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Service? in our food industry

See our Hall of Shame and you will know our service standard left much to be desired. While there is a marked improvement in hygiene after Ministry of the Environment introduced the rating system* and taken steps to clean up public washrooms thanks to SARS, the year after year of courtesy campaigns seem less effective in dealing with service standard in our restaurant sector (nevermind the hawkers, we don't pay a service charge). I think it's time more attention be paid to proper training ...

What do you think of the standard service charge practice and the general state of service in Singapore? Write in and tell us your opinion!

*The rating system has of course nothing to do with the taste of the food. One of my favourite stalls got a D rating!

Reader's letter
  • Sub-standard service level in Singapore
    Seems like lots of complaints about poor service all over S'pore! Well, it's really not that surprising and hardly restricted to the food industry. Generally, service standards in the service industry in S'pore is the pits. Perhaps service providers do not think good customer service is that important, which will then explain the lack of emphasis on staff training in that area. Well, for all those misguided management out there, operating cost is not everything, customer service IS the differentiating factor in an extremely highly competitive food industry in S'pore (due to large no. of competitors and local passion for food). Excellent customer service can even temporarily smooth over a sub-standard product and turn around a customer's negative impression of that meal. Note that rotten service can also destroy the reputation of good food, and leave the customer with no appetite even if your food is delicious. Local consumers have been waiting for ages for the service industry here to move from the dinosaur age to 'civilised' service levels. It's time for food lovers to stop sweeping poor service under the carpet just b'cos the food tastes good, and start boycotting places with lousy service. For a makan experience is not just about the food, it's also about the service, ambience, price and value added. S'pore can hardly be considered a Food Paradise when diners are constantly brought down to earth with unpleasant (and resigned?) shocks over horrendous service.

Notes from all over Useful Singapore Food links

These reviews are dated but still great readings! Let us know if any of the addresses has changed.

Tian Khean' Special feature by Ng Tian Khean

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Banana Leaf Curry eateries:

  1. S.S.Dass
    Little India ... cheap!
  2. Soon Heng Restaurant
    Near Race Course Road ... Fishhead curry restaurant run by Chinese
  3. Komala Vilas Restaurant
    Little India ... Best vegetarian restaurant
  4. Samy's Curry Restaurant
    Civil Service Club, Dempsy Road? ... Club for civil service
  5. Jaggi's North Indian Food
    Near from Keppel Harbor
  6. Indian Delicacies
    Amara Hotel food court
  7. Keppel Restaurant
    A neighbour of Jaggi's in Keppel Road
  8. Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food
    Maxwell Food Centre ... Murtabak.
  9. The Prata Shop
    Casuarina Rd ... You should be careful to find the right shop.
  10. Muthu's Curry Restaurant
    Race Course Road ... Famous and popular.
  11. Tien Seng Curry Mixed Rice
    Victoria Street coffeeshop near Bugis MRT ... "11 Fingers Scissors Curry"

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