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What's halal all about? Take a look at these articles provided by MUIS - the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.

Halal food but serves alcohol
I'm worried about the latest trend of muslim-run eateries that says their food is halal but serves alcohol on their premises. I've been to a few and its appalling that muslims asked if the food is halal but didn't think twice about drinking alcohol. Halal does not only mean muslim slaughtered meat but more to purity of food and the establishments the food are served in. True muslims should boycott these places to sent the message to the owner that they should know their basic fundamentals of being muslim. - Stockwatch

  • Where can I find halal vegetarian food? I always have headache when catering food for my colleagues who are Muslim and also vegetarian. Thanks. - Penny.
  • I am at my wits during year end functions as to what to get for my staff's vast food restraints from muslim food to non-spicy chinese food and vegetarians as well. Is there a one-stop restaurant for which could cater to all these needs? - Ophelia Loh

Chinese New Year Fish Salad - Lo Hei

Magic Wok at Capitol Building serves halal New Year fish salad. Those celebrating with your muslim friends and colleague, give it a try.

  • Alexadra Village Hawker Centre
    in alexandra, behind the row of shophouses directly opposite queensway is a hawker centre. near the toilet is a muslim stall with a green sign, run by two Indian men. the food is consistently tasty, and cheap. the number of fellow customers increase every time i go back there. recommended: mee hoon goreng ikan bilis putih, with a bowl of kambing soup - sedap... they close by 11 or 12 though. directly opposite this indian muslim stall is a stall called Glorious - serves trishaw laksa(non muslim) for a buck if you feel like a snack. not bad as well- kevlar says (oct 2002)
  • American-style deli
    Rather nice deco, great sandwiches. U can order sandwiches in ur choice of breads, like croissants, bagels, etc. They serve a variety of drinks too. Reasonably priced, with rather large portions served with crisps. The name is Garden Sandwich, I think... @ 18 Bali Lane. - suz
  • Bencoolen street
    Fig and Olive
    There's this place called Fig & Olive. The outlet that I went to was at Bencoolen Street. It sells superbly nice yet affordable halal Western Food. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Pasta (or something like that.. one of it's recommendations). The chicken was flavourful and grilled to perfection. The pasta was light and complemented the grilled chicken well. You can get dishes that are less than $10 over there. Majority of the dishes are lesser than $20. Moreover, the ambience and furniture of the place is very nice. The service was great as well. It's on top of mt list of favourite eateries!! - suhaily
  • Bedok Interchange
    just wanna let u guys know that at Bedok Interchange, the hawker centre there serves great Mee Soto. The stall selling it is Inspirasi stall. Oh, another stall that sells Chicken rice is also excellent. The name of the stall is Minhad. Hope this information is useful, thats all. - Zuraina
  • Best Halal Food By the River
    I've been to this riverside restaurant just this week and I simply fell in love with the food and the ambience. This restaurant is Deli Aneka, the Riverwalk (by the riverside, in between Boat Quay and Clarke Quay) This is simply the best Muslim food I've ever tasted in my 25 years of life!!! and I mean it. They served VERY GOOD Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Mee Soto, Malay Chicken Rice and Nasi Lemak. And best of all, these food are at hawker prices..... on average $3 only. It is more than worth it, considering the satisfaction you're getting from the good food. Most suitable for the office and working class in Raffles Place and North Bridge Road. The ambience is superb too. Air-con, riverside and quite classy..... go there at nite too.... to get away from the hussle of Boat and Clarke Quay. Highly recommended by my friends too (about 6) who were there with me!!! Simply No regrets. Got to try it and recommend to all my fellow Singaporeans and specially the Muslims. - Alvin Lim
    Note: The restaurant has moved since Jan 99 ... new location will be posted the moment it's available.
