Sun Kee

Always many guests.

3.3 dollars per person.

 Chats with neighbours.                   Two story Food Center.
One of the main roads going westwards from city center is Commonwelth Avenue. Not so far from the city, Margaret Drive Food Centre is surrounded by tall buildings of HDB.

Sun Kee, which is on the second floor, is famous for its chicken rice. I have to ask you for apology, as in the earlier version I made a mistake and used a different name for this famous stall. "Sun Kee" is the right name.

I went there again today, because I was not satisfied after I ate another chicken rice. For my second lunch and second chicken rice I came to Sun Kee. Chicken was smooth and testy as I had expected. The only problem, if there is any, was that the meat was a bit too thick, though not so bad as SICC. When there is too much meat, it is often not juicy enough.
I also found the oil pored on the chicken and chili sauce are both too sweet. Anyhow, it's worth trying.

11/19 made, 1/17rev.