - it's hard, dry and unlike any Mud Pie I've ever tasted (thank goodness). - Andy Low (26 June 99)
    • Finally the real, I mean, really real chocolate cakes can be found in your neighbourhood. Tucked in a classy designer-styled shop at 451, Joo Chiat Rd, the shop Awfully Chocolate offers great chocolate cake. Hurry as cakes are normally sold out by 3pm! - Davis Chong
  • Chin Chow, Hot and Cold
    • There is one stall in the hawker centre on Beach Road, opposite Golden Mile that sells hot/cold Chin Chow in bowls with/without attap seed. - Bonnet Neve
  • Chocolate Crossiants -
    • Try the chocolate crossiants in Takashimaya basement bakery. $1.05 a crossiant and the chocolate is sooo thick. - Yong Jui Lin
  • Coffee
    • His Cafe - a small (and I mean small, really tiny) new wave Christian coffee shop brewing great coffees. Located in Clifford Centre (Raffles Place; next to Mr. Cucumber). Heaps better than Coffee Club. They have flavoured mochas (eg hazelnut, almond) which are to die for. This shop is often crowded and people have top sit/stand in the walkway. 2 Jun 97 - Jarrod Ng
    • Ayer Rajah Industrial Estate Hawker Centre beside JVC factory ( Ah Bee Coffeeshop) Good coffee, thick and aromatic. Coffee addicts favourite. With milk, 50 cents only - edwinlau
  • Cream Puff
    • For cream puff lovers - There's this pastry shop at Bukit Gombak (near MRT) that makes rich and creamy puffs (though a bit fatty). Small shop that sells all handmake puffs, cakes and chinese cakes too (wedding and first month birth). Good for value too, 5 cream puff you will need to pay S$1.00 only. Other cakes costs from S$0.50 to S$1.50 only. Not only they handmake their products, they conduct small cooking lessons (about 10pax), if you are interested, check it out Bukit Gombak (beside a coffeeshop, you have to make a round to get there). - Joyce Tee (Nov 2000)
  • Curry puff
    • For those who love curry puff, there's one stall in Geylang East Ave 3 coffee shop ,I think blk 1015 (Industrial area) at the main road .They also do delivery.Die-Die must try..sedap..what I like most is their Crispy curry potato puff.The filling was fantastic.Yum..Yum. My childen like their yam puff.And my mum likes their black pepper puff as it is very spicy - Irene Yong (2008)
    • The best curry puffs I ever tasted are at Oishii Curry Puff, No. 12 Upper Cross Street. Got 7 Oishii flavours (Best taste) , Sardine, Black pepper chicken, Oishii (Chicken pie ) Vegetable (mushrooms & turnips, carrots etc), Happy puff (Non spicy), Prawn and of course the Traditional (Potato curry) . Yummy¡­ lots of fillings and pastry is superb. - Lena Leong (Mar 2007)
    • Ever had curry puff in PASTRY LIKE skin? Head down to A1 Curry Puff, simply heavenly!!! Chunky pieces of curry chicken and a quarter of half boiled egg, simply SEDAP!!! Nothing beats this! =P Situated at the old coffeeshop perpendicular to the EUNOS MRT, facing Eunos Light Industrial Area. A few shops away from 7-Eleven. =) - Cindy Sim (oct 2002)
      The famous Crispy Curry Puff at Eunos is no longer there due to change of management of the coffeeshop. BTW, it is 1A not A1 (named after the Blk number which is 1A). However they still have the franchise store at Takashimaya. However, does not have the variety. Believe the stall at Takashimaya only sells the more commonly requested Curry and the Sardine. Doesn't have all the other varieties. If anyone knows where 1A has moved to, let us know - Jeannette (july 2006)
    • Best curry puff in Singapore: the stall is in Albert Food Centre just in front of Fu Lo Shou Building. Sold by an old couple. Serve hot! A must try! - Rebecca oct 2002
    • I feel that the currypuff at West Coast Blk 710 is still the best I've ever they even have the prawn,sardine flavour in addition to the curry chicken flavour.... - Vincent
    • TOP TOP Curry Puffs! Simply the BEST curry puffs I've tried. At 70 cents each. BETTER THAN OLD CHANG KEE or SELERA !!!
      Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Centre ( next to Jubilee Cinema ) Open from 9.30am to 9.30pm - Looi Chong Wee
    • NUS Arts Canteen, one of the Malay stalls. They sell the best curry puff in town. 1 Jun, 1997 - TT
    • Old Chang Kee curry puffs are really good. There're several outlets around Singapore - Colin
    • Tip Top Curry Puff - This place sells the best curry puff you can find in Singapore. The crust is heavenly and the filling will leave a lasting taste. You can forget about the yukky Old Chang Kee. Once you tasted the curry puff from Tip Top, you wouldn't want any others. - Ng Choon Khee
      Place :- Coffee Shop at Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Central. (Beside the construction site at the former Jubilee Theater)
      Price :- $0.60 a piece
    • The tip-top curry puff is actually at S$0.70 but I still find it value for money. - JACOB JOSEPH
    • The best curry puff ? Try the stall at Farrer Road food centre. Simply the best !! Best value for money. Be there early-it sells out fast !!!! - dennis
    • Must try Selera Restarant on the corner of Mackenzie road and Niven Road (Just off Selegie Road). It's a once a week meal for me. They have the best chicken curry puffs in Singapore and also do great chicken rice and beef Kuay Teow . - Andy W
    • I want to tell you that TIP TOP's curry puffs are the best in town! I've eaten it since it was sold for 35 cents (that's what my dad told me. all I remember is buying it for 40 cents) a piece and I'm still not tired of it!! - Ong Shu Fen
    • Where Can I Find Good Curry Puffs?? I Tried Tip top And Ol' Chunky But They Are not Good Enough For My liking... Any Suggestions of Places??? by chance found this new shop - PUFF STATION at 697D east coast road, near 7-11 store. U should try their Sardine puff, yum yum. - Eugene (Feb 2002)
  • Desserts
    • I wonder if any of you guys have tried the desserts sold at Haig Road Hawker centre? The name of the stall is 'Chin Heng' and is right at the corner of the 3rd row besides the wet market. My personal favourite is the Bubor chacha and the chendol and they have a whole range of desserts to choose from. Recently upgraded and the stall is one of the most attractive in terms of presentation. Prices are reasonable and starts from $0.70 a bowl. - Eng Long Goh
  • Dessert Cafe -
    • For the most wonderful North American homemade desserts, try New York Dessert Cafe at Holland Village. They've got apple pie, Tiramisu, totally decadent chocolate cakes, brownies, angel food cake, carrot cake, lemon meringue pie, pecan pie, cheescakes. ice-cream desserts (some of which include different liquour), cookies, muffins, danishes and the "perfect" blend of coffee. Great place for holding parties!! - Michelle
  • North Indian Desserts
    • My second love, Northern Indian desserts, Rasmalai, Gulub Jamun, Kulfi, homemake ice cream, etc...The Restaurant at Columbo Court(Mongul Mahal) has the best variety and the best quality. In large portions, very good value for money. - Jason Koh
  • Durians
    • Durian
      • Waterloo Street around "Goddess of Mercy Temple" near Bugis Square, you can just sit, or squat, there by the road side and eat to your heart's content !- Peter Chia
      • Cheap and nice durians
        I had some cheap & nice durian one week ago. My mum brought them from Redhill MRT - S$1 each only!!. Get out from the exit that has HDB flats, you shd see a fruit shop accross a carpark packed w people (esp at night). They are well known for their cheap & nice fruits. Try it!! - July 6th 98 Nancy Ho
    • Durian Puff
      • This mini durian puff is simply heaven. 20 in a box for $8.50. Really shoik. Most of them who tried simply loves it. Here's the address- Puteri Mas Pte Ltd, 475 Joo Chiat Road, Tel. 344 8629 - Grindle (February 99)
      • I finally found the best durian puff in town that TV5 very own James Lye can't even resist.
