Bugis Street Chuen Chuen Chicken Rice
Recently I received a mail from Gerald on chicken rice stalls in the old Bugis Street.
>"You know of course that after Swee Kee , old Bugis Street before resettlement
>was the centre for Chicken Rice in the 1950s-70s. There were 3 great stalls.
>One shifted to Bugis Square, top of Jalan Besar and the other, to me the
>better, to Long House at Jalan Besar Stadium. The third - the best - closed
>down after some years at the Landmark Complex. Staff problems. Try the other
>two. These are Cantonese people, who serve a more succulent chicken."
I personally went to Bugis Square before to try chicken rice of Kok Kee. But Kok Kee turned to be a noodle shop and the sole chicken rice stall of Bugis Square Seng Kee was just an ordinary stall. Therefore, I requested Gerald further clarification. His second mail is as follows

>Yes, (Bugis Square is ) next to Eminent Square. I think there is only one. Agree,
>has always been over-rated in my view. But they used to draw the biggest crowd.
>I do not patronize this stall at all.
>Name of the other at Long House Food Place is Chuen Chuen Chicken Rice -
>There is only one. Bought lunch from them this afternoon for the family. Quality
>still good, although the sauce is not as strong as it used to be.
I was prompted by this mail to go to Long House to try the stall which comes from the old Bugis Street.

So much for introduction. Now about the name of this food center. "Long House" in Chinese characters (see the photo left) looks somewhat comical to me, as those two characters were used in Japan to describe traditional cheap apartment houses, where such comical Rakugo characters as "Kuma-san" or "Hattuan" lived. Chuen Chuen is located to the right of this picture where an English signboard "LONG HOUSE FOOD PLACE" is put up.

The stalls of Long House have gay electric signboards and the space of each stall is relatively big, which reminds me of typical souvenir shops and eating houses at popular Japanese sightseeing places.

And, the chicken rice looks like this. It is certainly Cantonese. From my taste, the chicken is too soft. I prefer chicken of a stall at Katong shopping centre. Chili sauce is strong and refreshing. The biggest problem is, however, its rice. It is puffy, but not fragrant.
Together with rice and soup a one-person portion costs S$ 3.3.

I was surprised to see so many foreigners (Caucasians) in this FC. Why? This area is not popular among expatriates, I believe. Do they want to feel the remaining atmosphere of old Bugis Street?
(On the following day, I came to Long House again. I tested noodle. See HERE.)

made May 13

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