Soon Heng Restaurant

I can never be accustomed to this monsterous fish head in curry sauce. It lookes awful. The taste, however, is light and plain, although the volume is very heavy.
I am a little bit surprised that many Japanese like fish head curry.

Though Soon Heng is specialized in curry, the food they prepare has Chinese or Malay taste and little Indian taste. I find it very interesting. Soon Heng is located quite near from Race Cource Roaed, so near from many other Indian curry restaurants where most of the clients are Indians. The people here are mostly Chinese and eat not with fingers but with knife and fork!
The restaurant also serves, except for fish head and some other curry dishes, rather ordinary Chinese or Malay food such as fried green vegitable and bean sprouts with tau-fu, as seen in the picture right above.

When you take seat in Soon Heng, lime juice, cooked rice and fish head curry are immediately served suitable for the number of people. You receive plates andknives and forks, but no banana leaves. I'm sorry. I promised I will introduce here "banana leaf" curry and instead introduced "China plate" curry.

However, Soon Heng is famous among Chinese Singaporeans. I am convinced that this is one of the representative fish head curry restaurants in Singapore.

made Nov.9