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Yes, Chatterbox is pretty good but over-rated. At $18.24, it's definitely no value for money. What's more, I wouldn't consider dining at a 5 star hotel an authentic makan experience, would you?

Of all the Chicken rice lovers I have encountered, our Japanese friend Masaki remains the most avid of them all. Take a look at his writeup below. His favourite stalls not in any particular order are:

Singapore's 'Top 10' Chicken Rice
  • IBM Towers 2nd floor food court
  • Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice - Katong Shopping Centre
  • Hainanese Delicacy - 5th flr, Far East Plaze
  • Sun Kee - 2nd flr, Magaret Drive Food Centre
  • Wee Nam Kee - Thomson Road
  • Boon Tong Kee - Balestier Road

  1. Zhen Zhen Hainanese Chicken Rice, Pearl's Centre
    I would like to recommend Zhen Zhen Hainanese Chicken Rice stall located at Chang Cheng Mee Wah Yangtze Food House 100A Eu Tong Sen St. #01-01 Pearl's Centre (just below Yangtze Cinema Building) which serve yummy chicken rice with soup and their chili sauce is SUPERB! You can choose either white or roasted chicken both are very good. Their rice are also cooked to perfection. Beside that do remember to try their crystal chicken feet, very different from other stalls. - Salline Lee (2007 Aug)
  2. Tiong Bahru and River Valley Chicken Rice
    I find these two stalls quite good. 1) Tiong Bahru Market/Hawker Ctr . 2) 5-Star Chicken Rice @ River Valley Road - Martin Gregory Goh (2004)
  3. Wah Kee, Redhill Market
    How can anyone miss out on this place which sells very nice chicken rice? It is in Redhill Market and the name of the stall is called "Wah Kee". It is the 1st stall in the 2nd row and they only open for lunch as most times it is sold out by then. The skin is smooth and meat is tender and the chilli is shiok!!! The rice is also very fragrant and not oily. Be prepared to queue but u must try it- Jes I tot this should make the list to the chicken rice contest, I guess those contenders are all made 'famous' but I tried the Boon Tong Kee at Balestier but don't like the chicken and its quite expensive too! I tot the River Valley is better as they serve dark soy sauce, Balestier one says they don't! - Jeslyne (2002)
  4. Yi Chun, North Bridge Road
    Wondering where to get authentic and delicious hainanese chicken rice? Try out the coffeeshop named "Yi Chun". The business is nearly four decades old and the coffeeshop looks like that in the 60s, but it is clean and well lit. It is located in an alley near North Bridge Centre, in a row of shophouses. The chicken is so smooth that it virtually "melts in the mouth". The portions are generous and chunky with few bones. The rice is served steaming hot and fragrant. Side dishes such as Kailan are varied and taste like home-cooked dishes. The best part is the chili which is spicy hot and bites into the tongue. Customers could help themselves to unlimited chili and ginger sauce and are served wet napkins at the end of the dinner. Don't miss it!The shop closes at about 9pm. - dollypolly (2002)
  5. Jin Jin Coffeeshop Chicken Rice
    One of my favorite is a very old coffee shop by the name of "Jin Jin" (in Hanyu pinyin). It is behind Raffles Hotel. Opposite Brash Basah Complex. On Sundays you will get to see it almost full house. It has more than 30 years of business operation. The service is not bad, though served by middle aged and above assistants. The chicken rice is fantastic. It also sells nice western food with tasty gravy. Can't miss it. - Windrose (dec 2000)
  6. Peck Sua Pooh (Bugis Street) Siang Kee Chicken Rice
    • There is a new Chicken Rice stall named in Chinese as Peck Sua Pooh (Bugis Street) Siang Kee Chicken Rice just open in early May or late April 99 at #01-13 Bugis Food Village. Chicken is either roasted or 'white' with lots of succulent farm chicken taste. The rice is sort of fragrance type and yet done with a traditional style. Chicken is fresh due to just-in-time cooking techniques, i.e. only done just minutes before serving. Is an eating sensation that is not commonly found.Check it out and you will know why I recommend it to all fellow chicken rice lovers. I predict it will admit to top 5 soon??? You judge for yourselves!!! - Zeena D JJ (Aug 99)
    • If you are a chicken rice lover, you must try the chicken rice offered by Siang Kee Chicken Rice.