  • I love Wak Lan Food Fiesta at Bedok Central hawker centre. I think the block no. is 216. Anyway, I love the Mee Rebus, Mee Siam and Mee Soup. Oh and the 'kuehs' are all soooo delicious! Cheap Cheap Cheap - Nelly (oct 2002)
  • Black Pepper crab and Beef Ginger with Mushroom
    • Teck Whye Block 12 Coffeeshop
      Another coffeeshop that I always frequent is Teck Whye Coffeeshop Blk 12. I like all the seafood dishes sold there especially the Black Pepper Crab and Beef Ginger with mushroom. It is open from 7.00 pm till midnight. - Zarina
  • Chicken Rice
    • Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
      Tanglin Coffeeshop - Blk 26-1, Commonwealth Road
      I went to this coffeshop once and they sell "Halal Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice. The side dish include vege and chicken feet skin (a kind of cold dish). - Zarina
    • Best Halal Chicken Rice
      The name is Deli Aneka (just open this week). Got to highly recommend this Halal Chicken Rice too at The Riverwalk (just across the road of Boat Quay - by the river too). Cheap and tasty at only $3. The rice is very fragrant and the chicken is excellent and most of all the surrounding and ambience is superb.... with air con and al fresco dining choice! - Jeff
      Note: The restaurant has moved since Jan 99 ... new location will be posted the moment it's available.
    • The best Malay Chicken Rice I ever tried is located at block 1 brickwork coffee shop.just behind SAFRA Bukit Merah. Husband & wife team try their Chop Choy Soup...Oh!Laaaaa! don't forget the tahu goreng also! - Khairullah Bin Abdullah (dec 2000)
  • Chinese Food
    • Hawa Restaurant - Paya Leba
      There is one stall rather a famous one at paya lebar road in front of The singtel's called Hawa restaurant. All muslims who yearn For chinese food should give this a try!!!!! - Banu
    • I ate there since I was a young man, great food. especially the crabs. owned by chinese, but they know what malays like. near Paya Lebar Mrt i think any malay cabby should know the place. I think they have a branch in bedok south too, i think it's at blk 18, not too sure. be sure to check it out - rhami
    • Cahaya - Far East Plaza, Level 5.
      Hey! This is especially 4 all those Muslim surferz who has been wantin' 2 know how Chinese Food tastes like; & the best place 4 u guys 2 savour these HALAL Chinese Delicacies just drop by at Cahaya, in the heart of Orchard Road!! It's simply the best, but u gonna have 2 have some patience 2 get those seats though!!! But u won't regret it! That's a guarantee.... 4 starters, try the fried wanton & spring rolls!!! Yum! Yum! ... My stomach's growlin' already....*wink* - Hairina Abu Bakar
      Oooops! Forgot 2 tell ya people that it's open everyday from mornin' (not sure what time exactly...*sigh*) till about 9pm,.. so, hurry on down!!!!
    • Cahaya - Far East Plaza, Level 5.
      Best chinese muslim food....authentic. the wanton noodles comes thick in dark gravy and the sambal shiok man! unlike other chinese/muslim restaurants who serves wanton noodle in luminous orange and tasted sweet...yucks! Must try the popiah and char kway teow (though a bit greasy). A place to be seen as there are a lot of hip people here from those who has red hair and pierced eyebrows to those makciks in "tudung"! Must wait for seats....always crowded. - Kemboja
    • Eden in Changi (don't know exact location) Dim Muslim restaurant? Tasted great too plus wide variety. This place is well known for the seafood. very spicy. - Kemboja
      Direction: it's near Eunos MRT across the road from the mosque. along a row of shophouses. there's a buddhist(i think) temple around. - Farah Dean
    • Putri Dian - near Sultan Mosque
      Putri Dian along Muscat Road near Sultan Mosque. Serves really wonderful Chinese-style food at reasonable prices. However, portions are quite small lah. Besides that, I've no complaints. Really really good food. *droool droooool* - The halal consumer
    • Hawa Restaurant serves the best Chinese Muslim the best chili crabs and tomyam soup ... the nasi ayam also very good ... must go try and see...near City Plaza and Paya Lebar MRT I think ... - Saifuddin
  • Cocktails (advertising)
    Just wanna inform you that WarnaRia Cafe (The first Radio cafe of it's kind in Singapore) situated at Causeway Point 7th Floor is offering consumers COLOURFUL MOCKTAILS - an answer to Cocktails that usually use alcoholic ingredients. For further information, please visit - Suhaimi Yusof
  • Dumplings
    At times you can get halal dumplings at geylang market. - zila
  • High Tea
    • Royal Holiday Inn
      In Royal Holiday Inn, they used to serve halal high-tea so if you have Muslim friends, that may be a good place. - Teck Hoe
  • Holland Drive
    • Dear Food Lovers, Recently my family and I went to Blk 44 Holland Drive (Food Center) during the Chinese New Year Holiday (1st and 2nd day) to makan. We have gone to the end stall at Unit 02-10, I cannot really recall the stall name but partially like Nor Makan Stall. We ordered different dishes in order to try.
