Soon Li Hainan Chicken Rice

Crowd in Maxwell Food CenterNearly 100 stalls are competing each other.

Food Center on the Maxwell road well preserves essence of traditional food centers, I presume. It is not so much polluted by tourists like Newton Cercus. It is not surrounded by miserable concrete walls like many HDB food centers.
The neighbourhood is a quiet part of China town which is not so much exposed to tourists and not yet renovated with awful taste. Together with Tanjong Pagar, the area where Maxwell Food Center is situated offeres a comfortable atomosphere.

There are lots of hawker stalls in this Food Center. A number of chicken rice stalls are competing each other. I wondered which to choose and followed the advice in the page " In search of the best Chicken Rice" (Makan Time in Singapore). However..........

Soon Li stallwhite for S$3with rice, veg and soup S$6.3

I am very much satisfied by the chicken rice of Soon Li. Boneless chicken for 1 person is S$3. Rice costs 30 Cents. Together with S$3 You Cai, total S$6.3.
Chicken is glossy. Rice is shining. Chili is refreshingly sour. Service by young men is also very good.

However, when I chattered with patrons who happened to be at the same table, they told me "chicken rice is better at the stall OVER THERE !"

Oh! No kidding.

I have to come back here again and try the chicken rice of " the stall over there".
12/10 made