Kim Leong Chicken Rice

Kim Leong was recommended from CYBERNET CAFE by a Cyber09 Course attender. I presume that he or she was enjoying this site during lesson in the Cafe. If so, I am very happy (^^).

I went to Kim Leong today !. The location is not far from the exquisite place of Singapore - Holland Village. It is in a eating house at Holland Drive Blk 40, ground floor of a HDB. However, terrace is spacious and wide grass area is separating street and terrace. You can relax yourself here. Looking at big crowns of street trees, I feel as if I were in Cote d'Azur :-). In the same eating house where Kim Leong is located there is also a good Bakuteh stall. From the terrace you can watch also modern MRT going. This view is maybe different from French southern coast but together with other settings very impressive.

I have to come back to my main topic, chicken rice.
Very orthodox, smooth, juicy, (sorry, I always use same adjectives(^^;)) and tasteful. Chili does not disturb the good taste of chicken. Two portion of chicken, three portion of rice and soup together was S$6.9. Worth coming here.

I also recommend you to try once here.

By the way, the older woman who is serving here works also as anti of a school bus of the Japanese School(^^). Tai xinku-le.

Eating house, Holland Drive Blk 40

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