Pow Sing Hainanese Chicken Rice
I presume, in 10 years all Singaporean Chicken Rice restaurants look like this.
Getting a recommendation from Dr. Mabel Yap (mpyap@cs.gov.sg) I drove a half hour and went to a chicken rice restaurant in 65 Serangoon Garden Way, which was not like any of the chicken rice eateries I had visited before. It has some similarity with food courts in new department stores or shopping malls. It's interior looks like tidy popular Chinese restaurants or family restaurants in Japan.

I am happy that I can have the same hawker food which I get at food centers. The name of this restaurant is, exactly speaking,
Pow Sing Hainanese Chicken Rice
& Nona Manis/Nonya Food

and it sells not only chicken rice but also peranakan food. See featured eatery of the month . We ordered fried bean pod and otakotak as well.

Chicken rice (You see on the photo a S$ 6 portion with soup. Rice for a person is 50 cents.) of this restaurant belongs to those which have fat under skin. It is up to individual taste whether this is good. I can't appreciate this type so much, but my wife says she likes gelatin like part under skin. Rice is puffy and good. We ate S$ 6 chicken in a few seconds and regretted not to have ordered S$ 9 one (Then about a half of a chicken is served.). After eating so much and hastily we may not grumble about the quality of chicken :-) The chili sauce was excellent. Black soy sauce was also available.
Fried bean pod and otakotak were also pretty good. Including beer and Chinese tea we paid S$ 23.3. This price is reasonable.

I strongly feel that the farther the restaurants from the city, the drastically cheaper is the price level. As we can enjoy good hawker style food in an air-conditioned, tidy room at about similar price with hawkers in the city center and we don't have to pay any service charge or tax, I don't understand that there are people who like to go to Chatter Box !
I, however, do not like air-con ! Instead, I am ready to pay for the atmosphere of hawker center or copi tiam.

Inside of Pow Sing. At about 7:30 the room was full.

Much fat under skin. But rather bland.

Bean Pod
made April 15