Heng Seng Fish Ball Bak Chor Mee
Recently I regularly go to foot reflexology treatment. The young reflexologist Mr. Lim likes eating around and he was talking about evaluations of different places during today's treatment. I then asked him "We would like to take lunch around this place. Where shall we go?" His answer was "Long House is GOOD ! All stalls of Long House are GOOD ! There are no other good places around here, lah ! " His colleague Mr. Loh strongly supported him. Therefore, I happened to go again to Long House Food Place attached to Jalan Besar Stadium.

Today, I went to the stall next to the chicken rice stall which I visited yesterday. Today's stall is specialized in noodle and rojak. There aren't many items to offer. Fish Ball Mee and Bak Chor Mee are what they offer. You can of course combine their elements.
At this shop, the quiet older man on the left of this photo prepares noodle and the jovial fatty wife serves food , as is the usual pattern of HC stalls.
This is"Fish Ball Mee". I ordered thin noodle similar to Hong Kong Mee.
Ingredients are fish balls (round and white balls), meat balls (grey balls), Yenyee (dumplings with fish fillings) which is delicious. Black thing on the left is seaweed. Soup is seasoned strongly and good. S$ 3.
Next one is "Bak Chor Mee". As my wife ordered it dry, chili sauce and soup were served separately. The noodle is flat and, similar to Italian tagliatelle, has good texture. I don't exactly know what Bak Chor means... I couldn't understand the explanation of the owner. I found in the bowl something like blanched minced meat. Maybe it is Bak Chor. (?)
I cannot tell what makes such a simple food here tastier that at another stalls. One thing is clear. Everything has been prepared with greatest care. This is also S$ 3.
We still felt hungry and ate additionally a small portion of chicken rice and a popiah before we left the FC (^^). I found then a small altar in front of a huge tree. Flowers in a vase and dedicated drinks looked Chinese. However, Jasmine flowers hanging from the roof were Indian. I was surprised to see the mixture of different cultures in such a tiny place .

As Mr. Lim says, the level of the Long House stalls seems generally high. Prawn Mee and Duck Rice looked quite good. I will come again to taste them.

made May 13