Lian Hee Roasted Chicken Rice

You may find it unbecoming to be too critical to the stall for which I have a page on WWW. Sorry, but this stall is not so much recommendable.

In fact, I was looking for Kim Leong, however as I did not have an exact address in mind I happened to stray into Blk "46" instead of "40" and found there Lian Hee.

As the signboard states "roasted" chicken rice, I became slightly worried but ordered a "white" chicken. The chicken I got was better than my worst expectation. Not enough meat on the bones but not solely fat. The volume was not enough for S$2.5. Chicken was not excellent nor disappointing.
I doubted why fried bean sprout must be under chicken and a few pieces of pineapple assorted. They should not be there. Maybe good for health, but I think cook shall make much more efforts on chicken and rice themselves.

By the way, the older woman of the stall was a friendly person.

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