      They serve lontong, mee rebus, nasi lemak, mee siam and others. To our suprise the stall do not cut on ingredients. The food was very delicious. I bet the way they cook is an original version but not the today version which have been modified a lot. What I came to know from customer around there is once in a while they sell different types of food e.g. Laksa Thai, Soto, Spagetthi and even Putu Mayam!. They open early and close Every Friday only. I guess nowadays, Nasi Lemak and others can be served the whole day.
      Unfortunately I asked my hubby to buy some packed food from them but they were close and according to the neighbour there they closed due to outside cathering. I hope that all of your would patronize the stall and give it a try. And let us pray that the stall would open every day and can satisfy my craving for original traditional food. Hmmmmmmm...... - Shasha
  • Indian Rojak
    • Situated at the Prime Supermarket Food Hall in Tampines Central, the Indian Rojak is the BESTEST that I have ever tasted! Although unhealthy (though taste is what matters!!), they have never failed to satisfy my craving for Indian Rojak (I am now feeling really hungry telling you about this delectable food!!). There is a vast range of yummy ingredient choices which will be refried to make it crisp again. the companion sauce is just as lovely! It makes you want seconds!!! - Nona
  • Italian Food
    There is this halal italian resturant which is situated in a shophouse opposite Shaw Towers(Beach Road). I didn't take note of the name but the chef and owner appeared in the papers before. A look at the menu and found that prices are pretty reasonable. E.g $6.95 for a plate of sphagetti bou. and about $16.00 for a medium or large pizza?
    Walk further down and you will find a halal Chinese Chicken rice stall in a coffeeshop. Though nothing fantatistic, if you had enough of the Muslim version, try this authentic one! Business for them is extremely brisk! - Siew Hwee
    Update by Zaine: By the way the place Siew Hwee refers to is AMIRANS' CAFE they serve not only Italian food but also many other western food like sirloin steak, lamb chop, fish & chips and may more... by the way, it's at Liang Seah Street.
  • Labrador
    I work in the NAVY and sometimes, my shipmates and I will venture off to this little stretch of hawker stalls along the road leading into Labrador Park for muslim food. Scrap the prata stall as the gravy is thinner than Kate Moss but come lunch time, just grab yr chow from any of the muslim stalls there (incidentally, all stalls there are muslim) and U WILL get value for money. We swear by it although we try to refrain lately due to IPPT season. - Raymond 2 (jun 99)
  • Lontong Goreng
    To all you guys out there i invite all of you to try my Lontong Goreng at Gantino Baru in Woodlands Street 31. It's the spicy version of the carrot cake, See you there! - mohamad nazri
  • Malay Chicken Rice
    • West Coast Drive Food Centre - Helang Emas Chicken Rice
      Have you ever heard of black-pepper, honeyed or chillied chicken rice? No....then must try this one! Alamak....they are really good and be warned you could get hooked! Cheap too....$2.00 - $3.00 and additional rice cost you nothing! Next door to this stall, there is a makcik who serves mean "Yong Tau Fu"...the chilli can blow your mind away! Please note also that West Coast Drive food centre has long been an icon to the residents living in the west cause it has lots of good food here. - Kemboja
  • Malay Food
    • Basically, most of the Muslim restaurant in Singapore is good. But you can try the one at Bintang Timur or maybe at the Clarke Quay. Or you could got to Haig Road Hawker Centre for some delicious meal. - accura
    • Fadzliana Food Corner - Chai Chee Road, Blk 26A. It is inside Lai Hock Sing Snack Bar, Stall No. #01-403
