Eng Kee Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

According to the reccomdation of Mr. Lionel Chan in the Best page of Makan Time. I went to Ang Mo Kio to try chicken rice ! (see also "carrot cake")

Non-Singaporeans may not have any idea what Ang Mo Kio is. It is a huge new town located somewhat 20 to 30 minutes by car from the city center.
There is "Soon Seng Restaurant" in Blk. 107, Ang Mo Kio Av. 4, just opposite side of a police station. One of the stalls which are operated in the resturant is Eng Kee, my destination.

Even the low resolution digital photo (chicken for two persons) looks appetizing, doesn't it.
Yes, it was delicious !!! No thick fat layer, as might be the case elsewhere. Appropriately soft and juicy meat, and fragrant and al dente rice ! I had nothing to grumble about. Chicken and rice together cost S$2.5, slightly more expensive than I expected. But, the meat was voluminous. This price is very, very reasonable.

First class chicken rice, I agree.

I personally spent a few days over the year end in Batam (an Indonesian island located ca. 30 minutes from Singapore by ferry.) and there in a resort hotel I ordered chicken rice. It looked like similar to chicken rice in Singapore, but tasted something very different. I could hardly imargine how one could cook such a distasteful meal. My conviction, Singapore is a food paradise, was further strengthened !

1/7 made