74 Hainanese Chicken Rice

Owner and his wife

S$ 4.5
but, tableware....:~(
This is another chicken rice stall which LOH Chee Seng ( ) recommends, who earlier recommended Peng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice in Ghim Moh.

Newton Circus is the most popular hawker centre in Singapore and many tourists visit there.
I also once guided guests from Japan. They ordered some 40 - 50 cm big Lobsters for grill, many too many durians and many bottles of Tiger beer. Usually I am shocked if I have to pay more than 10 dollars in a hawker centre. However, at the time the bill became some 160 dollars !!! Nevertheless, the leader just told in Osaka dialect
Cheap! OK-le!
No problem! Less than 10,000 yen.
Order more!

So is the general situation. Prices here are higher than average. Chicken rice was somewhat more expensive than average - 4.5 dollars. But the volume was also more than average. As for taste I can say it is ranked among the best chicken rice stalls in Singapore, which could be expected because LOU recommended ( He says "you know, I could eat chicken rice 5 days a week without getting sick?"). The harmony of slightly fatty skin and intense and juicy meat is heavenly. Chili is, though sweet, magically refreshing. Rice is not sticky but very well cooked. The whole feast, together with simple soup, was worth one-way-13 minutes-drive and 45 cents parking (^^).

However, tableware is disappointing. This is for the whole stalls of Newton Circus. They are using styrene foam dishes and bowls, and floppy plastic folks and spoons. They do not match the excellent chicken rice.
If you go to Newton Circus, take chopsticks with you !!!

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