Shenton Hainan Chicken Rice
Three friends who ate chicken rice together today. They are all inhabitants of Hong Leong bldg.->

A gourmet map of Transit FC made by Miss Kondo. The front paper is an enlarged part around Shenton Chicken Rice.

Miss Kondo. Thanks for the map.

Miss Tsuru. Stays 6 years in Singapore.

Mr. Kashiyama. POSING (^^)

I went to lunch together with Mr. Kashiyama who informed me on San Mee stall. I hastened to Transit FC and discovered there that Mr. Kashiyama was not alone but accompanied by two pretty young girls. "SHOSHA-MAN" (businessman of trading company) is always behaving very smart !

Today, Miss Kondo had a interview with a Singaporean female colleague who, according to Mr. Kashiyama, has "no interest in anything except for EATING", and made a gourmet map of Transit FC (photo left) (^^).
On the map there are also San Mee and Teochow Porridge, but today we choose the chicken rice stall which is a special recommendation of that Singaporean colleague. We ordered 4 portions white and a small portion of roasted chicken for checking. The white was typically Hainanese. Soft and fatty skin and slippery meat. - First class ! This is S$ 11.2. Drinks were S$ 3 and the total was only S$ 14.2. We were all invited by Mr. Kashiyama. Thanks !

As I went to hawker with young ladies of other companies, I was a little nervous. Because the photos taken by QV-10 lose much of their quality when reduced in size. I don't mind when food or men are on the photos, but I mind young and pretty girls. I cannot upload distorted faces on the web. I made therefore lots of effort and finally produced the photos of this page. I hope they tolerate these photos (^^). Miss Kondo has beautifully tanned skin maybe because of golf. Miss Tsuru had experiences of hitchhiking and drove on the back of trucks.

Young ladies in Singapore have much vitality !

made April 24