Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice

"Katong Gourmet Centre" is a small food-court where only a dozen stall are operating.

Delicious (^^) (This is for 2 persons)

About a month has passed since I reported last time on Laguna's chicken rice. And I report now from Katong Shopping Center

We have a secret file in our office named "Survival in Singapore" which has been used for a long time for the welfare of newcomers from Japan. This stall is the sole chicken rice eating place which is referred to in that file.
I have never heard about this stall elsewhere and there is no mention in Thian's Makan Time. However, contrary to my low expectation, it was sooooo delicious(^o^)/

Chicken is juicy and soft, and its texture is perfect. Shredded carrot and cucumber add flavour to the taste. Rice is cooked puffy and fragrant. Chili is refreshing and not queerly sweet. Soup is highly appreciable too. It is based on chicken stock and the delicate mix of different vegetables such as water melon, ginger and tomato makes it a real delight.

I was taught that there are Hainan and Guandong recipes for chicken rice. But, I can not tell the difference clearly yet (^^;;;. I asked the owner which type is his chicken. I didn't get a clear answer. He told me that he comes from Fuqing. Then his chicken might be a sort of his own invention based on this 2 main streams.
A portion for 2 persons cost S$ 10. I don't think it's expensive in relation to its taste and volume. Only one thing I grumble about was bones. Though the signboard says " boneless chicken", I got lots of bones !

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