      They come, they try it and they returned for more! Yes indeed this is true, as at Fadzliana, most of the customers did returned for more after their first taste of the food. (I know coz I did). The reasons for it is that the young and friendly husband and wife team have been cooking out delicious food like the Nasi Ayam, Gado Gado, Tahu Goreng, Soto Ayam and so much more...... Although they are not long in this food arena, but with the fine culinary skill mastered by the wife, they have gained their reputation fast. So stop looking further. Rush down NOW or the food is going to be totally sold out again!!!Economically-priced fantastic food. open from 11:00am - 8:00pm daily except Sunday(Closed). - Muslim food lover
    • Maimunah Restaurant at Jalan Pisang at Arab Street. They sell traditional Malay Food. Very yummy...... - Zarina
  • Malay Food - Good and Cheap
    • I think I had my first taste of Nasi Padang you featured (corner of NB Rd & Kandahar). A new-found friend invited us to his place and he had bought everything from this place (the photo you took looked like the fish I had) and I must say it is good. Pity he forgot to tar-pau the sambal!! - KC&Roz
    • Place : 67 Tras Street (off Tanjong Pagar Rd.) ( near Sunshine Hotel ) Specialty : Tahu Goreng & Gado-Gado and other traditional Malay food. The Tahu Goreng gravy is mixed and made on the spot when it is ordered so it is always fresh and it is only $2.00. One of the best in town. They offer good Nasi Padang too. Opening Hrs: 7.30 am to 7.30 pm . Close on Sunday & Public Holiday. - Kamal Mustajab
    • Singapore Polytechnic Canteen - Oooooh La La!! The Malay Food here is simply marvelicious! Authentic, Original Malay dishes like rendang, lemak tahu & sayur, acar, & don't forget 2 try the fried chicken!! They're simply the best!!! Just look 4 the longest queue during lunch hours(1130-1300)... and in the mornings and evenings, check out the mee rebus, mee soto & nasi lemak, too!! They are just great, what else can I say!!!*smiles* - Hairina Abu Bakar
    • Looking for mee siam or muslim food? Try Tampines Mall B1 inside NTUC supermart. Great taste & value too. Seating limited though. 1 Jun 97 - Pat
    • Try zam zam and Islamic, near the Sultan mosque. Food is fair priced and not fancy. - changyh
  • Malay Rice
    • Malay Rice Arab style - junction of North Bridege Rd. and Kandahar St. Nasi Pariaman- can't describe but you sometimes can see the Sultan of Johore's limousines buying - Ng Tian Khean
      - Go early for a seat. Their bbq chicken is first rate. - James Tan
    • Best Malay rice in town ! Best dishes : rendang, black sotong, sayur lodeh, and the fried chicken ! Arrive early to avoid disappointment cos store opens at 7.30pm and is normally sold out by 9pm ! Oh yes, you must take a number tag(like Doctors office)and wait patiently ! Good things come to those who wait ! - Winston Chua
  • Market Street
    • Check out the POWER Mee Rebus & Lontong in this newly established Nasi Padang coffee shop at Market Street Carpark (next to Cecil Street, opposite Robinson Towers). Called 18 Aroma, the shop is like a mini food centre - Nasi Padang with 40 over variety of dishes on the right habd corner, crispy prata and "never-before seen" prata roll in the centre, Noodle shop with power Mee Rebus, Mee Soto next to it and all kinds of favourite Malay kuehs & drink stall on the left hand corner. Fully packed everyday during lunch time - this is a die die must try place for food lovers & CBD workers looking for a fresh change from the normal range of food shops around town area. - suhaimi yusof2
  • Mee Rebus
    • Must try this food centre stall "Selera Kita" at the New Upper Changi food centre (opposite Tanah Merah condo), manned(?!) by this solitary fair Malay lady (very friendly when not pressured to churn endless plate after plate of shiokest mee rebus!) - cannot miss the stall - look out for the only queue.... - remy
    • I would like to share this malay muslim stall in 18 Gul St.3 canteen. Their Mee Rebus is fantastic, what with the rich gravy and just the right sprinkle of fried onion, fried beancurd and green chili to go along with. Their Mee or Mee-Hoon Soto is also heavenly, fabulous for the spicy food lover. With their skinless chicken strip, potato garnishing and not so oily soup, it is healthier than the others. - Wilson
