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Ngoh Hiang - Hokkien fried meat roll

I tried this dish at some famous Nonya restaurant in Singapore, I still prefer Mom's.  
Love it even more when it's been left overnight and refried!

If you could see the wok, it's my cast iron wok which is highly recommended for
stir fry dishes. 


bean curd sheet(the oiled foldable type)
Minced fatty pork
little table spoon flour
lots of five spice powder
light soya sauce
sesame oil
chopped spring onion
water chestnut(optional)
oil for deep frying


cut bean curd skin into squares.

put ingredient in a big bowl and mix till sticky.  roll like the usual spring roll.
seal by sticking the bean curd sheet with mixture or egg.

Deep fried till golden brown.

cut diagonal and serve with a freshly made chili sauce, tomoto ketchup and plum sauce.

Chili Sauce:


fresh chili with seeds
lime juice(or lemon if not availble)

Note:  If bean curd sheet is dry and breaks easily, wet it with a damp piece 
of cloth.

Source - Thian's Mom
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