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Good Sushi

Hi Thian!

I tried to write some sentences as a response to you suggestion below. I find it very difficult to write a good introduction for Singaporeans, because my demand for Japanese food is very high and in order to satisfy my demand, I have to pay lots of money which most Singaporeans definitely do not want:-)

For Sushi I usually pay 100 to 150 Singapore Dollars per person. I think this price is reasonable. In Japan you have to pay sometimes up to 500 Dollars. On the other hand I can not stand bad sushi. Recently there are many sushi hawkers ( I heard there are now about 25 sushi bars in Singapore) which for example offer California Rolls. I hate them. They are not sushi. Sushi is luxury foods anyhow. When I was child I could eat sushi maybe once in three month when we had important guests. Parents then ordered sushi and sushi was delivered from sushi restaurant. Usually, we ate rice (sometimes with barley), pickles , miso soup, cooked vegetable and grilled or cooked fish. Therefore in my mind the words sushi and cheap are two contradictory words. They cannot coexist.

If you are not so keen about foods, the easiest way for me is to recommend sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, teppannyaki, yakitori and so on. There are popular among foreigners and therefore become representative Japanese foods. But, they are, especially when they are cheap, tourists attractions. If you really would like to know Japanese taste, you should try "B-class gourmet" in Japan. You should better go "nomiya"(rice wine bar). In Singapore I only recommend Nogawa. If you use the restaurant for business and the company pays, the bill will exceed 300 per person. But if you go as private person and tells the owner, Mr. Nogawa, about your budget and what you will enjoy there, you will certatinly be very much satisfied (but I recommend you should spend at least 50 dollars)


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