Swee Kee

As I wrote in the page of Yet Con Hainanese district was close to Japan town.

Swee Kee, which became famous among Japanese people after a Japanese guide book introduced it as an origin of Singaporean Hainanese chicken rice, is located opposit to Lido Hotel (picture right) former "Echigo-ya" building. Echigo-ya was one of the centers of the Japanese living in Japan town before the 2nd WW.

Echigo-ya building was built by its general manager Kurahachi FUKUDA, who ordered logs and carpenters from Niigata prefecture, Japan.

These historical facts have indeed nothing to do with the taste of chicken rice. The chicken of Swee Kee is not so juicy (though I have to refresh my memory of taste). That means it may be with little fat and healthy.

Look at the back door of Swee Kee (picture right). This is also romantic, isn't it.

I recommend Swee Kee to those who like something original.