Indian Delicacies

Amara Hotel FC is crowded by
businessmen and women.
You should try hard to find seats.

Indian Delicacies is located
in a corner.

Knives and folks are made of plastics.
Styrene foam bowl for soup
cannot stimulate your appetite.

Today, I came to Amara Hotel food court, which is popular among our Singaporean staffs. The reason for its popularity is air-conditioning. I am sure that all expatriates living in Singapore feel extreme cold in office. In worst cases the temperature seems to be as cold as 15 or 16 C. However, Singaporean staffs looks enjoying this coldness and especially female staffs even say they don't want to eat where there is no air-condition.

Anyhow, entering the building from the entrance to the shopping area, you will see the food court on the 4th floor always crowded. I chose this Indian stall because it is rather empty(^_^;). Lunch set menu is 3 dollars for vegetarians. You can have meat (Today, I ordered mutton. There are also chicken wing and fish.) by 4 dollars and the set menu is served with 2 kinds of vegetables, briani-rice, curry soup and papad. Taste is so and so.

It seems not appropriate to criticize those which I myself introduce in this page, however, generally speaking food court does not offer tasteful food !

It is air-conditioned and tidy, instead taste and authenticity are disregarded. I many times regret after I order something in the Takashimaya basement food court. Unfortunately I haven't drawn any lesson from my regret !
As for the case of Indian Delicacies, a friend advised me that I made mistake in choosing stalls. I agree. But, many average stalls in food court are chain-stores. They are just like American style fast food stores, where food are prepared and served according to manuals. There is a lack of enthusiasm we can feel in good food stalls of hawker centers. Maybe for efficiency purpose styrene foam plates and bowls or plastic knives and folks are excellent invention. But, it by no means enhances the quality of food. Distasteful food is damaged further. If this will be the mainstream, I must worry about the future of Singaporean food.

I end today's report by expressing my sincere wish for hawker stall owners to make further efforts to maintain their good tradition.

made Feb.17