Loy Kee Best Chicke Rice

One of the pleasent happenings you would encounter after opening web pages is to receive valuable information. I have to thank Lim Swee Aun (salim@singnet.com.sg)a lot for his advise. He suggested among others Loy Kee which I now present to you.
He told me Loy Kee has a chain of stalls in various food courts. I, however, happen to find one, maybe the main house, in Balestier Road (see photo left).

I saw excerpts from a Chinese newspaper on the wall. They reported that the owner of the resturant made tremendous efforts to prepare chicken rice with the help of machine. Despite of dissuation by many friends and relatives from unreasonable traial, he succeeded.
I thought this is the enterpreneurship which many Singaporeans possess. It is no surprise that Loy Kee has developed a chain of stalls in various food courts.
The atomosphere of the house lookes like that of MacDonald or KFC - modern and familiar.

The signboard looks nice and selfconfident.

I almost forgot to state my evaluation of its chicken rice. Chicken is well boiled. For 2 dollar 50 portion (right) volume of meat is impressive. Rice is well cooked, not sticky nor crumbly. And the soup with vegetable and tofu is tasty either.

Sorry, bier is not included in this price! It is 3 dollar 50.