  • Mee Soto
    • The mee soto at the Adam Road hawker center is simply heavenly, be sure to add extra chilli which is available at the place where you take your fork and spoons; and while you are there you might also want to try the mee rebus too, its good! - Lim Yeow Pang
  • Murtabak
    • I'm surprised to see no mention of the two murtabak restaurants which faces the Masjid Besar in Arab Street district. Since returning to Malaysia, I have yet to relive the murtabak experience of childhood in Kuala Lumpur {Restoran Syed murtabak may delight the taste buds of many Shah Alam people but it pales in comparison]. Now into married life, my missus who tried this gastronomic delight with me now makes it a obligatory event whenever we come down to Singapura. - Hisham
  • Mysore Mutton
    • I recently ate at the Islamic Restorant in South Bridge Road. The Malay Indians there have made the best Mysore Mutton I have ever eaten anywhere in the world. - Annette (dec 99)
  • Nasi Briyani
    • Alauddin nasi biyrani - at the food court of Tekka Centre. You cannot miss it. There's always a queue. Priced at $3.50 but worth it. Food is fresh as it is sold out quite fast. - KK Koh (oct 2002)
    • Best briyani rice i've ever had in my whole entire life! For just $3.00(Mutton) / $3.50 (Chicken) you will be 'GUARANTEED' satisfaction after trying it .When u order the briyani it will come with Achar(pickles),Dalcha(Thick veg gravy)&the mutton or chicken.I used to 'hang' around Adam Rd food centre and i think the stall(No 1)has been taken over by the daughter of the owner( I am so kepo,that i went round,round asking for info after seeing new faces).I think u should try eating there during lunch time,or else 'HABIS'/'FINISH'.I sware GO and TRY it NOW!!!!!!
      Briyani Fan Club - Devina
    • Let me recommend you the best briyani rice I've had recently. It is at Adam Road Food Centre stall no. 1. The chicken briyani rice is so DELICIOUSSSSSSS ! My girlfriend tried the mutton one and decided to pack 4 more packet for her family ... get up now and try, not too late ok or it's finished. - Robert Teo
    • Fried Chicken Briyani - V shiok- at the Amoy Street Hawker Centre - first staircase above the POSBank ATM near the sugarcane juice stall. - Alvin_Lim (jun 99)
    • I was just browsing thru the Changi Village wondering what to eat for the craving appetite. The saffron flavored Basmati Biriyani smell was sifting thru my taste buds and here was this stall with a small sign board calling itself "Kassim Baba" very next to a drinks stall called "Ali Baba". The Malay owner who owns both is the Biriyani chef and I found out this Biriyani is available only in the evenings and the taste satisfied the smell and vice versa. The price is very reasonable for the Basmati Biriyani and the owner prides by saying that it is the only shop selling Biriyani in the Changi Village. The Biriyani is a good fusion of Indian + Malay combination. I give a thumbs up. - Abdul H. Baqavi (apr 2000)
  • Nasi Padang
    • Nasi Padang at Emerald Food Court - Ah...good nasi padang served on banana leaves. This place serves restaurant quality nasi-padang at a fraction of the cost - $3.90 for rice+meat+2 side dishes. It is simply delicious. Go slightly before 12pm and you will get the freshest, hot food. Try their chilli cuttlefish and sambal belachan. - Kemboja
    • Lorong Mambong at Holland village opp. Chaplin's (used to be Java Jive). - Good variety of vegetables but the meat section is rather limited - Swee Bee
    • For excellent Indonesian food, few outlets can beat the well-known Rendevous (aka Hock Lee) Restaurant at City Hall MRT station (Westin Stamford Hotel area). The nasi Padang there is the best Indon grub you can ever find. I recommend it highly. It was once located at Dhoby Ghaut and used to be a favourite eatery for journalist in the 1950s. Price are a bit steep though. Lunch-time crowd fills the place up so it's best to go there just before 12pm or after 2pm when seats are available....Cheers.-..Collin.
