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    • Hakka Food
      I have been following makantime for many years and this is my first time recommending a stall. I want to recommend this authentic Hakka stall at Festival Market in Hougang, (it used to be known as Hougang Point in case your taxi driver cannot find). It's called Home Recipe (家傳菜) and is next to Macdonald's. My family is Hakka and she makes Hong Cao Chicken (Red Wine Chicken) the way I used to eat at home. Her Yong tau foo is also very generous in terms of the serving, each piece is stuffed full of meat. Can also try her nasi lemak which is made with brown rice, it's supposed to be a healthier option but for me it just tastes good.
      Btw the owner's name is June and she is really quite friendly, I spoke to her before. 2 thumbs up for food and service! - Jimmy Long
    • Yam dessert
      Please try out this delicious dessert outlet at beach road hawker center The owner made all the dessert in the morning. The Yam with glutinous rice ... is very thick and rich. Very Yummy. Every lunch time, there is a loooonnngg queue forming.
      Tang Shui Wu 糖水屋
      Beach Road Hawker Center #01-94
      Yam with Black Glutinous Rice
    • Pot Sticker (Guo Tie)
      I discovered a very good place in People's park for Dumplings . It is near to my place so I go there quite often to eat. The stall number is 01-1076 - coming from Chinatown MRT and entering People's Park complex, you turn left ; the third stall (on the left side) is this stall; it is run by some PRC people and the food they serve there is handmade (noodle & dumplings) . The food is very tasty and the stall got cleanness 'A'. - Andreea(2010)
    • Thai food at Toa Payao Lor 4
      Thai food at blk 92 toa payao lor 4 koptiam iv verrrry nice.especially the pork knuckles and thai seabass lemon grass.......... more important $$$$$$$$$$$$$ cheappppppppppp - Tee Laikin
    • Halal Western food
      Koscafe - Peninsula Plaza B1-07. Very affordable and super-delicious MUIS-certified halal western food in the basement of Peninsula Plaza. The ambience is really cozy and the prices range from $5.90 for fish and chips upwards. Excellent place to bring your friends to chill out. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and make you feel very welcome. I've tried this place 4 times already but they have quite a diverse menu ranging from pasta to grills to sandwiches... looking forward to trying more. If you want, you can also look for uncle Ahmad (main chef) and ask him to cook you something special out of the kitchen. Yum Yum! - James 2
    • Singapore's 1st White Duck Rice
      Here's Singapore's 1st white duck rice - TeHaB Cuisine @ Blk 51, Old Kallang Airport Road #01-164 - Xavier Tan
    • Toa Payoh Lor 7 Beef Noodle
      one of best noodles around. 22 lor 7 toa payoh 01 41 singapore 310022.
      The store name is The legend beef. - pengfei Yam
    • Spice Peranakan in Bukit Timah
      Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (NOT Plaza) - Spice Peranakan at B1-18 This is a mom-and-pop shop where you can enjoy really good Peranakan food comfortably, wearing slippers and shorts. The owner Joshua Wee looks young, but is a whiz at cooking traditional Peranakan dishes. He tries to make fushion food as well, like their Otak Dumplings - a must try. Other dishes that are great Laksa - runs out really fast! Beef Rendang Stuffed Sotong Hitam - best in Singapore Stuffed Sotong Sambal - the fillings change from time to time Ayam Penyet
      Very friendly establishment. Great place to just hangout and be comfy. - Dorothy Lim
    • Wanton Noodles and Chicken Hor Fun
      The popular wanton noodles and chicken hor fan (by Ocean Sunshine Cafe) previous at Apollo Centre, have moved to a new location. It's new place is at 216-5 Syed Alwi Rd. Now operating from daily (alternate tues rest) morning 7 am to 4 pm. The wanton noodles is especially delicious, good sauce and char siew and the soup is best. - Alex_Yuan Ang
    • Wah Kuah
      • Pek Kio Hawker Centre. Can't remember the name but it's at the centre lane next to goreng pisang stall.
      • Blk 22B @ Havelock Food Centre. Opposite Bukit Ho Swee Community Centre. 2nd or 3rd shop from left. Serves mainly breakfast. Yam cake and Chee Cheong Fun also good. - Glen Yang
    • Law mee
      I have recently tried a Lor Mee at Blk 10 North Bridge Rd (coffee shop nearest to main rd). The stall is called Chia Bee Lor Mee (name a bit "china"....kekeke). Love the fried fish and the sauce....yum. The boss look a bit fierce but he is alright..... Heard it open from 4am to 11am. - Lee MC
    • Popiah - Nyonya style
      Try Gek's Nyonya Popiah. The Popiah comes in homemade egg skin and the Owner is Nyonya. Stall is at 53 upper east Coast road. She's recognised in the peranaken community. Authentic taste. - Monty Gwee
    • Western Food Stall - Serangoon Ave 3 (missing entry from last year!)
      My boyfriend lives around the area and we've been trying this new western food near his house for the past few months that i personally think is worth recommending. What amazed me was that the cook had a great variety on his menu and I get to eat my favourite GERMAN PORK BRATWURST sausages anytime I want to (instead of going to places where they charge GST or service charge!!)
      This place is located at Serangoon Ave 3, Block 237. When we go for dinner, there is always a constant flow of customers. My favourite dishes there are from the sausages menu, the pasta aglio, chicken chop (SPECIAL SAUCE!!) and the black pepper beef steak. Chicken chop usually comes with baked beans (PLUS POINT!! baked beans are never served cold but are brought to us WARM! i've never liked baked beans before till I tried the warmed ones!!!), coleslaw, mashed potato and garlic bread. The special sauce has a sweet and slightly tangy taste and complements the chicken perfectly!! MY GOD! the beef steak is definitely something one CANNOT MISS! It's tender and their steak comes from NZ. (gee... my stomach's growling)
      Prices are reasonable enough, with the beef steak selling at a mere $9, pasta prices range from $4.50 to $5.50, main course ranging from $5.50 and above. Also, we've brought my mother to the place for lunch once and she loves their GRILLED SALMON HEAD!!
      I think one thing worth to note of this place is that they even came up with a CHOP CARD system whereby for every $4.50 I spend, I am entitled to a chop and I get to redeem free feed or discounts at the end of the line!! Imagine, how often do we see coffee shop stalls having this kinda idea?!
      Everyone should find time to go down and try the food when they can. They'll definitely have no regrets!! Take your time to look thru their menu. My suggestion is for anyone to go down with a group of friends, pick an item from each category and share! This way, everyone'll get to taste a variety! Guys, don't worry about burning a hole in your pockets for bringing your girlfriends anymore! Here is a place with GREAT FOOD and REASONABLE PRICES!! - Audrey mx
    • Makan in Melbourne
      Greetings from Melbourne,Found a great place for Singaporeans/Malaysians to go for a good meal. Located at 70 Johnston St, Collingwood there is this restaurant by the name of OLD RAFFLES PLACE. They serve great food like Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice, Curry Veggie, Beef Rendang and not to forget The Terik. The prices are reasonable (considering that I am a Uni student) with The Terik at $2.50 per cup. For a good meal with 5 other friends, we spent an average of $ 12 per person for 3 dishes with rice, drinks and desert. Awesome stuff. Check it out ... it's near the famous Smith Street. - Thmothy Chew
    • Carrot cake
      BLK 256 Bangkit Rd Wet market, Zhenghu Food center
      This place has good Chai Tao Kueh~! White one tends to be more fragrant as compared to the black one, but black one is nevertheless tasty if you want something different other than white. The old aunty never holds back in her ingredients like eggs and fish sauce and garlic. For 2 bucks, it's a hell lot man. Gotta try! Check out the store beside it, where it sells black pepper chicken at a reasonable price, quite tasty as well. Nasi Padang beside it, heap,good,value for money as well. - Soh Shaun (
    • Hall of Shame: East Coast Lagoon Char Kway Teow
      I ordered a plate of char kway teow at this stall called "Sheng" situated in East Coast Lagoon Food Village on Saturday night. I was very surprised to see the hawker (old man) putting a plate of precooked char kway teow into the wok after dishing out the hokkien mee. When he passed me the char kway teow, I found there was no heat and it looked very unappetising. My husband and I had a couple of mouthfuls of the char kway teow with cockles and fishcake. As it was so bad, we left the plate almost uneaten. In addition to the char kway teow, we had other food at the hawker centre. The next day, we both had stomach ache. In future we will certainly avoid this stall especially since it is not well patronised and I don't know how long the precooked char kway teow has been left sitting on the shelf. - Lynn Fu
    • Curry Puff
      For those who love curry puff, there's one stall in Geylang East Ave 3 coffee shop ,I think blk 1015 (Industrial area) at the main road .They also do delivery.Die-Die must try..sedap..what I like most is their Crispy curry potato puff.The filling was fantastic.Yum..Yum. My childen like their yam puff.And my mum likes their black pepper puff as it is very spicy - Irene Yong
      @ food court ASIAN FOOD MALL, Lucky Plaza Basement 1, great Nasi UDUK/ nasi lemak Indonesian style , Nasi Pecel,Cryspy chicken, the chili is Shiok.. and best recommended is SATAY Madura..Indonesian Style price $3-$5,,provide membership card, ( i got only stamp card,collecting 6 stamps first then get the member)- Mevie
    • Fried Hokien Mee
      Fried Hokien Mee at ABC food centre ( stall sells Satay too ). Die Die must try . - Raymond Chan
    • Fish soup in Bukit Timah
      Leng Kee Fish soup stall - located in Bukit Timah Food Centre. He serves good potions of Batang fish with dried fish stock . Great taste and cheap too. - Raymond Chan
    • Muffin
      Check this out! There is a stall at Holland Drive at Blk 44 selling muffins and its freashly baked. Very different from what I commonly eat type of muffins; like the famous 'Cholocolate and Spice'. Highly recommend their Banana Walnut muffins. - Cheong Soon
    • Lost - Wah Kuah
      Anyone knows of the whereabout of the following please update us!
      • Blk 163 Bukit Merah Central
      • Blk 2 Jalan Bukit Merah Hawer Centre (ABC old market)
    • Dover Food Centre
      Just like to share, there's a great chicken rice stall and drinks stall which sells fruit juice at only one dollar at Dover Hawker Centre near Dover ITE. The stalls are those facing the carpark, don't really know the stall names but the chicken rice and oreo crush (one dollar) are great! - Pier
    • Meobourne, Australia
      I hope this email finds you well. Not sure if you remember me but you added some of my recommandations of singapore food in Sydney. I went to melbourne for the weekend and I thought I should check your website to see if there was good singapore makan in Melbourne. I took the recomandations on your website by Casey Lee. OH MY GOD!!! How right was she??? The place is jam back all the time. I ate my first meal in Melbourne there and after that meal...I thought...I'm going to eat all weekend in this makan place. It's an eatary more than a restaurant. The place is packed out with Singaporeans. The food is really good. I'm a big fan of Chee Kuay and it was to die for. It's better than the famous Tiong Bahru Chee Kuay. I love Hot plat tofu and they served it up really well there. Ah ya..don't know how to describe but was just heavenly. Was soo good. Cassey Lee forgot to mention the name of the eatery. It's called Singapore Chom Chom. I think it's the best Singapore food anyway abroad and I've tried many! The cooks are real hawkers from Singapore. I spoke them myself and they were telling me where their makan stalls were. They didn't speak good english like most hawkers so I had to tamba some mandrine and malayu here and there. They have such a big hawker menu. 130 over dishes!!! I had, claypot chicken rice, chee kuay, hot plate tofu, BBQ stingray, fried fish noodle soup, fish ball mee, chicken noodles(chicken version of wonton mee),char kuay teow. All so good...wish I had more kaki so can order more dishes to try. - Grace Shanmugam
    • Houston, Taxas. USA
      I am here in Houston and there is a large Chinatown and Chinese/Asian population and with some Malaysian/Singaporean food available. It is not too bad. So when you are in Houston, do check out Malaysian Restaurant on Belliare. - Steve Lim
    • Taiwan I've been in taiwan for 2 months and craving for singaporean food. the closest i can get is near the airport (taoyuan), there's a place called "nyonya", i believe the owner is malaysian. i haven't tried it but worth checking out -
    • Upper Thomson Nasi Briyani
      Hi, just wanted to share about a recent finding. I was at Longhouse Upper Thomson and in the midst of busy chinese chan of foodstalls found an indian stall Papad Pickle & Curries that served Nasi Briyani. Upper Thomson is filled with food outlets and on a busy weekend I got a place at Longhouse. Wanted to try out indian food and to my surprise the taste was filled with richness and aroma. For a $4.50 had a hearty meal that comes with a choice of chicken, lamb or fish. I can't get over the taste of the mouth watering thought of posting a note to some of the why not give it a try and let food lovers have a taste of the Briyani. I am a Briyani lover and so far have tasted most of the best ones and this will be in my list too.
    • Zhen Zhen Hainanese Chicken Rice, Pearl's Centre
      I would like to recommend Zhen Zhen Hainanese Chicken Rice stall located at Chang Cheng Mee Wah Yangtze Food House 100A Eu Tong Sen St. #01-01 Pearl's Centre (just below Yangtze Cinema Building) which serve yummy chicken rice with soup and their chili sauce is SUPERB! You can choose either white or roasted chicken both are very good. Their rice are also cooked to perfection. Beside that do remember to try their crystal chicken feet, very different from other stalls. - Salline Lee
    • Curry Puff
      The best curry puffs I ever tasted are at Oishii Curry Puff, No. 12 Upper Cross Street. Got 7 Oishii flavours (Best taste) , Sardine, Black pepper chicken, Oishii (Chicken pie ) Vegetable (mushrooms & turnips, carrots etc), Happy puff (Non spicy), Prawn and of course the Traditional (Potato curry) . Yummy¡­ lots of fillings and pastry is superb. - Lena Leong
    • Hall of Shame - Chicken rice & porridge stall at yishun
      There is 1 chicken rice & porridge stall located at yishun ave 2 blk 779. The old lady that sell porridge always seem to to returns lesser change or even no change. Pls beware. There was once I bought chichen rice from them, it was the leftover from yesterday which still can feel the chillness from the frigde. They didn't even bother to heat up before selling. - Jack
    • Hall of Shame - Soul Garden Causewaypoint
      I was celebrating my uncle's birthday together with the rest of my family members on a Sunday at Soul Garden Causewaypoint.The crews put on black faces as if we owe them millions of dollars. As I approached one of the crew to change the hot plates for us, she ask me to wait and she really let us waited so long till I approached them again to change. They were pulling such a long faces when clearing all the dirty plates for us, even when we say ' thank you ' to them they don't bother to reply ' welcome ' or at least put away that black faces. When we were still having our meals, one of the crews came and off the stove and we havn't finished eating then they started clearing the table. - Jack
    • Chinese New Year Fish Salad - Lo Hei
      Magic Wok at Capitol Building serves halal New Year fish salad. Those celebrating with your muslim friends and colleague, give it a try.