      It is located at Bugis Food Village, #01-13 (Tel : 333 53663).
      Types of chicken
      Besides white chicken, they also offer soya sauce chicken and roast chicken and according to the stall owner, Mr Tse, a Hongkonger, soon, he'll be offering salt baked chicken. I tried both the soya sauce chicken and roast chicken. Both tasted divine! The soya sauce chicken is cooked using a special blended sauce. It tasted so deligtful you can't help but eat more!
      The rice is so fragrant and cooked perfectly, not too hard or soft and each grain is on its own at the right texture.
      If you are a chicken rice lover, hesitate no more. Hurry down to Bugis Food Village and eat to your hearts' content!
      Operating Hours
      They are open everyday from 12noon to 9:30pm. - Amber Yong(Oct 99)
  7. Loy Kee
    Hi, I think you guys are missing out on a superb chicken rice stall. It is Loy Kee Chicken rice at Whampoa Drive. Try it and you would then know what chicken rice should taste! The chilli sauce and soy sauce is great! It will not leave you with the MSG sensation unlike most other stalls! - Lim CP (jun 99)
  8. Joy Cuisine at Novena
    I don't know why everyone is going on about Wee Nam Kee at Novena. Okay, so their sui kow is pretty yummy and their chicken rice is good, but I disagree that their food warrants all the HYPE!! All this publicity has really gone to their heads, the service sucks (they often overcharge), and they often try to give you stuff you didn't order, then give you a really black face when you deny ordering it. And am I the only one who has to pick chicken bone chips out of the rice??!!
    If you have to eat chicken rice at Novena I recommend Joy Cuisine which has taken over the shopspace of My Mum's Cuisine. They do chicken rice, noodles of all sorts and various other dishes. The food is good, withjuicy chicken and generous portions, and definitely cheaper than Wee Nam Kee, the service is EXCELLENT and the place is clean. Try the kai lan which is cooked using only young vegetables in a Chinese wine-oyster sauce, and also the sui kow soup. SEDAP!!! It's great to finally have a restaurant at Novena which serves great food, is economical, clean, and the serving staff don't make you feel like you have to beg for service. - Lim Family (jun 99)
  9. Best Village Chicken Rice
    My vote for the best Chicken Rice in Singapore goes to "Best Village Chicken Rice" located in the C'est Si Bon Eating House, at 235 Jalan Kayu S 799459. The chicken is tender and juicy, the rice has a very nice hint of garlic, and the chili sauce should be trademarked and patented. I hope it is still open, so your faithful readers can give it a try. - J. Robert Klinck (February 99)
  10. Bishan St 11 Blk 151 Coffeeshop
    Delicious chicken rice found at Bishan St 11 Blk 151 at the 24hrs KOPITIAM beside a road. Cheap & Nice !!!!!!! Best lobang--- Must go n try..........confirm that u will love it. Dun try u will regret. - food expert
  11. West Coast Food Centre Chicken Rice
    There is a chicken store at West Coast Food Centre, opposite Ginza Plaza which serve delicious chicken rice with tasty soup.The store is at the centre part of the food centre. - ongck
  12. Balestier Peng Kee Chicken Rice
    I recommend a chicken rice store at 432 Balestier Road (Public Mansion). It's just opposite Boon Tong Kee, and it's called "Peng Kee." The kopitiam is actually manned by a Hainanese husband-and-wife team; occasionally the son will help out.
    The chicken is full of succulent meat, very little bones. Very tender meat which tastes terrific with the black sauce and garlic sauce which they have as well. Haven't tried the char siew but it's a hit with my fellow church members as well, so it can't be bad. The chicken rice is fragrant, with a suitable amount of fat covering every grain.
    The kopitiam boss prepares his charsiew at the back of the kopitiam, in a big bin, so you can be sure it's the real stuff!! Sure, there aren't any towels for you to use after lunch, but I can do without the frills 'cos the food is so yummy!!! Better than my mom's cooking!! (I'm Hainanese also.)
