Makan Time in Singapore

Contributed by : Mabel


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Dumpling Soup and Ginger Fried Rice

Hi again! I'm residing in Berkeley California. Hmm..... tested receipes..... 
Alright... how about some of my best cooking?? Here are 2 for you, 
dumpling soup and ginger fried rice. :) 
(1) Dumpling soup: 
Fillings: Mince pork, Prawns - mince, Ginger - mince, Garlic - mince, 
Water chestnut- chopped finely, Chinese black mushroom - 
chopped finely, spring onion - chopped finely. 
Season fillings with: Oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, white pepper, 
chinese cooking wine (just a dash), a bit of cornstarch or just flour.
After seasoning the fillings for at least 15 mins (an hour if you have the time),
wrapped them in dumpling skins (available in most supermarket). 
Meanwhile start to boil some water for cooking the dumpling. Put some salt 
and oil into the water. 
Drop dumplings into boiling water anf when it flows around, it is almost cook. 
Leave for another min or so to ensure meat is totally cooked. 
Put cook dumplings into a large bowl of cold water to prevent dumpling from 
sticking to each other. 
Broth: Wrapped some ikan bilis and put into the water. Season broth using 
oyster sauce, salt and white pepper. 
Serve dumplings in broth with some choi sum or other greens, splash with 
some sesame oil and pepper. Garnish with chopped spring union and fried shallot. 
(2) Ginger Fried Rice (Cantonese favourite) 
Ingredients: Leftover rice, ginger - julienned, onion - chopped, eggs. 
Seasonings: oyster sauce, soy sauce and white pepper. 
-- Heat up wok with sesame oil. Sautee ginger and onion in the heated 
oil until fragrant.  
-- Put rice into wok and loosen up the rice. Put oyster sauce, soy sauce 
and pepper (be generous but not overboard) 
-- Beat egg and put into the rice and stir fry everything. 
-- Serve with some chili sauce or eat plain. Garnish with a little cilantro. 
These 2 dishes are a big hit among my USA friends who adore Chinese food. :) 

Source - Mabel
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