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Char Siu

I'll pass on the following recipe for what ever use you can make of it.  

It sure is a hit around here.

36  Servings

It took me a lot of years to get it right.  I perfected it while watching a sweaty, 

fat, half naked, Chinese street corner cook in Singapore doing his work.  It is 

adapted to the ingredients that are available here in Texas, and water smokers 

are common in these parts. My water smoker is a big one that I made, but the 

tall, round, factory made ones work fine, just don't hold as much.  If you are 

not familiar with the water smoker it has a charcoal fire pot in the bottom with 

a pan of water over it to keep your meat from drying out.  Add some cheap 

sherry to the water and it will work even better. - Dave -

12 to 15	pounds pork butts

3	envelopes char siu seasoning mix Several brands are available here at 	

	the Oriental stores.  NOH of Hawaii is the brand that I use the most.

12	ounces hoisin sauce

2	cups light corn syrup

3	tablespoons salt

1/2	cup water

Trim and bone meat.

Cut meat into strips 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide.

Mix up the rest of the stuff and marinade the meat in the mixture for at least a day, 

in the fridge.   Or freeze the meat for later use.

Smoke in water smoker at 225-250 for about two hours, turning and basting after 

an hour.

Cooked meat can be frozen for later use.

No one believes that an Ang Mao Qui made it.

Amount Per Serving

Calories  273        	Calories from Fat  84

Percent Total Calories From:

Fat   31%        		Protein   44%        	Carb.  25%

Nutrient				Amount per	% Daily

				Serving		Value

Total Fat			9g		14%

  Saturated Fat			3g		16%

Cholesterol			90mg		33%

Sodium				960mg		40%

Total Carbohydrate		17g		6%

  Dietary Fiber			0g		0%

  Sugars			0g

Protein				30g

Vitamin A   1%      Vitamin C   3%      Calcium   0%      Iron   15%


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