Laguna National Golf and Country Club

Lots of water hazards (^_^;)

elegnt style chicken rice

club house
(from score card photo)
It seems that introducing two golf clubs in "B-class gourmet" pages is not appropriate....... However, golf clubs are the important institutions within the living space of Japanese middle age businessmen, and they offer B-class gourmet (popular) foods at prices not substantially different from hawker stalls ( though there is a fundamental restriction for the usage of the club, namely guests must be either club members or their guests). I therefore would like to introduce here the second golf club after SICC.

This LAGUNA NATIONAL is the only one golf club in Singapore in which Japanese capital has a share. As a result we can enjoy Japanese style public bath and Japanese style services (Do I flatter too much?). I therefore come and play here pretty often, though the golf course is tough with much water hazards......(^_^;)

I have to come to the real issue, food !
As you see, chicken rice is elegantly served, similar to the famous Chatterbox or SICC. It seems as if there is a established etiquette for serving elegant chicken rice . Here, chicken comes on a porcelain boat.

The best thing of this chicken rice is its Rice. It's really very very good. Only the stall on the second floor of IBM building is comparable to this.
Chicken is elegantly cooked and cut. However, as is often the case, this restaurant falls into the same trap as many other luxury restaurants do. Namely, chicken is too big and fat, as the restaurants are luxury and patrons are supposed to pay much (I presume). Then we cannot enjoy real chicken taste in the meat. Here in Laguna the problem is relatively small.

In addition to chicken rice there are many other tasty hawker foods such as Fried Hokkien Mee. Even your golf score is not good enough, if you can enjoy bath and good food, you are already in

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