    • Muthu Curry, Race Course Road
      I recently had dinner with my family at the new-look Muthu Curry restaurant in Serangoon. The food was sub-standard overall, a far cry from what it used to be, even the famous fish head was not good at all. Perhaps it now caters to just angmo and non-locals or perhaps the chef is off duty and we we just unlucky, but we won't be going back there for sure. Besides it's far too expensive at $35 per person for food court style food. I must admit we each had a rather large prawn. - Thian January 2007
    • Sydney Makan Update
      I gave you some recommendations on some Singapore/Malaysian restaurants in Sydney and want to update it.
      I'm still a big fan of Temasek Restaurant in Paramatta, Sydney. The hawker style food is still soo good. Char Kuay Teow, Hokkian Mee, Laksa, Chicken Rice is sooo good. I'm a regular customer there because of the good food. I would say 95% of the customers are from Singapore and Malaysia so it has to be very good. I would like to withdraw my recommendations on Istana Restaurant in Thornleigh. The last few times I went there, I find the chicken for the chicken rice undercooked. Char Kuay Teow used to be soo good with the burning smell of the wok but now it's like Kway Teow tossed with soya sauce! The wait staff didn't really care much about my complaints. It's gotten a bit more pricey and food standards have dropped. I feel as though they have started catering for the ang mohs then the Singapore and Malaysian. Disappointing because they were really good.
      Makan @ Alice is another great small makan place in Thornleigh. I haven't decided if the portions there are too small or just delicious :) - - Grace Crispus-Shanmugam
    • Sydney Australia makan
      For Nasi Padang in the Sydney CBD: "Rush Hour" in Chambers Arcade, entrance on Pitt or Castlereagh streets (between Liverpool and Goulburn streets)
      For $6-$7 you get a huge portion of rice and very authentic Malay food. The husband/wife duo are Malay and Indonesian and very relak. The ibu/aunty will make you your favourite food if you are a regular -- "what you want to eat next week ah?". I recommend their Spicy Island Chicken, which is a chicken curry with less lemak. My parents visiting from Singapore tried the Rendang and said it was very good (sometimes you think because you live overseas, anything local also you think is good, no more standard!). If they have Ikan Bilis fried with kachang is also very good. Sometimes they will make oxtail soup or chicken soup as an extra, sometimes also have achar! - Zhan Chiam
    • Chinatown Makan
      The location is at Chinatown. This coffeeshop I think is called Swis Ling Restaurant. This place is directly outside the new outram mrt exit, oppsite pearl centre. It was a solely building on its own, I don't know the time of operation but I went at 9 plus in the night and 1plus in the afternoon. We were eating their butter pork, and it taste very nice but a bit spicy. The venison with shallot and ginger taste just right and the prawn paste chicken was very crispy.
      I personally recommended the marmite chicken which I had the third time with my friends at lunch time, the taste was quite unique and wasn't that salty either. Their cereal with prawns mixed very well too. You can order their home-made barley or herbal tea of the day only in the afternoon at a cost of $1, and is brewed by the lady boss. There wouldn't be any left at night because she went home by then. I enjoyed my foods there as it make me feel at home.
      The food that I ordered cost around $8 per plate. - Sarah Sia
    • Teochew specialty
      If you are still looking for the shark's meat stall, the a-bo-ling, and the teochew porridge, they moved to the chinatown complex temporary market next to outram mrt station, opp SGH. One teochew stall became a restaurant and it is now at
      Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant
      371 Beach Road ,Key Point #01-18/19 Open 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm. Tel: 62234588 / 65382282
      Quek Cheng Hing Teochew Kway Chap #02-117 Amoy Street Food Centre, Open 10am to 2.30pm. Closed on Saturday. - Adrienne
    • Buffet at Tiong Bahru Coffeeshop
      I cannot remember the name of this place. Its operates in a coffee shop kinda place (the whole cofy shop la), offers buffet per pax at bout 16.9+++ , with drinks and stuff comes up to about $22? Around there.
      The buffet is soup-based, can choose from a max of 2 soups-yuan yang (Try the satay soup, it's the best, after cooking a bit it becomes thicker and yum yum, the chilli one has strong herbal taste) Its at tiong bahru, under blk 72. I will willing take an hour's journey to eat it.. Ha try! - Pearlene Heng
    • Japanese Buffet
      Akira Japanese Restaurant
      117 Emerald Hill Road Singapore 229386
      Tel : 6738-6221
      Cost: 22++ usually end up around 25 for weekend lunch.
      The sashimi is very fresh. Their miso soups have salmon bits in them. For those of you who do not eat raw fish, there are also varieties of cook food Grill eel, stir fried scallops, thinly slice beef and many more. Pretty cheap for a jap buffet. - Dennis Oh
    • Hokkien Mee in Melbourne
      Hi ..pls add this to your wonderful site…looking at the pixs just makes me drool.
      Until recently, I've discovered Hokkien Mee in Melbourne. I have been missing this yummy dish since living in Melbourne for almost 9 years now. Very authentic and the sauce is just as good over here. The group of Singapore chefs can cook up a variety of other hawker date, my favs are: Bak Chor Mee, Bak Kut The, Kwee Kway, laksa, chicken rice.
      Located on corner of Bourke Street and Russell Street. Good service as well. - Casey Lee YM
    • Halal food - Bencoolen street
      There's this place called Fig & Olive. The outlet that I went to was at Bencoolen Street. It sells superbly nice yet affordable halal Western Food. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Pasta (or something like that.. one of it's recommendations). The chicken was flavourful and grilled to perfection. The pasta was light and complemented the grilled chicken well. You can get dishes that are less than $10 over there. Majority of the dishes are lesser than $20. Moreover, the ambience and furniture of the place is very nice. The service was great as well. It's on top of mt list of favourite eateries!! - suhaily
    • Lost: Tian Tian Lai Porridage, Chinatown hawker centre
      I've been a follower of your website for the last couple of years ... Great stuff you've got there. I've used it on countless occasions to satisfy my cravings for a particular kind of food (and we're talking about the good Singapore hawker stuff.
      As u may know, the Chinatown hawker centre and market has re-located to the field at Outram Park. Unfortunately, not all the stalls went over and amongst them is Tian Tian Lai Porridge which I've been patronizing for 30 years. Would appreciate if anyone out there could help me locate the stall. Raymond Lee (July 2006)
      Makan Time: Please mail me should you have any information!
    • Makan USA
      Recently visited the Chinatown in L.A. Agreed that the food are good and cheap at "Soon Peace Express" at Ord St and Hill St (the cross street) at Chinatown, Los Angeles.
      Would also recommend the following Chinese restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona:
      Ming's Pagoda Restaurant
      12019 N 19th Ave
      Phoenix, AZ 85029
      (602) 870-9602
      Direction: Take I-17, exit at Cactus and go to 19th Avenue.
      The food is great and the price is very reasonable. A set of 4 dishes and a soup costs US27.50 (before tax). The food portions are large. - Loyce Lee (July 2006)
    • Hougang St. 51 Claypot Bak Kut The and Lor Mee
      I have been trying out deligently your recommendations in your website. So far no regrets! I would just like to bring to your attention of this Claypot Bak Kut The and Lor Mee stall in this coffeeshop located at Hougang Green Shopping Mall, Hougang St. 51. Think the coffeeshop's name is Kong Meng Eating House. Tried it last week when passing by, apparently newly opened. I would rate it as a Die Die Must Try!! So let's do everyone a favour and let us (people who enjoy eating) be aware that there are new food to trial?Normally I do not write in, but this time round... The noodles and Claypot Bak Kut The is simply heavenly?Both has got generous chinese herbal taste in its soup. - Henry Lim
    • Update: Curry Puff at Eunos
      The famous Crispy Curry Puff at Eunos is no longer there due to change of management of the coffeeshop. BTW, it is 1A not A1 (named after the Blk number which is 1A). However they still have the franchise store at Takashimaya. However, does not have the variety. Believe the stall at Takashimaya only sells the more commonly requested Curry and the Sardine. Doesn't have all the other varieties. If anyone knows where 1A has moved to, let us know - Jeannette (july 2006)
    • Oriental City, London
      Hi I would like to add Oriental City in North London in the UK to this list. It's on Edgeware Road near to Collidale tube station. Here's the full address: 399 Edgeware Road, London, NW9 0JJThe place is a shopping centre but has a wide rande of stalls in the food court, incl malay, japanese, korean, and chinese. The prices are around five-ish maybe a bit more per dish. There's also a steamboat place and two chisnes restaurants. The one upstairs is great for dimsum. The is a big supermarket too! - Swee Ling (2006 June)
    • Langkawi, US Bay Area
      Just thought to mention that there's a new Sing/M'sia restaurant that's very impressive. I've been to straits, raffles, and many others. This one is
      the best so far:
      2946 South Norfolk St.
      San Mateo, CA 94403
      Here are my comments:
      Hope this helps. You have a great site there.
    • Vegetarian Makan
      the vegetarian food stalls at Shaw towers and S11 food court at tampines serves good food too! - Meanie
    • NSW Australia
      I would like to recommend "Ginger & Spice" at 240 Military Road Neutral Bay Tel: 02 9908 2552. The chef is a Singaporean and his wife is from Hong Kong. The dishes are very close to what you can get in terms of hawker food. They even have mini squid in a dark sticky sauce like at seafood restaurants. The prices are not exactly cheap (as in hawker prices), but for something very authentic this is the place to go. There are many restaurants which claim to serve Singaporean food, but "sweet and sour pork and lemon chicken" don't exactly qualify. - Lance Heng
    • Bras Basah 24 hour eating joint Coffee express foodcourt (or something like that)@Bras Basah Complex, facing allson hotel, famous mince meat noodles (from paradiz centre wan I think), crispy chicken rice(muslim food stall), most exciting prata stall I've ever seen( you've got to check out their creations using prata man?) and zhi char stall that's slowly gaining in popularity?
      Seriouly man, if like me you're office bound till late in the city, this is a really good alternative to lau pa sat. - Boon Kwang Tan
    • Hall of Shame - Lotus Garden Restaurant at Jurong Town Swimming Complex
      Ridiculous prices which increased at the last minute, very rude & bad attitude from all the staff, terrible & unfresh food..Lotus Garden Restaurant is an all rounder for Bad Food, Bad Service & Ridiculous Pricing! I called the place on 28th May to make a reservation for a table for 21 ppl on 4th June. I was told that the price for the buffet is $15+ per head & extra charges only applies on PH. I called back 3 times to make sure that $15+ was the correct price because I had to consult my other family members too as we are splitting the cost for 21 ppl! The staff over the phone comfirmed that its $15 since 4th June is not a PH or special occasion. We went ahead & reserve the table for our family gathering. It was a different story when we reached the restaurant on the day itself. The female manager in her 40s shouted rudely & said that the price was $16.80 +++ per head & refused to charge us the normal price of $15+ as confirmed over the phone.
      They should have called & informed us if the price isn't $15+! We definitely would not have gone to Lotus Garden if we had known! My aged parents had already sat down & we thought it would be inconvenient to switch to another place so we just settled down. Bad service was displayed throughout the whole meal. The staff brought out all the orders at the same time, just imagine the whole big table filled & they were still trying to squeeze in other dishes! We told them that was not the right way & they should not bring out all the dishes at once but they just told us rudely 'it's like that!' They do not practice proper hygience either! They do not hold the bowls & the plates properly & their thumbs & fingers touched the food contents at least twice for the times I noticed! They were very lazy & tried to save on their plates too! They provided us folded paper boxes instead of proper plates for us to put the shells of the prawns! The food tasted terrible too! The fried chicken was fried in unchanged oil & the colour was so dark & almost black! The vegetables was so old that even my very young nephew could tell the difference! In a nutshell, the food was totally unfresh & bad tasting! We had to put up with the bad service & horrible food despite agreeing to sit down & pay the 'last minute increased' price. The bill amounted to $400 plus & my brother commented that our last family meal at some neighbourhood coffeeshop tasted 10 times better & the bill was only $160! We would never patronise this Lotus Garden Restaurant again & I strongly urge others to avoid this place if bad food, bad service & ridiculour prices are not your cup of tea! - Ha Ha
    • Wah Kueh
      Saw one in old 51 Airport Road. White and yellow pumpkin versions available. There used to be one in old ABC market, but not sure where it has gone. Freshly make. - Wendy Tan
    • Hall of Shame - Chinatown Hawker Centre 'Mun Kee'
      Went to chinatown hawker centre last week with group of friends. Sat in front of this stall known as "Mun Kee" #02-109 who sells different kind of porridge and surprised that they sell "satay" also…Noticed this couple is so UNHYGIENIC ! They used the same knife to slice raw fish and at the same time cut the satay rice also! At the same chopper board ! My friend was so kay poh and walked over to ask them. Then their answer was : You people never order food from us still so kay poh and question me ! THIS COUPLE IS SO TERRIBLE ! - Shirley Kong2
    • Toronto Lion City Update
      Well my fiance didn't like Singaporean food much. He doesn't like it better now that we both got sick after eating at Lion City restaurant in Mississauga a couple of weeks ago (FYI, we had the curry). Myself? Feeling betrayed as it was good Singaporean food (not by back home standards, but hey, beggars can't be choosers) and now it's all…food poison standard. *sniff* Thank God I know how to make my own chicken rice now. I feel guilty complaining about this. But I guess it must be told. - Ruth Hong
    • Toronto Updates
      Just came back from a good lunch yesterday from the Gourmet Gardens Restaurant in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto, and wanted the Makan bunch to know that it is still the best for Laksa (Singapore style only) in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They have started to provide popia again every weekend after 2 year's of not doing so. I am so happy because I believe that at the moment this is the only popia commercially available in the GTA .
