Jong Heng Eating House

Mr.T is an enthusiastic chicken rice lover. Yesterday after playing golf together, we talked about different chicken rice stalls. He then recommended Jong Heng, which is located not far from my house.
I used to park my car in parking lots in front of Jong Heng Eating House, gut I didn't notice that there were a chicken rice stall. It is in a small side road near the junction between Sixth Avenue and Bukit Timat Road.

Jong Heng is a small food center with 4 to 5 stalls. Chicken rice stall is on the front side, facing pavement. I don't know whether this chicken rice stall has its own name. I wanted to communicate with the old man who cut chicken and served clients (photo right), but I could not communicate with him except for ordering chicken rice and paying money !

Well, the chicken on the photo left costs 2 dollars (with simple soup). Though almost no attention was paid to looking and no sensitivity could be felt at the cutting of chicken and decoration of this chicken rice, taste was not bad :-) Chicken skin was not fatty and meat was smooth and juicy. Rice was well cooked either.

However, I felt some uneasiness here. The atomosphere was not normal. Many man ate alone with gloomy eyes and in the groups were only men. I could not find ordinary businessman-like people......
Later on I came to realize that on 23rd December (Sat) horse races were held in the nearby Turf Club. This eating place is where those horse race goers usually eat. When I was there, maybe some of them had already lost quite a lot. Or others were preparing for their games in the afternoon.

(Right photo was taken from the adjucent groceries. People were eating behind brooms.)

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