    The kopitiam is also open and airy, seldom crowded except perhaps during Sunday afternoons. Why squeeze with pple on the pavement at Boon Tong Kee when you can have better food (and the kopi is great too) just across the road? It's cheaper too: one plate of chicken rice costs only $3.00. - Eveline
  13. One of the best 'chicken rice' places in S'pore is at corner Upper Serangoon Rd and Bradell Rd. : The name of the guy is 'KIM SENG ....'. Watch out, it's the one on the very right , not the one in the centre of this row of little eateries. Price: 2,- Sing '. Top quality ! - Bernd Leunig
  14. Great fried chicken rice at Colombo Court basement - the open place. - Angela Ng
  15. Hey, do u guys know about the chicken rice stall at Maxwell Hawker Centre? It is called Tien Tien Chicken Rice. They serve the tastiest and leanest chicken with the best chilli my taste buds have ever laid upon. Totally new experience and cheap too! 1 Jun 97 - Steven Lim Hoon Chin
  16. This got to be Singapore's best kept secret about chicken rice. There is this chicken rice stall next to the Caltex petrol station along Tanjong Katong Road that is just... Best! I'ved eaten at five out of the six contenders of your Chicken Rice Contest and and I can say this stall beats them all. Try to ta-pow from the stall any day around lunch time and the stallholder will tell you to line up in the really orderly queue like the rest! Check it out! 1 Jun, 1997 - Ryan Ong
  17. Boon Tong Kee at Balestier Road is the B E S T - K.C. Tsang
  18. Famous Swee Kee in Middle Road near Raffles Hotel - Peter Chia
  19. Loy Ki (can be found in the marina sq food court and many different places...) cost about $5 for a set with rice, soup and vege) :) suppose to be singapore's top 5 - Ong Yan Shan
    Note: - I'm afraid Loy Kee has just bee added to our Sotong Hall of Shame, go take a look why. I wonder how the top 5 came about.
  20. Rui Ji, off Bras Brasah Complex, in the little aisle towards Shaw Leisure Gallery. There is another one which is pretty good too, at Margaret Drive, on the second floor of the wet market. - clement
  21. Yi Chun Restaurant. It's behind Raffles Hotel. Forgot the street name, but I'm sure the people around there know. It's popular, cheap and good. - Raymond Tay
  22. Maxwell Road Hawker Centre. Try the one stall nearest to the bus stop(bus 84 145), 'cos I think there might be a few stalls there now. It's boneless, it's smooth, and IT's DELICIOUS!! - gurmit
  23. My favourite is the one at Purvis Street - (off Beach Road) in a rundown coffee shop whose name I have unfortunately forgotten but you can't miss the chicken rice seller - he's the Chinese version of Forrest Gump ! - Dr Michael Loh
    there's this chicken rice stall at purvis street near raffles hotel.. best chicken rice i've ever had - Sanjeev Veloo
  24. There's a newly renovated place off Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, opposite Blk 111 (there's an NPP at the corner of the blk). The Hainanese CR is first rate. It's also cheap. I was given a generous serving of chicken and rice for $2 when I patronised the stall about a month ago. - Lionel Chan (3rd November 95 18:33 soc.culture.singapore)
  25. FAR EAST PLAZA 5TH FLOOR: There's this dinky Hainanese chicken rice store on the 5th floor near the escalators (the one that goes all the way down to Metro) that's got REALLY shiok chicken rice. Just go in and tell them if you want white or dark chicken and you'll get your sedap meal in 3 minutes. DEM shiok. - Cheryl Tan
