Makan Time in Singapore


Pindang Seruni

And here, for the second time I will write you another recipe from my "OWN kitchen" called Pindang Seruni - a soup made of lamb ribs with a fresh sour taste.
ingredients and method:

I. 5oo gr lambs rib
   1,5 l stock
   1 small carrot
   2 cm fresh ginger, crush it 
   3 cloves (cengkih)
   2 spring onion 
   2 piece bay leaves
   1,5 tsp salt
   1 garlic, crush it 

   Cook all these ingredients in a pot, till the meat is half cooked.

II. 2 stalk lemon grass
    2 cm fresh ginger
    3 cm fresh turmeric
    2 cm fresh galangal
    2 tsp white pepper
    5 shallots/half onion
    3 cloves garlic 
    3 dsp oil

    grind all these ingredients to a smooth paste except the lemon grass
    and galangal (just crush it), and fry it till fragrant and then
    remov the paste into I - the lambs stock. Boil it together 'till
    the meat is cooked and soft (about 1 hour, and if the stock gets less,
    just put some more hot water on it). 

III.For finaly step, put some :
    6 green/young tomatoes*, slice in quarters
    15 small green chillies
    1 tsp sugar  
    salt to taste
    boil them together about 5 minutes.    

    To serve, put some fresh chopped spring onion and fried shallot. 
    You can eat it with rice, wrapped rice or just as a starter (soup).

* You also can replace the green tomatoes with ripe tomatoes, but if you do,
you have to put 4 dsp extra lemon juice (depends on your taste).

That's it !

Source - Rudy Supratman