Chatterbox (Mandarin Hotel)

I didn't want to have a page on Chatterbox. However, many Singaporean friends remind me of or want to draw my attention to Chatterbox, feeling, I believe, pity for the guy who does not know the famous chicken rice of the Mandarin Hotel.

In fact, I knew the chicken rice of Chatterbox for a long time. I however didn't want to refer to it simply because it is toooooo expensive.

Net price = $16
CESS = 1%
GST = 3%
Service Charge = 10%
Total = $18.24

This price is almost criminal. It's a sort of 10,000 Yen Rahmen.
The tax and service suffice a good portion of an ordinary chicken rice.
Such a chicken rice should not be taken up by "B"-class gourmet pages.

However, so many Singaporeans told me I should take up Chatterbox. I was forced to go once again to Chatterbox, because it is not possible to have photoes without going and eating there.

Left is the most expensive chicken rice just served.

Right is 3 minutes thereafter.

It is true that the chicken rice here is delicious. It is served with 3 sorts of sauce. One portion is big enough for a dinner.

Those who are rich enough and like tidy place should visit Chatterbox.