        Unlike other durian puff in the market, PUTERI MAS PTE LTD at 475 Joo Chiat Rd, Tel : 3448629 / Fax : 344 8329 offers durian puff fresh from the oven with the most generous durian fillings. The taste is so superb that orders have been pouring in not only from walk in customers but also from companies who order by 10s of boxes. I've also tried other delicacies like the authentic nonya kuehs which taste equally heavenly. Operating hours is from 10.30am to 6.30pm Tuesday to Friday and 10.30am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Monday is closed. - LLC
    • Durian Crepes and Durian Ice Kacang
      • I had Durian crepes and Durian ice-kacang at the cafe at LadyHill hotel (can't remember the name) If Durian doesn't knock you out (in a nasty way) it's great stuff... Brenda
    • Durian Drink -
      • Well believe it!!! There's this stall at Clementi Food Market (the one not far from the MRT station) had a stall selling Durian Drink for $1.00. Taste like melted Durian Ice Cream - fantastic! May not be for those who are not daring when it comes to food - but do give it a try. Weird but definitely exciting! It's next to a stall selling Malay noodles. - XUESS!
  • Egg Tarts -
    • No one makes good egg tarts better than Crystal Jade's Chain of Chinese Restaurants. Their tarts are made bite- size, and with a crispy pastry shell. Being of HK extraction, I've tried many egg tarts, but this place's takes the cake (tart?). Incidentally, they also serve the best classy Cantonese food in town- their seong tong ( soup) is just divine. - Edward Yong
  • Goreng Pisang
    • Seeing there is no new contender for Goreng Pisang, might I suggest you try the Goreng Pisang stall at Longhouse Food Court (just outside Jalan Besar Stadium which is a ten minute walk from Lavender MRT). Sweet and tasty. - Gavin
    • Blk 261 Serangoon Central at the corner of the coffee shop serve freshly cook (on the spot) fried snacks especially the Fried Banana, Yam, Sweet Potato. Go and have a try and the service is good. - Crane Simplex
    • Check out the Lee Kee Goreng Pisang stall at the new Taman Jurong Food Centre. It's a pity that it was located on the 3rd floor at one far corner. But I tell you, the Goreng Pisang is the best in town. I especially like the tapioca and green bean. The towkay told me, his wife made them. - Olivia
  • Ice Cream
    • ice cream and waffle
      Would like to share with you one new place that serves really fantastic ice cream and mouthwatering waffle, at Millenia Walk (The link between Millenia & Marina Square, outside Ritz Carlton Hotel). The ambience is good, relaxing and breezy at night. Prices are very reasonable ranging from $2.95 onwards. The best part is, they have half priced waffle every Tuesday and a $1 coffee promotions for waffle purchase every Thursday. Great place for after work and for after movie drinks and desserts! - Lina
    • Fried Ice Cream
      When I first heard about this ironical name for the food, I didn't belive that it was possible in anyway ... not 'til I saw it, and my mum fried it! Located at Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre, this stall, named "Liang Liang" houses the famous Fried Ice Cream. It is always caught with a long queue, and these people always out-queue the no. of fried ice cream sold. They're snap-gone within 2+hrs ... incredible! The ice cream - big ... really big, round scoop of it - is wrapped by slices of bread, then moulded into balls. These balls are then wrapped around in aluminium foil, and dumped into the dry-ice-cold freezer to harden and "stick" to the inner surfaces of the bread - the important thing about fried ice cream is tt the scoop of ice cream has to remain hard and cold after the fry. When ordered, the owner takes out the aluminium balls of bread-wrapped ice cream, remove the foil, smear the ball with tempura flour (only tempura flour works, others fail), and down the boiling hot oil wok they go. In less than 1/2 min, the balls become crispy and are ready to be served and eaten. Hot and crispy on the outside, cold, creamy and sweet inside .... it's a fantastic feeling & taste, especially when the fried ice cream is taken as an after-meal dessert. It opens at 5~6pm ... go early if you wanna get a taste of it! - Bach
    • Homemade Ice Cream
