Keppel Restaurant

As I had a good experience in Jaggi's North Indian Food, I went again to Keppel Road and visited another coffee shop for curry meal. Today's "Keppel Restaurant" is located a few steps right from Jaggi's.

When I stepped into the shop, I found there something fundamentally different from Jaggi's. Many Anmohs ! and tidy tables !. If you input these to factors in the gourmet-function, the result is = not terribly distasteful but rather boring than rustic and shocking, not awfully expensive but good price for the eatery owners. In fact what they offer meets my first expectation :-)

I went there together with a colleague. Left is my Briani rice (together with vegetables and chicken gravy), fish cutlet and chicken masara. Right is her Garlic Nan, Tandori chicken, fish cutlet and extra vegetables and chicken gravy (in a small plate). Papad is free of charge.
Chicken masara is rich in taste, soft and mildly spicy and elegant !. Fish cutlet is with curry flavour and nice. Everything including rice has very modern taste, which easily attracts Caucasian beginners of Asian delicacies. I say, they are delicious. This restaurant can be open in Champs-Elysees. It smells slightly Western.

Prices are not low as expected. For my choice, Briani rice = S$2.5, Masara = S$3, cutlet = S$1. Sub total = S$6.5 If you add drink (Lassi) =S$1.5, total is S$8. This is about twice as much as I expect from a stall. But, this eatery has tidy tables and must be called "RESTAURANT". If you are ready to pay S$8 and your blond girlfriend wants curry, this is a good tip for you:-)

made Feb.15