      - If you can afford their sky high price. Go cheap and ask for their fried egg and beef rendang - James Tan
    • Check out the Indonesian nasi padang in Bussorah St near the Sultan Mosque. It's the best. And cheap! Avoid on Fridays as it's packed when the Mosque empties out. - Craig McLeod.
    • The Popular Janggot delicious Nasi Padang is now located at City Plaza Pelangi Foodcourt at #01-100/101. Popular since at Jln Pinang/The MALAY VILLAGE/ Tini Cafe he is now at City Plaza. His popular mouthwatering Dishes are: Beef Rendang, Gulai Lodeh Lemak, Ikan Bakar Terubok, Ikan Paes, Kuah Asam Pedas, Ayam Goreng, Telur Goreng Padang, Babat etc..and the 3 in 1 SAMBAL. He can be contacted for special reserved Orders at Janggot Hp:96266506. Air cond comfort and ample covered parking space within shopping complex. - Din Huzir (Nov 99)
  • Rojak
    • It is definitely halal and best of all, the food is served with a smile. Where else but at Clementi Town at a coffeeshop situated behind NTUC supermarket. Name... If I remember, should be Brothers Rojak. The servings are generous and they are smackin good. Prices start at $3.00 and are well worth the money. Try it today! - siewtiang chew
  • Roti Prata
    • This shop is located at Jalan Kayu. If you drive from Yio Chu Kang Road towards the TPE, you will find this shop at the end of the roll of shophouses on your right hand side.
      The food there seem to be better than the well known roti prata shop at Jalan Kayu. Their specialty, I beleived are the crispy and thin 'PAPER PRATA' & the 'TEH-CINO'(Tea version of teh Cupucino).
      Why not go down to have a look at the place and try out their Paper Prata. They are open 24 hrs but the pratas are only serve outside the usual meal time(Lunch & Dinner).
      The service of the all indian staffs are also very friendly and helpful. They can recommend you the type of food according to your group size and preferences.
      Let me know how you think of the place after you have tried it out. - Alan Tan
    • just like to recommend to you the Super Crispy Roti Prata (from Jalan Kayu) now also located at Telok Blangah Drive blk 80 simply delicious, hot and super crispy! Best prata ever!!! 1 Jun, 1997 - Sam
    • There's another good prata shop at Holland Village - Shariff's. It's been featured in the newspapers several times. The murtabak's not bad too. - Swee Bee
      See also Bencoolen Street in the Local great places to eat page.
    • There's a place in a cofffee shop near blk 226G, Ang Mo Kio St22 (not the renovated one). It's near the market. The curry is heavenly. - :Lionel Chan
    • The roti prata store at the junction of upper pierce and lower pierce reserviors. The roti prata is very crispy and simple delicious!!! mm mm... Just thinking of it makes me feel hungry!!! - Carole
    • You probably missed out a few stalls selling fantastic ROTI PRATA! Sensually crispy, aromatic fragrance, smooth, spicy curry, and free Sugar!!! Combine this with the best Teh Tarik and you have a Singapore-style gourmet dinner or supper snack! These wonderful stalls are located at :
      1. Sembawang - AAA Caffein Shop (Can get real high!)
      2. Bukit Timah Road (7 mile)
      3. Jalan Kayu - (But becareful as some stalls have been reputed to add 'extra' ingredients like rat's tail, cockroach droppings...etc...)