      There's also a small ice-cream outlet on the ground floor of Parkway Parade (next to MPH bookshop) which sells great, homemade ice-cream for just $2.50. Those with local tastebuds will delight in the Durian, Jackfruit, Mango and Soursop flavours. Mocha is not bad too! - Andy Low
    • Shangri Hotel - Coffee Garden. Also all items nice. Especially the home made ice cream. Better than Haagen das. Open till around 3am- Dennis Ng
    • Hi guys !!! Check out this new COOL (literally) ice-cream shop. Apart from the yummy COOL ice-cream, user is also encouraged to use a COOL self-ordering computer system to place their own "mix & match" ice-cream. There is also chance to win COOL prizes...they are at: 154, West Coast Road, #B1-62 Ginza Plaza Singapore 127371 Tel: 873-5986 - LL(Aug 2001)
  • Pancake and crepes
    • Lemon crepe
      Very good Lemon crepe can be found in the Brasserie at Marco Polo Hotel, but they dont like you to just order dessert. - Maynard Chen
    • Pancakes and crepes
      The food listed here may or may not be considered local. In this place, there is a selection of pancakes and crepes with original and local flavor. There is Crepe Suzettes and Crepe ableskivers for the exotic. Crepe tuna with hot peppercorns and curry chicken crepe (most popular) for local flavor.
      It is by far the only place serving pancakes and crepes in Singapore. Very yummy if you are a hungry student trying to impress a date. Don't accept credit cards there and not very expensive. This may qualify it in the local food category. - Chia Jin Ngee
    • Pandan Pancakes
      Pandan pancakes at maxwell food centre with generous fillings of Peanuts, redbean , lotus and coconut.batter is thin and smooth so grab It! - Liong Suet Lian Liong
  • Moon Cake
    • My favourite shop : Tai Chong Kok, the only shop that is operating at the block of flats at Sago Lane. No other Tai Chong Kok's shops taste like this one!!! - Raymond
  • Muffin
    • Check this out! There is a stall at Holland Drive at Blk 44 selling muffins and its freashly baked. Very different from what I commonly eat type of muffins; like the famous 'Cholocolate and Spice'. Highly recommend their Banana Walnut muffins. - Cheong Soon
  • Nonya Kueh
    • Bedok North Street
      mouth-watering nonya cake at bedok north street 4 #01-21 singapore,pg:97069442. also selling at blk 85, bedok north, hawker from 7am to 3 pm.hawker center selling from 7 am to 11 pm. close on labour day, nation day, and certain days. sing chor ngee
    • NTU Canteen 2
      There's a nonya stall in NTU canteen 2, one of those giant-pushcart-lookalikes. Homemade curry puffs, risoles, kuihs, cakes and other tea time snacks. And the lady boss is always coming up with new items every now and then. I've tried every single item on the menu and ALL have satisfied! My famly even comes down on saturdays just to have breakfast. Definitely good stuff!! - Michelle Joy
  • Otak Otak
    • Great discovery- the first ever steamed-otak otak in Singapore!! This stall is situated at the all time favourite Old Kallang Airport Hawker Centre. This stall makes their own otak, with a special formula of course. The steamed otak is simply heavenly; it's really innovative and the stall uses FRESH fish. The stall also sells grilled otak-otak wrapped in banana leaves. You can smell the aroma of the grilling from a distance. It's marvellous!! - Angus (Jun 99)
    • Talking about otak-otak-ther's a lady at Old Airport Rd wet market who makes her own otak-otak for sale at $2/each & it's incredible!It's fragrant(you can smell the serai),full of different textures and delicious when steamed with rice.Can't remember her stall no.except that she's in the middle of the market.In front of her is a stall selling taugeh,taukwa & wonton skins,on her left a guy selling fried /steamed fishballs,ngoh hiang(behind whom is his brother making the fresh fish balls).She sells koo-chye kueh,chook bee png & ngoh hiang as well as yong tau foo items and most of these are made by her,ie not machine made. - angie (jun 99)
    • The otak is bigger that those orginal ones. It is wrapped in banana leaf. You can really get to eat the fish meat inside. It cost $0.80 cent each. It is located at Coffee shop at Bedok Reservoir Rd Blk 743. The stall is beside the "zhi cha" stall. - lyii (jun 99)
  • Pao
    • Hi all, I realise that many good food don't reside in marine parade...its time to take note of the good food here!!!!!