      Gourmet Gardens Restaurant
      4465 Sheppard Avenue East,
      Scarborough, ON M1S 5H9
      Tel. : 416-332-8765
      Also I understand Ming's, which was a good and authentic Penang style restaurant, in Richmond Hill ( Elgin Mills Road) is now closed. It is tough life for us in GTA who like genuine Singapore/Malaysian cuisine! - Benny Pang
    • Seafood soup with good Blacan chilli
      I would like to introduce a food stall at bukit timah beautyworld food centre. The stall name is called 'WANG WANG SEAFOOD SOUP'. It sell not only seafood/fish soup but also other varieties like set meals, curry chicken, herbal chicken soup etc Do drop by to try out their food especially their home-made belacan chilli. - Alex Tham
    • 24 hr food delivery
      I think you will find this local company DABAO to be exactly what you're looking for. Their website address is, you can order local fare up to 2am at reasonable prices, and even by SMS!! If you use their generic menu, they will source their food from good places like geylang and old changi road. That costs just $2 for delivery. If you have a craving they will even hunt down a particular stall for you (if open) and deliver, for a higher delivery charge of course. Either way, I think this is a fantastic service, because now a late night at the office or a lazy, rainy night at home need not mean (at the cheap end) pizza hut/kfc/mcdonald's, or (at the expensive end) cuisine x-press. What a great idea, I hope they can stay afloat and keep offering their services. - su sian
    • Banana Cake at Bugis Village
      have to pop in and drop off a note about banana cake discovered at Bugis Village, from a stall called Pancrisps.
      They're consistently silky and moist, not dry like some badly-baked cakes are. Key to the whole comforting aspect of banana cake is in its texture... that wet "bite" when you eat one, like it's almost slightly bursting in your mouth. And then there's that aroma of burnt sugar and banana, without any of that artificial vanilla or banana flavoring some cakes hit you in the face with. Also no heavy butter/margarine flavor, and not overly sweet. In fact, that's part of the danger. It goes down WAY too easy. Sounds odd to wax lyrical about something as common and indistinct as banana cake, cos it's something that we (or at least I) don't normally pay much attention to. If it's there, I'll eat it, period. Until I ate this. Maybe it's a misfortune but now I pay attention when I eat banana cakes. Friend bought a few squares (they cut them in cute cubic slices, each topped with a tiny decorative slice of banana that's caramelized from the baking, and they were demolished in seconds.
      I've gone back to get more a few times, and the last time I did, I simply bought a whole cake (8 pieces). I suppose they might not taste too good sitting around a coupla days, but I never found out cos it was gone the next noon.
      Plus, they cost $1 a piece, so I can't even convince myself it's inconvenient to travel all the way there. - Candice Chen
    • Wok Cafe downtown Montreal, Canada
      I've been reading up your page on Singapore food, as I've spent 4 years there and man do I miss the food!!!!.
      I wanted to let you know that teh Imperial Palace restaurant in Kirkland, though it serves very good food, isn't really serving food from Singapore or Malaysia, they mainly do Thai, Cantonese, Szeshuan cooking. the taste is very good though.
      One restaurant that serves quite authentic food is Wok Cafe downtown Montreal:
      1845, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest,
      Montr¨¦al, QC H3H 1M2
      Tel. : 514-938-1882
      They have a very wide selection of food at more than reasonable prices (all the taxes are included in the prices).
      And as an added bonus, they serve Dim Sums all day every day!!!! - Sly
    • Hall of Shame - Trattoria Lafiandra at Prinsep St
      My 2 friends and I had dinner at Trattoria Lafiandra at Prinsep St on a Friday night last November 2005. When we got there, it took the waitress some time to seat us. This after trying to catch her attention so many times and being ignored. We thought of just going to Mr. Bean's instead, but were seated at a table outside the restaurant as we were about to walk away (the place had indoor and outdoor seating). We ordered a main each (3) and 2 starters plus 2 glasses of wine and 1 glass of soda. As soon as we finished eating, the waitress came to clear our plates. Soon after, another waitress (will refer to her as B**CH Waitress. Apparently she is the co-owner of the restaurant and wife of the chef) came and asked if we wanted dessert. We declined and my friends and I continued to chat and enjoy what was supposedly a relaxing evening. A few minutes later, the B**CH came back to our table and presented our bill. We were quite perplexed because we had not asked for the bill and we were not ready to leave yet. My friend respectfully told her that we did not ask for the bill yet. She left but came back a few minutes later to say that we had to pay and leave already because some diners who were seated inside the restaurant wanted our table so that they could smoke while having dinner. At this point, we all got upset and my friend told the B**CH that we would not be settling the bill yet because we were not ready to leave yet. The B**CH left angrily but again came back a few minutes later to say that we had to leave because her restaurant was not a coffee shop where people can linger after finishing their meals. This made us even more upset and really ready to explode. I told the B**CH that she was very rude and that we will be filing a complaint against her with the STB. She said "GO AHEAD AND COMPLAIN. WE DON'T CARE" I got up and went inside the restaurant to settle the bill and ask for their business card because we were serious about filing a complaint. I went back to our table to wait for the change then the Chef and Co-owner of the restaurant comes out and asks us what the problem is. We told him what had happened and that the B**CH was extremely rude. Instead of apologizing, the Chef said "YOU CAN'T REALLY EXPECT GOOD SERVICE IN SINGAPORE ANYWAY" (what the hell?!?) With that, we took our change and just left. Suffice to say, we were so upset!?! Truly the worst dining experience ever. We have eaten in all of Singapore's best, smallest, biggest restaurants and we have never been treated that way before. Even at Buko Nero which is tiny, they never ask you to leave even if the next round of diners have arrived.
      I'd like to add that the food isn't even great!! We haven't been able to file a complaint yet, but trust me...WE WILL!! - Melissa Tan (April 2006)
    • Nonya Indonesian Food. Montreal, Canada
      Restaurant Nonya Cuisine Indonesiénne
      151, rue Bernard Ouest,
      Montréal, QC H2T 2K3
      Tel. : 514-875-9998
      Not exactly in the heart of busy downtown area. To start off, the décor is nice simple and relatively modern, no odours or smells or anything of that sort. Place is ownded by a friendly young Indonesian, Stephanie and the chef is her brother. The bottle of water you see on the table is not free and if you want to drink water ask for it, if not pay $6 CAD for that bottle of water. Other than that no so obvious trick, something I did not expect because it isn’t VOSS or Perrier, its just some silly plastic bottle labelled FIJI water. The food is good, compared to the only other Indonesian place I been to in NYC which was horrid. The set menu ($27 CAD) portions are small, if you are alone or not that hungry it would suffice. If you are in a group of 2 hungry people or even 3 or more people for normal dinner, I would consider ordering dishes to share. The rice that came with the set menus was wrapped nicely in leaf and everything was very well done. The food wasn't fast, this is not a rush eat, but I would say the food is good and the atmosphere is great for a reasonably authentic Indonesian restaurant, definitely worth a visit the next time you are in the area. - J Daniel
    • Normal Chinese food: Montreal, Canada
      Restaurant Beijing
      92 Lagaucheterie Ouest
      514 861 2003
      At the start of the promenade (no car) lanes just beside the Holiday Inn Select Montreal. The place was renovated a couple of years ago. Nice and clean. Normal Chinese food, one of the waiter is Malaysian, speaks Hokkien. The food is good and reasonable, if you read Chinese, there is a “on rice menu, I do not know if they give you this menu or if you have to ask for it. I took out black pepper beef on rice for less than $10 bucks, big portions. I ate in twice before and I would say the food is good by Montreal standards, which is somewhat lower than Toronto. For eg their Young Chow Fried Rice is only $5.25 CAD, you cant beat that, and porridge at $4 CAD WOW. They open till quite late past 2am is I recall, call to check. Definitely worth checking out if you are in Montreal. - J Daniel
    • Oldest beef noodle stall in Singapore
      Introducing great food. Happen to pass by Century Square foodcourt (Tampines). Tried the Beef Noodle. Fantastic taste. Came to know they are the oldest beef noodle stall in Singapore. They are the 3rd generation Hainanese Beef Noodle - Hwa Eng Beef Noodle.
      They used to be the Famous Odeon Beef Noodle, along North Beach Road, opposite Odeon Theatre. Currently Raffles Hotel.
      Their gravy, especially is tasty. The soup is fabulous. I'm not good in expressing, try it yourself and you will definitely love it. A must try for all beef lover. - Javier Beef lover
    • Ottawa Canada
      • Cahaya Malaysia
        1690 Montreal Road,
        Gloucester, ON K1J 6N5
        Opened by a Indonesian Malay guy who is married to a local Canadian, this restaurant serves Malay style food. Pricey as always with Asian food in Ottawa, dishes are around 12 or 13 CAD. Quality is not bad. Although I must say lacks the interesting twists that one gets from Nonya in NYC or Restoran in RichmondHill/Toronto. I am guessing the belachan is missing amongst other things, as it is normal in Malay cuisine. But a good eat in this gastronomically bigoted city. - J Daniel
      • Singapore Restaurant
        69 Kempster Avenue,
        Ottawa, ON K2B 6M2
        Ironically opened by a Chinese Malaysian, been around for a long time, food is not authentic but palatable. His laksa is actually curry noodles which is not too bad. His curry puffs are samosa like minced beef curry things, which are quite ok. If you want authentic this FAR from it. But the food is ok, not great but ok. - J Daniel
      • Mandarin Court
        1374 Baseline Road,
        Ottawa, ON K2C 0A9
        Opened by Chinese Malaysians, also been around a long time a mainly Chinese restaurant, with some Malaysian dishes, they tone the dishes done sometimes talk to the guy and tell him to make it spicy and authentic. The char kway teow is a disappointment and so it the curry noodles (only weekends) its broth based and not coconut based, so basically its curry spiced broth. The chilli fish is not bad at all, the rendang is like a dry curry not the Malay variety, and over all I say it is not bad. Its worth the drive only if you are living in Ottawa and very deprived of sg/my food or you have nothing else better to do. But one day when they let me try their personal dish of lo han whatever you call it, its tofu meat and glass noodles and whatever else mixed together, it was pretty good. I have not tried their Chinese menu dishes. - J Daniel
    • Holland Drive good cheap food
      There's this place at Holland Drive, Blk 44, (#02-12) named Rasidah's Cooked Food that sells very cheap, healthy and FANTABULOUS malay food. Basically, the shop sells nasi lemak, mee rebus, mee siam, mee goreng and tahu goreng for mere $1.50 and the servings are generous. They have lontong ($2) with a hard boiled egg and what is most important is that they've got the 2 types of good-licking sambal. They have additionals like sambal sotong, mutton rendang, chicken and sambal goreng too. Sigh, just talking about it makes me drool. Hahah, the best thing is that this shop rarely close and only close ever 3 to 4 months once And yes, I am their regular customer :) - Elena
    • Changi Village Nasi Lemak now in Melbourne, Australia
      Just mention Nasi Lemak and most of you will think of the Changi Village Nasi Lemak at Changi Village Hawker Centre. I have news to tell..!
      The guy who used to run the place in Changi is now the proud owner of Changi Village International restaurant in Melbourne. They still serve the same yummy nasi lemak (minus the long queues) in a comfy café setting. I found the green walled café to be very homely and cosy and the owner, Nazar, is very friendly and nice especially when meeting a fellow Singaporean. He’s been in Melbourne for almost 3 years now and looks to be very happily settled in.
      The address is Unit 2, 222 LaTrobe Street near RMIT. It’s across the road from Melbourne Central station and very easy to find. There’s a green sign with the ¡°Changi Village International Nasi Lemak¡± outside the shop.
      So if you’re living in and around Melbourne or a tourist visiting the city and suddenly develop a strong craving for sambal or home food, no need to wait till you get home, try their Nasi Lemak (of course) and the beef rending¡­mmm shiok.! - Melvin N
    • Hall of Shame! Kartini Restaurant in Parkway Parade
      I went there just recently with my parents and was faced with grumpy waitresses who couldn't care less about their customers. It must have been a family business since the people working there didn't appear to be adequately trained in terms of service. It is an Indonesian restaurant but it does not serve water for free. Instead, upon arrival, the waitresses will immediately come forth with mineral water bottles and place it on your table. Note that we were unaware that the water was to be charged in our bill. But we were not that bothered about such petty cash because my mum had a craving for Indonesian food. We decided to order the set menus which cost about $9.95+++. My mum and I ordered the rendang mutton set while my dad ordered a chicken curry set. The food took a long time to came, and by then, we were all getting a little impatient. We waited for about 20 minutes and when other tables got their food, we were still left with our mineral water and empty table. I then decided to ask the waitresses when our food will arrive, she proceeded to give me a "are u stupid look" and said very rudely, "just wait la" and left without bothering to go to the kitchen to check on our food. When our food finally did arrive, another waitress came to serve it to us, she just placed the set meals at the edge of the table and walked away. I took a look at my rendang mutton set and was shocked. Imagine, the set consisted of different dishes with rendang mutton as the HIGHLIGHT of the set. However, on my plate, there were only TWO miserly pieces of rendang mutton (really small pieces, mind you, biteable size) sitting on the edge of the plate. The other dishes were also small in proportion and they even counted belacan chilli as a dish! I finished my rendang mutton in two bites and felt dissatisfied still (same for my mother), so we asked the waitress over for the menu- with the intention to order a separate dish of rendang mutton. After placing our order, we asked the waitress why the servings for the mutton was so small. She then gave us a very rude look and said " it's one piece per person what, you got two, very good already" and proceeded to turn her back on us and walked away, leaving us stunned and bewildered. I mean like, the set meal wasn't even cheap, and yet, we had to put up with such attitude. This is terrible and I will never go to Kartini again for my meals. The bill totaled up to about $48 (with wet towels costing 50cents each and the appetitizer)- yet, we left the restaurant with a barely filled stomach and an dissatisfied mood. - whui
    • Hawaiian bbq @ east coast
      was @ this hawaiian bbq buffet 2 weeks ago for only$19.90 @ east coast. I recommend all not to go.
      Let me show you a photo of what I had.
      Being the BBQ fanatic that I am, I was actually quite excited to eat there with my friend and we finally found a day where we can drop by to eat there.
