Samy's Curry Restaurant

Following Orchard Road, you reach Napier Road and then Holland Road. At the beginning of Holland Road you can see many flat old houses on the left hand side. Most of them are ruines. However, the Civil Service Club or Dempsy Club with its sports facilities is always visited by many people.

Attached to Dempsy Club are two restaurants. One of them is "Samy's Curry Restaurant".

Non-member of the club shall pay 50 Cents at the entrance.
The restaurant, or rather cantine of the military, has many entrances which are kept open. If you look into the eating room from one of the entrances (see down right) you can see old fans rotating beneath the high ceiling. Everything lookes very tidy.

As for the curry I should say it's excellent.
I heard an interesting anecdote of an allegedly high ranking officer of Myammar national army. When he recently visited Singapore, he reqested that Samy's Restaurant be included in the itinerary. Asked by the host side, who were wondering whether they shall really invite the high ranking officer to a cheap resturant, he explained "I once had a chance to eat curry in the restaurant. I cannot forget it thereafter. Though I can eat curry in Myammar, the taste of the curry dishes of Samy's Restaurant is incomparable."
In fact it's good! Lots of varaety as well. Chicken, mutton, squid, fish roe and other stuffs are cooked in different recipes. Basic price is 2 Dollars and an additional fish of meat costs 2 dollers each. We should not allow civil service people to enjoy the restaurant only among themselves.

Let's go to Samy's Curry Restaurant.

Club house where
the restaurnt is accomodated.

Looking into the eating space.
You can see showcase in the background.

made Nov.12