Good Year Local Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball

Long queue is formed in front of the stall.

Such chickens are hanging(^^)

Ooooo! Good volume(^^)

I long since heard, there is a strange "rice ball chicken rice" sold in Toa Payoh north to City. Then, today I read in a text for Makan Time's new stuff a reference to "Soy Chicken Rice stall at Toa Payoh Lor 1" by Patrick. As it is "Soy" chicken rice and not "rice ball", I could not conclude that the two stalls are identical. However, I was convinced that Toa Payoh must have good chicken rice hawker stalls and went there.

"Rice ball chicken rice" stall in Blk 111 was crowded. Waiting time was long. I meanwhile took photos of the showcase, ordered drinks and eased my hunger by roti prata with curry sauce from a nearby stall (2 pieces 1 dollar) , which tasted good.

After about 15 min. we got a set shown left below. 2 portions of chicken, liver, soup and rice and rice ball were in total S$ 9.8. One portion chicken rice is S$ 3. You can see rice balls better in the photo right. This rice ball was very different from ours and rather similar to Griessknoedel in Austria. Rice was pressed too much to keep its puffy and soft taste. I cannot recommend it. Ordinary rice was not bad.
Chicken was fairly good. It was however not juicy enough. As for sauce, they brought 3 different types, namely chili, ginger-garlic and sweet soya- sauce. As the volume of chicken and rice is very large, this chicken rice must be good for hungry young people(^^;;).
Soup tastes like Chinese medicine and is said to take heat from your body.

As a whole we felt zeal of the stall owner for good chicken rice.