      They offered 1 for 1 buffet during weekdays and 30% off I think on weekends, all for UOB card members. We thought it was a good deal and decided to step in.
      Place looks cool with torches burning around the restaurant. Ordered our 1st platter of food. Among all the chicken, fish and stuff, only the hotdogs[which can be bought for $1.50 per packet @ supermarkets] tasted nice. The rest were just below average.
      I liked the fish with pepper, though it was super watery. The prawns were over cooked. The chicken was super tough[wondered what it went through. ] sotong tasted weird.
      The only thing that tasted nice was the NON BBQ food. The fried fish fillet and fries. *SIGH* service was terrible. After a whole ten minutes of waving like a mad person, we were then attended to and the subsequently forgotten when the waiter was bogged down by more orders.
      I'll never step into that place again. And I WILL set up a stall just opposite them. Same price, better service, and I will offer my favourite SG style BBQ STINGRAY. Heheh - mengru
    • Japanese - Raman Ten Far East Plaza
      Far East Plaza basement : Ramen Ten. A restaurant thou. But its variety of japanese appetizers are 'wow' and the variety of Ramen they have is seriously making me drool - Kogen Chan
    • Tampines Mall Beef Noodle
      Tampines Mall Foodcourt: Beef noodles there with superb gravy and taste with succulent beef pieces.. Making me wanna have more. Lol. Just the first stall from the left if u enter if I remember. - Kogen Chan
    • Tampines Block 742 Noodles
      Tampines St 72, Block 742 coffeeshop: the noodles stall there has one of the best tastes I ever had. The dry barchor mee and fishball noodles. The Tze Char there is not bad too. - Kogen Chan
    • Bedok Block 128 Laksa
      Bedok North St 2, Block 128 coffeeshop: Katong Laksa at its most original. Not chopsticks! Just a normal soup spoon for ur laksa. Generous with cockles and the soup base is simply great! - Kogen Chan (2006)
    • Sydney, Australia
      I'd like to recommend a few great eating spots in Sydney.. and not to mention, reasonably priced too (in relation to the quality of food/service of course)!
      1. Japanese Cruisine - Jujus Restaurant on Kings Cross. Serve a wide range of awesome dishes (ie. Bento sets, Jap. steamboat, invidividual choices, etc). Try the Yukke. It's well-seasoned beef tarte topped with an raw egg. It didn't seem appetising to me at first sight but.. looks are sure deceiving! Oh.. Did i mention, they have karaoke too!?! Remove your shoes before proceeding to the nicely arranged seatings. Do reserve 1 - 2weeks before hand. It's always full. And of course, great sakes and plum wines complete the meal. Estimated cost for 3 course meal without alcohol - A$30 - 35 /person
      2. Looking for Japanese Fusion? Heard of sushi rolls that could literally melt in your mouth and have you craving for more? Go to Kobe Jones on Kings Street Warf! U'd be amazed by the chief's creation. Do not forget to order their 'Number 1 Special' !! A generous serving of seasoned mashed mayonaised seafood stick wrapped in seaweed topped with perfectly melted baked cheese. Lovely.. and that's just ONE creation. ;") Heaps more with a variety of seafood combinations. Good to go in a group. A lot of dishes are a MUST TRY! Estimated cost in a group of 4 without alcohol - A$50/person
      3. For Steak / Ribs Lovers- Hurricanes Restaurant @ Bondi. Pork ribs and steaks are beautifully done. Absolutely tender and juicy. A nice cosy bar for pre-dinner drinks is located on the side of the entrance for patrons waiting. Do RSVP a few days before hand too. For those who don't, expect to queue for more than 1hr. Sometimes, impossible to dine in. Indoor and outdoor sitting. Estimated cost for 3 course meal without alcohol - $60 - 70 /person (Well, it's usually too filling to squeeze in the desserts)
      4. For Meat Lovers again! Meat & Wine Co. Located at Darling Harbour. Excellent service with lovely juicy meat grilled to your perfection! Good selection of wines. Fine dine - very pleasant ambience. Estimated cost for 3 course meal without alcohol - $80 - $100 / person
      5. Late night supper? No place to go after drinks? The 24hrs Pancakes on the Rocks @ The Rocks (Arcade) is the way to go! Wide range of delicious hot and fluffy pancakes served with wonderous ice-cream, topped with nuts, fruits, and choc / strawberry / caramel sauces. All-day-breakfast and Mains include an amazing variety of scrumptious dishes. Inexpensive!! Try to avoid 7-9pm. Queues are really long! Estimated cost for 3 course meal without alcohol - $40 / person (Better to skip the starters and save some space for the dessert pancakes. YUM!)
    • Ikan, Manchester, UK
      Ikan is a pretty good restaurant, located just across UMIST on Sackville Street in Manchester.
      Fridays - Thai Buffet Lunch will knock you back by about £10 (including drinks)
      Saturdays, Singapore Special! They'll usually let you know if you ask them a few days before, usually its Laksa, Chicken Rice or Nasi Lemak... however, I do like thick Laksa gravy…Ikan's Laksa gravy isnt as think as I would like it to be. I do not think that there are any other great Singapore cuisine here in Manchester.- Constance Chiu
    • The New Emperor, Manchester, UK
      The New Emperor - Manchester China Town, George Street Dim Sum is authentic, and £10 per person can get you loads, from chicken feet, pork rib rice, chee cheong fun with huge shrimps, etc etc. Century Porridge is excellent! I think this restaurant is simply brilliant! - Constance Chiu
    • Shark Fin Soup
      I just discovered, there is one stall at Pasir Panjang Hawker Centre selling Shark fin soup at $5/bowl and not bad. - Food lover
    • Turtle soup and Turtle Bak kwa???
      for those who truly relish turtle soup, head down to this well-kept secret called Ocean King's House of Turtle Specialities at 62 South Bridge Road (across from Boat Quay). Park in the Hong Kong street car park and walk the 10 metres round the junction bend.
      Must try the turtle steamboat, turtle curry, turtle claypot or you will regret it badly. If you are friendly with the boss Ah Guan, (a very unassuming chap) he will let you toast with a special turtle liqueur. He doesn't use any artificial flavouring but herbs, salt and sugar, and the family has been in the business for about 30 years. As he rears his own freshwater (non-endangered)turtles, my conscience was pacified. The local folk will start hanging outside his restaurant from about 4.30pm each day, so please don't crowd over because I like to hang out there as well?
      Unbelievable - try his turtle bak kwa - only one in the world! - Felix Lee
    • Chicken biryani in Vancouver, Canada
      Personalized Catering and Confectionary Ltd in Vancouver Canada...they have excellent Chicken Biryani...much like the ones we get back in Singapore....where the basmati rice is cooked with saffron rather than Punjabi style that is so commonly available in Canada....they are at 604-322-3334 ask for Rizwan or Zeinul. = Philip in Vancouver BC, Canada. - Philip Seah
    • Halal food outlet located in Perth, Western Australia
      Check out 428 William Street in Perth, Western Australia. The restaurant is called Bittz Cafe and is owned by 2 brothers originally from Singapore. Currently doing a mixture of Japanese and Malaysian food, including A1 Curry Laksa, Ayam Golek and Nasi Lemak. It's located opposite the Perth Mosque and it's a halal outlet as well.. - Chee Woon Poh
    • Spaghetti sold by hawker
      Came across this hawker centre selling hand-made spaghetti.Is located in Sembawang Hill Food Centre along Upp Thomson Road. This particular is facing the residential estate (don know the unit). Taste not bad. - Stella Tan
    • Nonya light meals
      1st floor corner makan place in Coronation Plaza, Dunearn Road. Students from nearby schools like the bubble teas & japanese bentos. But foodies like me enjoy the very good pohpiah and kuey pai tee (trust me I am Nonya with Melaka connections, I know) And very decent laksa lemak and meesiam. Wash down with good brewed coffee. Bonus are the friendly aunties who (wo)man the place. - Jackie Chan.
    • Fish Noodle Soup
      Ship Restaurant, 4th floor of Shaw Centre. Very generous portion of perfectly fried fish pieces, served separately from noodles so they're still crunchy. Milky soup has both ginger & kian chye. Only served at lunch daily except Thursday. Value for money set lunch price of $10.50 includes tea/coffee and dessert. If you go Tuesday the dessert is goreng pisang fried in yummy crispy batter & with condensed milk dip. Sinful.
      Also among the set lunch specials, excellent chicken curry (also 10.50) This comes with soup of the day, plus tea/coffee and dessert. The curry is served with achar, keropok and salt egg. - Jackie Chan
    • Dimsum Buffet
      There's this dim sum buffet at harbourfront shopping centre, at this restaurant called dragon gate restaurant, must take lift C or D, as only either C or D goes to the entrance of it. The price is around $16, and it's from 12.30 - 2.30. it's not bad, if you like to eat har kau, siu mai etc. the desserts are also not bad. You can ask other people for their opinion on this place. - Ryan Teo
    • Charcoal Teri's Japanese teppenyaki
      oh ya.forgot to tell you about this nice place, along thomson rd, before thomson plaza. It's a japanese teppenyaki restaurant. The service is homely and friendly, and the food's not bad. The prices are also resonable. Recommended dishes are the chicken salad, grilled saba.. The chicken salad comes in a big bowl, so it's advisable to share. The restaurant is called "Charcoal Teri's". - Ryan Teo (oct 2005)
    • Great Food in Texas
      • The best chinese restaurant in Arlington has to be at King BBQ. The Wanton Mee is not only cheaper than First BBQ(which is across the street), it is also much better tasting and the portion is bigger too!
        You MUST try the roast duck, char siu and roast chicken at King BBQ. The Pi-Pa Duck is also fabulous. Cripsy and nice, with not too much fats. One thing to note though, when you order the char siu, you'll find that sometimes all you get is the fats and ligaments. To avoid such a scenerio, make sure you tell them that you want the lean cut.
        Their veggies are great, especially the Kang Kong. Request for it to be cooked the "Malaysia" way and they will fix it up with dried shrimps and some belacan.
        This is also the ONLY restaurant to serve FREE desserts (tong shui) after your dinner! And it varies from red bean soup to almond tofu.
        They open til 2am on Fridays and Saturday...the best place to go for supper after a late night movie! - Yiling Ho
      • For a more local flair, check out Lion City Cafe in Plano. At the junction of Plano & Custer, the food is good but a little pricy. They can be a little heavy on the MSG so be sure to let them know if you want omit it. Their Curry Puffs is seriously BIG. The price went up a little, but for those abroad, what's a little bit more to enjoy and sink your teeth into a crispy, fat, stuffed curry puff?
        Singapore favs include, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee, Char Kuey Teow, Chlli Crabs (but the crabs are not the Sri Lanka crabs!), Mee Siam, Laska, Mee Rebus etc... - Yiling Ho
      • The best Dim Sum in my books is at Kirin Court @ Richardson. The atmosphere and food is excellent, very crowded on Saturdays and Sunday for lunch. Dim Sum daily though but the weekends are still the best. Prices are reasonable and portions are good. You'll also appreciate the big flat screen TV that are plastered around the restaurant. - Yiling Ho
      • Best Egg Tarts (Dan Tat) - Maria's Bakery. It's along the service road of Hwy 75. Can't miss it. the baker is from Hk and he has had years of experience. his cakes are good too and they are only available via custom order. When you walk into ths bakery it may not look that great and there isn't really anything in the display shelfs but most pple just go straight up and order the egg tarts and cakes - birthday cakes, weddings cakes..any cakes. - Yiling Ho
    • Teck Whye Crescent pork/intestine Porridge
      Am always not a big fan of pork porridge, however I like to highly recommend the pork and intestine porridge located at Blk 145, Tech Whye Crescent. The stall is open for breakfast, from morning till lunchtime. It usually sold out by 1pm. The coffeeshop is located opposite Mcdonald. Porridge is cook at right texture, with taste perfection. It literally just melts in your mouth, with the right mixed of ingredient, and seasonings. Not too watery and coarse, unlike many stall I had tried. The ingredients are fresh and prices are reasonable. Try the pork and intestine porridge, or the mixed combo (pork, century eggs, intestine, egg and dash of cuttlefish). Just tell the auntie you like to have everything in, or you can customize what you like to have in your porridge. Just tell your auntie, and will be cooked and served for you. Price range from $2. Try it!!!!! - Len Tan
    • Lee Kee Goreng Pisang at taman Jurong
      Check out the Lee Kee Goreng Pisang stall at the new Taman Jurong Food Centre. It's a pity that it was located on the 3rd floor at one far corner. But I tell you, the Goreng Pisang is the best in town. I especially like the tapioca and green bean. The towkay told me, his wife made them. - Olivia
    • Bishan Ah Hao Fried Kway Teow
      I've known this Fried Kway Teow stall in Bishan area, are you interested?
      This stall have Black & White fried kway teow and I've tried the white one cos for so many fried kway teow I've tried was black one, and I've never tried the white one. And guess what? Taste really super good!
      The food is not oily, and they use white eggs to fried. Furthermore, they served with betel leave on plate, and they also have phone ordering facility too..
      You can go to their website at: Ah Hao Fried Kway Teow to check it out. No Joke! Die Die Must Try! You definitely will agree with me if you have tried the White Fried Kway Teow. - Lin Teo
    • Penang Garden, San Francisco, US
      I would like to contribute to the dining list in San Francisco / Bay Area. This restaurant is in Chinatown and they have a lot of delicious local food. I would give a grade 7.5/10. It is good and suthentic but the taste is not as good as those in Singapore or Malaysia. The chefs come from Malaysia but owner is from Hongkong. It also a very good place to find thoes thick and fragrant coffee and tea (just like thoes you will get from a coffee shop in Singapore).
      Penang Garden
      (415) 296-7878
      728 Washington St
      San Francisco, CA 94108
      - Erina Wong
    • Mushroom Steamboat
      The restaurant is near the Indoor Stadium, Kallang. They've another outlet at Orchard Point, OG. It's called Mushroom Pot. - Koala
    • Popiah DIY
      Good Chance Popiah (ex Aliwal street self wrap popiah) is now at Jalan Bukit Merah (near Kampong Bahru side) in a shop below the flats, beside the Sikh Temple, almost directly opposite SGH's A&E just across the road. - Koala
    • Singapore food in Tokyo
      For people who miss Singapore Food when in Japan, check out the newly opened Singapore Restaurant serving Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa and Bak Kut Teh and many more. This restaurant was opened by a Singaporean who has worked in Tokyo for 16 years and now with her passion for Singapore cuisine, she had decided to quit her job and open a Singapore Cuisine Restaurant.
