Makan Time in Singapore


Buntut bumbu kemangi -
Ox-tail with Indonesian basil soup

And here below an old recipe, it's an ox-tail soup with very nice fragrant kemangi leaves. Kemangi leaf is very common in Indonesia, the fregrant is just like lemon but a little bit different taste, you can eat it directly. It is still family from basil. You can buy it in "Asia Baru" (Indonesian food store).

Ingridients :

750 gr ox-tail
1 stalk bruised lemon grass
2 salam leaves
3 lemon leaves
2 cm bruised fresh ginger
1 cm bruised fresh galangal
2 stalk chopped spring onion
25 kemangi leaves
2 tomatoes, cut into quarters 
1 Lt water
2 dsp oil for frying
salt to taste

Grind to fine paste :

8 shallots
4 cloves garlic
4 red peppers
10 rawit peppers (green small chillies)
3 cm grilled turmeric
1/2 dsp salt

Method :

- Fry the paste, lemon grass, lemon leaves, salam leaves, ginger, and galangal 
  till fregrant on hot oil in a pan.
- Add the ox-tail, stir well and add the water, cook till the meat is tender
  ( 2 hours or 30 minutes with pressure cooker and 500 ml water ).
- Add kemangi leaves and cook again for about 1 minut.
- serve and garnished with chopped spring onion and sliced tomatoes.

It is a little bit spicy !
Source - Rudy Supratman