      4. Upper Thomson - The Prata Shop (Expensive, macam high class prata - petite and expensive)
      there is this tacky prata shop called.... THE PRATA SHOP which says "Singapore's answer to the croissant", used to be at Casurina Road . It serves little crispy pratas about 10cm across which costs $0.50 each. 24 is pretty packed near midnight. Has moved to Upper Thomson Road. - yvonne
      Please try out the Prata at these stalls and vote for PRATA!!!!
    • There is this coffeeshop inside Moonstone Lane opposite the Bendemeer Fire Station and the Roti Prata is fantastic. Its really crispy and shiok. But the roti prata is always sold out by 10.30 am. Other than the Roti Prata stall there are also two other stalls, one selling "tar mee" and the other "prawn mee and lor mee" The food is cheap and filling. Try them out and see for yourself. You'll love it. The only problem is that they only sell in the morning !!!! - Eddie
    • Thasevi Roti Prata in Jalan Kayu is nice but it's too small. Moreover, the service stinks....those people think you OWE them a favour and are very rude!! Moreover, after MOE shut them down for UNSANITARY and UNHYGIENIC practices, I've sworn off all Jalan Kayu Prata!!!
      You know where the BEST Prata is??? Try out the one in Serangoon Gardens at CARDON Restaurant (Opposite the Circus, where the Pow Sing Chicken RIce is) It's called SHANTHA'S KITCHEN..... Note: This article is extracted from SCS, if you know who the poster is, do let me know.
    • There is a very good Roti Parta store that serve very good curry and sardine with Parta.It is located at the Woodlands Hawker Centre. It opens in the morning at 6.30 am and closed by 10.00 am.It is really good.I have tried all the recommended patah posted here but none can beat it. - judaea
    • Best Roti Prata - Jalan Kayu (despite all the rumours of their hygiene standard, anywaythey are awarded Grade B in the recent hygiene standard. - ER
    • Haroo....any Prata lovers out there? Finding for the Best Prata Shop? Well ,let me introduce one to you. Location at Sin Ming....blk 24.....just say what curry you want, have the money, and you'll enjoy.. - Masny A. Malik
    • Saffron @ Tampines St 22.
      This place serves one of the best roti prata especially when dipped in its great tasting fish curry and sambal. Tip of the day: Make sure you order the infamous the tarik! Wat more can I say! - Eddin Mohamad
  • Satay Gado
    • There's this nice Malay food stall that sells a yummy dish called "Satay Gado" near my place. It's like gado gado 'cept the toppings are satay, onions,and cucumber. Very nice. Oh the hawker centre is at Upper Boon Keng Rd, about 4 minutes walk from Kallang MRT. - Hoe Gim Yau
  • Seah Street
    • There is a halal cafe called Al Khatib Cafe situated at 34 Seah St just behind Raffles's been around for approximately 8 years and the food is quite nice. Not many people know about it maybe because it like hidden in between chinese cafes.....from bras basah complex, just follow the traffic light towards the exit facing raffles hotel,walk straight down and u'll find they also do and drinks are hbd price although they are in the town area...try it... maasalamah..- Noor Fadilah
  • Thai Chinese Food
    • Sakura - Far East Plaza 5th floor
      Sakura? Sounds pretty Japanese? Turns out to be dishing out scrumptious Thai Chinese food. The halal version of Thai fried rice, oyster omelette etc. The Tom Yam Gung is one of the closet to those found in the streets and restaurants of Thailand so far. A definite must try. So where is it? Fifth floor far east plaza. On weekends, it is especially crowded, so be patient. - chewythai
    • Far East Plaza, Sakura Restaurant.2nd and 5th floor. They have delicious Thai Food. They have other branches at Ginza Plaza and Northpoint - Zarina
  • Turkish Vegetarian Halal
    • We operate a Turkish Restaurant at 4 Murray St, Murray Food Alley on Maxwell Road and do a number of vegetarian Halal dishes. Please visit our web site at for more information - Mona (2002 dec)

  • Various
      Here's our list of all-time favourite places (though some may have been mentioned)
    • Rumah Makan Minang
      located opposite Sultan Mosque serving the best variety of nasi padang and sambal belacan. good food and cheap prices - any of you yearning for good authentic nasi padang, this is the place. also cater for functions, picnics, office parties etc. etc. (check with stall owner - Zain if they are open on Sundays)
    • Desa Kartika
      Takashimaya (:Level 05). An alternative to Rumah Makan Minang. Foods great but prices reasonably OK. Good for family outing and those special occasions. Best recommendation: Set Lunch or Set Dinner. Go for it.