      Despite the wide eateries selling pao and tim sum, I would still like to recomend pao lovers to this stall that sells pao and other snacks such as har kow and siew mai. It is located near marine parade promenade, blk 81. It is a short walking distance from parkway parade. It is the first stall in the coffeeshop. As far as I know, the stall has been around since I was young, and I guess this stall must have been around ever since the birth of this coffeeshop. This coffeeshop has been renovated for quite a few times, but their pao remains so unbeliveable yummy! =D My favourite would be the vegetable pao, charsiew pao and big meat pao. The vegetable pao is very different from the ones that those hawker centre comes in a very small size and cost 50 cents each. Though it comes in a very small portion, its fillings will definitely make up for the size of the pao. One bite you will fall in love with it! Not forgetting the traditional meat pao and charsiew pao, they have been a popular snack in my family for all the 20 over years living in marine parade. Besides pao, the stall sells har kow and siew mai too, and other types of kueh and snacks, such as 'pung kueh'( the triangular pink glutinous rice),and some fried items you would expect from a dim sum stall. But these snacks usually will be sold off by afternoon. Though the pao might not be as classy as those from crystal jade kitchen or other reputable chinese restaurants, but I am sure that their pao can 'fight' with those from crystal jade kitchen! Of course, I have to admit that those pao from crystal jade kitchen are also yummy =D~~~
      This pao stall opens till quite late, around 11plus at nite.
      Maybe after grabbing a pao, try the popiah at the drink stall. It is owned by a middle age auntie who makes yummy popiah. =D But the popiah stall closes quite early. - Emily Yong (2002)
  • Pastry and such
    • Somewhere along Thomson Rd towards Thomas Plaza there is a cake shop called DINO that is maintained like a indoor cafe. Not only that they sell the softest most strawberries (FRESH ONES!) filled cakes and nicest cappuccino cakes, they also sell things like meesiam, yummy croissants, sandwiches and fried rice etc...
      Alot of the working class go all the way there to eat their yummies. Well me and my colleagues can go all the way there from EUNOS to feast on their desserts for lunch. Yummy.
      P.S. : Dont be fooled by the waitress-owners 'black black' face, they are actually very friendly - EQ (February 99)
    • Found beside Maxwell Market, in the bustling Chinatown is a shop selling authentic and delicious chinese pastries. Especially good are their egg tarts and BBQ pork crisp, so finger licking good, unique recipe and excellent taste have made their pastries well known thruout Singapore! Lately, it has gone online, providing more info about their delightful range of mouthwatering pastries, it's at - Alex_ (aug 99)
    • Singapore General Hospital
      The sandwiches at the bakery-like cafe at blk 4 near the taxi-stop is nice. The crossiant is the best and the coffee is quite cheap and taste nice compared to the coffee in the food court at blk 5 thought xtra 10cents. The buleberry pie and sultana taste good if you like sweetless cup cakes. - Angela Ng
  • Popiah
    • Popiah - Nyonya style - Try Gek's Nyonya Popiah. The Popiah comes in homemade egg skin and the Owner is Nyonya. Stall is at 53 upper east Coast road. She's recognised in the peranaken community. Authentic taste. - Monty Gwee
    • I would like to recommend you a popiah stall that recommended by so many people even newpapers and some companies... old long house popiah at toa payoh lor 7. My friend brought me there and I tried it, I am now like a popiah addictor with them!!!
