Life is like pisang goreng, when you're hot, you're hot.
When you're cold, you're limp and soggy
and nobody likes you.

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  • if really cannot tahan ...
    When it's a cold rainning day , automatically me and my husband will go to have our dinner there because of the hot tasty soup .Waiting time is at least one hour . So we ask for plain rice first if really can not tahan. Poor thing right ? - Say Ping

  • Poor bugger in the soup!
    You eat the turtle meat also??!! Drink soup enough already, why eat the poor bugger....already mati! - Li Lit Siew

  • Not Hungry also must eat!
    "... Porridge is nice if you are not hungry ..." - Angela Ng

  • Taboo
    It's a taboo for the Malays to plant the low, yellow coconut palm in front of the bouse. It's suppose to bring bad luck and also strange diseases that could prove fatal. It's also said that when it bears is first fruit, one of the house occupants will die. when its first root appears, one of the bouse occupants will lose a loved one. If the coconut palm is planted beside the house, the head of the household will not have an easy life. - quoted from Traditional Malaysian Cuisine.

  • Gold to lend
    Kum Zhair, sugar cane in Cantonese, means "I have gold to lend". Mandarin oranges, or Kum, means gold, which is why it's such an important food item for Chinese New Year.

  • Unimpressed
    " When I ate dog meat in Guangzhou, I didn't feel that it was special, when I ate crocodile, wildebeest and giraffe meat in Nairobi, I thought that they tasted pretty normal, as is the roadside food I have tasted in Kathmandu, Istanbul and Cairo. Nothing special mark those occasions, so I really don't see how anyone will be interested to read about them" - David

  • Home made curry anyone?
    Have you heard of the murder case in Singapore where an Indian man was murdered by his family, cooked into curry and disposed of in front of a church in garbage bags without a trace of evidence?

  • On sushi
    For Sushi I usually pay 100 to 150 Singapore Dollars per person. I think this price is reasonable. In Japan you have to pay sometimes up to 500 Dollars. ...... When I was a child I could eat sushi maybe once in three month when we had important guests. Parents then ordered sushi and sushi was delivered from sushi restaurant ....... Masaki

  • Unappetizing fact
    There is a Chinese restaurant in California so dirty that the kitchen ceiling
    is covered with cockroaches!!

  • Advice as to what to eat after 12
    "At home. Cook maggie mee, unless you have stocked up tit-bits....." - kit

  • On Air conditioned places in Asia
    "In the tropics one is least prepared for the freezing temperature often encountered in restaurants. The coldest Restaurant must be Tambuah Mas in Far East Plaza, I suspect the thermostat is set at 15, it may not seem all that cold but when you're accustomed to 31 degree it's hell of a different!!..." - Thian

  • Direction for use: (instant soya bean curd)
    "Dissolve the contents of one packet in a bowl with 200ml hot water above 85 degree C. stir it directively with a spoon for a while.
    Then let it to be immovable and 5 - 10 minutes later, it will be naturally condensed into soybean cheese. That's all !"

  • Tiger Recipe
    Traditional chinese tiger recipe
    10 oz of tiger meat
    1 oz of 1000 year old gingseng
    2 slices of ginger
    5 tiger claws
    1 tiger penis(optional, depending on availability)
    2 teaspoon of the finest chinese wine
    100g of tiger bone grind to powder
    Method :
    Blanch tiger meat and penis in hot water first
    Then put the meat, penis and 1000 year old gingseng 
    to simmer over slow fire for four hours.
    Add in the tiger bone and simmer for another two hours
    Serve :
    Add in the ginger and garnish with the claws.
    Dish out the delicious, nutritious and exotic tiger soup and
    serve on a tiger skin carpet
    Hang the whiskers and the tiger teeth on your door to prevent
    unwanted intruders.
    Now, all we lack is the tiger, any volunteer on where they 
    buried the tiger that was killed recently? - Lim Seow Cher
  • Eat to survive, not survive to eat!
    hey u pigs out there don't forget singaporean male need to keep fit and fight war . eat to survive not survive to eat ." - contra07

  • Wicked or what?
    PS: By the way, I know of a fantastic AND authentic Jap restaurant BUT I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU!!!! Hee hee hee...coz too many people will go if it's revealed, selfish lah... hee hee hee - Florence

  • Inspired
    Hi. I think I have died and gone to Heaven! I lived in Singapore for 3 years from 1981, working on Raffles City. I fell in love with the people, the city, and especially the food. Singapore got me intersted in food, and I have amassed over 200 cookbooks in the years since. None of the world's cuisines can compare! - Robert Perkins

  • Homesick
    Can't wait to go back to S'pore to eat all sorts of goodie foodie. What shall I eat? Hainanese Chicken Rice? Cha kway teow? Fried Hokkien noodles? Popiah? Sigh! All the good food waiting for me - Olivia

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