  26. Peng Kee Chicken Rice, - very smooth white chicken with very fragrant rice, better than Swee Kee! - Lou.
    Find out what else is good at Ghim Moh hawker center
  27. Here's another place for great chicken rice:
    I don't remember the name but it's at Newton, on the far right side of hawker centre if you come in from the carpark. I think it's between a mama's drinks stall and a Teochew fish porridge stall. And if you are going for fish porridge, don't try the one next to the chicken rice - try the the other one (there's only two stalls there selling fish porridge) more towards the centre (also facing the carpark). The boss is my mom's old friend! but watch out - he only sell at night! - Lou
  28. I was surprised that the Soy Chicken Rice stall at Toa Payoh Lor 1?? (next to the old police station.) was not mentioned in the Ikan Bilis Hall of Fame ... Give it a won't regret it. - Patrick
  29. There is the one at Purvis Street callet Yet Con. Absolutely delicious! I always stuff myself there! - Melvin
  30. This stall ( I forget the name...) on the 2nd floor of Margaret Drive Hawker centre. Very tender and full flavoured chicken. - Edward Yong
  31. Novena Chicken Rice
    • The chicken rice right opposite Novena Church is fantastic. The chicken is very smooth and tender. Comparing with Boon Tung Kee in Balestier Road, the portion is definitely bigger. The rice tastes richer and the ginger sause (mixed with spring onions) is a definite taste booster.
      Other than Chicken rice, they also serve wanton noodles, horfun, cantanese porridge etc.
      Try it. They are always crowded on Saturday afternoons where the church goers gather for a quick lunch. If you take the MRT, you'll stop at Novena station which is quite near Novena Church. - Lily
    • Poor Lily does not know the original taste of Chicken rice. Try the Hainanese Steamboat at the basement of Golden Mile Shopping Centre instead. Their steamboat comes with one of the most authentic Hainanese Chicken at very reasonable price. Moreover, their generous chilli sauce brings out the full bodied flavour of their rice. I found that out when I saw one diner secretly scooping the sauce into a jar which she brought along.
      Over at Novena Church. One TCS actor claimed he ate there all the time. So I went.
      First taste. Chicken rice. Bland.
      Second taste. Chilli Sauce. Preserved in sugar. Confused all my tastebuds.
      Look around. Saw boxes and boxes of MSG everywhere. Didn't even bother to hide them. Must have used tons of the stuff. Left the soup untouched.
      Arguably a sotong award winner. - James Tan
  32. Hi there! There is a chicken rice stall in Toa Payoh Lor... hm... it's the blk... 95( I think), beside the former Toa Payoh Police Station. They serve very SOLID chicken (especially the 'See Yao Kai'/Char Siew/Duck rice or noddles or hor fun! I've even seen Mr Lee Hsieng Young buying the chicken rice there! I have recommended so many people there and they simply love it....begging for more. Or yah the chilli is complements the chicken well too unlike some stall - their chilli does not bring out the chicken's taste.The name of the stall is something like 'Lee Fun Nam Kee' and the staff wears cream and yellow uniform (sort of).
    If you are a chicken rice lover.... you'ver gotta try it!1 You'll never regret it...... - Supersmart
  33. For chicken rice, we're are into the boneless and tender but cooked type, as opposed to the bloody pieces of meat the Hainanese serve. So our favorite place is this coffee shop on old Havelock Road, block 22. Their rice is not too oily although their soup could be a little more flavored. The best thing is price. I think it is one of the last places where you can get boneless chicken rice for only $2! The stall next to the chicken rice one serves great char kway teow, but only for those who are not on a low cholesterol diet. Also great prices, - a substantial plateful for $2. - Esther
  34. I recommend "Pow Sing Chicken Rice" in Serangoon Garden. The air-con restaurant is near the famous Chom Chom Hawkers Center. There are many small scale restaurants and coffee shops.
    For the price you pay for those outlets at hotels, you are better off with quality chicken rice at a cheaper price from one like Pow Sing. In fact they also serves some nonya dishes and local dishes. Good portion, delicious and really value for money.
