Yet Con
A gourmet Singaporean friend introduced me this eating house...maybe the word "eating house" is more suitable than "restaurant".

Yet Con is located in a old shop house near the famous Raffles Hotel. I should rather say it is situated near Bugis, where before the 2nd WW Japan town exited. This area was, if I am not mistaken, inhabited by Hainanese people. Therefore there are many Hainanese restaurants which offer among others chicked rice.

There is an old mirror in Yet Con on which you can see " since 1940". Maybe it's a bit too new for Karayukisan to eate here, but old enough for Japanese imperial soldiers in Shonan-island to eate chickin rice. I can not but have a complicated feeling.

Chicken rice is one of the representative menu items of this eating house.

The picture on the right shows 2 dollar 20 chicken rice and 3 dollar chop suey soup. Chicke was only bones and fat under skin.

But, I should not complain, because this chicken rice is a chiep option.
It is better to go with friends and order one whole chicken or decide on a more expensive - say 3 dollar! - option.

However, I should confess such old type restaurants preserving good atomosphere are already rare in Singapore.

Here in Yet Con you can enjoy that precious atomosphere.
You can also enjoy chop suey soup (ingredients: vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, carrot, leek, cauliflower and cucamber and chicken meat and leber) which is hot by lots of pepper with white rice.
They even offer chili and ginger sauce and two types of soya sauce in such containers which we, living in luxury, nowadays do not dare to use. (see left pecture)

If you like nostalgic world, Yet Con fits you quite well.