      Try the food there and it is as original as what you found here in Singapore. Check out this URL : - Boon San Chia
    • Spaghetti sold by a hawker
      There is a stal serving pastas at Bt Timah Food Ctr. Think is named SIEN. - Andrew Ong
    • Hougang oyster omelette
      I have tried many recommended stalls around but find none as satisfying as this one in a Coffee shop at Hougang Ave 3 Market (old Tampiness market). The store is operated by a couple where the husband fry omelette and the wife fry 'Chay Kuey Tiao'. The price ranged from $3-$5. The oyster is not too big (generous portion) and so you will not be sick eating a packet by yourself. You must ask the uncle to fry it more crispy if not if there is a queue, the outcome will not be as good (I always remember to tell him). Another secret lies with the chilli where freshly grated gralic is added (ask for it!! Sometimes they packed without it). Tender, juicy oysters, fried with crispy eggs (and tapioca flour) matched with power chilli sauce. What else can you ask for? - Kenneth 2
    • Sabah Cuisine
      Bukit Batok Coffee Shop (BLk 155)
      First & Exclusive Sabah Cuisine in Singapore @ Sabah Noodles House ?Sabah Pork Noodles and Sabah Yu Sheng (Blk 155, Bukit Batok St 11)
      • (1) Sabah Pork Noodles (Dry/ Soup)
        - Noodles/Bee Hoon/ Kway Teow served with special-seasoned Pork, Liver and Sweet Intestine.
        - Bee Hoon with a different & unique taste texture imported from Malaysia
        - Dry Noodles/ Bee Hoon/ Kway Teow are accompanied by a special sauce
        - Thinly sliced Pork and Liver are seasoned with a secret recipe to deliver a soft and tender taste
        - Tastiness from the Soup comes from generous serving of Pig bones brewed over a long period over charcoal
        - Specially prepared Chili Dip completes the Cuisine.
      • (2) Sabah Yu Sheng
        - Fresh Grouper prepared with special seasoning to provide a unique taste of sweet, sour and spicy - Julie Chiam
    • Queenstown blk 40A Food Centre - Recommended Food:
      • Char Kuay Teow open everyday except Sunday from 5pm to 10pm. Expect a long queue every time you want to eat. Price range from $2 no egg, $2.5 with egg, $3 with egg and extra cockle.
      • 2nd Food: Fried Hokkien Mee. Nice texture with good amount of ingredients. Price range from $2.5, $3, $5 and $10. store name I don't know. It located at corner, beside the fried 'you tiao' store.
      • 3rd Food: Western Food. A must try is the chicken cutlet, price at $5.5, I think? Located just beside the fried 'you tiao' store. Store name call 'ye lei xiang' in chinese pronunciation. Open Monday to Thursday only.
      • Lastly: Fish Ball Noodle. Store name I don't know. Two lady handle the store, one fat lady take order one thin lady prepared the noodle to be served. Price range from $2, $2.5 and $3.- Ng Cheekai
    • Marina Square vegetarian
      Wow, the main Marina food court has moved to the fourth level after Marina Centre's upgrading, and the whole area is now pretty fantastic. The food court faces the Eslpanade and the Bay, giving customers a pleasant view. The vegetarian stall holds the widest variety of dishes I've come across. You can order a few dishes with the rice or bee hoon. They also offer brown rice for the health conscious. In addition there are also set meals. My personal favourite is the pork ribs rice, along with additional vegetarian dishes. Prices are very, extremely reasonable. Just like food court prices. I strongly recommend this place. Its just to the right of the escalators going up to the food court. Be sure to sit towards the left of the food court to get a great view of the Bay. You can even sit outside, on the balcony area. - Prabhjit
    • Ghim Moh hawker centre Char Kway Teow
      Under ghim moh hawker centre, there was a recommendation "Char Kuay Teow - don't know the name but it's next to the chicken rice and you can't miss it coz' it's the only one and there's always a queue?"
      This is very disappointing because in my opinion, this stall's char kuay teow is terrible. Many are queuing up because they saw a queue and therefore the food must be good. In short, they are queuing for queuing sake! I know this store because I worked nearby. Whenever I see all those people queuing up, I really pity them because they can’t differentiate the bad from the good.
      This stall was featured in a TV food program which further enhance its reputation and attracted more patrons. During filming, the cook cooks each plate of Char Kuay Teow individually and it may have been good. But it is not so when you are there now. I have patronised this stall a few times just to make sure I was not mistaken. This is what happens: the cook will cook a LARGE wok of Char Kuay Teow and scoop it into a big container. Then he scooped a portion and refry them again adding chilli etc depending on the order. This is NOT the way to cook Char Kuay Teow. It may be efficient but it is the wrong way and affects the taste totally. Char Kuay Teow must be cooked individually or at most 2 or 3 plates and not more. This is because the most important step is to control the wok hei?i.e. the fire?or the temperature.
      I urged all those who are still eating there on a regular basis to do this. First visit a truly good Char Kuay Teow stall and remember the taste. Next go to the Ghim Moh market stall and taste their Kuay Teow. The difference is very obvious and you’ll never patronised the Ghim Moh stall again, not until they be honest and produce the right quality for their customers. Char Kuay Teow is an important dish for Singaporeans ?let do justice with it and not accept any watered down version.
      Please feel free to post the above in your website so others can be educated too. Thank you. - Stephen Lim
    • Coffee and tea
      Chinatown Complex Hawker Stall #02-109 serves very tasty hong kong style ice lemon tea and "yuan yang". I'm a coffee drinker and somehow I was addicted to the coffee at this stall. The aroma was great ! For coffee drinker, this stall deserves a try ! - Shirley Kong
    • Wontan Noodles
      Toa Payoh Lorong 2 Blk 125 coffee shop serves very good won tan noodles. This old couple has been in this trade for a long time. During lunch time, you can see most people are eating their won tan noodles. Soup base is fantastic ! It reminds me of my childhood time where I can only taste this kind of soup from the hawker at the back lane ! They only charge S$2 a bowl.. - Shirley Kong
    • Toa Payoh Lorong 8 market Carrot cake.
      There's a stall selling char tao kuay (either black or white) by this fat man. He is running the stall alone, frying plus serving. His char tao kuay is not so oily and very tasty ! Only selling at S$1.50 ! Give it a try ! - Shirley Kong
    • Tampines Prata
      Saffron @ Tampines St 22. This place serves one of the best roti prata especially when dipped in its great tasting fish curry and sambal. Tip of the day: Make sure you order the infamous the tarik! Wat more can I say! - Eddin Mohamad
    • Tai Wah Pork Noodles (Hill Street)that was located at Marina Square
      It has been found! Quality still good as before. They are at:
      Blk 466 Crawford Lane
      #01-12 Singapore 190465
      Tai Hwa Eating House
      Near Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Building and Lavender MRT - Chris Chia
    • West Coast Market blk 151 Mutton Soup
      The chinese mutton soup is the best I have yet to find another better. Don't know to stall number - forgotten. They also sells Bah Kut The. BUT not as good as the Mutton Shop with Chinese herbs. Must try to appreciate. - Leonard
    • Nonya New York
      Was at Nonya 29th of April. (2005) Ordered : Curry Chicken, some sting ray (not the dry BBQ version), rendang, char kway teow, roti canai. Curry chicken, was nice but not the coconut and lots of gravy variety. This is kind of dry and meat was I think pre-fried, but was good. If you are getting this dish skip the beef randang coz its all nearly the same. The sting ray, steamed was good. The roti canai, you can skip if you are ordering other stuff, not impressed, not cripsy, it was thin and tough. It was very very crowded on Friday, I was there before 8pm. Reservations advised during busy days and hours for big groups and do not be late or else your table would be given away and you end up waiting anyways ( happened to some guy who was there). Service was ok, people were hectic and rushing around but were not rude or anything like that. I would definitely go there again. If you read my reviews of Restoran Malaysia in Canada, this is slightly better. - J Danial
    • Hall of Shame - Russian Restaurant at Far East shopping Centre
      We were supposed to have a surprise farewell gathering at a supposedly glam restaurant, at far east shopping centre, called the Shashlik Restaurant - a Russian restaurant.
      Anyway, the disaster came during ordering. Because many of us didn’t have the money to eat at such an expensive restaurant, we decided to order something really small -- the appetizers. We planned to order an appetizer each, just for the sake of ordering something, and the waiter was like really impatient.
      Waiter: ok take your order
      Us: errm... ok.. We want 3 Russian salads,..
      Waiter: .. Hurry up order.. No time already (I mean what’s he rushing off to? The restaurant was not bustling with customers! ) Hurry up.. So what do u all want?
      Us: and errm (hesitating because v embarrassed.. ) 2 fresh mushroom... That's all.
      Waiter: What? You all want some more? The serving of mushroom is very little only you know? ( U can tell he's like getting more n more irritated with us.. )
      Us: that's it.. No more..
      And he stomps off to pester others to hurry up order too.. HURRY HURRY! For what huh? We got so angry after that! Ok.. Even if we did order very little, how can they be so rude? (And it's not like we ate really little, because the total bill was like hundred and fifty plus) Then came the surprise cake.. Guess who got the surprise? US!
      The lady cut the burning cake - it was supposed to burn in flames.. But we didn’t even get to see that. Only saw the burnt cream - quietly at one corner because she did not inform us that the cake had come.
      By the time we noticed, it was too late. A friend told the lady that it was supposed to be a birthday cake. Duh. The lady actually had the cheek to get angry. She said :"I was cutting here all along. How do I know that it was supposed to be a birthday cake! No one told me."
      We said we didn’t know the cake was here already and by the time we saw, it was already half cut. Then she got real pissed n said in a rude manner: "You don expect me to bring the cake here and say Your cake is here right!" Yes we expected. Just like what ordinary people would expect.
      Talk about bad service. I'm never going there again. NEVER AGAIN. I hope they close down. We shouldn’t have paid the service charge. I mean, service?? What service? - Clair
    • Market Street Carpark muslim food
      Check out the POWER Mee Rebus & Lontong in this newly established Nasi Padang coffee shop at Market Street Carpark (next to Cecil Street, opposite Robinson Towers). Called 18 Aroma, the shop is like a mini food centre - Nasi Padang with 40 over variety of dishes on the right habd corner, crispy prata and "never-before seen" prata roll in the centre, Noodle shop with power Mee Rebus, Mee Soto next to it and all kinds of favourite Malay kuehs & drink stall on the left hand corner. Fully packed everyday during lunch time - this is a die die must try place for food lovers & CBD workers looking for a fresh change from the normal range of food shops around town area. - suhaimi yusof2
    • Hall of Shame - XO Fish Head Noodles
      With regards to XO Fish Head Noodles at Holland Drive posted on Hall of Shame, I've somemore to add on. I've visited the shop in around June 2004 with at least 15 of my CCA friends. We requested to add 2 more tables as 1 table of diameter approximately 1m is definitely not enough for 15 people. The boss then asked us if we're all eating his stall's food and continued, "If 15 of you here and only 10 are eating my stall's food and the rest of the 5 eat Wan Ton noodle or Chicken rice, what business do I have?" Mind you, he said that in a very rude manner. He only allowed us to add 1 more table and we even had to move the tables and chairs ourselves, talk about service! We decided to leave the stall and he didn't even stop us. I think that the shop owner thinks that his XO Fish Head Noodles are of big deal. - Meng Yen
    • Canada Makan
      • Kam's Place
        advertised as a Singaporean restaurant on Davie Street. unfortunately, the cuisine lacks authenticity and a limited selection of local food. the mee goreng we ordered turned out to be pretty much noodles and ketchup. granted portions are large, and lunch specials are cheap. - waKoh
      • Lai Wah Heen
        excellent Hong Kong cuisine located at 108 Chestnut Street Toronto, in the Metropolitan Hotel (just south of Dundas, between Bay Street and University Avenue). A somewhat pricey restaurant but well worth the quality of food offered. the dim sum is very good. no problems with service. - waKoh
    • New York makan
      In my close to two yrs living in Manhattan, I found two restaurants serving authentic Singapore/M'sian style food. The first is Nonya on Grand Street in Chinatown. It's got everything from Hainanese Chicken Rice to Roti Prata to Pulut Hitam (yummy) and they tasted just like from home. The other is New Malaysian Restaurant, also in Chinatown. Aside from Chicken Curry and Duck Curry, they also have Sambal Stingray and Sambal Kangkong -which Nonya has too.
      There's a restaurant in Chinatown call Singapore Cafe- and its name Singapore in chinese was spelt wrongly, I've never been in that restaurant. - Fiona Ong
    • North Indian Buffet
      Mehfil Restaurant at Tras Street. Was there for their lunch buffet - the tandoori chicken is just marvelous. The meat is still tender and juicy. The lamb and briyani rice are also nicely done. Service is excellent. The buffet lunch is only available Mon - Fridays, at $10 per pax. - JaniceTheMenace
    • Los Angeles USA
      Belacan Grill
      2701 190th Street
      Redondo Beach, CA 90278
      (310) 370-1831
      has the whole menu for malaysian food....pretty good..
    • Indonesian Buffet
      Indonesian Restaurant- The Rice Table
      Delicious buffet dinner! It has 3 branches.. The one located at Suntec, Tower 2 #03-28 is not bad, but you've got to make a resevation in advance, preferably 2 days before.. Coz it's always full house, especially on weekends & the buffet is simply worth it ($18.90++) about $22 per pax when the bill comes. The buffet consists of 18 types of indo. Dishes; serve ALL at once when you are seated. The servings are quite small, BUT you can order more if you can't get enough of any particular dish, free flow of rice (all no extra charges). fried chicken, curry chicken, prawns, kang kong, sayar lodeh, beef, otah, fruits salad, soup, fried tofu, beancurd, chips etc.. Can't remember all
      The atmosphere is nice, albeit noisy when it's crowded with people. Hey! And also, there's lunch buffet- the food is the same, just that it consist of 14 types (I think) & cheaper. Overall, Thumbs Up! Tel: 6333 0248 - Wang Huiwen
    • Makan Abroad Washington area, USA
      Just an addition to the list of Makan Abroad:
      • There is a good HK style wonton noodles / char siew / roast duck place, pronounced as Foo Key in Cantonese. It is also located at the Viers Mill Road / University Blvd corner. Prices are about US $6+ for wonton noodles, and about US $10+ for a plate of mixed roasts.
