IBM Towers 2nd floor food court

In this page I take up an eating place which is very different from those in another pages.

In Japan we have also restaurants specialized in lunch and dinner for businessmen. In big buildings like IBM Towers, one or two floors are occupied by such restaurants.

However, Singapore has developed unique culture. Food courts in the air-conditioned buildings offer comfortable environment, but they prepare virtually the same foods as in the hawker centers.

And the hawker tradition is one of the best things Singapore has ever created. The most important thing is that the foods they offer are CHEAP. Then they are TASTY and rich in VARIETY.

Here I introduce one of those food courts. Food court on the second floor of the IBM Towers. The eating houses here offer foods distinctly better than the average. We, the inhabitants of the IBM Towers, have good reason for being happy!

At the lunch time many people from the Towers and nearby offices are coming.

In front of the chicken rice stall a long line is often formed.
This is my favorate lunch place.
I have eaten chicken rice here more often than any other restaurants.

Today I ordered white chicken and roast pig slices.

Oh....It's delicious!

It is incredible that I have to pay only 3 dollars for this. In Japan you cannot eat ordinary lunch with less than 15 dollars. The Singaporeans should make every efforts to maintain this good tradition and culture of your home country.

I wonder this might be a reason for many young Japanese ladies to leave Japan and come to Singapore to work!

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