    Be there early for lunch or dinner on weekend if you don't want to wait too long in the queue. - Johnny Ow
  35. Best Chicken rice near Jurong, U must try Jurong Junior College's Chicken Rice......Solid man, only $1.40 and $1.80 for more chicken.....and they give 2 times the amount of chicken for the $1.80 plate compared to other places!!!!!!!!!!! Not Joking!!!! and it is nice too!!!!!!! - Kau Si Wei
  36. Novena - Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice ! - Best chicken rice in Singapore !!! The chicken is made just right, and the rice is heavenly ! Avoid going on Saturdays as it is the most crowded on Saturday ! - Winston Chua
  37. Go to Queenstown ...near DA ZHONG department store, there is a chicken rice stall that is good. (closed after evening on weekdays ,I think, and not opened on Sunday)
    Ok. usually the typical hawker centre is next to a wet market...but this one is like a standalone hawker has two stories, and there is a restaurant on the 2nd storey as well. The chicken rice stall I am referring to is on the 1st (ground) level and just *next* to the staircase leading up to the restaurant. - Darren
  38. Well, talking about Chicken Rice,there is a place that you all should try.A chicken rice stall with more than 30 years in Singapore, Hai Kee Chicken Rice with several branches in Singapore but they have opened one opposit Katong Mall along Katong Road.The chicken is quite special as what I called it Roasted Chicken rice.It quite packed with peopleespecially the one opposite Katong Mall, try it and you will never regret.Cheap delicious and highly recommended. - Eric Wong
  39. No need to go all over singapore to look for chicken rice as i seriously think those who do, do not have a life!! now hear this, the best chicken rice is at Mandarin Hotel!!! it may be a little expensive (hey i can very well afford it) but i believe if you want quality you have to pay for it!!! 'nuff said !anyway, wishing all lifeless chicken rice searchers a merry christmas ! - Wendy
  40. Try the chicken rice stall in the coffeeshop located at Blk 54 Sims Drive ( near SAFE Superstore ), its real good with not so oily rice and tasty chicken. The Wanton Noodle in the same coffeeshop is also good. Give it a try. - HI
  41. I saw the list of chicken rice stall that are recommended by fellow food lovers, and I would like to add two more into the list to enlarge the consumer choice. One of the stall which is more on the Hainanese style is located at Marine Crescent, in a coffee shop call "lucky" (I think so). The other one is at Chinatown Hawker center, named Hang Kee, (access from the rear escalator of the hawker center and it is right beside) which is more of the Cantonese style. Check it out these two stall as they both serve really delicious and saliva dripping chicken rice. Guten Appetite!!! - Ken Chan (jun 99)
  42. Best chicken rice is the one at Purvis Street.Not the air-con one, but the kopi tiam one. For all the fans of this store, it is moving to #03-17, High Street Centre. Likely to be wef Sep 99. - Raymond Low
  43. If you were to ask me where's the best chichken rice in Singapore, I would recommand Boon Tong Kee along Macpherson Rd. They served the best taste and tender chicken, in addition to this the staffs are friedly and curteous which are actually quite rear in a chinese stall. Go for it, trust me you'll come back for more. - Steve 2 (March 2000)

These reviews are dated but still great readings! Let us know if any of the addresses has changed.

masaki Eatery Review by Makaki OKADA

  1. Boon Tong Kee - Balestier Road.
  2. Chuen Chuen Chicken Rice - Bugis Street
  3. Chatterbox - Mandarin Hotel, Orchard Road.
  4. De Cafe Boneless Chicken Rice - Far East Plaza.
  5. Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice - Katong Shopping Centre.
  6. Eng Kee Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice - Ang Mo Kio.
  7. Good Year Local Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball - Toa Payoh.
  8. Hainanese Delicacy - Far East Plaza.
  9. IBM Towers 2nd floor food court - Shenton Way.
  10. Jong Heng Eating House - Bukit Timah/Sixth Avenue.
  11. Kim Leong Chicken Rice - Holland Drive.
  12. Laguna National Golf and Country Club
  13. (Lao Er) Hainanese Boneless Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice - Clementi Ave 2.
  14. Lian Hee Roasted Chicken Rice - Holland Drive.
  15. Loy Kee Best Chicke Rice - Balestier Road.
  16. Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant - Thomson Road?
  17. Peng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice - Ghim Moh.
  18. Pow Sing Hainanese Chicken Rice - Serangoon Garden Way.
  19. Seng Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant - Bugis Square.
  20. Shenton Hainan Chicken Rice - Transit food centre.
  21. Singapore Island Country Club
  22. Soon Li Hainan Chicken Rice - Maxwell Food Centre.
  23. Sun Kee - Margaret Drive Food Centre.
  24. Swee Kee - Next to Raffles Hotel.
  25. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice - Maxwell Food Centre.
  26. Wee Nam Kee - Thomson Road.
  27. Yee Cheong Yuen - Holland Village.
  28. Yet Con - Near Bugis.
  29. 74 Hainanese Chicken Rice - Newton Circus.
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