      • A good Dim Sum place is Yee Tung (cantonese pronouciation) along East West Highway. Take Georgia Road (exit from Beltway 495), go south, turn right at Colesville Road, turn left at next junction into East West Highway. Turn right again immediately after the petrol station. Yee Tung is on your right. Mamma Lucia on the left. I think it costs about US $10-15 per person for dimsum. - christabel lee
    • Hokkien Mee at Jalan Besar
      I would definitely (with my life) recommend this Hokkien Mee stall for all food lover. Even if you feel neutral about Hokkien Mee, this is a DIE DIE must try stall.
      It's located at Jalan Besar, just directly right infront of Jalan Besar Plaza (a very deserted complex). Going there is easy with Farrer Park MRT station.The mee is just so mouthwatering by simply thinking about it!!! It's HOT, not too wet nor dry, generous amount of ingredients, EXCELLENT balachan chilli, resonable price (S$3) and the stall owners are super friendly! What else can you ask for? They even got a website i think ""
      Oh yes if this is interesting for you: Andy Lau even went specially to try their mee. (READ: SPECIALLY). - Fu XiangChun
    • Popiah at Toah Payao lor 7
      I would like to recommend you a popiah stall that recommended by so many people even newpapers and some companies... old long house popiah at toa payoh lor 7. My friend brought me there and I tried it, I am now like a popiah addictor with them!!!
      Believe it or not. You try it and you will know. - Doreen 2
    • Holland Drive muslim food
      Dear Food Lovers,
      Recently my family and I went to Blk 44 Holland Drive (Food Center) during the Chinese New Year Holiday (1st and 2nd day) to makan. We have gone to the end stall at Unit 02-10, I cannot really recall the stall name but partially like Nor Makan Stall. We ordered different dishes in order to try.
      They serve lontong, mee rebus, nasi lemak, mee siam and others. To our suprise the stall do not cut on ingredients. The food was very delicious. I bet the way they cook is an original version but not the today version which have been modified a lot. What I came to know from customer around there is once in a while they sell different types of food e.g. Laksa Thai, Soto, Spagetthi and even Putu Mayam!. They open early and close Every Friday only. I guess nowadays, Nasi Lemak and others can be served the whole day.
      Unfortunately I asked my hubby to buy some packed food from them but they were close and according to the neighbour there they closed due to outside cathering. I hope that all of your would patronize the stall and give it a try. And let us pray that the stall would open every day and can satisfy my craving for original traditional food. Hmmmmmmm...... - Shasha
    • Crawford Lane Western food
      A great stall for Western Food, many varitiescheap and nice... by famous chef..... you can't get the same western food in normal hawker or coffeeshop....( unless you go restaurant ) Got good pork ribs as good as Tony Romas...
      Address: Blk 466, crawford lane..
      They also do Hainanese Mutton Soup... Mei Teo
    • NTU Canteen 2 Nonya Kueh
      There's a nonya stall in NTU canteen 2, one of those giant-pushcart-lookalikes. Homemade curry puffs, risoles, kuihs, cakes and other tea time snacks. And the lady boss is always coming up with new items every now and then. I've tried every single item on the menu and ALL have satisfied! My famly even comes down on saturdays just to have breakfast. Definitely good stuff!! - Michelle Joy
    • Seah Street Halal Cafe
      There is a halal cafe called Al Khatib Cafe situated at 34 Seah St just behind Raffles's been around for approximately 8 years and the food is quite nice. Not many people know about it maybe because it like hidden in between chinese cafes.....from bras basah complex, just follow the traffic light towards the exit facing raffles hotel,walk straight down and u'll find they also do and drinks are hbd price although they are in the town area...try it... maasalamah..- Noor Fadilah
    • Singapore Baba Restaurant in Edmonton, Canada
      My name is Daniel Quek, and I started the Singapore Baba Restaurant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1992. We re-located to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1999. It is opinion of many food critics - that this is a fine restaurant. We are regularly rated very high - including 5-stars awards and named top restaurants of the years. I thought it will be a good idea, if you could let your readers know that there is a truely "Singaporean operated, serving authentic Singapore's bests cuisine" here in Edmonton. Our address is :
      10121 151 Street,
      Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. T5P 1T5.
      Tel: (780) 415-5656.
      For write up on our restaurant. CBC Radio Edmonton, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Calgary Herald, Sun, etc.
    • Thai Catering
      I have tried this Orchid Thai catering who serve Thai food at your place. Very authentic and convenient, no need to go restaurant to have Thai food. - Peter
    • Joo Chiat Chicken Pie
      If you are a fan of chicken pies like me, you definitely must NOT give the BOULEVARD CHICKEN PIE shop along Joo Chiat road a miss!! These are the most delicious chicken pies I have tasted in my 26 years!
      Let me tell you why...firstly, the pies come in 3 sizes - SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE, it all depends on how hungry you are at the point of time. Do not attempt the LARGE chicken pie if you are not that hungry, it's really huge and full of chicken chunks in a yummy potato sauce!
      Definitely should be eaten as a main meal, not a snack,and at only $3.50, it beats all the pies I have tried at all the cafes in singapore!! Wonderful!
      The SMALL n MEDIUM pies cost $1.50 and $2.50 respectively, and not to worry, the fillings are still pretty office used to be near the shop, but now we've moved...I crave for it very often and none of the other ones can match this! :O( sigh... if only they have a delivery service!!! - Genyth Tan
    • My recommended eats for London :
      • Halal food :
        • Malaysia Hall - Now has moved to Queensborough Terrace, off Bayswater Road. You know it is the right place since there is flag right outside. The canteen is in the basement. Good selection of nasi padang, very good mee goreng and there's prata, nasi lemak and teh tarik too.
        • Best Kebab in Bayswater
          A few paces off Queensway Tube station (on Central Line), there's a kebab/shawarma place called Taza. Just follow the queues. I recommend the mixed lamb/chicken shawarma, which has lovely shavings of met, stuffed into a pitta, grill under a panini pan and then stuffed with veg and their garlic and chilli sauce.
        • Best Indian
          At Khan's in Bayswater again. Come out of the tube station, turn left and walk right up to the end of the road. Pass Whiteley's shopping centre. You'll come to a t-junction and it is on your right. Very very good butter chicken and briyani. Skip the chicken jalfrezi unless you are into hot hot hot big time.
        • Meshwar Restaurant, Edgware Road
          It's a lebanese restaurant and they do a mean roast chicken with seasoned rice. Nothing like singapore chicken rice lah. Roast chicken so so but the rice is something else man?I still haven't figure out what they put in it. Opt to eat at the part nearer the entrance. The seats at the back carries a premium service rate!
      • Other good places:
        • Four Seasons at Bayswater
          Four Seasons at Bayswater again (I think now you know where I hang out..) For superb duck rice. Lovely fatty duck rice with delicious sauce. The seafood noodles are very good too although the service is very abrupt.
        • Bugis Restaurant (at Gloucester Tube station, Piccadilly line)
          Authentic hainanese chicken rice and laksa. I eat their chicken rice once a month to keep sane. Skip the satay - they use minced meat and deep-fry it instead of grilling. Where got shiok?
        • Belgo's
          There's a number of branches but the one in Covent garden is the most central. Worth going for lunch since it get really really busy during dinner. Recommend reservations for dinner. The mussels are first class and the chips (fries) are good. But save some room for dessert. The crème brulee is superb.
        • Hakkasan
          For those who have loads of money, I highly recommend Hakkasan, off Tottenham Court Road. Very fancy and stylish place and the food is to die for. Lots of flashy types. Good dim sum and fresh fish. There is a dish of spare ribs with chocolate sauce (not as disgusting as it sounds. It is very good really).
        • La Bouchee
          French - try La Bouchee along Old Brompton Road. Very good coq au vin, steak and frites. The set menu is good but I would advise splashing out on the ala carte. It's well worth it.
        • Tootsies Also Tootsies - which again has lots of brances in London. Good burger joint and I like the fact they give their relishes in a container so you can help yourselves to them.

        All the above had been tested on unsuspecting and critical Singaporeans frens and family who came over and all got the thumbs up. hehhehehehe - Amin Nora
    • Raffles Cafe San Francisco
      In your Makan Abroad column, particularly USA SF Bay Area Eats, Raffles Cafe has folded its business sometime ago. They have the most authentic Singaporean food served in the Bay Area. It is sad. Anyway, the Singaporean and Malaysian rest. is owned by a group of M'sian. Their Mee Siam is horrible. The problem with Asian American food is they like to use Fish Sauce in every soup based dishes. Thanks. - Valarie Kuan
    • Best Mee Siam
      I would like to recommend this place that serves in my own opinion one of the best mee siam that I have ever tried.
      Location : Takashimaya Food Court
      Name of store : Indonesian And Malay Cusine
      Price : Very reasonable (consider it to be a orchard food court standard) Serving : Pretty generous
      The soup is terrific, its not too spicy (but if u want it to be spicy u can add chilli to it) and the soup has the correct amount of sweet and sourness. Most importantly the soup is not as oily as compared to those sold outside. Its mouthwatering even when you see them prepare the food. - Jimmy Foo
    • Lion City Restaurant
      Been to this place 2 times, only because I thought it was the only one of 2 places in the Greater Toronto Area, prices arent exactly low and the food isnt exactly fantastic. The fried oysters are appalling at best, the rendang is... well if theres nothing else out there it would have to do. I really do not think it is worth the terribly long drive. Esp in GTA traffic.
      Theres another place downtown called Matahari Grill, opened by some Malaysian guy, too expensive , tiny portions, well its on Baldwin Street so go figure. I would suggest avoiding this place.
      As for Restoran Malaysian in Richmond Hill, I must say the food is pretty good, better value and taste then say Lion City or Matahari Grill. Large portions and reasonably priced up to say $10 bucks CAD. Its malaysian style but the quality is there, be prepared to smell like the food you eat when you leave.
      Theres a place for simple fast roti canai (or as we call it prata) its not flat its made crispy.. hard to describe, but its in Metro Square, on Steeles west of Warden. Located in a Food Court. They serve hainan chicken rice, I dunt think its any good tho for that. The roti canai tho is nice n crispy the curry is good, the quality and texture of the meat though is not certain, when I first started going there it was terribly good, nowadays not so much, but the curry gravy is consistent.
      J DANIEL from Singapore living in Toronto.
    • Greenland Vegetarian
      Opposite Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre
      Upper Serangoon Road, Peng Nam Centre (map)
      Recommend Dish : Mokeup Roast Goose, Banana Flovour Spring Rolls, Veg Sharp Fin Soup. where I taste best.... Barry Soon
    • Indian Vegetarian
      There is a Indian Food Restaurant called Maharaja Orchard in Orchard Rd(near Centre Pt.).
      Its address is 39 Cuppage terrace, Orchard Rd, Singapore. Phone no: 6732 6331.
      So Get down at Somerset MRT station and reach Centre Point and ask for Cuppage Terrace. Its 5 minute walk from Centre Point. It serves good indian vegetarian food along with non-veg food also. Prices are at the higher end. - Pravesh Kumar TEJAN
    • Best mee pok stall
      Just to add into the menu, you may like to try the one along Jalan Datuk, at the corner coffee shop. Be prepared to wait, not for those who are in the hurry. Bring something to read whilst waiting. - monk8888 (Nov 2004)
    • Lost
      Anyone knows where the new outlet of French food that used to be in Victoria Hawker ctr?
      Plus, I heard of a restaurant serving Mushroom Steamboat. Anyone knows? Pl email me.
    • 3-in-1 buffet lunch @ $8.80 net
      these row of shophouses is next to the junction, is located btw paya lebar methodist church n paya lebar post office, opposite Upper SErangoon Shopping centre, directly opposite the telephone house
      3-in-1 comprises of soup/deep fried/BBQ at the price of $8.80nett, even on Sun n PH
      Address :
      Lion City steamboat
      No 35 Teck chye terrace Se 545733
      Tel 6286 1206
      suggest to call b4 going, cause there may be a full house booking for private function happy feasting - wspuah
    • New York Nonya Restaurant
      I am a Singaporean living in NY. In fact, I was just at Nonya yesterday. I have to say that I'm surprised by Fifi's disappointing experience there. Here are the usual items I order when I'm there:
      1. Roti Canai (really, it's roti prata lah) but prettygood!
      2. Hainanese Chicken Rice.. as good as one can get so very far away from Singapore.
      3. Wonton Mee -Dry Version. The soup version isn't that fabulous, but the dry one.. sedap!
      4. Double Boil Duck Soup with noodles.. the noodles is not what I would put into the soup, but the soup sure tastes like my mom's home made version
      5. Chilli crabs... not exactly the same, but much better than expected
      6. Kangkong Blachan! Very authentic and very spicy!
      There are definitely some items that aren't that great, but I usually have a blast when I'm there. plus, given that this is in New York City, Nonya's pricing is absolutely affordable!
      Another restaurant to try - HUP KEE in NYC chinatown, next to the famed Woh Hup (though the latter was disappointing). HUP KEE's roast duck is fabulous! Never once disappointing. The Pai Kuat (spare ribs) is sedap!! - Clara Turner Nov 2004
    • Chee cheong fun KL style Just to introduce you to a new stall in Singapore. It is a new taste originated from KL. i have tried the food and i like them. One of my friend's small business which is selling special Zhu Chang Fen with Niang Dou Fu. with an unique taste of sauce.
      Located @ Blk 531A #02-17 Hong Lim Food Centre ( behind Chinatown Point). must try ok. - Serena Yeo
    • Amoy Street Food Centre Or Nee
      There's a new stall selling orr nee for 7 months liao, so popular it's even featured on TV. Guess u dun even know it exist. - Michael
    • Tiong Bahru Lor Mee
      Lor Mee at Tiong Bahru shifted to Bukit Batok Neighbourhood 1 BLK 516 - nancy
    • Hall of shame - Wasabi at Compass Point
      September 2004
      Just my encounter:
      I was there with a few of my friends after a whole day tiring sea activities. Basically, the reason why we walked in was because it has the least queue compared to the rest of the food establishments in the building.... wrong move.
