Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant
This restaurant was introduced to me also by a Singaporean friend. I presume that Nam Kee might be somewhat related to Wee Nam Kee because their names are similar and addresses are near from each other.

Nam Kee is also crowded by many people especially at lunch time. It is difficult to find nearby parking places as well. You should know these in order to get to good chicken rice in time.
I wrote that Nam Kee might have some relation to Wee Nam Kee. But the tastes of the two restaurants are very different. Contrary to Wee Nam Kee, the chicken of Nam Kee is light, thouogh I personally like a little bit more juicy meat.
This comment does not mean that I complain. Nam Kee does a good work. You can also enjoy other meals.

Especially the foreigners in Singapore tend to go to restaurants in the city center or a few other limited areas. They should go out to find good restaurants in the countryside of Singapore.