      Believe it or not. You try it and you will know. - Doreen 2
    • The popiah at Queenstown is also very delicious. The stall is found in a coffeeshop just below the Oriental Shopping Center. I just love those fillings! - namiyo
    • The popiah at Popiah Gourmet (or is it Gourmet Popiah?) at Serene Centre (junction between Farrer Rd and Bukit TImah Road) is a REAL yum! You have a choice of 2 types of popiah skin -- the one with egg or the one without egg. The owner is also a very nice man. - Olivia Sin.
    • We would like to highlight that the popiah stall listed above has moved from Serene Centre to Coronation Shopping Plaza. It is now at unit #02-02 of Coronation Shopping Plaza and opens daily from 10:30am - 6:30pm (Sat 5pm) except for Sundays & Public holidays. We've tried the popiah and found it to be definitely one of the best in town. You can order ahead at Tel 468-5056.
      Another bonus: - very polite couple at the helm of the stall, a refreshing change from the usual arrogance one encounters at many popular food stalls! - Ann Low
    • Agree Popiah Gourmet the best but now so popular have to order in advance by phone. I won't give number ... too kia su.
      Second place to 51 Neil Road, first stall as you walk in. Very fresh popiah, homemade skin, nice older couple runs it. - John T. Driscoll, Jr.
    • I think that the Gourmet Popiah in Serene center is overpriced and overratted. I did not like it not one little bit. I love the popiah at Lau Pa Sat and the one at this one stall behind Clementi MRT near the police station, It is in a block, I don't know its name when I find out I will tell you all. - Ash
    • For people who loves popiah, you may like to try the hawker centre at Upper Thomson Road (the one that is sandwiched between SPC and Mobil petrol station near Jalan Leban). The turnip filling is very tasty and the crispy crumbs that is added to the filling gives the popiah a fragrant and wonderful texture. So far, most of my friends that have tasted it loves it......probably you want to try it too. But take note, the popiah sells out fast. - Frank & Tina
    • For those who do not mind getting their hands dirty, to make the popiah yourself, my family and I goes to 2 popiah shops quite regularly.
      The first is at Orchard Towers, called the Poping Lou Restaurant. They serve the traditional popiah that comes with the works. There's even a 5 steps pictorial guide on how to roll a popiah the right way. Oh, if you do drop by, don't forget to ask for a 10% discount card (ie. if they are still giving it away)
      The second is one called the Good Chance Pohpiah (direct translation) at Aliwai Street. Personally I think this one's popiah tastes better than the first, athough it is a little out of place. For those who like to try new things, the shop also sells other wonder 'must-try' like the fried flour Vermicelli ( better known as 'meeshua' in hokkien ). - Lawrence.
    • try the teochew stall at Shaw Towers (food alley , the one at Beach Road)they serve excellent popiah as well - Mary Chan Hui Huang
    • the best popiah has got to be those at Good Chance, at Aliwah Street( i think!) along Beach Road. Good wholesome stuff - restaurant style. Same people as those at Neil Road Food Court. - a31
    • Popiah-no name stall in coffee shop at corner of Martaban Road and Balestier Road.Erratic opening hours,usually in the late mornings. Buy lottery ticket if owner smiles at you! - Lim Lim
    • Popiah DIY
      Good Chance Popiah (ex Aliwal street self wrap popiah) is now at Jalan Bukit Merah (near Kampong Bahru side) in a shop below the flats, beside the Sikh Temple, almost directly opposite SGH's A&E just across the road. - Koala
  • Putu Mayam
    • Try Ghim Moh food market or Clementi food market in the morning. - Sam Kua
    • You can try the mama stall beside the old airport road wet market, along Mountbatten Road. Just somewhere outside Stadium Road, where the National Stadium is located. They starts selling Putu Mayam at around 8.30am till about 10.30am. - Christine_
  • Tapioca Kueh
    • Bingka Ubi (Baked Tapioca Kueh):
      Try the store at the ground floor snacking place at CK Tang - (I think it's called Dili's), the one the sells other kuehs such as ang-ku kueh and curry puffs. Not too soft, not too hard. Baked to the right firmness and not overpowered by coconut - so often the case. Not too fibrous nor too oily either. Many places had their Bingka Uni resembling "Ambon". A strong tinge of condensed milk - very succulent & delicious. The crust is just nice - not too stiff, gives bite and strongly flavoured by caramel, from sugar that melted in the process of baking. Only 60cents each - well worth every cent! - XUESS!