      We sat down, ordered our food, and I ordered a tofu and a curry chicken rice (japanese style). We could see that they have quite a bz night, so we didn't really hurry them. One by one, my friends had their order, except me. Well, I thought that mine need a longer time to prepare. Then to my dismay, the table next to us who arrived had their orders arriving as well, one by one, till they had it all. Then adjacent across, there's another table who receives their food, and they too arrived after us.
      Sensing abit wrong, I asked the waitress (who happens to be standing around doing nothing). She went in and in less than 5 second later, I was told that the food is in process. That was 20 minutes after I first given them my order. Well, okie, I've waited again, for another 20 minutes. Then my friend asked another waiter. Same answer. At that point of time, it was pretty obvious that I will not get my Curry Chicken rice. So, I asked to see the manager. I did not. A senior staff came to us. I complaint to her about how long I waited for my food, and how other people got their order before us, and asked to cancel my order. NOT A WORD OF APOLOGISE FROM HER, just a simple :" I go and check". Well she didn't. She loitered around the counter, and seems to tell the cashier something. So, we decided enough is enough. We walked up to the cashier, and that cashier gave us that kind of face as if we had murdered her whole family, in another words, UTTLERLY RUDENESS. Anyway, the saga ended here and we knew from that point of time that that's the first and the last time we step foot into that very restaurant of terror. If you want to have a good jap food, you have one more place to strike off your list.
      Vincent T
    • Chilli Mee at Stall 59 Beach Road Food Centre
      You may be interested to check out this unique staall serving Chilli mee - must try to believe. I have been a customer since the 60's as a small boy till today with kids. Your stomach may take a few times to get used to the special chilli and not too expensive too. It brings back memories when I taste the chilli mee. What a way to go back in time when we were young?
      It's not the usual mee pok with special chilli.
      Various types of dry Noodle topped with Chilli(mixed with various stuff) and come with some ingredients eg prawns/bak tuk. They started selling near Chong Cheng School in Aliwal Street many many years ago before moving to current place. There was a former stall holder next to them(corner) who tried to imitate thier chilli mee unsuccessfully and close down. This guy is a grand father now and still working hard. Wonder he will market his secret recipe one day as I don't see their kids will pick up the trade. The soup from Prawn mee is good too. - Alex ce.
    • Tiong Bahru Market Satay Bee Hoon
      I want to recommed this store in Tiong Bahru Market that sells Satay Bee Hoon. During the day the store sells the famous Kok Brother's Pig Organ Soup, at night they sell Satay Bee Hoon. The store name is Kok Brother's Satay Bee Hoon. - Jie Ling
    • Makan San Diego, USA
      Some updates since my last email back in 1999.
      For San Diego, there is a new Chinese restaurant that has really good food. It is the China Max. They have a web site: Check it out. It is a little small and there is always a line when you visit during dinner hours. Do try the Peking duck and it is really good! Price is reasonable given the quality of the dishes. The address there is
      4698 Convoy Street #C101
      San Diego, CA 92111
      Also, Joshua Lam's recommendation is no longer valid. The restaurant has new ownership and it is NOT worth visiting. No more Char Kway Teow and other Singaporean food.
      There is really no Singaporean food in San Diego though there are several pretty good Chinese restaurants around. One of them is Dede's 4647 Convoy St, #101C, San Diego. It is Szechuan Style spicy food, very good! There is a crispy fish dish with tomato ketchup that is very good. My children love them! In fact, the whole family love it. If you are interested in finding the majority of Chinese restaurants in San Diego, go to this web page: - Lim Tee Yong (jul 2004)
    • Secret Garden at Sculpture House 161 Middle Road
      This place has quite a nice ambience, which was the reason why I brought my friends there. Since it was my friend's birthday, we bought a Swensen's ice cream cake and brought it to the restaurant. I asked the waiter if we could store the cake in the chiller, and was told that there was a charge of $10 for small cakes and $20 for big cakes if we were to place it in the chiller. Since it was outrageously ridiculous (I thought), we decided not to store it in the chiller.
      However, when my friend settled the bill, they charged him $10 under 'cake charge'. As I was already out of the restaurant, the waiter told my friend that he had already informed me. When my friend came out with the bill, I was totally shocked, cos they did NOT mention anything about any charges for consuming the cake there. I was very sure that all the waiter/waitress saw us the cake on the table. But NONE of them told us that there was a cake charge of $10 if we ate it at the restaurant. If we knew that was the case, we would not even think of consuming the cake there! - boycotter of secret garden
    • Victoria Street Jin Soon(Fried Oyster, Char Kway Tiao, Carrot Cake, Fried Hokkien Mee & Oyster Omelete). This is all the items that this store is selling.. The fried oyster and carrot cake have the tradition taste that i can hardly find in local.. The oyster is fresh and big and the chilli is best of the best.. Is fragrant and there nothing much i can compare. The Char Kway Tiao is slippery and bit of oil and when you shallow it, you will never forget the taste. If i were to give stars, out of 10 i will give 10.. It is located at Victorial Street next to Allson hotel. Best Try!!! - Ichi Ban
    • Tiong Bahru and River Valley Chicken Rice
      I find these two stalls quite good. 1) Tiong Bahru Market/Hawker Ctr . 2) 5-Star Chicken Rice @ River Valley Road - Martin Gregory Goh
    • Chwee Kway
      How can noone know about the Chwee Kway in Bedok North Blk 85. Its the best! Everyone that I have introduced to, said its worth the wait and they kept going back for more. - Joanne Ong
    • Looking for ...
      Hawker selling spaghetti, durian buffet at $3.00, Satay chilli crab, yellow noodle recipe ... please mail me.
    • Wah kueh
      There's one here at block 163 Bukit Merah Central, #02-52. There's also a fish soup/seafood soup with yam/white rice with queue here ... just at the opposite roll (corner one) bowl colour is Green Soup Bowl with Red rice bowl. - Dorothy Cheung
    • East Cost Doner kebab
      Theres a place selling 'wraps' behind the east coast park mcdonalds. basically doner kebabs, but they have pizza too, reasonable priced! They hv an avaocado dip there that is really good, it is served with turkish bread. its very good, though do ask for the bread to be warmed before eating it, cause i got mine a bit cold. - Johnny
    • Kallang Airport Hawker Centre
      I think you had miss out these two special stall at Blk 51 kallang Airport Hawker Centre one own by father the other own by the son.Father cooked varieties of small dishes only from $3 and the fried rice is just super and best of all the fried kway teow is better than non-vegetarian one which had people quening.The stall food is cheap and nice and were recommended by many paper and magazines year ago.The stall manage by the son serve fried oyster ,carrot just as good as non-vegetarian food.And they are the first to serve western food and first to be recommended by U channel and also chinese newpaper.The fried Hokkien mee and yau tau foo are just tasty to make you go again. - Joe
    • SF Bay Area - Raffles Cafe
      I just thought you should put in an entry for a great Singaporean restaurant in the SF Bay Area, based in Fremont - the Raffles Cafe. They have a web-page,
      Based on an informal poll of Singaporeans in the Bay Area who have sampled most of the SG and MY restaurants available, the Raffles is the most authentic Singaporean restaurant. The Straits Cafe has sold out and is too 'ang-moh'. Shiok is going the same way - it has become more accomodating to the western palate. Raffles on the other hand, is uncompromisingly Singaporean. No fancy decor to fool impressionable Palo Alto lawyers, no fancy $60 a bottle Chardonnay to go with its signature dishes, the Raffles is as close as the real thing as you can get on the US West Coast. The white chai tow kway is as good as any in Singapore. It offers deep fried sotong in black sauce, something very hard to find overseas, and their home-made sambal blachan is as real as it can get. For westerners who are daring and who want to discern the subtle difference between Singaporean and Malaysian cooking, check out the Banana Leaf (best Malaysian restaurant in the Bay Area) and then contrast it with the Raffles.
      The one thing abt the Raffles Cafe is its poor location, situated on a dowdy and less trafficked part of Fremont Boulevard. As a result it is not too well-known and business has suffered. I heard they are planning to move to the Peninsula where there is a larger pool of people who eat out and try exotic foods, and this may improve their visibility. One hopes that in going upmarket they will not sacrifice their adherence to cooking food in the authentic Singaporean hawker tradition: screw the carbos and cholesterol, life is short anyway, so eat and enjoy. - LC
    • Vegetarian - Joo Chiat Rd and Chinatown
      Lu Qing Qing vegetarian restaurant. Serves good porridge and home-made noodles. Chinatown branch is slighty pricier than Joo Chiat as it has better ambient and very well decorated, it also serves dim sum. Nice and unique food. Their chicken rice is suberb! Price is about $5/$6 onwards. Very well-recommended. - Tracy
    • Vegetarian - Fortune Centre
      Next to Guan Yin Temple. Lots of Vegetarian stalls in there, good place to venture about. Not pricey at all. Even sells vegetarian ingredients if you want to cook. - Tracy
    • Vegetarian - Jalan Besar Vegetarian Stalls
      Near Kitchener St, sells Yong Tau Foo, Laksa, Noodles, Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Zhi Cha, etc. In the evening, Teochew Porridge, zhi cha and lots of restaurant like foods. Used to have a prata stall, think it's closed now. Price is reasonable like any other hawker prices. - Tracy
    • 24 hour Vegetarian Stall
      Ang Mo Kio St 61. Famous for its Dried Fishball Noodles. Only $2.50. Serves also Laksa, Mee Rebus, Kuay Chup. Good for late night supper. - Tracy
    • Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food
      Vegetarian food for people on a healthier diet. Though not much variety on the menu, its taste is just as delicious as any normal food, yet not too oily nor salty. Located at 8 Smith Street in Chinatown, it usually serves brown rice with organic cooked vegetables, plus desserts and snacks. The menu for each day is created by the owner Mdm Wong and her husband, usually different everyday. She would test and create new recipes for more choices. Price is very reasonable, less than $10 for a set meal. Very friendly boss and service. Recommended for good healthy being. - Tracy
    • Makan Abroad: Satay Ria Restaurant Toronto
      4350 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, ON L3R9V4 (905) 947-0003
      Have any one of you tried this place. It is not bad I like the Sambal Kankung and Roti Parata. Of course the fish head curry is not the same. Located at the Pacific Mall. - Navina Senaratne Mar 2004
    • After 12: Tiong Bahru Road Tze-char
      Sin Hoi San Eating House @ Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road. Excellent "Tze-char". Opens till 5am?This place is so popular that u get see a lot of HK singers & film stars patronising this place from time to time.. Alan Tham, Anita Yuen, Andy Lau, Faye Wang, Grasshoppers, Beyond, etc were just to name a few. Signature dishes are : Prawn Paste Chicken, Butter Oats Prawn, Pai Ku Wang (Pork Ribs), Chilli Crab, Live Drunken Prawns, Kung Bao Tian Ji (Frogs fried in dried chilli) - Martin Gregory Goh
    • Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Hu and Curry Chicken
      Hi, I just recently got introduced to your website, and am excited because I am a food lover. I This is my first contribution. There is one new place that you must give a try.
      Zi Jia Ren at 38 Sago St - Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Hu and Curry Chicken
      The yong tau hu is hand made every morning by this nice old lady who owns the shop. Very fresh. The important part is the minced meat made with fish, pork and onions. Yum! The curry chicken is my favourite, much better than the stuff you eat at Marina South. Very thick and spicy, and the chicken is cooked to the point where the meats sort of slides off the bone. It is a must try!
      By the way, she also serves Pig trotters in Vinegar on the side. You know, the stuff that women love. Very good also! - Mel
    • Carrot Cake
      In Chinatown hawker centre, other than the famous steam carrot and Yam cake that sell only 2 hours in the late afternoon. I would like to recommend one fried carrot cake that is very good and cheap ($2). It is run by only a single madam. Heard it has almost a history of 20 years; since the opening of this hawker centre. On Sunday morning there is always a long queue. Try the white fried as it can bring out the carrot aroma. Location is (think is) 02-184 beside a coffee drink stall opposite the stair that goes up to the carpark and down to the wet market. So different and so try it if you want real traditional taste .. - mags
    • Restoran Malaysia, Toronto
      Hi folks, Being living here for the last 14 yrs and finally a Malaysian n S'porean restuarant was opened "Restoran Malaysia". Very nice Rojak and Roti Prata. The owner was ex-Johorian and the taste was really excellent. I would highly recommend anybody visiting Toronto to come to Richmond Hill town and try it !. The Hainan chicken rice "baey tahan", very good. Here is the address for it :
      Restoran Malaysia
      815 Major Mackenzie Dr East
      Richmond Hill, Toronto
      By the way, don't forget to try out their "tae tarak", very good lah !! - Winston Chan
    • Hall of Shame. Happy Pay Steamboat at bugis
      Basically i've been going to this place a few times and the soup and food have been ok, considering the fact that i work around that area and i don't have to travel so far for steamboat. They open till 1 am.
      This restaurant is opened by hongkees and that was not a problem but beacause of this event, i've come to realise that they were not prepared to serve 'us' singaporeans' demand.
      I went there at 11pm one night. They were lack of workers and we had to wait for so long for our utensils that in the end we had to get it ourselves.
      We took our orders and waited, at the mean time we helped ourselves to the salad bar, there was not much left, the vegetable salad looked as if they were beaten by a thunderstorm. I managed to pick up very few good pieces. The soup used to be better but due to its recent advertising and i think they have been having a better amount of customers they had not enough soup and it was very thin. They must have just added water to keep it going. But all these were good enough for me. I did not complain.
      When i was almost full and still waiting for the dishes i ordered half an hour ago they told me that the lamb slices , fish, duck and etc.... has ran out. I was quite diappointed that what i came to have was no longer available. But when i asked the lady boss about why didnt they tell us before we sat down, she yelled at me saying that 'am i here to make trouble'. I was stunned to hear her sudden attack. So that is the catch - i was just wondering why did they still serve the customers to sit and when they no longer have meat and other main ingredients for the buffet.
