De Cafe Boneless Chicken Rice

On the same day (18th December) as I went to Hainanese Delicacy, NEW PAPER made the result of chicken rice contest public. There I discovered that an another stall in the same Far East Plaza was ranked 3 next to Loy Kee and Wee Nam Kee whereas Hainanese Delicacy was not in the best 10. I thought, No. 3 must be very good, as the one which faild to be within 10 was very good.
I went to Far East Plaza again on the next day and there experienced the worst dissapointment I could expect relating to chicken rice.

This chicken rice with ham and gravy disappointed me.

These days, several months after starting chicken rice hunting, I come to have good eyes to check chickens hanging in show cases. Here I was a little worried on the first glance at the hanging chickens. My anxiety was confirmed when the chicken was served. It was decorated by shredded ham and covered by gravy like source. I was surprised. what are they thinking! The essence of chicken rice exists in its smooth feeling on your tongue, jucy taste spreading within your mouth and their combination with shocking chili. No other ingredients are necessary. They are excessive and damaging. AND in this stall the served chicken includes WING which as chicken rice chicken cannot be eaten properly. With such a sense good chicken rice can not be made. Taste was awful. However, you don't have to check the taste. Just a look at this poor chicken is enough to know the quality.

Most of the other people in the stall seemingly ate fish ball noodle. Maybe fish ball is better here. There were many people eating. I regretted that I relied on the contest where Loy Kee won the first prise. Well, this was a good lesson for me. The lesson fee totaling 4.2 dollars for chicken rice with soup and Cola was not so expensive.

Front side of the stall.
Many people are eating here.

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