Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

After getting advice "chicken rice is better at the stall OVER THERE !" on Sunday, I hastened to go again to the Maxwell Food Center to try chicken rice of "the stall OVER THERE", namely Tian TIan Hainanese Chicken Rice.

On the next monday, I rushed out of the office and came all the way here. However....... It was
CLOSED ON MONDAY !!! It was no use grumbling about my mistake. I made me satisfied with roast pork on that day and decided to go once again on the following Tuesday (I was free for lunch two days successively, which is quite unusual.).

On Tuesday, I went together with collegues of the office. We were % in total. We ordered then 3 portions of chicken rice, clear soup and vegitables from Tian Tian, and from Soon Lee another 2 portions of chicken rice, soup and vetitables, and compared them.
Most of us supported Soon Li

However, I personally think that rice was at both stalls almost equally well cooked.
Chicken was not substantially different either, except for with or without bones ( Boneless chicken is easier to eat and get better reputation among lazy people.). In addition, Tian Tian's chicken had a little more fat and a little less meat.
The biggest difference was chili sauce. The chili of Soon Lee was refreshing and simply hot which I preferred.

Chili sauceChicken was well prepared.

It must be very hard to have a competitor within 10 m distance. They have to make always efforts to maintain the quality of their chicken rice so as not to lose patrons.
I would say GANBARE!

12/15 made