      She then ran in and told her husband about us and came out saying in a very unsatisfied manner that she can only give us a $2 off. I was not interested in the money but at least her attitude should have been better. Her husband stormed to us and yelled if we were making trouble? What an entrance when me and my colleges wanted was a happy meal. He started yelling and speaking in cantonese ( he can't speak chinese and english well) and even insulted my friend about her not having a father to teach her manners Oh and did i mentioned that before we could begin to tell him what we customers were unhappy about, just after he stormed to us saying if we wanted to create trouble he also switched off the pot and pulled the plug. The man then said if we want we can give him a punch or two. I found this amusing for him saying to 3 females. It was just like talking to a kindergarden kid. Even their malaysian waiters were so much better by apologising to us and smiling. The boss and his wife then asked us to leave.
      They never think that the customers may be furious over bad service, bad food or potential food poisoning. That if the customer was not Sim Wong Hoo but a very bad-tempered and violence-prone teenager, who could cause a small riot in the restaurant. This was my worse experienced and beyond my lowest expectations that a restaurant that i frequent would have such mannered bosses. I guess these people are not ready to serve Singaporeans and their demanding expectations. First thing first, they should not serve us if they were not ready to even give us what was on the menu, not 1 dish but at least 5 main dishes. Would you pay $18.90 eating a buffet serving only mainly beef, canned luncheoned meat and meat balls as meat dishes? - mish
    • Woodlands Hokkien Mee
      This well known old man who fried one of the best hokkien prawn mee is now back at the same old place at block 306 GC Eating House Woodlands Road. Prices starting from S$3 upwards. Try it and you will keep coming back. Eat while the food is hot and you will love this. - Koh Hua Hong (2003 Oct)
    • Upper Paya Lebar Road Claypot fish head steamboat and claypot dish
      Hi, have you guys hear of the new one in town located at No 145 Upper Paya Lebar Road in - Family Eating House, there is a claypot stall name Le Le Claypot kitchen serve all dishes in claypot, it taste yummy and cheap - must really try it with no regret. And they do sell claypot fish head steamboat at only $25 serve in the big claypot and it taste real good.
      I had accidentally found out this stall with my friends once we were looking for something special and there we tried the food there it really worth and the coffee shop is bright and clean, and best of all I think the claypot stall has a excellent serving attitude, my friends all do agree with me, so guys you must really check it out. - Poh (2003 Oct)
    • Coffee Club in Siglap
      Fellow coffee lovers, had a strange experience at coffee club in siglap.The staff is lazy and always try to tell customers they are closed even though there is still some time left to closing. The manager there should be a bouncer instead and has to mind his own business. When will service in singapore ever improve ? B.S.
    • Ngoh Hiang at Pagoda Street
      I like to share with you that I hav etried soem nice curry chicken from Lucky Lucky restaurant at Pagoda street which they serve as one of the dishes and also their Ngo hiang. Even better than Beng Hiang at Upper cross street. - Alan & Jacqueline (2003)
    • Tropical Hut at NTUC Lifestyle World Resort
      I came across this new age vegetarian stall called Tropical Hut at NTUC Lifestyle World Resort during my stay. The food there is very fresh and only cook or fried upon order. The fried fish rice is extremely fantastic. The fish so crispy and gravy on the rice is my favourite. This stall is so different from those vegetarian stalls outside. Must try !!!! - Ah Khoon (Oct 2003)
    • Toa Payoh Lor 1 Bah Chor Mee
      I refer to smDragon’s review of the bak chor mee in Toa Payoh Lor 1 next to the wet market. I couldn’t agree more that it is one of the best, traditional teochew bak chor mee around.
      The bak chor mee, especially mee pok dry, tastes great with the flavourful mushrooms, generous dash of vinegar and crispy tau pok (fried lard). The noodles are also al-dente and not overcooked. However, it is the heavenly chilli sauce which makes all the difference. My Malaysian friends who are working in Singapore said this stall’s bak chor mee would be one dish they would miss when they return home.
      This hawker centre (it’s Blk 132 or 130) would be demolished soon this coming December and the hawkers are relocating to the newly constructed centre behind. The bak chor mee uncle said he would operate in the daytime as well in the evenings when they relocate. And like smDragon, I hope uncle will put some tee po (dried solefish) and also maintain the same prices when he moves! - EpicureanSg
    • Lion City, Canada
      After reading the recomendations, my wife and I had Hokkien Mee (S'pore style), Sambal Prawns, Belechan Kangkong, Laksa and took home, Mee Siam and Fried Beehoon. SHIOK. Prices are reasonable and generous servings. So far the best Singapore taste in Canada. Worth the 30min drive.Serves some Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and kueh kueh Open 7 days a week. Tel: 905 - 2810860. Give it a try. - Allen Chopard (July 2003)
    • Hill Street Food Centre lime drink
      Where has the "Sour lemon (China) Drink stall from Hill Street Food Centre ,gone to ? Would appreciate feedback from anyone ! Mat at e-mail Thanks
    • RIP-OFF WITH INSULT Nasta - Inn Nasi Padang
      July 2003
      Stall # 2, Blk 43 Holland Drive # 01-75 (in front of the large car park next to the Bus Terminal)
      Coffee shop's name: Tian Ze Food Village

      Manned by a macik & a young woman with tudung who sizes up a customer for rip-off. She does this by her shifty flitting eyes sizing up the prey. She fleeces $2.20 for a pack of nasi lemak containing:
      1. one small bowl of coconut ice
      2. one sunny side egg,
      3. 3 small fried ikan kunning of < 8cm,
      4. 2 slices of cucumber (requested no chilli)
      5. no disposable spoon
      6. brown paper wrapping
      When requested to account for the $2.20, the young woman said: " Everything expensive, market got $1.00 one" pointing insultingly towards the market next door with an agitated look.
      It is not the amount but the ATTITUDE! This is not a case of fleecing a few cents but one that is done with "the world owes me a living" insolent attitude that it is her right to do so when she thinks a customer could afford it.
      Compare this with Ghim Moh Hawker Centre (supposedly a slightly more expensive area across the Malaysian railway line), or a standard $1.90 pack one gets:
      1. hefty serving of rice (usually one bowl plus)
      2. one sunny side up egg
      3. one fried chicken wing
      4. one fish cake ( 4 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm) or one > 10 cm fried ikan kunning
      5. ikan bilis with ground nuts - 2 table spoons
      6. two slices of cucumber (more if asked)
      7. a disposable spoon
      8. brown paper wrapping
      Most of the nasi lemak sellers (about 8 stalls) at Ghim Moh are very friendly versus this young woman who sells her food according to who she thinks she could dupe. - Leonard

    • XO Fish Head Noodles at Holland Drive (june 2003)
      I just patronise the coffeeshop that sells the famous fish head noodles at Holland Drive last evening. I was horrified to pay $14 ($12 for the noodles and $2 for plastic container for takeaway fish head noodles as they only charge $10 for everything last month. It seems to me that last month was still within the SARS outbreak month and they lowered the price and then raise the price this month. This is deem as ridiculous and dishonest. The service is bad and the servers are rather snobbish. I will not patronise the stall again!!!! And please let the public know about this as well!
    • Lion City. Mississauga, Ontario
      Recently visited Lion City in Mississauga, Ontario. Now, this is the most authentic Singaporean restaurant I've ever eaten at in the whole of Canada. The restaurant serves the most wonderful Hainanese Chicken Rice (boneless!) with the actual chili sauce and tau-yu. Other dishes that make me think of home are Ju Eng Chye, Bak Chang, Laksa, Nyonya kueh, Char Kway Teow, Char Hor Fun (like National Library style), Rojak, Pineapple Tarts, Singapore Chili Crab, Sayur Lodeh and many other Singaporean dishes. If you feel you miss home, just go to Lion City and eat there. - Celine Tan ca (April 2003)
      Lion City Restaurant
      1177 Central Parkway West, Unit 70
      Mississauga, Ontario
    • Frog Leg Porridge
      I would like to recommend a stall in Bedok North 85 market selling Frog Leg Porridge. the stall number is #01-224. Not only they have frog leg porridge, they also have fried chilli frog legs and fried frog legs with Ginger & Onion. It tasted good compared to other stalls in Bedok Area. Best.....for.....value?David Tan 2
    • Cantonese porridage
      One new stall, TIONG BAHRU PORRIDGE, serves great Cantonese-styled, restaurant-like quality porridge with a wide assortment of ingredients in a most valued way. With 46 years of tradition behind, the porridge is so smooth, well-blended broth and strong fragrance. There is a great variety of porridge to choose from. The mixture of pig organs is my favourite. You can always aim for fish, cuttlefish, beef, egg, and chicken. Just at 24-hours Teck Hin Eating House (near Clementi Bus Interchange).
      Best for night owls like me! :) - Kenneth Yap
    • Tian Why Tian Fish head Steamboat at Serangoon Road.
      9 Feb 2003 Justed wanted to share with your readers about my horrific experience at this eatery tonight. They served us rotten fish ! When I made a complaint, the staff insisted that they were not able to obtain fresh fishes during this Chinese New Year Period. No apology was offered. Instead they expected us to continue eating the digusting tasting and smelly fish ! I however insisted that they take the whole steamboat back because we caould not eat such rotten stuff. If they can eat, then finish it themselves ! Not only is the service BAD, we had to wait more than an hour for the ROTTEN food to be served ! We also saw a customer from one table having a very heated arguement with the staff about serving another table first while he had arrived earlier.
    • Catering in Vancouver
      Personalized Catering and Confectionary Ltd in Vancouver Canada...they have excellent Chicken Biryani...much like the ones we get back in Singapore....where the basmati rice is cooked with saffron rather than Punjabi style that is so commonly available in Canada....they are at 604-322-3334 ask for Rizwan or Zeinul. - - Philip Seah
    • Muslim Halal buffet
      The best Muslim Halal buffet is at Royal Plaza on the Scotts. Their mouth watering steamed prawns comes with salad cream. Fresh big oysters are my favourite!!! Yummy! About $45 per person after +++. But you must try or you will really regret! - Sabrina Wong
    • Japanese Buffet @ Marina Square
      Hi I would love to recommend the Japanese Buffet at (Tokyo.Sin). Its located at Marina Square. But be warned, the first round is always good. But when I ordered the second round, I felt that the standard dropped. Don't know why? But go check it out! First round....order till they drop........hahaha (means order more in your first round) The waiter / waitress will try to discourage you when you are placing your orders, so ignore them! Just eat all you can! :) - Sabrina Wong
    • Laksa yong tau foo
      This place I know was by chance I came across. It is selling 'laksa yong tau foo'. At $2.00 a bowl, it is cheap and good. The stall is located at a remote corner without English name signboard. Literally translated, it is called 'Wu Kee' @ Chinatown Complex, Blk 335, Smith Street, #02-057. - Koh Kok-Kian
    • Scottish restaurant
      There is a great Scottish restaurant at the Goodwood Hotel called the "Gordon Grill" Quite expensive but worth it for a special occasion. - Steve (from Central Scotland working in Singapore)
    • The Banana leaf apolo
      54, race course road. This is place is a shit of a place. Price costly, casheir a f--- indian girl, B------, is very unpolite. Beware of this place. - Santhi
    • Punggol Marina Seafood Restaurant
      Kindly place this in your Makan Hall of warn others before it's too late!
      Both me and my hubby made a reservation at Ponggol Marina Seafood Restaurant for lunch. We were enticed by the ad " Sundays Lunch Only...Good Food, Good Service, Good view...Ala Carte Buffet with a Full Sea View...Adult: S$22.80". Well, for a change of ambience why not. We travelled all the way and these are the unexpected:
      1) Staff ignored us upon our arrival, we have to hunt for someone's attention
      2) We were ushered to a corner seat next to the hot, greasy kitchen and fish tanks and like it was too much trouble for the staff
      3) We asked for a better seat instead we were told all were taken while most were empty
      4) We were then ushered to a table which was not set-up and was resting against a wall in just as bad a location as the first table.
      5) A group of family came. The waitress turned her attention towards the family. We left but none of their staff tried to stop us.
      Punggol Marina Seafood Restaurant not only tarnish their own name but also the unfortunate Marina Club that has to share the same roof as them. It wasn't a sea view but just a little inlet. So my advice to the rest of you guys, don't waste your time to travel all the way and be tricked by their gimmicks! - A H
    • Turkish Vegetarian Halal
      We operate a Turkish Restaurant at 4 Murray St, Murray Food Alley on Maxwell Road and do a number of vegetarian Halal dishes. Please visit our web site at for more information
    • Charcoal Steamboat
      wonder if this is wat u r lookg for... several stalls at whampoa market hawker ctr sells fish steamboat (yu2 tou1 lu2) w the fish head (or fish slices) + veg + yam all dumped inside, not the ala carte type.
    • First Thai, Purvis Street
      I don't see anybody posting about FIRST THAI in Purvis street. Definitely a fave place for everybody ! the food is so authentic ! at first we used to see the Thai family who run the business but now seems that they've been replaced by local-staffs but the food is still as authentic as before ! the place is cozy, all food is recommendable, no exception ! you need not to go to Thailand to get a very yummy thai food at your door step. Forget the rest 2 air-con Thai restos nearby ! unless you are a spoilt air-con brat ! cheers?Myrtha
    • Brindavan Restaurant, Madras Street next to Madras Hotel
      There is a great vegetarian buffet near little India. It's called Brindavan Restaurant, in Madras Street (next to Madras Hotel). For only $6.50 nett, you get unusual Indian dishes made with mock meat! Curry chicken, mutton kurma, sambal fish, chicken rice, briyani, fried noodles, prata, spicy tofu, rendang, vegetables, puri... The menu varies daily. And there's also dessert! The place is not very big, but cosy and comfortable. The owners are also very friendly. I go there at least once every two weeks. I think the place is non-profit, so pls support! Open Mon-Sat 12-9pm (I think), Sunday 12-4pm. - Weipeng Ho
    • Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 siew laap(Cantonese Roast Meat)
      Would like to recommend: Hong City Stall at Blk 408, AMK Ave 10 coffee-shop selling Duck/Char Siew/Roasted Pork Rice. I have been eating its roasted stuff since 15 years ago. The staff-holder has just moved to this location recently (around Oct 02). The duck meat is the roasted kind with slightly crispy skin. Juicy & tender! Many would love the roasted pork with crispy skin. The dark and sweet Char Siew has been the best that I've tried so far!! The thickness of the dark gravy is excellent too! YUMMY!! - Lin

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