Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food

Today (Feb. 18) I went to Maxwell Food Center again. Why? Because, today is the New Year's eve according to the Chinese calender and there are few restaurants open in Singapore. I then thought I could find open stalls in Maxwell where the number of stalls is quite big. My guess proved to be true. Though two thirds of the stalls are closed, some popular stalls are still open and were crowded by many guests. Hajmeer Kwaja, just inside of the gate facing Maxwell Rd., was among those most crowded stalls.

Well, Murtabak is similar to Japanese "Okonomiyaki" which is popular in Kansai (Osaka - Kobe - Kyoto area), therefore I feel familiar with this food. If you put meat or vegetable in Roti ( see Jaggi's Curry page, right bottom, for photo ) it will be Murtaba. My photo is not good enough to show the cook spreading very elastic dough and putting fillings in . Then it is baked on the iron plate as is seen on the photo.

Today, I ordered without knowing the most expensive Murtabak - Murtabak Chicken costs S$4. Murtabak Sardine is S$3 and Murtabak Mutton is only S$2.5. You should dip it in curry sauce. Sliced cucumber with tomato sauce is served with Murtbak.

Murtabak is really very voluminous and good to ease your hunger with small money.

made Feb.19