Komala Vilas Restaurant

Seen from Serangoon Road
A prominent Singaporean once recommended me Komala Vilas as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. Komala Vilas is located in the heart of Little India and always crowded by guests.
You can find also many gold shops in this area like the photo on the right.

South Indian Meal is served on banana leaf. Lots of rice together with 4 different types of vegetable curry and soup, hot curry sauce, yogurt and dessert. On top of rice curry sauce is put. Everything can be additionally ordered without additional charges! You then have to pay only 5 dollars.

Vegetarian Briani is served on such a stainless tray as is often seen in canteen. You have similar kinds of foods as South Indian Meal. Briani rice and chapati can be additionally enjoyed here. Yogurt sarad is also served and you pay 5.5 dollers.

I happened to sit beside a couple of older lady and her grand-daughter. They came today extra to this restaurant to enjoy tasty vegitable curry. They told me unanimously "this is a very good resturant".
For me rice was not tasty and chapati could be better. However, that is the problem of individual taste. Anyhow, the important thing is that you don't have to pay additional money and you can be 100% satisfied with the volume of food!

South Indian Meal

Vegetarian Briani
made Nov.11