Yee Cheong Yuen

Yee Cheong Yuen is one of the most popular restaurants in Holland Village - "Jiyugaoka" (a modern and "high-society" city area in Tokyo) in Singapore

Many people are coming to take lunch, dinner or anything else. It is very hard to find seats for lunch if you fail to come to the restaurant before noon. Fortunately the neighbouring restaurant is now closed and additional tables of Yee Cheong Yuen are set in front the closed restaurant. Therefore it is a little bit easier to come to chicken rice now.

As for the chicken rice of Yee Cheong Yuen, I appreciate rice. Chicken itself is also good - juicy and not too oily.

Sorry. When I took the photo, I was so hungry and forgot to take picture before I started to eat. The photo here right therefore does not show you the original shape of the chicken rice.

Chilly sauce is not bad. But I miss white - ginger and garlic - sauce and Chinese sweet and sticky soya sauce which is vital for chicken rice. It's a pity.

Prices are reasonable on weekdays. However the weekend prices are higher. I find the 3 doller portion is a bit small. You can enjoy dumpling soup or Hong Kong noodle as well.

I would say overall evaluation is good.