Tien Seng Curry Mixed Rice
Today, we are in "11 Fingers Scissors Curry"... official name is "Tien Seng Curry Mixed Rice".
If you are interested in the pre-history of this eating house or want to know the exact address, click here!
I came here once in last December, but it was closed as it is open only in the evening(**;). This is the second time I come here.

This is pork chop ->
This is rice ->

When I was taking pictures, the man called 'boss' posed with V sign.
Well, the curry with many interesting anecdotes is like this. If you go in a group, several dishes are served and you get rice on different plates. Two types of curry sauce are pored over rice, then pork gravy and chili oil.This taste is quite unique, not Indian, but not Japanese eatier. You encounter a very unique curry taste.

The dishes, from above left clockwise, are as follows;

This is fish cake like "Satsuma-age"in Japan. Tasty :-)
Next is pork chop and braised pork belly. This is a traditional dish. It seems that hardworking coolies love to eat this. Pork belly is some 90% fat. Pork chop is very thin ... maybe about 2 mm thick...and has strange taste. After seeing this, I am convinced that the original pork chop was made by using hammer.
This is chicken wing curry. Not too hot, but it is the nearest to my idea of curry dish.
This is fried egg and cabbage. This simply stewed cabbage is tasty. Fried egg is in a good combination with curry.
If you go alone, these are all put on top of rice on ONE PLATE!
The price is then S$ 2.50. Very much economy. We paid today S$ 13 for 4 persons.

SCISSORS CURRY is unique to Singapore !
If you like exotic food
You must visit Tien Seng.
made April 12