    • Puteri Dian Seafood Restaurant
      One of our favourites. They serve authentic Chinese cuisine such as Claypot Mee, Shark Fin soup, Sweet & Sour Fish.......................the lists goes on. Price relatively cheap (u can try their set lunches on weekdays at $4-00 for a combination of rice, soup and two side dishes). Check out with stall owner Mat Noor or Mardini (not Paolo Maldini though!)
    • Istanbul Seafood Restaurant
      Tampines people should know this place. Located at Tampines St. 42 (forgot the block no.) this place is known for its Chinese style cooking like Fried Chilli Mee Hoon (my wife luv this), Seafood Fried Rice (I luv this, with all those tiny squids, prawns etc). Prices are relatively cheap (as low as $3-00 for a small dish. Try their famous Vietnamese Style Fish - it'll blow your top off!
    • Porta-Porta
      Located near the Changi prison, this place serves authentic Italian cuisine. Managed by Rozianah and her hubby, they served the best lasagna and tiramisu (minus the rum). They also do delivery but checked this out with them first. Also check their business hours coz they sometimes operate at funny time schedule. I reckon that's about it for this time round. Will go halal-fod hunting again and report back to you guys! Happy halal-food hunting. - Morzak
  • Western Food
    • Koscafe - Peninsula Plaza B1-07
      Very affordable and super-delicious MUIS-certified halal western food in the basement of Peninsula Plaza. The ambience is really cozy and the prices range from $5.90 for fish and chips upwards. Excellent place to bring your friends to chill out. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and make you feel very welcome. I've tried this place 4 times already but they have quite a diverse menu ranging from pasta to grills to sandwiches... looking forward to trying more. If you want, you can also look for uncle Ahmad (main chef) and ask him to cook you something special out of the kitchen. Yum Yum! - James 2
    • Looking for halal western food? Don't fret. Halal Joes is not the only alternative! Travel to Ginza Plaza, next to McDonalds is an interesting restaurant selling western food with a combination of Malay and Thai fried dishes. Pretty rojak? Maybe but tastes delicious and the pricing wise, reasonable! Stretch your dollar here. I love the Nasi Paprick and the chicken chop, sphagetti but be warn the pizza is not as good as you think. However, overall rating of western food compared to halal Joe, good if not better! - chewythai
    • Bukit Batok Blk 640
      A stall selling halal (duh!) Western food at Bukit Batok. It's at Blk 640 (i think) somewhere near the Bukit Batok interchange. Name of the stall? Rex Western Food (or something like that.. all I can remember is that it has the word 'Rex') It's a hawker-centre-like place. It's not a posh place. No air-con. The tables are not cleared that quickly. Cleanliness is...errrrr... not a virtue lah. BUT, this stall, the Rex stall, serves really good, cheap food with generous serving. Yum yum yum... Oh yeah, the tartar sauce is the best I've ever tasted! - The halal consumer
    • Just down the road from Joo Chiat Complex is a Halal Mexican cum Western food. Can't recall the name exactly, serve comparatively nice meal and a additional spot for Halal food eaters. - Abdul Rahman bin Yusope (jun 99)
    • cheap n good steaks - There's a Western Food stall at Sarah Rose Corner at Tampines. I think its beside the Tampines East CC. The food there is really cheap and good. They serve lasagna, fish n chips, lamb chops and steaks. I had the mushroom steak and for 9 dollars, u get a bowl of salad, 2 scoops of mashed potato and a thick slice of sweet tender beef steak with a generous dollop of mushroom sauce which had big chunks of mushroom in it. Plus its served on a hot plate so ur steak comes sizzling hot!! Definitely worth your 9 bux!!!!! Must try!!! - Haslinda (apr 2000)

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