(Lao Er) Hainanese Boneless Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice

This food center is located in the west part of Singapore island. If you come from Clementi Rd. where there are NUS and Japanese Primary School, and turn left into Clementi Avenue 2, you can soon find this on your left.

Here the food court is in the ground floor of a HDB flat (public apartment built by Housing Development Board). As far as I know, the most famous here is the Hong Kong dim sum stall which is on the left most corner of the food court. However, today my stomach wanted chicken rice and I followed the instinct and went to a few stalls away from the dim sum house.

As it was on a weekday and early for lunch, there were not so many people here. Though there is one another chicken rice stall here, I chose Lao Er, because recently I felt it slightly troublesome to remove bones from meat and Lao Er offered boneless chicken :-)
Lao Er (in Mandarin pronunciation) means "the second son". Though there was no such word in the English text on the signboard (but in Chinese), the rest of the words only meant chicken rice stall. I therefore added Lao Er to distinguish this stall from others.

Then, chicken rice ! Together with soup (usual clear soup with chives) it costed S$ 3.3. Volume was so and so.

As I always take chicken rice photos rather from a distance, I today tried a close shot (photo middle). With chinese celery on top, the chicken shined and looked appetizing. But, the problem was also seen here. As you see on the photo on the right, there was a thick fat layer between skin, which was also fatty, and meat. Fat was here as thick as meat, though not all pieces of the meat on the dish was so fatty. I was not happy with this.
Chilli sauce was simply hot and refreshing. As a whole I can give 70/100 points

In the surroundings there were older HDB flats, and there was a big wet market. Typical emvironment for a food court.
1/2 made