    • Ongol Ubi (Steamed Tapioca Kueh with shredded coconut)
      Nothing beats Bengawan Solo's offering for this one, though it might a little too soft at times. Fragrant, succulent and melts in your mouth. Not the stiff type one will get in the market. The shredded coconut adds flavour to compliment its taste. A sin to die for! Only 55cents each. - XUESS!
  • Teh arak terah(Ginger tea with milk)
    • The best teh arak terah I've drank is at bras basah road opposite Parco Bugis Junction, located in a coffeeshop run by a few old but big and burly Indians. The teh terah is served thick and hot with a generous amount of milk. The ginger taste is strong but not overwhelming. Definitely a good place to go for a chat at night when the weather is cool as the place usually have soooo many customers that tables and chairs are extended outside the coffeeship to near the bus-stop. (I know that bus no 80 goes there!) -dollypolly (2002)
  • Waffle
    • If you like Waffle. Here you can find the most delicious Blueberry Waffle in town. The waffle is freshly make on the spot when you order. Go to Happy Dough Cake Shop #01-12 and you will be delighted. and happen to pass by Toa Payoh Lor 4 block 94 this is the place for you. (2002)
  • Wah Kueh
    • Pek Kio Hawker Centre. Can't remember the name but it's at the centre lane next to goreng pisang stall. - Glen Yang
    • Blk 22B @ Havelock Food Centre. Opposite Bukit Ho Swee Community Centre. 2nd or 3rd shop from left. Serves mainly breakfast. Yam cake and Chee Cheong Fun also good. - Glen Yang
    • Queenstown Wah Kueh For all the old folks previously staying around Queenstown in the 70s and 80s. There was this man who sold Wan Kuay (wah kueh) on his bicycle... name of food is derived from the bowl used in molding the food. It is topped with some thick gravy and chilli. If you can remember him.... good news.... he's set up a stall at ABC Market at Jalan Bukit Merah. Cost is $1.50 each but it still tastes just as good as before and... much better than the one at Bukit Merah Hawker Centre near HDB and Maxwell. - Kathy and Ken Han (February 99)
    • Maxwell Road Market.(next to the old Maxwell R.O.V)
    • You should try the Bukit Merah Hawker Centre Wah Kway, at the corner next to Blk 162. Lots of Garlic and Chilli, plus the special sauce, soft and tender that's melt in your mouth. Really cheap, nowadays can't get something this cheap in Hawker Centre. - Mike Chua
    • Taiwanese Wah Kway
      You might like to try theTaiwanese version at Tanjong Pagar. I believed it is called Taiwan Snack House ( in Chinese) or something like that. They have a branch at Promenade Food Court. - Andrew (dec 2000)
    • Bukit Merah food centre has one, I see long queues even before they finish making it. It is opposite a fish slice noodles/fish soup place, nearer to the end with the cinema. - Jessica (dec 2000)
    • Best 'Wah Kway you can is at Blk 2 Jln Bt Merah hawker centre just next to Safra Club. Only open in the afternoon.Beware it sold out very fast. - Raymond Lin (Jan 2001)
  • Yam dessert
    Please try out this delicious dessert outlet at beach road hawker center The owner made all the dessert in the morning. The Yam with glutinous rice ... is very thick and rich. Very Yummy. Every lunch time, there is a loooonnngg queue forming.
    Tang Shui Wu 糖水屋
    Beach Road Hawker Center #01-94
    Yam with Black Glutinous Rice

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